30 April 2006

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Warlpiri Media

Warlpiri Media (WMA) has been going for over 20 years, and is as strong now as it ever was. Video is still a major part of what we do, both production and local transmission, but we have added the popular PAW radio network launched in 2001, a music recording studio and the capacity to produce web based projects as you can see here. Of course we do a lot more, but you’ll have to go through this site to find that out.

Warlpiri Media Association is known both nationally and internationally for many reasons: from research done on early satellite transmissions and video production, to the popular award winning Bush Mechanics

Check out PAW TV on ICTV (Indigenous Community Television) beaming down to remote communities around Australia.
Visit the ICTV website


28 April 2006

call - documentary makers

New funding for young documentary makers - national

Under the ABC TV & Australian Film Commission jtv docs initiative, a
$300,000 fund is available to finance several one-hour or half-hour
documentaries in 2006. jtv docs will be part of the ABC's planned cross
platform jtv brand, due for roll out mid 2006. Program makers aged 35 and
under are invited to apply in a competitive round. Submissions are due by
Friday 12 May.


blek le rat

the parisian artist blek le rat discusses the origins of stencil graffiti

on bellebyrd

26 April 2006

what's on - artcrimes

what's on - current

Other Calendars of Interest

art of games

Screenshot World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment, 2004

Next Level - Art, Games & Reality
10.03.06 - 18.06.06
Work by artists and designers who make the vocabulary of games their own, and provide us with their personal reflection on it.

Click below for an impression of the exhibition:

Windows Mediaplayer Video>>


'Turning Games into a New Kind of Art’: that was the headline in The New York Times on January 21, of an article about a games exhibition – and provides all the more proof that to an ever increasing degree digital games are part of popular culture. They not only reflect elements of daily life, but also influence it.

more from the stedelijk museum, amsterdam

24 April 2006

geek graffiti

geek graffiti

All City Council and other videos

Graffiti Analysis
makes visible the unseen movements of graffiti writers in the creation of a tag. Motion tracking, computer vision technology and a custom C++ application, record and analyzes a graffiti writer’s pen movement over time. These gestures are processed and used to produce algorithmically generated digital projections which appear at night in motion on the surfaces of buildings in New York City. Relationships are created between analogue and digital graffiti styles, forming a link between traditional graffiti, experimental street art and new media. Graffiti is re-presented in the language of information analysis, offering a system for greater understanding of a highly coded form of creative expression.

more projects

18 April 2006

call - graffiti papers

CALL FOR PAPERS Graffiti ˆ State of the Art - Kongress im Rahmen von Graffitolog ´06
07.04.2006 - 09.04.2006
im Bürgerzentrum Mütze, Berliner Str. 77 Köln Anmeldungen und Referatsvorschläge an: CasaNova Köln
51063 Köln-Mühlheim
tel.:0221-64 23 08


graffiti film festival berlin

This year, the 2. International Graffiti & Hip Hop Film Festival Rhythm of Line will be showing an exclusive selection of documentary-, experimental- and feature films from all over the world.

Highlights will include films like Bullet Boy, Favela Rising, Just for Kicks & Inside Outside from New Zealand, Cuba, Ghana, Russia and many other countries.

To put the right cap onto this very explosive mixture, interesting side events will take place alongside the programme at the Eiszeit Cinema.





Swoon first took her art to the street five years ago while she was a fine-arts student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She was compelled to take her work outside after suffering what she calls "the quiet, boring preciousness" of the gallery world.

"I wanted to jump out of my skin," she said. But the streets were free and open to a wider range of expression. "Because it's kind of an outlaw thing, you don't have to go through official channels," she explained. "It's trying to create a visual commons out of the derelict walls of the city."

video interview
gammablog interview

"That’s a woodblock print (above). See I was just printing last night (shows the black ink staining around and under her nails) I do a full size piece of plywood, 4 by 8. I carve it either with an exacto to get the fine details or with a Dremmel. The Dremmel because my hand and my whole wrist is getting really tired from all the carving. I’ve been carving for years. Between the paper, the wood and the linoleum." (Links to linoleum and woodcut printing techniques, and Dremel Tools)

Could you talk a bit about the printing process. I'm imagining you walking around on top of the plywood to make the impression. What sort of ink? Water or oil based.

"I use a huge roller, and etching ink (it's oil based but I just clean it up with olive oil) and spread a sheet of paper on top then step on it a hundred times like mashing grapes or doing the twist. Depending on the paper type wetting it first can be useful for better saturation, contrary to what you would think with oil based ink."

You do all this in your apartment. How do you deal with this chaos in your living space?

"My brother is visiting and he looked into my studio today and said wow, you must be a very strong person mentally, and I said why, and he said because if I had to deal with that mess you've got in there (meaning a four foot stack of prints and then some) I would just break down and lose my mind. So that's what my house
looks like."

at the morning news




at layers of meaning

17 April 2006

berlin wall

"The Berlin Wall exemplifies features common to many monuments which carry special weights of symbol or meaning; the memory that has been preserved suffers from partiality, not just in how little physically remains, but also in its representation to the public today.

This article approaches the Berlin Wall in two stages: first it sets out the nature and development of the Wall up to its fall in 1989; then it examines the way in which parts of the Wall were preserved to be consumed by the tourist industry, and the distorted view of the Wall it offers. "

11 April 2006

berlin street art

image 1276
Berlin Wall Graffiti
Unknown artists, January 2001
"Wall Park", Bernauer Strasse

The Wall Park near Bernauer Strasse is a popular place for relaxation and recreation in the densely populated district Prenzlauer Berg. The former Eastern section of the Berlin Wall has been painted by many unknown graffiti artists.


Eberswalder Strasse/Schwedter Strasse
Subway: U2 Eberswalder Strasse
Tram: 20 Eberswalder Strasse

berlin graffiti sux?

(photo exhibition of berlin wall graffitt)

Today only a few painted sections of the Eastern side of the former Berlin Wall still exist at Potsdamer Platz, East Side Gallery at Mühlenstrasse and in the Wall Park at Bernauer Strasse.

Painting on remaining sections of the Wall has become very difficult. The Wall at East Side Gallery has been listing and painting is prohibited. The existing paintings shall not painted over, however sometimes artists try to paint on East Side Gallery without permisson.

At Bernauer Strasse the City of Berlin takes care that the former Wall remains grey.

The only sections which are painted regularly are located on the Wall Park at Bernauer Strasse.
The Berlin Wall at Muehlenstrasse was painted by about 100 artists from all over the world in the beginning of 1990. The gallery has become famous as East Side Gallery and is the world's largest open air gallery. The photographs were taken between 1990 and 2001.

history of the east side gallery
Between Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge) and the Ostbahnhof, along the former borderline that ended at the Spree and Mühlenstrasse, stretches a unique picture palette that marks a sign of overcoming inhumanity.


history of berlin wall from artist's perspective by thierry noir

the wall by CNN

09 April 2006

sculpture at hortus

"schrijvertje" People are to the only being that write. He cuts its signs in the skin of the ground, as proof of its existence. Water flows, changes constant and the signs flow.

Currently on exhibition at de hortus
(Amstedam's botanical gardens) works by the sculpture collective ABK

March 11 - April 17

In March and April several artists from the ABK (an Amsterdam sculptors collective) will exhibit work based on the classical story, Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (1499), about a dream journey undertaken by Poliphilus in his quest for his spiritual love Polia. The sculptures will guide you through this dream, showing you inspiring moments and asking your attention for related themes.

the homepage of the sculptor collective ABK.

THE ABK are an association, where wide 50 expressive artists have been connected. These artists have joined their strengths in a common documentation centre where information is available concerning the connected sculptors and the exposities which the ABK organise. The previous years exposities have been among other things realised in the hortus botanicus in Amsterdam, the castle museum Sypensteyn in Loosdrecht, nature garden park Amstelglorie in Amsterdam and the old church in Amsterdam. THE ABK have three-dimensional art as an aim of promoting and look after the interests of its members by conciliation at tasks, purchase and hiring buy of work to individuals and companies. More questions? More knows? You are invited on the coming exposities

translated by babelfish

click on "namenlijst" to view artists work

08 April 2006

verge new media stockholm

Welcome to the homepage for VERGE: An international symposium for New Media Art at Moderna Museet in Stockholm on the 8th of April 2006. This symposium is organised by The Art and New Media Collegium. It is funded by the Swedish Research Council.

The Art and New Media Collegium has invited several international artists, theoreticians and scientists (please see our program for details about the speakers). We will start off with the opening of a new exhibition at Mejan Labs on Friday the 7th of April 2006, and the symposium will proceed at 11.00 o’clock on Saturday the 8th of April.

01 April 2006

melbourne street art

Artholes presents a group show of Street Art by artists;


Opening Friday April 7th 6-9pm until Wednesday April 28th 2005.

Artholes gallery 114 Gertrude St. Fitzroy
Gallery hours Tuesday to Saturday 10-5
Tel 9419 8727

death of Stanislaw Lem

+++ Culture/ Poland: The death of Stanislaw Lem

Poland - Polityka Online. Polish author Stanislaw Lem died of heart failure at a hospital in Cracow on March 27. He was 84 years old.

In his obituary Aleksander Kaczorowski writes: "Between 1982 and 1988 he lived in Vienna. Back then, the famous science fiction writer Philip K. Dick caused an international scandal by claiming that there was no author by the name of Lem. According to Dick, it was impossible that such an extensive and diverse collection of works could be the fruit of the labour of a single person.

To put it as Mark Twain would: the death of Stanislaw Lem is conclusive proof that the rumours that he did not exist were grossly exaggerated."

+++ Culture/ Poland: The death of Stanislaw Lem

Germany - Die Welt. Hannes Stein also pays tribute to Stanislaw Lem, the Polish author of science fiction classics like "Solaris" and "The Star Diaries".

"He was a satirist and a philosopher; a fiercely cheerful pessimist who was always at least one step ahead of his readers. He was the most famous and probably the most intelligent Polish author of the twentieth century.

'What can physics tell us about happiness? he once asked, and answering his own question he said: 'About as much as it does about one hand clapping.'"

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