21 May 2011

Porno Leaks

Now the ability of those pornographic film performers to hide their identity
behind sometimes bizarre stage monikers has been shot to pieces after a website published a leaked database containing the real names, dates of birth, and official nicknames of more than 15,000 of the adult industry's hard-working performers, past and present.

Most of the information revealed by the Porn Wikileaks site is likely to have
come from computer files that originally belonged to the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation [AIM], an STD-testing facility based in the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles, which caters to the 1,500 working erotic film actors based in the region at any one time.


No one knows what motivated the creator of Porn Wikileaks, which is amateurish
and yesterday struggled to cope with a sudden surge in traffic. The site is
registered in the Netherlands, apparently by a disgruntled member of the "porn
press", and describes the purpose of its existence as being a "media
organisation" devoted to making the industry more transparent.

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17 May 2011

EMESS @ Candyland - Stockholm

Gotlandsgatan 76
Stockholm, Sweden
Friday 20th at 17:00 - 05 June at 17:00

There is no doubt that street art has become part of our everyday lives. Invasive, ...poetic, destructive, provocative, illegal, political, abstract or beautiful, street art has gradually infiltrated urban areas around the globe. It continues to challenge the idea of ownership of the public space and has given itself the right to use it for expression alongside the monopoly held by corporate entities for advertising. In the past decade, street artists have gained respect from communities all over the world and have been exhibited in the most prestigious museums – with or without invitation.

Emess’ work is most often motivated by political questions. Confronting the viewer with issues that would rather be swept under the rug, for which there are perhaps no clear answers or solutions but that need to be addressed. The use of humor and his sense of aesthetics catch the viewer off guard for a moment allowing attention to be drawn to the subject. Emess sees no difference between the street or the gallery space, his work is designed to reach an audience and adapts itself to the situation. His range of media goes from sculptural objects or large scale murals to woodcuts and delicate prints.

Alvaro Campo
EMESS 1971 born in West-Germany, 1992–93 German Navy, 1994–99 Fine Arts UdK Berlin, 2000 Meisterschüler, Lives in Berlin. Exhibitions at Berlin Art Projects, 30works Galerie, Köln, Jarmuschek & Partner, Berlin, ATM Gallery Berlin, Circleculture Gallery Berlin, Galerie Zimmermann & Heitmann, Düsseldorf etc.

City Music Berlin is a public accoustic project in urban space by Emess, 2010.

Who says Meccano is for nerds? German design puts a whole new slant on wind chimes.

@ ATM Gallery

Graffiti Burners - Stockholm

Bokrelease för Graffiti Burners – graffitimålningarna som knäcker allt, med bildvisning och panelsamtal med graffitimålare.

Graffiti är en tävling där målningarnas stil och dekoration är två av de viktigaste delarna. Att måla en burner, en målning som överträffar alla andra är det bästa man kan uppnå, men vad är en burner? Och hur vet man när en piece är en burner? Panelen och publiken får möjlighet att diskutera vad som är en riktigt bra graffitimålning.
Hur har begreppet burner använts i Sverige och var kan man hitta burners i Sverige idag?
Medverkar gör bland annat  Jacob Kimvall, doktorand i Konstvetenskap, Malcolm Jacobsson, förlagschef på Dokument Press och graffitimålare som medverkar i boken Graffiti Burners.
I samarbete med Dokument Press.

Book Release.
Graffiti Burners from Document Press
Kulturhuset, Stockholm
May 18th 5pm - 7pm


14 May 2011

Urban Art/Graffiti Subject Index 2010

Artists / Exhibitions
Swoon @ Space Gallery
Alter Ego - Amsterdam

Gunpowder Stencil



Graffiti Blogs from  jer force one

Goin - France


Goin, a French stencil artist with a deep-rooted punk legacy, introduces the atmosphere and values of his artistic domicile, the famous Abode of Chaos, near Lyon. He mixes graphics and typography with violent and chaotic panache to produce stunning results. According to the New York Times the Abode of Chaos is 'one of the most important and most emotional artistic adventures of the 21st Century'.

Goin describes his work as being 'a subversive bomb, an initiation into the critical spirit and the approach of a new type of abrasive and denunciatory art'. At the French location, over 3,123 works of art express the alchemical chaos of the 21st Century in a free, open air museum. The unique venue has been the subject of an on-going law suit for over a decade and is set to continue in the European Court of Human Rights.

In perpetual mutation, Goin creates militant-powered pictures seen through the prism of a possessed graphic art.

"Goin dont je découvre le travail a clôt récemment son expo solo à Genève, DON’T RUST ME! dont mon choix de la semaine est issu. / I discovered  Goin’s work a few days ago through this artwork which was on display in his solo show DON’T RUST ME!."

11 May 2011

ARYZ - Spain



Video documental del viaje realizado en el mes de febrero del colectivo
MIXED MEDIA, con motivo de la exposición de prints en Gko Gallery (Tolosa)

Special thanks to:

GKo Gallery
(Aritz, Gari, Gabi, Ibai, Kizkitza, Xavi ... ,)


"Mixed Media"  exhibition


10 May 2011

Editorial / News


- Blakkbyrd is now on Twitter and Twitter content is being posted on the blogs.

- Both Blakkbyrd and Bellebyrd blogs have been updated with new blog features.

- In the past few weeks there have been some new websites created which are still under development.

A personal website for Blakkbyrd. Artist's profile, activities and artworks. This introduces Blakkbyrds most recent activites and time in Amsterdam.

NEW Print Australia
A relaunch of an old but very popular site first created in 1999. It contains highlights from a number of sites all republished along with new content. The theme is international printmaking.

“In 1999 Blakkbyrd founded Print Australia, an online arts project. Print Australia comprised multiple websites which combined to form one of the earliest social networking sites. It contained one of the first blogs “Impressions” covering PA’s activities from 1999 to 2004. The Reference Library Catalogue contained extensive listings of art related links and the Printmaking Methods page was number one on Google for “Printmaking”.”

On the move yet again. This time from Sydney, Australia (with temperatures up to +40degrees) to Stockholm Sweden, (temps down to -40 degrees.)

There will be ongoing feature postings on Scandinavian Art and Culture on both blogs as we explore what is on offer.

07 May 2011

Cock Wall

Last week, a wall that Teazer, Numskull and Roach had painted in Camperdown, was painted over by someone (owners, real estate agents, council….?) without the artists knowing. This was the response from an unknown person. It made our day. We’re not sure which one we like best…


Sensate Journal

We’d like to welcome you to Sensate, a journal for experiments in critical media practice.

Sensate is an online, media-based journal for the creation, presentation, and critique of innovative projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Our aim is to build on the current groundswell of pioneering activities in the digital humanities, scholarly publishing, and innovative media practice to integrate new modes of scholarship into the cognitive life of the academy and beyond.


IPad - Interactive Books

"Software developer Mike Matas demos the first full-length interactive book for the iPad -- with clever, swipeable video and graphics and some very cool data visualizations to play with. "


01 May 2011

Armsrock - Denmark

Armrock restates the qualities of artistic drawings and transfers them into urban contexts. Known for his life-sized drawings of humans at the edges of societies, he glues or projects his drawings onto buildings and walls in city environments. As observations and statements they become ephemeral part of public space and community.






this video is from an earlier post on Armsrock in 2009

a brand-new video directly from Armsrock's studio in Bremen Germany, as he prepares for his upcoming shows this month at the Black Rat Press Gallery in London and Ad Hoc Art Gallery in Brooklyn. This is part 1 of 2.