29 April 2009

Street Photo Copyright - NZ

On matters of appropriation/IP infringment/protecting your work.
By oscar
30 July 08

On a rainy evening a few weeks ago I met up with some friends (all artists + a midwife) to go check out an exhibition. Something we would have done countless times before, only this exhibition was different.
Some time last year one of my friends got word photo’s of his work were being printed on canvas and sold through a gallery (his work being a stenciled image painted outdoors). He looked into it and found out the work had been sold, possibly more than once and the particular photograph was a very closely cropped image showing no contextual information other than it being on a concrete textured wall.

full article and comments

Urban Photograhy by Lucy G

see prior Blakkbyrd post Sept 08

thisisrabbit - NZ

Renee Liang interviews thisisrabbit, a street artist, about his views on street art, graffiti and art in public spaces.


Slideshow of thisisrabbit's work.



"About now the question of profit and copyright turns up to sully everything. I’ve been following a local debate about an incident where a photographer exhibited photos of street art and then offered her prints for sale. Problem was, the photos she was selling as her own work (which technically it was) were close-cropped images of someone else’s work, a well known Auckland street artist. The street artist and his friends protested, and managed to get part of the exhibition taken down. But the photographer and her supporters replied that by putting his artwork (illegally) up in the public domain, he was renouncing his intellectual property rights and she was entitled to record it and disseminate it and in fact it was her form of tribute."

Street Art (+vlog)
25 November 2008
By Renee Liang

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this is from

"The Big Idea
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28 April 2009

The Cans Festival 2008 - UK

A disused road tunnel in south London has been turned into a giant exhibition space by graffiti artist Banksy. Murals in the Bristol artist's famous stencil style appear with work by 29 other artists in a half-mile stretch of the tunnel in Leake Street, Waterloo.

May 2008

more from BBC

pictures - bbc




Sickboy - (UK), Zosen - (Barcelona), Kafre - (Barcelona), Alexone - (Paris), Astekz - (UK), Conor Harrington - (Ireland), Vopstars - Solo1, Stylo, Mear, Dane (UK/London), What Collective - Richt, 45rpm (UK/ Bristol), Daz, Rarekind - (UK/Brighton), Deadbeat Donny - (UK/London), Dreph - (UK/Manchester), Elph - (UK/Scotland), Inkie - (UK/London), Lucy McLauchlan - (UK/Birmingham), Petro - (UK), Mode2 - (UK), Todd James - (USA), Kuildoosh, Paris, Eco, Mudwig (UK), LTN crew - Milo, Tracos, Waleska and Maionaise - (Brazil), Pinky - (UK/Brighton), Elk - (UK/London), ATG Crew - (UK/London), Ikonoklast Crew - Juice 126, Roughe, Part2ism, Chu & System - (UK/London/Birmingham), Will Barras - (UK/London), Xenz - (UK/London), Probly, Cable Street - (UK), Skum - (Barcelona), Mr Kern - (Bordeaux), Pablo Fiasco - (UK/London), Cept - (UK/London), Mac1 - (UK/Birmingham), Busk - (UK/London), Word To Mother - (UK/London), Sweetoof - (UK), Shok-1 - (UK), The Krah - (Greece), Zeus - (UK), Wildeye - (UK), Ace-K - (Japan), Copyright - (UK), MauMau - (UK), Gee Vaucher - (UK), Vhils - (Portugal), David Walker - (UK), Phil Ashcroft - (UK), Zombie, Cosa, Bosh - (UK, Ireland), Shannon - (Australia), Loras, 461, Pyromaniacs, KD - (Poland), Kaione - (UK), Skire - (UK), Penny - (UK), Ronzo - (UK), Tizer, Dep, Hium - (Portugal).



on flickr


reported on uk street art


The Cans Festival - Photo update (6)
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MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU


The new short film by Blu: an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.
Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche)


music by Andrea Martignoni
produced by Mercurio Film
assistant: Sibe

more videos at:

StreetArt In The Studio


An Stop motion Animation Which brings Blek Le Rat , Blu , Above , Abenovile,Obey , Face2face project , D'face and ... gather on a table in a Basement in Tehran .

24 April 2009

brotown - NZ


bro'Town is New Zealand's first primetime animated show.

Since hitting the screens on New Zealand's TV3 in September 2004, bro'Town has become a phenomenon! It has gathered thousands of local and international fans, won multiple awards and received impressive critical acclaim.

The bro'Town DVDs are available for purchase from our website.


Check out our myspace and become our friend - www.myspace.com/bro_town

on youtube

on wiki

23 April 2009

On being a Byrd


Sheep Dog Art


Joshua Allen Harris

Call us boring and simple-minded, but before we saw the work of street artist Joshua Allen Harris we never once considered the artistic possibilities of subway exhaust. Using only tape and garbage bags, Harris creates giant inflatable animals that become animated when fastened to a sidewalk grate. Steven Psyllos caught up with Harris recently to discuss his older works (including a bear and a giraffe) and unveil a new beast that looks not unlike the Cloverfield monster. Video by Jonah Green


Urban Prankster

Urban Prankster covers pranks, hacks, participatory art, flash mobs, and other creative endeavors that take place in public places in cities across the world.


40 streetartists

here is a blog post listing 40 artists you "should" know. My list would be very different. Who would be on yours?


from streetsy

22 April 2009

Remix - talk at the NYPL

Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy LIVE from the NYPL & WIRED present LAWRENCE LESSIG, SHEPARD FAIREY and STEVEN JOHNSON February 26, 2009

What is the future for art and ideas in an age when practically anything can be copied, pasted, downloaded, sampled, and re-imagined? LIVE from the NYPL and WIRED Magazine kick off the Spring 2009 season with a spirited discussion of the emerging remix culture.

Our guides through this new world—who will take us from Jefferson's Bible to André the Giant to Wikipedia—will be

Lawrence Lessig, author of Remix, founder of Creative Commons, and one of the leading legal scholars on intellectual property issues in the Internet age;

acclaimed street artist Shepard Fairey, whose iconic Obama "HOPE" poster was recently acquired by the National Portrait Gallery;

and cultural historian Steven Johnson, whose new book, The Invention of Air, argues that remix culture has deep roots in the Enlightenment and among the American founding fathers.


(Its nearly two hours long and very interesting)

21 April 2009

D*Face - Interview

D*Face (Dean Stockton) is a London-based street artist who has received international acclaim for his outdoor and indoor art. One could say that D*Face uses London as his own personal gallery and the world as his personal art museum by utilizing spray paint, stickers, posters, stencils and aspects of sculpting in order to spread his visual message directly to the public.

D*Face held his first major London solo exhibition, titled Death & Glory, at the Stolenspace gallery in October 2006-- it was a sold out exhibit that placed D on the radar of the mainstream art world.

full interview here


15 April 2009

Art and Electronic Media - Book Launch



Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam
Friday, 17 April, 2009, 5pm, free entrance, please let us know if you want to come: info@nimk.nl

To celebrate the publication of Art and Electronic Media, the most comprehensive and authoritative survey of new media art, NIMk will host the international book-launch.

• Edward Shanken, the author, will share insights and highlights, answer questions, and autograph copies of the book, for sale at 37% discount (cash only)
• Annet Dekker will lead a discussion with the author and the audience
• Yolande Harris (NIMk resident artist, 2008) will perform new electronic music
• DJ Sniff will spin yarns of digital vinyl during the reception

Art and Electronic Media (Phaidon, 2009) demonstrates the formidable history of artistic uses of electronic media. Over 200 artists and institutions from more than thirty countries are represented. It enables the rich genealogy of art and electronic media to be seen – literally and figuratively – as central to the histories of art and visual culture.

For more information on the book, see http://artelectronicmedia.wordpress.com

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
T 020 6237101
F 020 6244423

Proxy Servers

PublicProxyServers.com is a free and independent proxy checking system. We help you to protect your identity and to bypass surfing restrictions since 2002.


During a HTTP connection, the IP address of the client machine is necessarily transmitted in order to get the information back. This allows a server to identify the source of the web request. Any web resource you access can gather personal information about you through your unique IP address - your ID in the Internet. They can monitor your reading interests, spy upon you and log your requests for third parties. Also, owners of the Internet resources may impose some restrictions on users from certain countries or geographical regions.

An anonymous proxy serves as a middleman between your web browser and an end server. Instead of contacting the end server directly to get a Web page, the browser contacts the proxy, which forwards the request on to the end server. When the end server replies to the proxy, the proxy sends the reply on to the browser. No direct communication occurs between the client and the destination server, therefore it appears as if the HTTP request originated from the intermediate proxy server. The only way to trace the connection to the originating client would be to access the logs on the anonymous web proxy (if it keeps any). So an anonymous proxy server can protect your identity by stripping a request of all identifying information.

Another common use of anonymous proxies is to access sites which are normally blocked by your upstream ISP. For instance, web proxies are often used by people to access sites which have been censored by their companies, organizations or governments.

An anonymous web proxy is a type of proxy server that works through a web form (also often called a CGI proxy). Instead of configuring the address of the server in the browser as is done for HTTP or SOCKS proxies, you simply navigate to the home page of the Web / CGI proxy. Web proxies hide users identity from the sites they visit, keep cookies at their site, and delete them after each session and selectively remove scripts, images, etc.

To use a web proxy all you have to do is to visit its home page, enter a web address in a small web form and hit "Go". A proxy makes all of your requests on your behalf, so the web site you are viewing only sees the IP address and information for the proxy server, not yours. Web proxies support HTTP and sometimes HTTPS and FTP protocols. There are many web proxies available, some are free, some require a low monthly or one-time fee for use, and some are for private groups or parties.



14 April 2009

Lego Festo

Legofesto is a politics-junkie and news-hound, with a obsession for lego and other construction toys.






'contempory artworks for peace exhibited at five art galleries in Liverpool City Centre'

The AlTURNERtive prize 2007

Warhol & Basquiet


This is from the final episode of State of the Art, a series of documentaries about the visual arts in the 1980s.


07 April 2009

Laser 3.14 - Book Launch

Hello everybody,

On Thursday April 23rd 2009 my book Are You Reading Me? will be launched at the American Book Center in Amsterdam, and you’re invited to attend.
King Adz, author of The Urban Cookbook, has written an introduction to my book and he will be present at the launch. The launch is from 19:00 till 21:00, so come and check it out.

The address of the American Book Center is: Spui 12, 1012 XA Amsterdam

Cheers and hope to see you there,

Laser 3.14

For info about the book please visit: www.lebowskipublishers.nl

Check out the new promovideo by Ronald Frederick and Laser 3.14:


Space Invader Video



06 April 2009

Graffiti, Art & Fear - ABC

From the ABC, 22nd March 2009

Graffiti, Art & Fear
As old as mankind, graffiti can be seen as a cultural expression and a tourist attraction, or as vandalism inducing fear. It can morph into high art, political comment, or territorial border security. Reporter Brendan Trembath.

Listen Now - 22032009

Download Audio

read transcript


View the image gallery

05 April 2009

Strange Street Signs

Sign Language
Each week we present a selection of strange signs and bizarre translations from around the world.

From the Telegraph UK


Real Street Life of Graffiti


Graffiti History @149st

(Nb: This is the history @ new york as written from NY, ed)

Documenting the history of writing is inevitably subjective. Due to the fact that it is an underground movement and the life span of works can be as brief as days, most of history is limited to word-of-mouth accounts. We here @149st have made a modest attempt to encapsulate the history. In addition to witnessing history first hand, we have spoken directly with many participants. We have chosen the medium of the Web over print due to its flexibility. Historical inaccuracy on the web can be addressed in a matter of minutes or hours. The print medium is not so forgiving. Keep in mind that this site is a work in progress and its aim is to build towards the truth.

With respect to the pioneering stage, of particular importance is the book Style: Writing From The Underground By PHASE 2 and David Schmidlapp.

We also recommend Subway Graffiti: An Aesthetic Study of Graffiti on the Subway System of New York City, 1970-1978. By Jack Stewart and the classic for the newer school, Subway Art by Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper.

History in text-Part 1
History in text-Part 2
Women in Graffiti
Tags | Throw-ups | Wild style
Writers' tools
Clean Trains
Tunnel Bombing
Yards and Lay-ups
Graffiti Photographers
The Fun Gallery

Visit the 149st Station


Graffiti Tools and Techniques

"I am working on a very large graffiti guide document. It isn't really done being drafted yet, but I'm releasing it anyway. Please send me your recommendations, the email address is on the page.

Graffiti Tools and Techniques
This is the the long one, still in draft format.

The Old Page
This is the previous page. It's much more primitive but it works."

from Graffiti Buyers Guide