28 September 2011

Nuart Festival - Norway

In July-August 2011, five street artists were invited to NHH Norwegian School of Economics to give their comments on capitalism directly on the schools huge white walls. The project was a collaboration with the Nuart Festival, and what Escif, M-City, EINE, DOLK and Hyuro came up with can be seen from this video. For more information, visit CAPITALISM.NO

"From Ad busting critiques to political and polemical murals, “______capitalism?” aims to present for the wider public, the opportunity to engage with an institution that sits at the heart of most of our futures. Street Art is also ideally placed to question the hegemony of consensus based public art and the cooption of our public spaces, often “public” only in name, for corporate profit."

25 September 2011

People Staring at Computers

"People Staring at Computers by Kyle McDonald “People Staring at Computers” is a photographic intervention. I wrote a simple application that took one picture every minute. If it found a face, it uploaded the photo to my server. I installed the app around NYC over three days, collecting more than a thousand photos. Before sharing the photos online, I decided to exhibit them in the same places they were originally captured. So I wrote another app that could be remotely triggered after being installed on all the computers in one location. When the app starts up, it takes a picture and slowly fades in that photo. A moment later, it starts cycling through older photos. Most people instinctively quit the app less than 10 seconds after recognizing their own face, so the exhibition was relegated to the unused machines.


"Artist Kyle McDonald installed a program on computers in two New York Apple Store locations that automatically takes a photo every minute. Now his personal computers have been confiscated by the U.S. Secret Service.  ...

Over the course of the project, McDonald set up roughly 100 Apple store computers to call his servers every minute. That’s a lot of network traffic, and he learned that Apple monitors traffic in its stores when he received a photo from a Cupertino computer of what appeared to be an Apple technician. The technician had apparently traced the traffic to the site McDonald used to upload the program to Apple Store computers — and installed it himself.
McDonald figured that Apple had decided the program wasn’t a big deal. That was until four Secret Service men in suits woke him up on Thursday morning with a search warrant for computer fraud. ...

Before he began, he got permission from Apple’s security guards to take photos in the store, then asked customers if he could take their photos (with a camera). Had they all said no, he says, he wouldn’t have proceeded. He also refrained from putting the code for the photo-taking program online, as he does with most of his projects, because he recognized that the technology behind his art project could be used for less benign purposes. "

Using Apple Store computers to accomplish the photography is a separate issue, and given that the Secret Service’s search warrant was for computer fraud, the use of them is likely the issue in question.
On Thursday, McDonald tweeted that the search warrant said he was in violation of 18 USC section 1030.
Eric Goldman, the director of the High Tech Law Institute and associate professor at Santa Clara Law, says that the law “restricts accessing someone else’s computer and obtaining information from that computer” and that “capturing images from Apple’s computers could trigger that standard.” Some other provisions of the same law could also apply, he says.

Pictoplasma - NY

Pictoplasma NYC

The PICTOPLASMA NYC FESTIVAL once more stages ... a ... celebration of contemporary character culture, with a dense, extended weekend program of inspiring artist presentations, conference lectures, animation festival, character walk exhibitions and performances!

24 September 2011

Inside Outside

Inside Outside: Art on both sides of the law Follow artists from 4 cities on 3 continents who blur the lines between legal and illegal art.


Space Patrol 60's Sci Fi TV

The futuristic 1963 series "Space Patrol" ("Planet Patrol" in the US) was an extraordinary, but not widely distributed, puppet show set in the year 2100.

For further investigation, the ultimate Space Patrol resource is undoubtedly: http://homepages.tesco.net/~space.patrol/SpacePatrol/Home.htm .



Apple ipad and 2001

As any 5-year-old is all too happy to point out, most things look like other things. The ongoing slapfight over patent infringements that’s defining the mobile technology market these days is largely based on everyone’s little black-or-white rectangle looking identical to everyone else’s.

No company appears more intent on blocking everyone else from selling tiny black rectangles than Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). The company is waging an international litigation war against Samsung (PINK:SSNLF) looking to block its line of Galaxy portables from releasing in a growing number of markets. Samsung, of course, claims Apple is being ridiculous. 

The Korean technology company’s lawyers filed a declaration with a federal district court in California on Aug. 15 that said Apple’s iPad replicates the design of mocked-up tablet computers used in Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The filing even included a YouTube link to demonstrate. It points to how Dave and another astronaut are using machines with “an overall rectangular shape with a dominant display screen, narrow borders, a predominantly flat front surface, a flat black surface, (and) a thin form factor.” This is, the filing says, identical to the design featured in Apple’s D’889 Patent.

full story

Secret History of Social Networking

In this three-part series the BBC's technology correspondent Rory Cellan Jones traces the hidden story of social networking, from the early days of computing and the 60s counterculture through to the businesses worth billions today.

17 September 2011

Protest and media - de balie

 Social protest has become almost inseparably linked to a plethora of media images and messages distributed via internet, mobile phones, social media, internet video platforms and of course traditional media outlets such as newspapers, radio and television. A popular category to have emerged recently is the 'twitter-revolution'. In almost all cases (Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, London) the role of the platform turned out to be less than essential in retrospect. Protests mostly manifested on the streets and particularly the public squares ('Take the Square'). Deeply rooted blogger-networks did however play a mayor role, preparing the protests that have now been dubbed the "Arabian Spring'. And internet played a crucial role in the organisation and co-ordination of the European 'anti-austerity' protests (Spain, Greece, UK, Italy).

This international seminar brings together theorists, artists, designers, activists and media specialists to develop a critical analysis of the new forms of social protest and their media dimension. The program is divided into two blocks. The first block focuses on an in-depth analysis of the evolving WikiLeaks-saga, while the second block will examine the remarkable string of protests in the Mediterranean region. These discussions will be interrupted at times by startling artistic interventions in current social and political debates.

The seminar is part of an on-going research into Tactical Media, the fusion of art, media, politics and cultural activism, centred around the "Tactical Media Files", an on-line documentation resource of Tactical Media practices world-wide.

17 June 2011

Abner Preis - Superheroes

I picked Abner Preis as an upcoming talent to watch back in 2007, and his name keeps cropping up throughout Amsterdam events blogged here on Blakkbyrd.
Abner on Blakkbyrd

Now he's off to the States with his Superhero Project.


“Trained as a painter, Abner Preis has been making waves over the past several years. In a three year period, he has been invited as a featured artist to prominent art fairs such as Art Rotterdam, Art Brussels and the Scope Art Fair (Art Basel Miami Beach) as well as to exhibit works in respected cultural institutions and museums like the MU in The Netherlands, the Marta Hereford Museum in Germany and Austria’s Kunsthalle amongst others. The Superhero Project has featured at Brussels Fashion Week, Istanbul Design Week and the Rotterdam International Film Festival, providing a body of work that successfully walks the tightrope between art as activism, fine art, fashion, design and entertainment. Compared to artists as diverse as Joseph Beuys or Charlie Chaplin, Preis builds on the history of art to challenge it, using optimism, joy and imagination as the tools of his tender assault.

“Basically this project is about me going out in the streets dressed up like a Superhero, meeting strangers and asking them; If you had three super powers what would they be? Then I turn them into Superheroes like me.


Interview on Warholean

Warholian had the pleasure of meeting Abner Preis and his Superhero Project at the 2010 Scope fair during Art Basel Week in Miami Florida. At Scope, Abner was asking everyday fair goers to imagine themselves as superheros. His goal: “to surprise, transform and empower people he meets as he travels the world.”

We sat down with Abner to discuss how this project came to be…

1. Tell us the history of “The Superhero Project”, how did you come to start this project?

“I was invited to do a video presentation at a class for severely handicapped people. The teacher invited me to give a talk about my work and discuss ideas about a video project that they had planned to do.

Every child was really handicapped… a class full of Stephen Hawkings, but all were super cool. Their idea for a movie was to make one of the kids a super hero who could fly… a slow motion smile settled on my face… “Fuck it! Why not? Yes, we can all be heroes!”

That’s when I realized my magical equation of “I equals S”.

I = imagination

If you have Imagination, then you can be an Superhero.

(Incidentally, we still visit the Handicapp class every year, it is still a very special project)”



If you would like to donate to “The Superhero Project” through Kickstarter.com, you may do so here:

To stay updated with Superhero Project, “Like” them on Facebook here.

08 June 2011

Pick n Play - Stockholm


In a new approach to mobile coupon distribution, McDonalds is inviting consumers in Sweden to earn free food by interacting with a giant digital billboard using their mobile devices, in a campaign called "Pick n' Play."

Mobile phone owners passing a digital out of home sign in Stockholm are encouraged to partake in a giant game of pong, which they can control directly from their mobile devices. The campaign doesn't require a mobile app, but instead makes use of HTML5 technology to verify users' proximity to the screen, and allows them to control a virtual paddle remotely from their handhelds in real-time.

Players that manage to complete the game by sustaining a 30-second rally are rewarded with a coupon for free food from a local McDonald's restaurant, as well as directions to the location.

McDonald's created the campaign in partnership with Omnicom-owned DDB Stockholm.


07 June 2011

Blakkbyrd & MoMA Modern Art

I recently set up a Blakkbyrd Twitter account and started using it to follow arts news. I trawled through several friends' following lists to quickly find the feeds that interested me including @MomaModernArt from the USA which I assumed was associated with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Approx 2 weeks after I opened the account I received a direct message to my email account.

It was from MomaModernArt asking me about my blog traffic, what was my monthly audience?

I thought this was a strange way to contact me so I replied out of curiosity. Note that the account is called MOMA MODERN ART from the USA. I sent a tweet to @MomaModernArt.

I received another direct message.  This time it was from New York City.

Again I thought this was very strange. I visited the website to check it out and it was called  http://www.ahh.com.br/presite/
and there was no mention of MOMA. So I sent a noncommittal tweet asking for more information.

I then received an email to advise that @MomaModernArt was following me.

The name has changed from
MOMA MODERN ART to MoMA ART LOVERS and its now located in Rio.  It appears that I may have found this account through the Gemeente Museum in the Hague.  Note that the account has been operating long enough to gain 5000 followers. 

I did not receive any further messages from them, or answer to my request for more info.

I continued to receive tweets from @MomaModernArt for a couple of weeks and then noted that the account had been suspended.


I  also follow @MuseumModernArt Museum of Modern Art from New York New York. The genuine MoMA.

And MoMaPS1

and SFMoMA

05 June 2011

Graffiti - Libya

"... death found Kais al-Hilali in more traditional revolutionary fashion this week: at night, in a hail of bullets fired by unknown assailants barely an hour after he finished his latest work.
"I was standing by Kais as he painted," recalled Abdullah al- Zawway, a Benghazi businessman sponsoring his art. "He was doing a large caricature of Gaddafi on a roundabout which we're renaming the Misratah Martyrs in respect for our brothers in the besieged city. A lot of people were crowding around watching.
"It was getting dangerous. Among them were sure to be some of Gaddafi's people. So I told Kais to stop his work and leave. He was dead soon afterwards.""

full article here

In Tripoli, official portraits of Muammar Gaddafi are everywhere: on giant murals and billboards, in hotel lobbies, offices, shops, homes, and schools. The "Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution" usually appears as a sort of deity or in military uniform with rays of light shining behind him. Throughout Gaddafi's reign, his obsessive control of how and where his image appears has been straight out of the dictator's textbook.

In Benghazi, a day's drive east along the Mediterranean coast, there are also lots of public pictures of the man who has ruled this desert country for more than four decades. But here, his image is used as a weapon against him.

Caricatures of the vilified leader and anti-regime or pro-democracy graffiti are popping up throughout the city centre and in recently trashed army bases, on building sites and on any suitable walls. There are posters of Gaddafi pumping petrol into a winged camel, Gaddafi with the tail of a snake and a forked tongue, Gaddafi as Dracula, Gaddafi as a clown, Gaddafi being bitten by a dog, Gaddafi getting a boot in the head. The variations are countless. Another popular theme is an often bloodstained Gaddafi terrorising or slaughtering his people or plundering the oil-rich nation's wealth.

Tobruk, al-Bayda, Derna and other towns in the rebel-held east have also joined in this artistic act of rebellion, and their walls also sport caricatures ridiculing the flamboyant strongman whose many eccentricities make him a perfect target for satire.

full article here


The New York Times' Lens blog has an interesting gallery of Gaddafi caricatures, artwork, and graffiti made to protest the Libyan leader and portray him in an otherwise unflattering light.

"Before the Libyan opposition began retreating before forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, Finbarr O’Reilly of Reuters took account of the wealth of anti-Qaddafi graffiti and other graphic expressions of popular anger, which include some anti-Semitic sentiments. He wrote to Lens:
Like many dictators, Qaddafi carefully controlled how his image was used, often portraying himself as a deity or beloved leader. With the rebellion, however, freedom of expression in rebel-controlled areas means that ridicule has become a key weapon in the fight against the climate of fear that has long gripped the country. Anti-Qaddafi caricatures and graffiti have sprung up across cities like Benghazi, most of them portraying him in an unflattering light."


Images sourced via google image search


A Libyan girl passes by a wall depicting a graffiti image of Colonel Moamer Kadhafi in the eastern rebel strong city of Benghazi. source

A Libyan boy runs past graffiti at Revolution Square in the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi on May 11, 2011




A rebel walks next to a cartoon depicting Moammar Gadhafi as Adolf Hitler, holding a book titled 'My green book' in the rebel Media Center in Benghazi, Libya, Monday, May 16, 2011

more photos here

TIME contract photographer Yuri Kozyrev is in eastern Libya, documenting the battle between Gaddafi loyalists and rebel forces.

see photos here


"The images below are of the graffiti he saw along the way. Most of them are from Beida, where he met an Egyptian doctor who gave him a tour of the town."

04 June 2011

Oddstream Festival - Nijmegen


Oddstream has a musical programme, art and multimedia installations, debates and lectures. The theme of the first festival edition of Oddstream is: love and conflict.

Oddstream is a communication and multimedia festival where the participation of the visitor and the interaction with the location of the festival plays an important role. It will take place between the 31st of May and 5th of June 2011 at the Vasim (a former factory) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

We use the word participation as opposite of passivity and indifference. Oddstream brings and shows inspirational examples of participation from the arts, culture, communication and media together, let the visitors participate in the festival and doesn’t avoid the debate.




Upfest 2011 - Bristol UK

The Tobacco Factory
North Street
Bristol, United Kingdom



Europe’s largest free urban paint festival; Upfest, is now in its fourth year and is preparing to take over its cultural home Bristol by welcoming over 250 artists and 40 DJs, Groups & Human Beatboxers to the event this summer between 4th and 5th June 2011.

‘The Urban Paint Festival’ is now firmly established as the main event for street art in Europe. The two day explosion of events attracts urban artists from all over the world who flock to The Tobacco Factory - the festival’s birthplace, as well as a number of locations across the city.

Big names in national street art culture Don, Inkie and Spqr set up their temporary home alongside home grown talents Cheo, Jody and Lokey.

Upfest partner Stephen Hayles explains why this has become such an integral part of the UK graffiti scene:

“Bristol is established as the home of graffiti in the UK; the whole country and now even the world has attributed this to the City. We are proud to be a part of this movement and will continue to provide a platform for brand new artists to break onto the UK urban art scene. The fact that it’s free just makes it even more exciting.”


We can confirm that HERAKUT - JAGO - CASE will paint live at Upfest'11


The festival helps raise funds and more importantly awareness for the Bristol based charity NACOA who work to address the problems children have growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism. Upfest is a completely volunteer led festival and has so far raised £15,000 for the charity.

And finally... Did we mention it is FREE to Attend

full info here

LAB ART Opening - LA

On May 12th, the Los Angeles’s street art community saw the opening of LAB ART Gallery. This gallery is curated by Iskander Lemesffer and his partner/sister Rachel Joelson.

The gallery roster included works from over 30 artists, consisting of more than 300 works. The 6,500 square feet of space included work from Smear, Destroy All Design, Kai Aspire, Thank You X, Mar, Army of One/J2, Dog Byte, Alec Monopoly, Desire Obtain Cherish, Army of One, Chad Muska and Haculla, just to name a few.

The opening of LAB ART had the traffic on La Brea backed up for a good quarter mile.

Entering the gallery, it was filled with pop culture art, mixed media, photography and even sculptures- artistic eye candy. Each installation added a nice touch to the gallery and the entire gallery was utilized. The bar was decorated with stencils, stickers, and paintings from local artists, while the back alley of LAB ART was painted by known Los Angees artists Gregory Siff, Mar, and Thank You X.

-Birdman for Warholian

LAB Art Los Angeles is located at:
217 South La Brea
Los Angeles, California 90036

on facebook


01 June 2011


... "Art in the Streets," a controversial exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The show has been drawing the ire of social critics, alarmed by what they perceive as an institutional celebration of vandalism, all while drawing curious crowds (often young) to the museum's Little

urban graffiti doesn't drag down neighborhoods, but instead erupts in areas already largely abandoned by civic forces. Graffiti scrawls a name on hitherto faceless social realities, instantly becoming a convenient target for blame.

Yes, graffiti is vandalism ... But what has that to do with MOCA? As critic William Poundstone pointedly asked, how many museum shows of El Greco are required to take a position on the Spanish Inquisition?

Still, MOCA's claim for the magnitude of graffiti's post-Pop influence on art is overblown. "Art in the Streets" cites global reach ... Since the 1970s, however, the deepest impact on art culture has come from Conceptual art, not graffiti.

One could even say that graffiti owes its 1980s emergence into art world consciousness to the success of Conceptual art's frontal assault on formalist Modernism, with its crabbed notion that, say, a painting's highest purpose is to define what a painting is. With an emphasis on words, some Conceptual art even opened the door to thinking of tagging as an artistic strategy.

So the biggest disappointment of "Art in the Streets" is its misunderstanding of history. ... Consider what doesn't appear in the show — not even in the catalog chronology or the gallery's information timeline.

Mostly MOCA tells a mythic tale in which graffiti, an Expressionist art form, is largely born in Manhattan, spreads across the country and finally envelopes the world. If the story sounds familiar, that's because it replays New York School legend, long since discredited, about Abstract Expressionist painting in the 1940s.

MOCA's stylish exhibition mostly extends a legacy of commercial influence, which is the wrong way for an art museum to frame a show."

full article LA Times

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Urban Art/Graffiti Subject Index 2010
Editorial / News

Art Basel & Hong Kong Fair
Art HK 2011
Tabiamo - Japan
Ai Weiwei

Frozen North
Lust & Vice - Stockholm
Robert Mapplethorpe
Palle Nielsen

Artists / Exhibitions

Art Amsterdam 2011
German Expressionism @MoMaPS1
Peanut Butter Art - Rotterdam

Twente Biënnale
Wartime - Stuttgart

Artworld Scandal - UK
Art Funding Cuts
Children in Art
Porno Leaks

Woodcuts - Statens Museum for Kunst

Van Gogh and Russell
Graffiti Burners - Stockholm
IPad - Interactive Books
Sensate Journal

New Media
River of Wisdom II
River of Wisdom

Urban Art / Graffiti

EMESS @ Candyland - Stockholm
Bin Laden spotted at the Tate Modern
Goin - France
ARYZ - Spain
Cock Wall
Armsrock - Denmark

21 May 2011

Porno Leaks

Now the ability of those pornographic film performers to hide their identity
behind sometimes bizarre stage monikers has been shot to pieces after a website published a leaked database containing the real names, dates of birth, and official nicknames of more than 15,000 of the adult industry's hard-working performers, past and present.

Most of the information revealed by the Porn Wikileaks site is likely to have
come from computer files that originally belonged to the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation [AIM], an STD-testing facility based in the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles, which caters to the 1,500 working erotic film actors based in the region at any one time.


No one knows what motivated the creator of Porn Wikileaks, which is amateurish
and yesterday struggled to cope with a sudden surge in traffic. The site is
registered in the Netherlands, apparently by a disgruntled member of the "porn
press", and describes the purpose of its existence as being a "media
organisation" devoted to making the industry more transparent.

full story

17 May 2011

EMESS @ Candyland - Stockholm

Gotlandsgatan 76
Stockholm, Sweden
Friday 20th at 17:00 - 05 June at 17:00

There is no doubt that street art has become part of our everyday lives. Invasive, ...poetic, destructive, provocative, illegal, political, abstract or beautiful, street art has gradually infiltrated urban areas around the globe. It continues to challenge the idea of ownership of the public space and has given itself the right to use it for expression alongside the monopoly held by corporate entities for advertising. In the past decade, street artists have gained respect from communities all over the world and have been exhibited in the most prestigious museums – with or without invitation.

Emess’ work is most often motivated by political questions. Confronting the viewer with issues that would rather be swept under the rug, for which there are perhaps no clear answers or solutions but that need to be addressed. The use of humor and his sense of aesthetics catch the viewer off guard for a moment allowing attention to be drawn to the subject. Emess sees no difference between the street or the gallery space, his work is designed to reach an audience and adapts itself to the situation. His range of media goes from sculptural objects or large scale murals to woodcuts and delicate prints.

Alvaro Campo
EMESS 1971 born in West-Germany, 1992–93 German Navy, 1994–99 Fine Arts UdK Berlin, 2000 Meisterschüler, Lives in Berlin. Exhibitions at Berlin Art Projects, 30works Galerie, Köln, Jarmuschek & Partner, Berlin, ATM Gallery Berlin, Circleculture Gallery Berlin, Galerie Zimmermann & Heitmann, Düsseldorf etc.

City Music Berlin is a public accoustic project in urban space by Emess, 2010.

Who says Meccano is for nerds? German design puts a whole new slant on wind chimes.

@ ATM Gallery

Graffiti Burners - Stockholm

Bokrelease för Graffiti Burners – graffitimålningarna som knäcker allt, med bildvisning och panelsamtal med graffitimålare.

Graffiti är en tävling där målningarnas stil och dekoration är två av de viktigaste delarna. Att måla en burner, en målning som överträffar alla andra är det bästa man kan uppnå, men vad är en burner? Och hur vet man när en piece är en burner? Panelen och publiken får möjlighet att diskutera vad som är en riktigt bra graffitimålning.
Hur har begreppet burner använts i Sverige och var kan man hitta burners i Sverige idag?
Medverkar gör bland annat  Jacob Kimvall, doktorand i Konstvetenskap, Malcolm Jacobsson, förlagschef på Dokument Press och graffitimålare som medverkar i boken Graffiti Burners.
I samarbete med Dokument Press.

Book Release.
Graffiti Burners from Document Press
Kulturhuset, Stockholm
May 18th 5pm - 7pm


14 May 2011

Urban Art/Graffiti Subject Index 2010

Artists / Exhibitions
Swoon @ Space Gallery
Alter Ego - Amsterdam

Gunpowder Stencil



Graffiti Blogs from  jer force one

Goin - France


Goin, a French stencil artist with a deep-rooted punk legacy, introduces the atmosphere and values of his artistic domicile, the famous Abode of Chaos, near Lyon. He mixes graphics and typography with violent and chaotic panache to produce stunning results. According to the New York Times the Abode of Chaos is 'one of the most important and most emotional artistic adventures of the 21st Century'.

Goin describes his work as being 'a subversive bomb, an initiation into the critical spirit and the approach of a new type of abrasive and denunciatory art'. At the French location, over 3,123 works of art express the alchemical chaos of the 21st Century in a free, open air museum. The unique venue has been the subject of an on-going law suit for over a decade and is set to continue in the European Court of Human Rights.

In perpetual mutation, Goin creates militant-powered pictures seen through the prism of a possessed graphic art.

"Goin dont je découvre le travail a clôt récemment son expo solo à Genève, DON’T RUST ME! dont mon choix de la semaine est issu. / I discovered  Goin’s work a few days ago through this artwork which was on display in his solo show DON’T RUST ME!."

11 May 2011

ARYZ - Spain



Video documental del viaje realizado en el mes de febrero del colectivo
MIXED MEDIA, con motivo de la exposición de prints en Gko Gallery (Tolosa)

Special thanks to:

GKo Gallery
(Aritz, Gari, Gabi, Ibai, Kizkitza, Xavi ... ,)


"Mixed Media"  exhibition


10 May 2011

Editorial / News


- Blakkbyrd is now on Twitter and Twitter content is being posted on the blogs.

- Both Blakkbyrd and Bellebyrd blogs have been updated with new blog features.

- In the past few weeks there have been some new websites created which are still under development.

A personal website for Blakkbyrd. Artist's profile, activities and artworks. This introduces Blakkbyrds most recent activites and time in Amsterdam.

NEW Print Australia
A relaunch of an old but very popular site first created in 1999. It contains highlights from a number of sites all republished along with new content. The theme is international printmaking.

“In 1999 Blakkbyrd founded Print Australia, an online arts project. Print Australia comprised multiple websites which combined to form one of the earliest social networking sites. It contained one of the first blogs “Impressions” covering PA’s activities from 1999 to 2004. The Reference Library Catalogue contained extensive listings of art related links and the Printmaking Methods page was number one on Google for “Printmaking”.”

On the move yet again. This time from Sydney, Australia (with temperatures up to +40degrees) to Stockholm Sweden, (temps down to -40 degrees.)

There will be ongoing feature postings on Scandinavian Art and Culture on both blogs as we explore what is on offer.

07 May 2011

Cock Wall

Last week, a wall that Teazer, Numskull and Roach had painted in Camperdown, was painted over by someone (owners, real estate agents, council….?) without the artists knowing. This was the response from an unknown person. It made our day. We’re not sure which one we like best…


Sensate Journal

We’d like to welcome you to Sensate, a journal for experiments in critical media practice.

Sensate is an online, media-based journal for the creation, presentation, and critique of innovative projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Our aim is to build on the current groundswell of pioneering activities in the digital humanities, scholarly publishing, and innovative media practice to integrate new modes of scholarship into the cognitive life of the academy and beyond.


IPad - Interactive Books

"Software developer Mike Matas demos the first full-length interactive book for the iPad -- with clever, swipeable video and graphics and some very cool data visualizations to play with. "


01 May 2011

Armsrock - Denmark

Armrock restates the qualities of artistic drawings and transfers them into urban contexts. Known for his life-sized drawings of humans at the edges of societies, he glues or projects his drawings onto buildings and walls in city environments. As observations and statements they become ephemeral part of public space and community.






this video is from an earlier post on Armsrock in 2009

a brand-new video directly from Armsrock's studio in Bremen Germany, as he prepares for his upcoming shows this month at the Black Rat Press Gallery in London and Ad Hoc Art Gallery in Brooklyn. This is part 1 of 2.

30 April 2011

top 10 Swedish death metal

Troll Bridge

A short teaser trailer for the Terry Pratchett Discworld short film Troll Bridge; introducing Cohen in the old days before the real story begins!

For more information, please visit: www.snowgumfilms.com/trollbridge




Troll Bridge is an epic short film based on a fable written by Terry Pratchett. Set in the phenomenally successful Discworld series, Troll Bridge is about the world’s last Barbarian hero (now at the age of 87) embarking on a suicide mission to battle a bridge troll in mortal combat.

kickstarter fundraiser

Also take the time to fan us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to us on YouTube. Keep up to date with the project’s status and evolution. We’re very active on all three media platforms, and if you have any questions or comments – we’d love to hear from you!


The teaser trailer that Daniel Knight and his team have created, has shown what they intend to achieve through their live action short film adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Troll Bridge. The trailer is beautifully shot and suggests the promise and potential of this mind blowing story … it could ultimately be a wonderful and dramatic take on this much loved tale."

29 April 2011

Warhammer - Sons of Odin

A mix of the two intro Movies of WH 40k: Dawn of War and WH: Mark of Chaos. with the Music of Manowar

Ein Zusammenschnitt der Intro-Videos von WH 40k: Dawn of War und WH: Mark of Chaos. Mit der Musik von Manowar.


25 April 2011

Colour Ink Book

The tenth volume of the color optional, DIY art periodical. Color Ink Book is a black and white art periodical, which is published in limited quantities quarterly; showcasing the both, established artists as well as fresh faces. 
The volumes are printed on 60 lb Endurance Vellum Offset Book paper, to offer the reader the option to color the work showcased within: thus fusing the art enthusiasts and artist.

Volume Number Ten: 
Features three amazing covers by Buff Monster, Miss Mindy and Ferris. This volume features Aaron Crawford, Buff Monster, Deryke Cardenaz, Ferris Plock, Frijol Boy, Jared Deal, Jason Limon, Jopaucho, Miss Mindy, Sumbody and Super Ugly.


Reverse Graffiti - Moose





The street artist Moose visited Aarhus on 27 February to demonstrate his technique of using stencils to clean dirty surfaces.