30 November 2007


Free Interactive Radio/Chat/Multi-Media Community


Members in: Amsterdam Berlin Weimar Devon Aberdeen San Francisco Los Angeles
Contributors from: Japan Netherlands Germany Belgium UK France Spain Finland Scotland USA
Including traces from: Radio 100, Radio Rabotnik TV, Radio WHS, Radio Got, Staalplaat
Languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, more

DFM Members are broadcasting live from their home studios, from locations
like alternative bars, parties, events or from the DFM studio in Amsterdam.
The DFM Amsterdam internet/radio/tv studio is perfect for regular programs,
DJ'ing or post-production but also to receive/record/broadcast guest
artists/dj's and small acoustic and/or electronic performers/groups.

You can also find (and jam with) us in Second Life , look for the group DFM RTV INT .
If you are a SL regular you can become member of the group DFM GUESTLIST to
receive notices about and invitations to inworld DFM Events. You can also
reach DFM inworld operators via the group IM channel.

Interested in casting on DFM rtv Int? Doing an event
with us? Maybe perform Live in our Amsterdam studio?
Want your, your group's/label's music/noise played?

Contact an operator on the Text Chat

DJ's take note: we allow only non-commercial, independent,
own made, unsigned and/or royalty free music to be played!




Carlos Valdes (Vreemd), David Labeij (Polder), Lauhaus (Polder, Mono), Melon (Ratio?|AMsterdam), Intifada Soundsystem, Handel (Eric de Man's Live act), 3-1 (Basserk), Toby Paul (Rednose Distrikt), Mulat (LFTFLD), Frankie D (Fok Stijl), Rombout (SubUnited), Chamelian (SubUnited), DiskoMachina (Moskow Diskow), Hummer (Drifter TV), deChev (LFTFLD)

24.00 - 05.00 uur
Entree €10 inclusief lidmaatschap
Weteringschans 6-8

Voorverkoop is begonnen!!


LFTFLD for culture and counterculture Foundation LFTFLD has been set up in 2004, dj/promoter Ronald Linger (dj mulat) and Vj/graphic illustrator George Dechev to creative brio offering a podium: LFTFLD magazine.


On 14 February 2004 the first number was presented that it was picked up immediately by creatively and artistic Amsterdam.

Because the contents of LFTFLD are created by mainly from Amsterdam photographers, artists and illustrators arose there immediately a cultural platform in the underground, apart from municipal intervention and subsidies. That independence and freedom of contents turn LFTFLD into a binding element in the from Amsterdam scene of creatievelingen and feestgangers. So much even that LFTFLD got the very first Nachtcultuurprijs already in the first year of its existence distributed by the then night burgomaster collective the night watch.

In the meantime needs LFTFLD again its twentieth number and it has developed into a term. Beside regional contributions the magazine receives present also input of outside Amsterdam, even of (far) outside the Netherlands.


Put in has however hardly changed: a free booklet with high quality, which to artists, eigenzinnige plate labels and tense party organizers space offers to show their work.

In the previous years breidde LFTFLD its activities with among others giving festivals (among other things in the Sugar Factory and the café package house Wilhelmina), where it is ordered beside renewing music attention also much and space to audiovisual art and vogue.

That vast approach of what (night)cultuur in would have keep will also return in the range television programmes which LFTFLD made for the local broadcasting.

A similar statement also makes the collective with its involvement at the organisation of ` booklet ball. The alternative on book ball and it ball of the Geweigerden is organised by the "New Beatnix Generation", a cooperation bond of a number of independent booklet makers. Booklet ball in March for the second time in kunstenaarssociëteit the ring kept.


THE LFTFLD collective have monthly transmitted aflevereningen in 2005, on salto/A1 of LFTFLD TV.

LFTFLD started TV with retransmissions of 30 minutes, every last Wednesday of the month, as from 23.00 whereupon these at other times were repeated.

WATCH LFTFLDTV: www.youtube.com/lftfld

As a platform from Amsterdam (nacht)cultuur have to the LFTFLD collective a new medium in hands creative bring brio under the attention. Moreover the zendtijd is filled in by own employees and offers also to occasion other (from Amsterdam) brio of sending in items. These items exist from o.a video art, clips, interview, etc. The duration of these inzendingen varies of short clips (shorts) from approx. 1 minus to inzendingen of approx. 6 minutes.

LFTFLD TV aim especially at local art, culture and nightlife. The launching of LFTFLD TV means an important broadening of the podium function which pursues the collective, with which she gives a positive impetus to from Amsterdam night culture.

Please review our specifications before sending in your artwork!!!

>> specifications


LFTFLD for culture and counterculture

Stichting LFTFLD is opgericht in 2004 door Dj / promotor Ronald Linger (Dj Mulat) en Vj / grafisch vormgever George Dechev om creatief talent een podium te bieden: LFTFLD magazine. Op 14 februari 2004 werd het eerste nummer gepresenteerd dat meteen werd opgepikt door creatief en kunstzinnig Amsterdam. Doordat de inhoud van LFTFLD gecreëerd wordt door voornamelijk Amsterdamse fotografen, kunstenaars en vormgevers ontstond er meteen een cultureel platform in de underground, los van gemeentelijke bemoeienis en subsidies.

Die onafhankelijkheid en vrijheid van inhoud maakt LFTFLD tot een bindend element in de Amsterdamse scène van creatievelingen en feestgangers. Zo zeer zelfs dat LFTFLD al in het eerste jaar van haar bestaan de allereerste Nachtcultuurprijs kreeg uitgereikt door het toenmalige nachtburgemeesterscollectief de Nachtwacht.

Ondertussen is LFTFLD alweer aan haar twintigste nummer toe en is het uitgegroeid tot een begrip. Naast regionale bijdragen ontvangt het magazine tegenwoordig ook input van buiten Amsterdam, zelfs van (ver) buiten Nederland. De insteek is echter nauwelijks veranderd: een gratis blad met hoge kwaliteit, dat aan kunstenaars, eigenzinnige platenlabels en spannende partyorganisatoren ruimte biedt om hun werk te laten zien.

In de afgelopen jaren breidde LFTFLD haar activiteiten uit met ondermeer het geven van feesten (o.a. in de Sugar Factory en het Café Pakhuis Wilhelmina), waar naast vernieuwende muziek ook veel aandacht en ruimte wordt geboden aan audiovisuele kunst en mode. Die uitgebreide benadering van wat (nacht-)cultuur in zou moeten houden kwam ook terug in de reeks televisieprogramma’s die LFTFLD maakte voor de lokale omroep. Een soortgelijk statement maakt het collectief ook met haar betrokkenheid bij de organisatie van ‘Het Bladenbal’. Het alternatief op het Boekenbal en het Bal der Geweigerden wordt georganiseerd door de "New Beatnix Generation", een samenwerkingsverband van een aantal onafhankelijke bladenmakers. Het Bladenbal zal in maart voor de tweede keer in kunstenaarssociëteit De Kring gehouden.

Het LFTFLD Collectief heeft in 2005 maandelijks op Salto/A1 aflevereningen uitgezonden van LFTFLD TV. LFTFLD TV startte met uitzendingen van 30 minuten, iedere laatste woensdag van de maand, vanaf 23:00 uur waarna deze op andere tijdstippen werden herhaald.

WATCH LFTFLDTV: www.youtube.com/lftfld

Als platform voor Amsterdamse (nacht)cultuur heeft het LFTFLD collectief hiermee een nieuw medium in handen om creatief talent onder de aandacht te brengen. De zendtijd wordt ingevuld door eigen medewerkers en biedt daarnaast ook gelegenheid aan ander (Amsterdams) talent om items in te zenden. Deze items bestaan uit o.a videokunst, clips, interviews, etc. De duur van deze inzendingen varieert van korte clips (shorts) van ca. 1 min tot inzendingen van ca. 6 minuten.

LFTFLD TV richt zich vooral op lokale kunst, cultuur en nachtleven. De lancering van LFTFLD TV betekent een belangrijke verbreding van de podiumfunctie die het collectief nastreeft, waarmee zij een positieve impuls aan de Amsterdamse nachtcultuur geeft.


Eric von Robertson
C.A.R.L. Centre for the Advancement of Recreation and Leisure

24 November 2007 - 2 January 2008


HM: In terms of the exploratory nature of your work and the tendency for the work to integrate itself into various contexts, whether they are urban or rural, how has your move to Europe affected your work?

EvR: In the Netherlands particularly, I 've found it awkward to work in public space, partly due to the density and the feeling that everything has already been determined; the space is fully occupied or complete. I did the Cloudburst piece, where I collected umbrellas that had been abandoned after a rainstorm in the city of Den Bosch. I was trying to map the city after a storm using these castaway shelters or light architectural elements. This is an element that enters into other prototypes like the Desert lodge and threads together an essential form of active shelter used for getting from here to there ' in between places.

HM: The umbrellas are left everywhere?

EvR: These are gale force winds, so afterwards you see umbrellas throughout the city

29 November 2007

Video Vortex.2

Video Vortex.2
December 8, 2007 – February 3, 2008
opening: Friday, December 7, 5:00 p.m.

Johan Grimonprez & Charlotte Léouzon, Martijn Hendriks, Jaap de Jonge, Meta.Live.Nu presents DFM RTV INC, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Oog Volkskrant Online, Park 4DTV, Rabotnik, Sonic()bject, Martin Takken, Thomson & Craighead

Video Vortex.2 is a sequel to the Video Vortex exhibition that responded to the Web2.0 phenomenon. Web2.0 stands for power to the user and democracy for everyone. It has led to innovative forms of media use in which open and friendly cooperation stimulates critical reflection and new ideas. In Video Vortex.2 attention is given to a different side of the democratic movement. How are artists reacting to this democratization process? To what degree does the democratic movement in Web 2.0 differ from previous utopias around radio and television? How can artists retain their autonomy and diversity outside the mass media? Is the esthetic of amateurism the new genre? Once again, artists will be responding to Web2.0, with special attention this time being given to the Dutch situation.

Growing out of the desire to do one's own things in a space one annexed for oneself, in the early 1980s various initiatives arose in Amsterdam that focused on making and exhibiting images and sound. Art, politics and media came together for the first time. Alas, it was not long before the coherence and mutual solidarity were lost, but the tone had been set and a great deal of effort had been put into dynamic and socially and culturally subversive radio and television broadcasts. Both Rabotnik and Meta.Live.Nu presents DFM RTV INC will be showing things which were made during those years. In the presentation the emphasis will be on the significance of Rabotnik and DFM for the internet today and what they could mean for those making idiosyncratic productions now. DFM (http://dfm.nu/) takes us along to Second Life, where they broadcast old and new material from the first television station in Second Life. Rabotnik goes online, making its archives accessible.

PARK, established later and known for its slogan “TAPE THIS! STEAL THIS!”, also opens its archives in the PARK4DDD (Digitale Data Dump) 1991-2007. Any visitor to Video Vortex can copy texts, short films, codes, pictures and audio from PARK to a USB stick there, on the spot. In the tradition of PARK, with his installation O.T.S. (Open Televisie Station) Jaap de Jonge has remixed a number of PARK videos in an extraordinary manner. Thirty-two prisms scramble the image, creating new images and image combinations. PARK4DTV is an artists' initiative which has been distributing Pure Image and Sound for every imaginable sort of screen since 1991. See http://www.park.nl

The You-Tube-o-thèque, designed by Johan Grimonprez and Charlotte Léouzon, is a sort of television playing a program improvised with films from YouTube, Podcasts, online television, mobile telephones, Ipod video, blogs and other sources. The films are selected on the basis of events surrounding 9/11. The You-Tube-o-thèque is a unruly contemporary podium.

Martin Takken makes use of the do-it-yourself principle that is increasingly popular, both on the internet and in exhibitions. His Es Ist Ein Gesamtkunstwerk concept is a collective, constantly changing artwork that is made by international artists. Every day a different selection of colors is available, the kind of brush changes every hour, and various rules imposing limits or creating new possibilities are introduced and modified at random moments. Each day's results are stored in the archive and can be purchased for 25 euro, but you can also make a print for yourself. http://www.gesamtkunstwerk.nl/

New tools such as wireless and mobile telephones outfitted with photo and video cameras afford new ways of working, in which the process is more important than the end product and the content is created only through unstable netwerk platforms. The work MythEngine by Nancy Mauro-Flude is a good example of this. MythEngine is a webcast that transmits live video and stills. Referring to our compulsion to tell stories, MythEngine shows how over time, with the rise of digital photography and video, our collective memory is increasingly becoming a database. http://sistero.sysx.org/verbo/index.html

Finally, Thomson & Craighead present their desktop documentary Flat Earth. Using fragments from existing blogs, Flat Earth takes the viewer around the world in seven minutes. An individual discourse is created by weaving the fragments to, through and over one another. http://www.thomson-craighead.net/docs/flat_earth.html

The mobile telephone is one of the first electronic objects that large numbers of people have personalized with sound. The 'ringtone' has become a familiar personal insignia. For both composers and users it provides a unique opportunity to do something with sound. The mission of Sonic()bject is to take advantage of this common interest and to let users become acquainted with never previously heard and experimental sound. The artists that Sonic()bject has selected for devising new sounds and ringtone compositions are professionals from all over the world who are involved in creating with sound: audio designers, audio artists, contemporary composers, classic or electro, jazz, pop ... real “sonic objects” that have their roots in the history of auditory art. Tones or melodies, instrumental, noise or pure vibrations, recorded or synthetic, these sounds all have a strong auditory character and are make for 'calling'. The ringtones can easily be downloaded from the website. Sonic()bject was set up by Antoine Schmitt and Adrian Johnson.

Oog Volkskrant online is an op-ed podium and part of the online edition of the Volkskrant. Oog (Eye) asks audiovisual artists to share their views on the news and current events, and on the role, function and composition of the news. In this way artists can take on the role of opinion makers in a news environment. Oog began in September, 2005, and each week Oog shows the work of a different artist. After that, the work can be found in the accompanying archive. Oog Volkskrant online: http://extra.volkskrant.nl/oog/

During the opening on December 7, at 6:15 p.m.
Video Response by Constant Dullaart
Constant Dullaart makes a selection from his archive, and in 30 minutes, using visual rhyming, reveals not only the democratization of video as a medium, but also of authorship. In short, 30 minutes of videos from artists, advertising agencies and lots of amateurs. http://www.constantdullaart.nl/

Video Vortex Workspace
In the Workspace everyone can get acquainted with open and free software (FLOSS, in collaboration with Derek Holzer), Vlogging (under the guidance of Seth Keen), network mapping (Govcom.org) and other products, and take part in the Furtherfield Visitors Studio. See www.montevideo.nl for the latest program.

Curator for One Day
And of course you can still become Curator for One Day! www.curatorforoneday.nl

Video Vortex international conference
January 18 and 19, 2008, PostCS Amsterdam
Organized by the Institute of Network Cultures www.networkcultures.org/videovortex

Tuesday through Saturday + the first Sunday of the month, 1:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Closed December 23, 2007 through January 7, 2008.
Open extra hours on Sunday, January 20, in connection with the Video Vortex Conference.

Admission: 3,00 euro (with discount 2,00 euro). Entry includes USB stick.

Video Vortex is a collaboration among the Netherlands Media Art Institute, the Institute of Network Cultures and Argos, Brussels.

With thanks to: David Garcia (advisor), VSBfonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Powered by BeamSystems

Netherlands Media Art Institute
Montevideo/Time Based Arts
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

27 November 2007



Melbourne’s Graffiti Mentoring Project

As part of the City of Melbourne’s Graffiti Mentoring Project, coordinated through Arts and Culture’s Community Cultural Development program we will be creating a large mural the length of a city laneway. The project has obtained a Street Art Permit, and is therefore a legal artwork, and will be created in informal workshop sessions.


The objective of this exhibition is to extend the work of the City of Melbourne's Graffiti Mentoring Pilot Project, which took place earlier in the year, which invited young people to work with professional mentors, and to investigate, through multi-media, the broad range of what constitutes graffiti in the City of Melbourne, from the legal Street Art Permit process and the celebration of the City's well known street art, to the prosecution of illegal tagging, and the role of the Corrections cleaning teams. We hope that through this documentation process a broader understanding of graffiti, in all its forms, is developed and explored.

Tracking People Using Bluetooth

"In Sept 2007 I plugged in a 100-meter USB bluetooth adaptor and I noticed names of phones/devices with bluetooth in the area popping up on my computer screen. This was when the idea to set up a network of scanners around my town (Apeldoorn, the Netherlands) to track people was born."



Tracking People Using Bluetooth

damdam writes from Slashdot.org "A Dutch guy seems to have set up a
small network of bluetooth scanners. He has all the information logged
to a central database and you can search it over the web. On his website
it says "Some of these matches were only minutes apart. Therefore I
could even calculate the approximate speed of someone moving from one
location to

There are also some interesting statistics on his site
showing traffic volume in his hometown (based on bluetooth signals) and
he even lists popularity of certain Nokia phones. It's interesting to
see how much information an individual can gather using old equipment."

JR - World Premier of Faces

film festival IDFA: World Premier of Faces

The documentary ‘Faces’ tells the fascinating story of French photographer and street artist JR who in March 2007 embarked on the biggest illegal photo exhibition ever. Together with his friend Marco, JR pasted enormous smiling portraits of Israeli and Palestinians who hold the same job on different sides of the wall.

From the first photo shoots to the eventual pasting in such hotbeds like Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, Hebron and Ramallah: the camera was there, capturing JR’s work, the pasting, but also the emotional and at times hilarious reactions of the people of Israel and Palestine. Tonight sees the world premier of the documentary Faces.

The movie will be screened at Tuschinski Theater in the presence of the director and JR.

Tickets for the screening can be bought via the IDFA site, starting November 16. /

Pathé Tuschinski, Reguliersbreestraat 26

November 28 2007

how much
8 Euro


Prints & The Revolution.

Birgit Schuurman & Arne Toonen lanceren 7 december een nieuwe online gallery genaamd: Prints & The Revolution.

Prints & The Revolution zal vooral street art en hedendaagse kunst aanbieden. Werk waarin de hand van de artiest echt te zien is, zoals zeefdrukken, potlood- en pentekeningen, stencil-art, exclusive paintings, whatever the artist wants to sell! Kortom, P&TR blijft ver weg van digitale afdrukken op canvas, zoals je tegenwoordig om je heen ziet.

Omdat P&TR slechts virtuele ruimte huurt blijft de prijs van de kunstwerken aantrekkelijk laag. En laat dat nou net de bedoeling zijn: kunst betaalbaar maken voor iedereen die kunst wil kopen.

PRINTS & THE REVOLUTION Birgit Schuurman & Arne show 7 December new online gallery launch called: Prints & The Revolution. Prints & The Revolution will offer especially street art and contemporary art. Work in which really the hand of the artist to see is, such as zeefdrukken, pencil - and pen drawings, stencil-art, exclusive paintings, whatever the artist wants to sell! In short, P&TR stay away far of digital impressions on canvas, as you see nowadays for your gone. Because P&TR rent only virtual space the price of the art work remains attractively low. And that lets be nou exactly the intention: art payable makes for everyone whom art wants buy.


Prints & The Revolution heeft zowel onbekende als meer bekende artiesten weten te strikken, zoals Morcky, Silas, Kingchuub, The Boghe, Sander Polderman, Arne Toonen, Raymond Teitsma, Jankowzki en de nu al beruchte T.

Tegelijk met de lancering van de online gallery is er een expositie van al het werk van de door P&TR vertegenwoordigde artiesten. De opening van deze bijzondere expositie vindt plaats op 7 december om 17.00 in de Chiellerie te Amsterdam.De expositie duurt t/m 13 december.


Prints & The Revolution have both unknown and can more well-known snare artists, such as Morcky, Silas, Kingchuub, The Boghe, Sander Polderman, Arne shows, Raymond Teitsma, Jankowzki and now already notorious t. At the same time with the launching of the online gallery of it a expositie already the work of the artists represented by P&TR is. The opening of this particular expositie takes place on 7 December for 17.00 in the Chiellerie in Amsterdam the expositie lasts till 13 December.


Nov 30, 2007 to Jan 13, 2008

Opening Reception: December 2nd, 4PM-6PM, with remarks by a representative of War Child

A light-hearted mixed media exhibition bringing warmth to the winter months. All works are priced to sell, and have been chosen for both quality and suitability as holiday gifts. Buy a gift for yourself or someone else, and your gift will keep on giving: 10% (in some cases more) of all sales will be donated to War Child.

Participating artists: Jack Allick, Gunilla Andersson, Pascale Bazille, Lillian von Dobschutz, Marlijn Franken, Victoria Jacob, Meta Joanknecht, Kristian Klok, Laser 3.14, Marjet, Marquis Palmer, Belinda Parton, Patricia Ribas, Harald Seiwert, StoryPeople, Constance Thio, Peter Vlot, Nick Walker, Rene Zuiderveld.

Curators: Gunilla Andersson and Donna DuCarme

About War Child Netherlands
War Child Netherlands strives for a healthy mental development of children who have lived through war. This will enable them to contribute to a peaceful future. Through music- creative- and sports activities children learn to express their emotions. This helps them to deal with war experiences and stimulates their personal development and respect for one another. By learning to play again children are able to escape the difficulties of their daily lives for a while.

With support from the Head Office in Amsterdam, War Child Netherlands’ field staff work with around 15,000 children per week in 11 countries affected by armed conflict. War Child Holland is the winner of the Dutch NGOTransparency Award 2006. More information can be found at www.warchild.nl


ABC Treehouse
Voetboogstraat 11
1012 XK Amsterdam
Tel: 020 4230967 (in the treehouse)

Os Gemeos: Museum Het Domein

Os Gemeos:
The flowers in this garden were planted by my grandparents
17 November 2007 - 06 January
Opening Friday 16 November
2007, 17.00h

Solo exhibition, contemporary art
Installations, paintings, murals

Museum Het Domein
Postbus 230
6130 AE Sittard
The Netherlands
T 046 4513460


The flowers in this garden were planted by my grandparents is the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands of Brazilian twin brothers Os Gemeos. 'The Twins' Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo (1974, São Paulo), as their name translates from the Portuguese, are renowned for their colourful and imaginative figurative work on wall sculptures and in installations.

In the seclusion of a space, their work reveals a private microcosm. On the street, only fragments of a fascinating imaginative world are visible; in an exhibition context, a three-dimensional installation develops where surrealist landscapes rub shoulders with urban and contemporary archetypes. The characteristic almond-eyed figures seem to have stepped off the walls of a city to meet and narrate the tale of city dwellers in the thrall of the dynamism of the metropolis. Inside, within the space-filling installation, viewers can peer through the walls at an inner world where reality and fantasy merge in a narrative of colour.

Os Gemeos developed their unmistakable style, a fusion of countless influences, through their work as graffiti artists. Brazilian myths, personal family and friend history and people they meet are all vital sources of inspiration. But political themes and dreams also feature in their work. The brothers list the Russian clown Slava and other artists like for example Roger Waters, Royal Delux, Siba e a Fuloresta, Arthur Bispo do Rosario, as inspirations, alongside Brazilian folk art.

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition is the first to document the murals produced by Os Gemeos over the last few years. The texts are by Renato da Silva, a writer from Sao Paulo, and Siba Veloso of the Brazilian music group Siba e a Fuloresta, for which Os Gemeos designed the CD cover and stage decor. You can order the catalogue by contacting our website.

In 2005 Deitch Projects in New York presented an exhibition by Os Gemeos. In the same year, Stijn Huijts invited the twins to create a temporary mural in the context of Weird Walls during Cultura Nova in Heerlen. In early 2007 a temporary work was also exhibited in Tilburg during Public Image -- Painting the City. In Sao Paolo, they signed to gallery Fortes Vilaça as recently as 2007. In the meantime, Os Gemeos are making furore in the art world and have exhibited widely in various galleries and museums. They also have an impressive list of commissioned murals under their belt.

Afbeelding / image: outside image 2007
At the same time Museum Het Domein proudly presents GuestRoom # 7 MaMaM: Museu de Arte Moderna Aloísio Magalhaes Recife, Brazilië.

More information and image can be found in the press room on the museum's home page at http://www.hetdomein.nl Or contact us: Karin Adams or Lene ter Haar 046 -451 34 60; karin.adams@hetdomein.nl

The museum is closed December 25 and January 1.

De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe

Filming has wrapped on De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe. New Holland Pictures provided production services on this Dutch family film while they were in Australia.

Based on a classic children’s novel, the story revolves around three ship boys who were shipwrecked on a tropical island enroute to Batavia in the 1600s.

Filming in Europe was completed earlier in the year, and the Australian shoot picked up the tropical island and many of the Batavia scenes. Twenty-two Dutch cast and crew travelled to Australia for the shoot and were complemented by an Australian crew of 25, with extras being drawn from the local community.

Locations included Port Douglas and Fitzroy Island, with filming taking place on the replica ships the Duyfken off Port Douglas and the Bounty out of Sydney. The film is due for theatrical release in The Netherlands in November.

De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe

Willem Ysbrandtszoon Bontekoe (June 2, 1587-1657) was a skipper in the Dutch East India Company (VOC), who made only one voyage for the company (1618-1625). He became widely known because of the journal of his adventures that was published in 1646 under the title Journael ofte gedenckwaerdige beschrijvinge van de Oost-Indische reyse van Willem Ysbrantsz. Bontekoe van Hoorn, begrijpende veel wonderlijcke en gevaerlijcke saecken hem daer in wedervaren ("Journal or memorable description of the East Indian voyage of Willem Bontekoe from Hoorn, including many remarkable and dangerous things that happened to him there").

Bontekoe was born in Hoorn in Holland. In 1607, at the age of twenty, Bontekoe succeeded his father as captain of the ship Bontekoe. Ten years later, in 1617, the ship was robbed and Bontekoe ended up at a slave market. He was bought free, but his ship was lost.

In 1618 Bontekoe enlisted in the service of the Dutch East India Company. Bontekoe set out from his home port of Hoorn on December 28, 1618. His destination was the town of Bantam on Java; his ship was the Nieuw Hoorn ("New Hoorn"), an East Indiaman (i.e. an armed merchant ship).

After having put in at Madagascar, the ship sailed alone through the Indian Ocean. An accidental fire, caused by a shipmate setting fire to a cask of brandy, caused the gunpowder magazine to explode and sink the ship. The surviving crew and their wounded captain continued towards Batavia in two lifeboats. After a grueling journey, including an attack by hostile natives on Sumatra, they reached Batavia on Java. Bontekoe was given a new command and an order to harass the Chinese coast.

In 1625 Bontekoe returned to Holland. After his return, Bontekoe settled down in Hoorn to live a quiet life. On March 1, 1626, at the age of 38, Bontekoe married Eeltje Bruijnes.

He might have been forgotten had he not related his story to a publisher. The adventurous yarn, illustrated with etchings, was a bestseller in the 17th and 18th centuries and later became the basis of a very popular children's book by author Johan Fabricius, De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe (1923; nl); a film adaptation (nl) was released in 2007.



De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe on the Digital library of Dutch literature
(In Dutch)

Xmas Stan



Office is Closed: Due to Zombies


rhianna umbrella


26 November 2007

Desert Generation

Meneer de Wit
Postjesweg 2, Amsterdam

Opening hours:
Wednesday - Sunday 14:00 - 18:00 or by appointment

See also “Desert Generation” in Jerusalem

Desert Generation is a joint exhibition of Israeli and Palestinian artists who oppose the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and call for its immediate end.

Its initiators are four established artists from Israel and Palestine, who sent an open e-mail chain letter inviting artists around the globe to join their initiative and to display their point of view in regards to the four-decade long “desert of occupation”. The exhibition is comprised of more than 700 images based on paintings, drawings and photographs. “Desert Generation in Amsterdam” is organized by NextStep/Een Ander Joods Geluid and United Civilians for Peace, in collaboration with Meneer de Wit and Noa Roei from the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis.

In its Dutch version, the exhibition is combined with a cultural side program that includes artist talks, workshops and live music. Please visit www.desert-generation.nl for more information and updates, and to sign up for the workshops. An English version of the program is attached to this message.

Thursday November 22nd
19:00 – 21:00 Opening
Location: Meneer de Wit, via entrance Witte de Withstraat 10, Amsterdam

Monday November 26th
Gallery closed
21:00 – 22:00 Artist Talk at the Lloyd Hotel, with Sliman Mansour and David Tartakover
Location: Lloyd Hotel, Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam
The Lloyd Hotel is a five-star hotel with amazing modern design and a
dedication to the arts. The hotel’s Cultural Embassy organizes an eclectic
program every Monday in the hotel’s restaurant. Artists Sliman Mansour and
David Tartakover will open the program of Monday 26 November. They will
present their own works and discuss the circumstances that led them to the
Desert Generation initiative.

Thursday November 29th
14.00 – 20.00 Gallery open
20:00 – 21:30 Film Evening with Nat Muller
Reinventing the artist: the works of Shula Lipski and Roee Rosen
Location: Meneer de Wit, Postjesweg 2, Amsterdam
Nat Muller is an independent curator and art-critic based in Rotterdam. Her
main interests include the intersections of aesthetics, media and politics; (new)
media; and art in the Middle East. In Desert Generation Muller will take the
audience on a journey of transgressive and fictive identities by means of two
films: Shula Lipski’s In between Walls: Israeli Voices of Dissent and Roee
Rosen’s Two Women and a Man. Both films are political, yet in very different
ways and for very different reasons. Muller will screen both (short) films and
lead a discussion about critical artistic practice, authenticity, and

* On Thursday 29 November gallery is also open 18:00 – 20:00

Sunday December 2nd
14.00 – 18.00 Gallery open
18:00 – 21:30 Finissage: take your favorite artwork home!
Closing party with live music and drinks
Location: Meneer de Wit, Postjesweg 2, Amsterdam
Desert Generation in Amsterdam is organized by NextStep/A Different Jewish Voice and
United Civilians for Peace, in cooperation with Meneer de Wit and Noa Roei from
the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis.

Check for updates www.desert-generation.nl

20 November 2007

Graphic Novel for Facebook

Why Some Dolls Are Bad
A Graphic Novel for Facebook
By Kate Armstrong

About :
Why Some Dolls Are Bad is a dynamically generated graphic novel by Kate Armstrong. Built on the Facebook platform, the work assembles a stream of images from Flickr that match certain tags and dynamically mixes them with original text in order to produce a perpetually changing narrative.

Users who add the application in Facebook can capture pages from the novel and save, reorder, and distribute them.

The novel engages themes of ethics, fashion, artifice and the self, and presents a re-examination of systems and materials including mohair, contagion, environmental decay, Perspex cabinetry, and false-seeming things in nature such as Venus Flytraps.

How Does it Work?
Why Some Dolls Are Bad is a graphic novel built as a Facebook application. To experience it in its native environment, you will need to add the application to your Facebook account, where it will appear on your profile.

It operates by streaming images and text into a frame on your profile page. The image and text combine to create a page in the book.

As you read, advance to the next page by clicking "Next Page". A new text and image combination will be loaded. Since the novel is dynamically generated, you will never see the same page twice.

If you like the page you are reading and would like to save it, click "Capture". Pages you capture can be saved, shared, or collected into chapters.

Kate Armstrong:
Kate Armstrong is an artist and writer with interest in networks, social media, urban space, poetics, and computation. Her work examines tensions between digital and analogue systems, and looks to bring digital structures - both functional and metaphorical - into low-fi models and physical spaces as a way to interrogate contemporary culture. She is engaged with text and experimental narrative, especially open forms that bring poetics and computational function together. In the past this has taken a variety of forms including net art, psychogeography, installation, audio, performance, painting, and robotics.

Armstrong is the Director of Upgrade! Vancouver, which is part of the Upgrade! International network. She has taught at Emily Carr Institute and holds a position at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology in the Faculty of Applied Science at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.

Kate Armstrong: http://www.katearmstrong.com
Why Some Dolls Are Bad: http://www.cornerdata.org/dolls
To locate the application on Facebook, search “Why Some Dolls Are Bad”, then click “Add this Application”.

Second Life exhibition

You are officially invited to the Delve Deep Exhibition held in Second Life.

CDU lecturer in multimedia and graphic design, Ms Judith Trezise presents Delve Deep, an online exhibition showcasing digital art from 14-21 November. This is the first ever exhibition to be held solely online and in the virtual world of Second Life. {sic}

Included on the opening night is LIVE music being streamed in Second Life by local artists such as:

• Adrian Walter, Dean of Law, Business & Arts - Adrian is a classical guitarist with an international reputation, you are guaranteed to enjoy.

• NEO – High energy performance based band that pumps out an amazing potent mixture of funk, rock and pop.

• Pott Street - Unique Hip Hop to dance the night away. • DJ Jaxon - A local DJ will entertain you with a new MIX!

So you now have the opportunity to be part and experience a Real LIVE concert in a 3D World.

The exhibition entices people to ‘delve deep’ into their current existence and open their mind to the world of digital art and 3D spaces. The exhibition includes work created by Judith over the past 12 weeks as well as other artists from round the world.
The grand opening is next Wednesday the 14th November at 6.30pm.

It is advised that you join Second Life a few days before. For further instructions on Second Life and Delve Deep please go to: www.zise.com.au/delvedeep/ Hope to see you there!

Ghost Town - Perth

Ghost Town, Giant Dice's new innovative game of urban exploration
played with the help of your mobile phone, is being unleashed on the
streets of Perth for one week, starting December 2nd, 2007. The game
uses a mashup of technology (bluetooth, SMS and VOIP) and the
physical world.

Alone or with family and friends, you'll uncover clues and solve
puzzles with the help of messages, pictures and even voice calls
received on their mobile phones. You'll search the CBD for special
stickers that unlock the game's challenges, all the while unraveling
a mysterious storyline. You can explore the game at your own pace,
giving you a chance to appreciate some of Perth?s most interesting
spaces. By taking the game from the screen to the streets, Ghost Town
promotes active and healthy gaming. Best of all, Ghost Town is being
run as a free community event as part of the ByteMe! Festival. Ghost
Town was created by Giant Dice (www.giantdice.com), a new Perth-based
pervasive gaming company.

To play: Come to the Ghost Town booth at the Perth Town Hall between
10am and 5pm (Dec 2 to Dec 9).
Cost: FREE
Players require a mobile phone with Bluetooth.

Ghost Town: http://www.giantdice.com/ghosttown
Giant Dice: http://www.giantdice.com

16 November 2007

blog as art

I've received a mixed response to my editorial that the byrd blogs are art projects. There are currently two exhibitions that explore the use of the blog as art that have subsequently been featured on bellebyrd.

please see

The Blogger Show - USA


the blog as art


"Mockumentary is the term used to define a film genre which emerged a few years ago, and in which fiction films are styled as documentaries. It is the perfect way to give the audience the wrong idea about the truthfulness of the story, and at the same time to call the strict dividing line between fiction and documentary into question. 'Videohacking' is a mini-mockumentary in which a video hacker donning a balaclava tells us what he does and why. For those who have no more than a faint idea about the wondrous world of hackers, nerds and antiglobalists, the existence of such a character is plausible. He rents classic films from ordinary video shops, and sets out to adjust and improve these illegally on the computer, with a preference for scenes that he liked already. Then he returns the modified tapes, hoping that those who rent 'his' films after him will unknowingly be the better for it. It is not a question of ethics, he tells us, but what he is opposed to is copyright claims. "

Manuel Saiz 1999

view preview



In May 2007 I posted about the culture hacking by Sektie 2005 and Banksy 2006.

1999 video by Saiz presents a fictitious hacker as a possibility, the actual hacks utilize fake record covers {sektie} and a recut CD {banksy}.




page 40
fake records, eindhoven 2005

In August 2006 42 stores in the UK were restocked by Banksy with 500 reworked versions of Paris Hilton's debut CD.

Banksy Paris & Sektie

15 November 2007

MelkWeg art battle

"the action soon to come this Wed Nov 21 at the MelkWeg in Amsterdam NL, right in time for the insanity of the cannabis cup.

The Third annual HempHoodlamb (hemphoodlamb.com) Fashion show presents,

The one and only Brick City hero, REDMAN! Followed by Devin the Dude, and surprise guest acts.

The night also features a art battle between the DayDream SecretWars crew VS. the Wolf and Pack team, Morcky (twothings.net) Wayne Horse (waynehorse.com) and The London Police (thelondonpolice.com). A 90 minute art battle featuring side by side panels to be hit up in front of the crowd, and judged by audience response at the peak of the night.

The crew over at HempWorks and HempHoodlamb always hit it off real large for these events, throwing out all the stops in presenting their new line up of gear and green ideas for us all."


Devin the Dude / Diego Roots / plus the T.H. seeds hosted by Redman

Redman is al sinds 1992 in business and still going strong. De rappende standup comedian weet met z’n pakkende punchlines, rauwe New Jersey rapstijl en underground hiphop met reggae- en funkinvloeden al jaren minstens een half miljoen exemplaren per plaat te verkopen. Vind je het gek als je met Method Man en een heel leger aan andere grote namen als van 2Pac tot The Offspring tot Christina Aguilera hebt samengewerkt?
Écht rijk wordt hij er echter niet van. Het meeste geld wordt direct geïnvesteerd in het benevelende onkruid waarmee hij steevast dikke blunts mee draait. Na zes jaar radiostilte is dit jaar z’n nieuwe plaat ‘Red Gone Wild’ uitgekomen en ook hier wordt weer een heel blik aan homies opengetrokken. Onder andere Keith Murray, Snoop- en Nate Dogg doen hun zegje. Wederom blijkt dat Redman verreweg de grappigste rapper aller tijden is, maar bovenal dat het zes jaar wachten meer dan de moeite waard is geweest. Dat wordt vanavond ouderwets blazen!


22:00 uur
21:00 uur
€ 35,00 + lidm

12 November 2007

Arno Coenen

view preview


"The wide variety of materials that Arno Coenen has been probing as an artist - stained glass, bill-board scale prints, glass mosaics, computer generated film, ceramics, digital video, live action performance, reflect a seemingly equally dispersed array of themes and topics: new Dutch folklore of modern architecture and Gabber youth underground techno dance culture, the TV test image, a roadtrip through the hyperreal landscape of West-Coast USA, computer game heroin Lara Croft, oppressive virtual reality machineries, 100 clichés of net.culture as digital mantra's, impressions of big-city life at the fringes of urban existence, a kickboxer as popular heroS¹. But within this variety Coenen finds a common ground. All of his heroes exist at the fringes of popular and mass culture. "



This video was selected for its format {brickfilm} and its content. The montevideo collection did not contain any samples of machinima which I would have like to have included, so the historical progressi
on ends here.

Video Vortex : Curator for One Day

Video Vortex : Curator for One Day

22nd November 2007, 1pm,
or Blakkbyrd

Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst
Montevideo/Time Based Arts
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
T 020 6237101
F 020 6244423
E info@montevideo.nl

ma - vr 9.00 - 17.00 u.
Galerie: di - za en 1e zo van de maand 13.00 - 18.00 u.

Curator for One Day
Van 19-10-2007 t/m 03-02-2008

Video Vortex
From 20-10-2007 until 02-12-2007

The exhibition video vortex is the Netherlands Media Art Institute's response to the Web2.0 phenomenon. Web2.0 stands for power to the user and democracy for everyone. It has led to innovative forms of media use in which an open and playful collaboration can lead to critical positions and new ideas.

The Netherlands Media Art Institute seizes upon these developments with a new exhibition model. Stimulation and participation within network environments is the point of departure. In addition to presenting existing installations, short workshops and presentations are given every day. In some cases the artworks form the starting point for a workshop, while in other cases the medium used is the subject of a workshop. Collective experience and building shared knowledge is an important focus in all the projects. In this manner, in the form of continual exchange of ideas, culture can change, renew itself and survive.

The Netherlands Media Art Institute has recently emerged as an experimental place where projects with a participatory aspect can be presented: in other words: do it yourself, with others! The artists are responding to developments such as YouTube, MySpace and Blogger, mobile video telephones and the influence of live webcam streams.

fair use and copyright law

Fairly Useful
a blog about fair use and copyright law


its American s
o it discusses USA law

Laser Tag

The main event of the GRL Rotterdam tour - 'L.A.S.E.R TAG' - 60mw geek graffiti madness.
Watch the video here on the Graffiti Research Lab website.

In the spirt of GRL's and Eyebeam's open source beliefs, we are posting the code and executable
for the Laser Tag application online for you to download, dissect, reuse and hopefully improve. The code is
C++ and compiled in a super old school Codewarrior IDE for windows but it is oepnGL based and written
using openFrameworks which is a cross platform library for writing creative code. So it should be very
straight forward to run in Visual Studio, DevC++ or even xcode on a mac.



NewMediaFest2007 blog
1st common festival of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne
1 November 2007 - 31 May 2008

The Netart features by JavaMuseum can be acessed via
NewMediaFest2007 interface on
but also separately via individual URLs
7 ways to Internet with Netart - http://www.javamuseum.org/2007/index1.html
a+b=ba? - http://www.javamuseum.org/2007/index2.html
ne.NET I - http://www.javamuseum.org/2007/index3.html
solo Jody Zellen - http://www.javamuseum.org/2007/index4.html
JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project - http://jip.javamuseum.org

NewMediaFest2007 is realized on 2 levels -
1. online in its totality
2. in physical space via cooperations-->
the 1st physical NewMediaFest2007 is launched in the framework of
3rd Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina - 15-17 November 2007
more info on http://www.newmediafest.org/blog/

The general festival catalogue can be downloaded as PDF for free


Anti-social bot invades Second Lifers' personal space.

A software bot that masquerades as an ill-mannered human user within the
popular virtual world Second Life is being used by UK researchers to
investigate the psychology of its inhabitants. The bot starts a
conversation with human users and deliberately invades their personal
space to see how they will react.

The software, dubbed "SL-bot", was created by Doron Friedman, Anthony
Steed and Mel Slater at University College London, UK, who are
interested in comparing the way people act inside a virtual world with
real-life human behaviour.

But Second Life is not designed to accommodate non-human control of
avatars and the world's scripting language can only be used to control
objects. So, to get around this, the researchers added a script to a
ring that their avatar wore on its finger.

The ring connects the avatar to software that not only controls its
actions, but can record everything going on around it. This is an
extreme example of the way objects can control characters in Second Life
? more often they are used to give someone a new style of walking, or to
make them dance.

The control software sends the avatar off in a random direction until it
finds another avatar or object to watch or interact with. It can also
perform any one of a range of animated actions to respond to stimuli,
for if someone says a particular word, for example, or picking up an
object it bumps into.

"When it walks around it looks a little spooky" says Friedman, currently
working at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel. "It looks a
bit drunk actually, but it is a great way to get data."

In one experiment, SL-bot was sent on a mission to find other avatars
that were alone. As soon as it did, it greeted them by first name,
waited two seconds then moved to the virtual equivalent of within 1.2
metres away. It then recorded the other avatar's reaction for 10 seconds
afterwards, and sent the data to the researchers.


Women Directors Cut - Edition 3

Women Directors Cut - Edition 3
3rd edition of series featuring female directors from the spectrum of VideoChannel

Women Directors Cut [WDC]
is a new presentation series of short films/videos which running bi-monthly featuring young female artists/directors participating in Videochannel.

Curated by Agricola de Cologne, [WDC] is intending to demonstrate the rich artistic potential of a young generation of artists/directors who reflect the diversity of life from an individual, female point of view on - memory and identity.

Enter Women Directors Cut III here



3-7 March 2008
Artspace @ Adelaide Festival Centre
Applications close November 16, 2007

Applications are now open for participation in a week-long masterclass
with the Graffiti Research Lab (NY).

Evan Roth and James Powderly (Graffiti Research Lab) are dedicated to
outfitting street artists with open source technologies for urban
communication. The goal of GRL is to technologically empower
individuals to creatively alter and reclaim their surroundings from
unchecked development and corporate visual culture. GRL have been
touring the globe (SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, Numusic Festival, Art
Rotterdam) demonstrating and teaching new graffiti technologies and DIY
skills to diverse public audiences. Their work has been featured in the
NY Times, Wooster Collective, TIME Magazine, Visual Resistance and The
Village Voice. In 2006, Ars Electronica presented GRL with an Award of
Distinction in Interactive Art.

Evan Roth is a media maker interested in uses of technology in popular
culture and the urban environment. Evan received an MFA from Parsons
where he now teaches courses on visual programming and Geek Graffiti.
He is also a senior fellow at the Eyebeam OpenLab, an open source
creative technology research and development lab for the public domain.
He is the creator of Graffiti Analysis (video), a project that uses
motion tracking, computer vision technology, and a custom C++
application to record and analyse a graffiti writer's pen movement over
time. Evan's media experiments include Explicit Content Only and
Graffiti Taxonomy.

James Powderly is an artist and engineer working in the field of
robotics, physical computing and artificially intelligent art. James
studied at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and the
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, receiving his Master's
Degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program. From 2002,
James worked at Honeybee Robotics where he developed technology for
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover that is currently on the surface of the
red planet. James has previously worked at Eyebeam OpenLab as an artist
in residence, he is a partner in RobotClothes, and the co-founder of
the Robotics Society of America New York City Chapter.

Download application forms from www.anat.org.au/graffitiresearchlab or
www.carclew.com.au. For further information and application forms
please contact Annemarie Kohn on 08 8267 5111 or akohn@carclew.org.au.
For examples of GRL's work visit: www.graffitiresearch.com.

Presented by Carclew Youth Arts in association with the Adelaide Bank
Festival of Arts and the Australian Network for Art and Technology.

10 November 2007



Jaarlijks brengt Galerie Bart een tiental exposities, variërend van solo-, duo- of themapresentaties bestaande uit zowel schilderkunst, fotografie als beelden.

Bart volgt kunstenaars vanaf hun eindexamen aan de verschillende academies in Nederland. Na eerst een aantal malen te hebben geëxposeerd in de galerie in Nijmegen biedt Galerie Bart een aantal kunstenaars de mogelijkheid te exposeren in Amsterdam.


Rineke Engwerda In 1998 afgestudeerd aan de Academie voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving AKI te Enschede
Expositie: van 8 november tot en met 15 december 2007

Bloemgracht 2
1015TH Amsterdam



its easier to take piss out of a swimming pool than information off the internet"

The next subject index for the site will be on theory with particular reference to virtual museums, online curating and internet art.

Despite the huge amount of available information on the nature of blogging, there are few people out there who fully grasp the concept and implications of blogs in their entirety. I don't claim to be one. I can, however, comment on the nature of the Aviary, and Bellebyrd.

Bellebyrd is not a newspaper or an online magazine; its not a textbook or an encyclopedia.
It is an internet based artwork in diary form.
It is a work of art that collages found data in similar way that a video artist collages found footage. This is not a conventional use of the blog format, it is what makes the Aviary unique. It is an exploration into the possibilities of a new virtual media.

I saw an artwork at Montevideo recently that takes google results for specific search terms, remixes them, and presents them to the viewer in a gallery installation.That project was about both the technology involved and the politics of the search terms used.
This is a similar project but on a different scale. This project is live, streamed in realtime, and has an audience the size of the WWW. Its not confined to a realworld gallery space, it has similar properties to a virtual museum but it also has the features of an RSS feed.

The remixed data on Bellebyrd is quoted and linked back to its original source, the images are not copied but called from their home server. Initially, only links were provided but so much net data is transitory and subsequently 404d that the relevent data is quoted intext. The data is open ended and viewer controls access and response to that data.

As an artwork in diary form, Bellebyrd has some features of an online blackbook or artist's journal. The chronological data is well fitted to the blog format and the RSS feed allows for greater audience distribution.

As an internet artwork, Bellebyrd is a work in progress and continues to develop over time in parallel with my understanding of the media and its possibilities.

The Blakkbyrd blog is Bellebyrd's sister project. The above comments also apply to Blakkbyrd. Blakkbyrd has a different data mix, audience and management approach.

The Lyrebyrd site performs the functions of "comments", ie it is the discussion platform for Blakkbyrd and Bellebyrd.

Amsterdam 2007
J Severn

For Sale

Te Koop means For Sale

This is next door to a kids shop in the Jordaan. possibly Prinsengracht.


feminist interventions

{it wasnt me}

03 November 2007

Umbrella Roadshow at FOAM for Museum Night

The Umbrella Roadshow has been invited to show at FOAM for Museum Night 3rd November 2007

This is an iniative of FOAM_lab.






Foam_Lab is een groep van aanstormende toptalenten binnen de culturele sector. In samenwerking met Foam organiseert Foam_Lab projecten en evenementen voor de eigen doelgroep. Als het kleine broertje van Foam zoekt Foam_Lab het experiment op en brengt jongeren op een nieuwe manier in contact met fotografie.

Foam biedt de deelnemers van Foam_Lab niet alleen de mogelijkheid om een jaar lang ervaring op te doen binnen het werkveld, maar inspireert hen ook door hen een reeks bijzondere masterclasses aan te bieden: o.a. door Erwin Olaf (fotograaf), Erik Kessels (creatief directeur van KesselsKramer) Marion van Dam (communicatie en publiciteit publieke omroep), Annelies Kuiper (nrc.next fotoredactie), Juha van t’Zelfde en Annelies Termeer (Stichting Museumn8) en Dick Rijken (Web 2.0 en nieuwe media expert).

Het Foam_Lab team bestaat uit: Judith van Helden, Mark Robinson, Maarten van der Linde, Sandra Karis, Lonneke de Groot, Joost de Leij, Ñusta Nina en Gerald van der Wijngaart.

Foam_Lab tijdens de museumnacht: Celebrate Life!
De Amerikaanse fotograaf Ryan McGinley fotografeerde het onbezorgde leven met zijn vrienden op roadtrips door Amerika. Naar aanleiding van zijn speelse en luchtige foto’s van veelal naakte adolescenten omarmt Foam tijdens deze n8 het motto Celebrate Life! De n8 begint bij Foam al in de rij: laat daar je zintuigen prikkelen door Foam_Lab! Geniet van de erotische verhalen door Foryourearsonly, spannende hapjes en massages. Foam_Lab maakt van wachten een totaal-ervaring in een paradijselijke omgeving!

Museumnacht in Foam 3 november, 19.00-02.00 uur.

Bezoek de website van Foam_Lab: www.foamlab.nl



Amsterdam 2007 @ FOAM


vandaag mogen we bekend maken dat we de parraplu's gaan showen tijdens de museumnacht 2007 bij het FOAM.

wij zijn hier natuurlijk super enthousiast over, en erg trots.

we zullen zo snel mogelijk alle details hier toevoegen.

peace and let it rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps voor wie wil meedoen aan de 2008 editie van UMBRELLart 2008 kan natuurlijk gewoon mailen.