31 January 2008

Shepard Fairey

Left: Down with the Whiteness - Rupert Garcia. Silkscreen print. 1969. In the permanent collection of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. Right: Shepard Fairey’s rip-off version of Garcia’s silkscreen. Fairey published his plagiarized version in his book, Supply and Demand. No credit was given to Rupert Garcia.]


Obey Plagiarist Shepard Fairey
A critique by artist Mark Vallen
Published on the occasion of Fairey’s Los Angeles solo exhibition, Dec., 2007.

28 January 2008




What Is MAY'S

MAY’S Lane – Australia’s premier outdoor curated street art gallery space

Each month, MAY’S Lane exhibits five large panels by street artists from across Australia and overseas. Once removed to make way for the next panel, each work is included in the MAY’S Collection which is an attempt to produce one of Australia’s best and most dynamic collections of street art. The laneway is a public space so is always open and free for anyone to visit.

Besides the panels, May’s is home to sprawling, exuberant and constantly evolving works on walls – work that has the full and unwavering support of neighbouring residence and business. These works change rapidly and regularly, so there is always new work and new artists to see.

May’s Lane assists emerging artists by commissioning panels, exhibiting them and documenting their work in our permanent collection. May’s also acts as a commissioning body for persons or businesses wishing to employ street artists for murals or other works, such as the new Petersham RSL @ Newtown.

MAY’S has recently released a new numbered edition of: The May’s Retrospective (2005-6), a lovingly produced anthology of the first cycle of artists appearing in the laneway.

May’s is a non-profit association that runs off donations from business and members of the public. May’s acknowledges the traditional owners of St Peters, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation.


Mijn Schatje

The Day I Got Lost
A Solo show by Mijn Schatje (Paris)
02 februari - 22 maart 2008

U bent uitgenodigd / you are invited
Opening 2 februari 16:00 - 19:00 hrs


In februari opent KochxBos Galerie haar deuren voor een opvallend debuut. Onder het pseudoniem Mijn Schatje, de koosnaam die zij kreeg van haar Nederlandse grootmoeder, presenteert de jonge franse kunstenares Marie Blanco Hendrickx (Parijs, 1983) haar eerste solotentoonstelling. 'The Day I got Lost' is een verzameling van indrukwekkende staaltjes digitale (vector) low-brow art.

Mijn Schatje is hard op weg om naam te maken in de wereld van de Low-brow en het Pop-surrealisme. Haar verstilde, fantastische universum is een bizar en wonderschoon landschap van waaruit elfachtige wezentjes je met grote ogen betoveren. Haar werk is zowel romantisch als onwerkelijk, een wereld waarin je zou willen verdwalen. Het is een verleidelijke combinatie van onschuld en raffinement.

Mijn Schatje (Marie Blanco Hedrickx, Parijs 1983) is het top talent dat dit jaar de looks van de collectie van Fornarina zal bepalen. Mijn Schatje ontwikkelde een imaginair en fascinerende wereld perfect aansluitend bij de kleding van het hippe Italiaanse merk. Mijn Schatje volgt in de sporen van internationaal befaamde kunstenaars als Glenn Barr en Junko Mizuno.
Er is een catalogus en poster van deze expositie beschikbaar.


In February KochxBos Gallery opens with a remarkable debut. Under the pseudonym Mijn Schatje, the nick-name she got from her Dutch grandmother meaning My Little Treasure, young French artist Marie Blanco Hendrickx (Paris, 1983) present her first solo exhibition. 'The Day I got Lost' is an impressive collection of digital (vector) low brow art.

Mijn Schatje is rapidly gaining a name for herself in the world of Pop Surrealism. Her silenced, fantastic universe is a bizarre and beautiful landscape from which big eyed elf-like little creatures stare at you with big, mesmerizing eyes. Her work is both romantic and surreal, the kind you would love to get lost in. It is a beguiling combination of innocence and sophistication.

Mijn Schatje's exclusive graphics characterise the new Spring Summer 2008 collection of Fornarina, the Italian cool fashion brand, in an unprecedented mix of fashion and art. Mijn Schatje has created for Fornarina a pure, imaginative and evocative world, suspended between dream and reality where the dresses and the artworks match perfectly.
For this show there will be a catalogue and a poster available.

KochxBos Gallery, 1e Anjeliersdwarsstraat 5
1015 NR Amsterdam, Tel +31(0)20 6814567


03 January 2008

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