30 December 2005

caged australian animals

this is an upcoming exhibition at de brakke grond
It appears that they intend exhibiting Australian animals in cages in the exhibition space for the duration of the exhibition. I am curious as where these animals have been obtained and whether anyone is monitoring their accomodation requirements?


Datum: zaterdag 21.01.06 t/m zondag 26.02.06
Locatie: Witte Zaal en Expozaal

Wesley Meuris onderzoekt de effecten van architectuur op ons gedrag en spitst dit onderzoek toe op kooien. Deze weerspiegelen meestal de oorspronkelijke biotoop van hun bewoners. In zijn werk stelt Meuris vragen naar de gangbare conventies en het automatisme waarmee we met gestandaardiseerde architecturale ruimtes omgaan.

In Noctural cage for Australian Night Animals stelt Meuris - door het omdraaien van de activiteitsperiode van de nachtdieren - overdag een nachtelijke habitat tentoon waar vijf verschillende soorten dieren in worden samengebracht:

* Thylogale stigmatica Red Legged Pademelon Roodpootpademelon
* Macrodus lagotis Rabbit-eared Bandicoot Grote langoorbuideldas
* Petaurus breviceps Sugar Glider Noordelijke suiker-eekhoorn
* Podargus strigoides Tawny Frogmouth Uilnachtzwaluw
* Macroderma gigas Australian false vampire bat Australische spookvleermuis

Wesley Meuris (Lier, °77) volgde les aan de Sint-Lucas Hogeschool te Brussel en studeert dit jaar af aan de postgraduaatsopleiding aan het H.I.S.K. (Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten) te Antwerpen.
translated by babelfish

Wesley Meuris examine the impact of architecture on our behaviour and pierce this research on cage. These generally reflect the original biotope of their occupants. In its work puts Meuris ask for the gangbare conventies and automation with which we handle standardised architectural spaces.

In Noctural cage for Australian Night Animals Meuris - by turning the activity period of the nocturnal animals - by day a nocturnal habitat tentoon states where five different types animals are brought together in:

* Thylogale stigmatica Red Legged Pademelon Roodpootpademelon
* Macrodus lagotis Rabbit-eared Bandicoot large one langoorbuideldas
* Petaurus breviceps Sugar Glider northern one sugar squirrel
* Podargus strigoides Tawny Frogmouth Uilnachtzwaluw
* Macroderma gigas Australian false vampire bat Australian phantom bat

Wesley Meuris (quadrant, °77) followed lesson to Sint-Lucas the college in Brussels and graduate this year to the mail graduate training to the H.I.S.K. (higher institute for clean arts) in Antwerp.


WESLEY MEURIS was born in Lier, Belgium in 1977. He lives and works in Antwerp. From 1995 to 1999 he was in the M.F.A. programme (Sculpture) at the Saint Lucas Hogeschool, Brussels. He had a guest studio in Düsseldorf from February to July 2001. In 2004 he was selected to work two years at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Antwerp.

Beginning with an interest in the interaction between architecture and human conditioned-behaviour, I became intrigued by the conditions that coalesced around the making of cages for animals. The implicit requisite is, of course, that the cages be 'livable' with respect to a particular animal, so that it may survive outside its usual habitat.

But moreimportant still in the construction of such cages, is the comfort that we (viewers) generally experience when we look at animals in captivity, most often in zoos. I consider the zoo as a control-domain in terms of the viewers vis-à-vis the observed animals, but the viewing public too is led into a controlled architecture.

Taking this as starting-point, I proceed to put together a system of zoological classification and so determinewhich cage is suitable for which animal. This classification is founded on my visual experience. Each cage that I design is coded according to the folowing criteria:
1. the nature/species of the animal;
2. size of the cage, with specifications such as: % water, type of ground structure...;
3. atmospheric conditions: temperature, humidity...;
4. care and feeding;
5. relationship between cage and public.

The artificial habitat is created according to elementary architectural principles: enclosure, inclination, door-openings, water-parts, steps, slopes and private spaces—these with tiles, sand and glass. Architecturally, a concensus is sought in the relationship between the animal, the cage, and the viewer.


ACCA - Melbourne

Barbara Kruger 'Twelve'
December 20, 2005 - February 26, 2006
Barbara Kruger

A major exhibition of works by one of the world’s foremost contemporary artists. Included is Kruger’s renowned Twelve, a massive video installation comprising twelve separate vignettes, each offering a cross-cultural American sampler on global politics and prejudice. The exhibition, the largest ever in Australia from this icon of the international contemporary art scene, also includes three major new projects specially devised for ACCA.

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
111 Sturt Street, Southbank
Tues - Sun 11am - 6pm

merry christmas

Seen in Rozengracht, Amsterdam on Christmas day.
The text reads:

"I hope your holidays give you lots to smile about. Merry Christmas"

20 December 2005

call - water

The 2nd International Festival of Multimedia Art “The Salt of Water”.

Deadline 5 March 2006
Entry Form at the end of the Call

Dear artists and photographers!

The group of independent artists of Kaliningrad has an honour to present the second art-project – the International Festival of Multimedia Art “The Salt of Water” (“SOL` VODY”). This festival is timed to the Worldwide Annual Day of Water which is celebrated on March, 22, every year and dedicated to Water as a whole, its problems, its future, properties and states; the water in the World Ocean, seas, lakes and rivers; precipitation and the change of rainfall and to many other aspects.

That`s why the festival is planned to be held in the Museum of the World Ocean in the city of Kaliningrad which is situated near the Baltic Sea, on the Pregel river bank.

Water is an obscure, mysterious substance – progenitress of life, performing a constant circulation and flow of life. Even the present-day science uses the conceptions of the Water properties without affecting its prime causality. Within the framework of the festival we would like to inquire into Water in all its perspectives: the primary world outlook of the modern generation, attitude to Water, Ocean, outward things.

The previous project "The taste of water" had a stunning success and drew a great attention. The 2nd festival`s aim is to show more various and deeper visions of this topic. In Russian "salt" means a core, a main point, or even … zest. This time we would like to reach the very essence of the matter, get right to the heart of the “water” theme. Water is everywhere. What kind of taste is common water? Sour, bitter, sweet, tasteless? Nothing of the kind. The fact is that we got accustomed to the taste of water too much to tell the difference. But Water is one of the components of all organic matters, and, consequently, can be of different taste. For example, the sea water mixture is very close to the salty human blood mixture. One might say - water is a biological stereotype. The festival participants are offered to experiment with the such stereotype: from author`s personal conceptual vision to the ready-made.

The system of selecting video and photo works is based on the belonging to the topic “Water”. The aesthetic analysis of the video and photo works will be conducted by the Organizing Committee consisted of kaliningradian fine and experimental art experts, museums workers, contemporary art festivals curators.

Dear artists and photographers!

We invite you to take part in this pure, joyful, aqueous artistic project and present your products. You can send entry forms to the following address:

Museum of the World Ocean
att. of Janna Moroz
Petra Velikogo Embankment, 1,
Kaliningrad, 236006,

also for download as .doc file

Title of work (in English):
Length (for video):
ear of production:
Country of production:
Brief synopsis (for video):
Technical description (film`s format, copy`s format, photo`s format):
Responsible person (name, surname, postal address, phone, fax, e-mail):


Please attach your CV (in case you didn`t do it last year).
You may apply with short films (5 minutes max.) or/and photos (20x30 cm min).

Selection will be made by March 15, 2006 by "Salt of Water" Selection Committee. Applicants will be notified of the selection and censoring results by March 20, 2006.

The participation is free. The presentation materials will not be sent back. The materials will be used for the festival purposes only. Please confirm sending off the materials by e-mail before March, 5, 2006.

mein teil

«Mein Teil» Live 2004

Mein Teil Lyrics

Suche gut gebauten Achtzehn- bis Dreißigjährigen zum Schlachten
Der Metzgermeister

Heute treff ich einen Herrn
Der hat mich zum Fressen gern
Weiche Teile und auch harte
Stehen auf der Speisekarte

Denn du bist, was du isst
Und ihr wisst, was er frisst

Es ist mein Teil - nein
Mein Teil - nein
Denn das ist mein Teil - nein
Mein Teil - nein

Die stumpfe Klinge - gut und recht
Ich blute stark und mir ist schlecht
Muss ich auch mit der Ohnmacht kämpfen
Ich esse weiter unter Krämpfen

Ist doch so gut gewürzt und so schön flambiert
Und so liebevoll auf Porzellan serviert
Dazu ein guter Wein und zarter Kerzenschein
Ja, da lass ich mir Zeit, etwas Kultur muss sein

Denn du bist, was du isst
Und ihr wisst, was er frisst

Es ist mein Teil - nein
Mein Teil - nein
Denn das ist mein teil - nein
Ja, das ist mein Teil - nein

Ein Schrei wird zum Himmel fahren
Schneidet sich durch Engelscharen
Vom Wolkendach fällt Federfleisch
Auf meine Kindheit mit Gekreisch

Es ist mein Teil - nein
Mein Teil - nein
Denn das ist mein Teil - nein
Mein Teil - nein

translated by babelfish

Search well built eighteen to dreissigjaehrigen ones for slaughtering
the butcher masters

Today treff I a Mr.
that has me to the food gladly
switch of parts and also hard standing on the bill of fare

Because you are,
which you eats
and knows it,
what it eat

It is my part - no
my part - no
that is my part - no
my part - no

The blunt blade - well and quite
I bleed strongly and to me am badly
must I also with the faint fight
I continue to eat under cramps

Nevertheless so well flambiert
and so affectionately on porcelain served
in addition a good wine and a tender candle light
are peppered and so beautiful,
there leave themselves I time, something culture must be

Because you are,
which you eats
and knows it,
what it eat

It is my part - no
my part - no
that is mine part - no,
that is my part - no

A cry becomes the sky
drives cuts oneself by angel crowds
of the cloud roof falls feather/spring
meat on my childhood with Gekreisch

It is my part - no
my part - no
that is my part - no
my part - no

a better translation

body movies

body movies

from interactionfield

Concrete Dialogues

Combining cartography and creative writing, Concrete Dialogues is a unique project that marks the beginning of a quite different map of Perth, Western Australia. Online and on paper, some of Perth's best young writers will take you on a journey into parts of the city you've never known, and show you some of the memories that shape a place in the eyes of the people that call it home.


Exploring the possibilties of locative media using a combination of open source mapping tools and satellite imagery from Google Maps, Concrete Dialogues is an exploration of familiar (and not-so-familiar) streets through creative perspectives, from far-flung cul-de-sacs to the hidden alleys near home. The project, in development for two years, allows writers to submit creative works based on specific locations to the website, which integrates satellite imagery and street map data to create an online map of the Perth Metropolitan region. From the Concrete Dialogues website, readers can then navigate the postcodes of Perth and watch their journey traced out behind them. As young writers publish their works online, the digital
map will grow as a hypertext that explores new perspectives of urban spaces, and will allow the Perth community to respond to its own environment.

"The project was founded with two ideas in mind," said Patrick Pittman, one of the three-member team who put together the project over the course of two years.

"It is an attempt to find some beauty and some shared stories in a city too often dismissed as a dull wasteland of creativity and spirit, and to help build a community amongst emerging writers.

"There is a real poverty of opportunity for young writers in this city, and we set out with this project to bring as many talented people as we could together in ways that just weren't possible before.

"One of our writers described the project as a shared collection of electronic songlines and I thought that fit rather well. Anybody under the age of 30 can submit their own story to the site and become part of the larger tale."

Accompanying the launch of the site, the Concrete Dialogues Zine is making its own journey through the Perth metro area. Showcasing a selection of short stories and poetry from some of the best unknown writers in Perth, it can be found on cafe tables, in store displays, at bus stops, on train seats, in magazine racks and library shelves. This beautifully designed collection will be circulating haphazardly
throughout the city and the suburbs; a careful eye may discover a copy near your own home. Each work within the Zine can be found on the website, so a reader can find it, read it and zoom in on a previously unassuming street, and perhaps uncover other works nearby.


The Concrete Dialogues project has been developed and produced by the Concrete Organisation, a not-for profit organisation focused on developing community arts and cultural projects, and stimulating the arts in Perth and beyond. The project is supported by ArtsWA, the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and the Department of Land Information, Western
question: Why is it always assumed that emerging artists are under 30?
"Anybody under the age of 30 can submit their own story to the site and become part of the larger tale."
Wot, and no-one over 30 has anything valid to say?
Anybody may sign up to Concrete Dialogues to receive updates and participate in the community, but only writers under 30 may submit works. This is an initiative supported by the Australian and Western Australian governments to support emerging young writers.
and who supports emerging old writers?

Film Festival Rotterdam

35th International Film Festival Rotterdam
January 25 - February 5, 2006

19 December 2005

call - D>Art.06

D>Art.06 is the ninth edition of Australia's premier screen and digital media arts festival. This year's festival will feature new and experimental video and web art as well as works using mobile technologies presented in a month-long program of screenings, a forum and an exhibition at the Sydney Opera House Studio and Exhibition Hall in April 2006.

Under the theme "Condition of Emergence", dLux media arts is now calling for works in the following categories of D>Art.06:

- D>Art.06 Screen: Experimental video works with a maximum duration of 15 minutes

- D>Art.06 Web: Online works suitable for exhibition in a gallery environment

- D>Art.06 Locative / Mobile: Artworks specifically made with or for mobile technologies. The nature of the artwork may range from video to games to locative and social networking applications.

All works submitted must have been completed in 2005 or 2006. The call for entries closes on February 18th 2006. Any entries not received by this date will not be accepted. For more information, detailed entry conditions and to submit your work to D>Art.06, please visit http://www.dlux.org.au/dart06

Residency call for entries

Rijksakademie Research Residency call for entries.

The Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam is a working and meeting place for young professional artists from all over the world. Fifty resident artists work for one or two years on research, projects and production. Such a work period is most valuable after three to five years of professional experience, after (the last) art education.

Concentration on the work, reflection and discussion are central to the residency. Residents are supported on an artistic, technical and theoretical level by internationally recognized artists, art critics, curators and other advisors. Technical specialists advise on research, experiment and production; technical facilities with a broad range are at hand.

Resident artists pursue all major contemporary visual art disciplines: painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video, film, sound and new media, and can link up with other disciplines such as architecture, theatre, music, dance, literature and film.

Applying The Rijksakademie has some fifty studios. Each year approximately twenty-five artists are selected for a residency. Artists can apply for the Residency 2007 (January  December) through the online application form. The deadline for application is 1 February 2006.

More information on the residency and application, see http://www.rijksakademie.nl


A Retrospective - Henri Cartier-Bresson 23 December 2005 till 2 April 2006

By many Cartier Bresson as the most important photographer from the twentieth are considered century. In 1931, then still started he, painter, with photograph. In 1935, he chose once and for all the Leica, a picture camera as a result of which he rapidly and inconspicuously could photograph, what was considered then as very renewing. For the war he worked in Mexico and Eastern Europe for its career and made he fotoreportages concerning the Spanish civil war. The photographer put the release of Paris in 1944, exhaustively on the screen. After the war Cartier spent - Bresson a lot of years in India, birma, China, Indonesia and tibet. He aimed magnum Photos in 1947, with Robert Capa the photograph agency at and was in 1954, the first Western photographer who the Sovjet - Union could visit. Cartier Bresson stood confessed as a photographer of ` the decisive moment. Moreover the tentoonstelling lets an overview to see of work and life of the photographer and will reflect what the photographer on those ` moved decisive moments and what influenced him. At the same time with the tentoonstelling in Foam in Maison Descartes drawings and paintings of Henri Cartier-Bresson being will see.

translated by babelfish

Foam_Photography Museum Amsterdam
Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 551 6500

Open daily from 10am to 5pm , thu/fri 10am to 9pm.
Closed: jan 1th, 30 April (Queensday)

Dutch Punk

from Lords of Metal

On this page you can find almost every rock / metal / punk show or festival scheduled in The Netherlands. This gig guide is updates almost every day.

Banalities for the Perfect House

click to enlarge
Dear friends,

I believe some of you might be interested in the recently premiered work by Australian artists Ruark Lewis and Rainer Linz. Please have a look at:

Banalities for the Perfect House http://www.rainerlinz.net/NMA/articles/perfecthouse/

Banalities for the Perfect House is a collaborative installation & performance work premiered at Sydney's Performance Space theatre on Sept 9 2005. The work proposes the house as a condition through which we perceive the world - the city an extension of grid-like structures viewed through the "frame" of an open window.

Performance texts are distilled from everyday sources including newspapers, cookery books, and snippets of overheard conversation. They consist of seven Banalities: Banalities for the Perfect House, Banalities for Napoleon, Banalities for the Modern Kitchen, Banalities for Solid Mandala, Banalities for Newspapers, Banalities for the Times and Misreading Barricades.

The texts are inscribed on all architectural surfaces, and take the form of performance scripts as well. These include cards, looseleaf and bound pages, and word sequences printed on ticker tape.

The sound is performed on five computer terminals and distributed through a 4-loudspeaker sound system. It is performed using real-time computer processing of original vocal samples, in turn derived from the written texts. The computer sound-generating software was purpose-written for the piece.

The performance space is arranged with wooden frames, boards and barriers resembling, in abstract form, a housing construction site. Each surface is rendered with text creating an immersive environment that can literally be read, and heard as speech.

The work is built around a series of duet and solo performances. Each is based on an individual text, which is the common basis for both the computer and vocal renditions.

The Perfect House is a construction site for ideas, with performers and audiences traversing it as if through rooms made from words whose meanings, too, are still under construction.

as posted on spectre


http://www.web3dart.org DEADLINE: 31. January 2006

Submit your on-line 3D works to WEB3DART 2006, for inclusion in an exhibition of completely new works created by internationally regarded artists, architects, designers, students and creative 3D developers. The selection will showcase the foremost ideas and independent creations in all on-line 3D formats.

Submission form is available at: http://www.web3dart.org

WEB3DART 2006 will be premiered at the Web3D Symposium, the 11th International Conference on 3D Web Technology, April 18-21, 2006 Columbia, Maryland, USA.

The selected works for WEB3DART 2006 will be also featured at the Experimental Art Foundation – Adelaide , Australia and at the Danacenter - Science Museum, London United Kingdom (Dates to be announced).

WEB3DART was launched in 1999 at the VRML ART show in Paderborn; following shows at the 2000 VRML-ART Expo at the SIGGRAPH ART SHOW in New Orleans, WEB3D ART 2002 at The ICA London, the WEB3D ART 2003 in St.Malo and the Lab3D show at Cournerhouse in Manchester and 2005 in Bangor, Wales, UK and at the Experimental Art Foundation – Adelaide , Australia.

All work will be juried on-line and must be viewable on free browsers (available on-line).
Send URL with application form, found at: http://www.web3dart.org to: info@web3dart.org
Deadline is January 31, 2006. Only on-line submissions will be accepted.

ALL questions regarding submission procedure, gallery exhibition, or the jury process should be directed to Karel Dudesek info@web3dart.org, through January 31. 2006.

A signed release giving written authorization to link your work on-line, and copyright clearance for the Web 3D Symposium and a possible SIGGRAPH CD ROM and Catalogue, must be received before your work will be confirmed in the program. This authorization form will be send to the final, selected artists/projects.

Keywords for the selection are art and design, imagination, and innovation. All 3D on-line projects must be complete and functional at time of submission. The selection will be made on-line by a jury – listed in the submission form. Please see details on the website.

We will only accept applications which send attached to there application form by e-mail a short project description maximum 15 lines and 1-3 screen shots JPG 500x 300 - minimum 72 DPI of your work.

CATEGORIES (the jury reserves the right to assign or reassign a category):
- Artists and architects
- Scientific models
- Multi-user Worlds
- Product design and unique commercial applications
- Experimental works and studies by art and design students

We are looking forward to receive your works and wish you all the best for the upcoming celebration days.

The web3Dart team

18 December 2005

call - video art Naples

MAGMART ¦ video under volcano
international video art festival
Deadline: h 24:00 of January 15, 2006.

In January 2006, there will occur in Naples, Italy, the first edition of Magmart | video under volcano, an international video art festival, a studio tad production, with partnership of Stella Film, Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum and GenomART. The festival is open to international video artists, and the program schedule four steps:
- the submission, by website
- the online show, on website
- the first public show, at VideoDrome
- the finalists' public show, at Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum.

Deadline: h 24:00 of January 15, 2006.
The submission can be done just by website, and all the video received before deadline will be showed on-line. The video selection will be splitted in three subsection: received (all that reach our mailbox before deadline), pre-selected (by production, that will go at public show) and 30 finalists
(selected by a Jury and VideoDrome's public vote) that will go at Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum show, and will be part of permanent Museum's collection.

The video must be fully realized with digital tools. Must be in .mpeg, .avi or .mov. format. Max lenght 15 minutes. Must be accompanied by a specification (in .txt format) on video and on author/s (500 type max). Must be accompanied by an image draw from video (video still/frame) in .jpg format, at least 400 px for 300 px.

The Festival is only for videoart. The theme is free. Partecipation is open to all video artists, italians or internationals, singles and groups. Officual contest language: Italian and English. Deadline: h 24:00 of January 15, 2006.
To enter, submit via e-mail:
- Name and surname of author/authors or artistic group.
- Specification (see above)
- Image (see above)
Internet URL from which download the video (like: http://www.mydomain.com/myvideo.mpg)
Participation at Contest imply full acceptance of rules. Participants agree diffusion on website www.magmart.it and permanent vision in Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum of their own videos.
The Museum acquire at its own permanent collection just the 30 finalist videos.
Any other right about submitted videos hold steady of participant. For info: www.magmart.it ¦ info@magmart.it

08 December 2005


Late one night, on the european equivalent of mtv, they showed this bizzarre video clip. Can't show you that particular clip, but check out the new album.

• Info-Site

• International Release Dates

• »ROSENROT«-Player

• »ROSENROT« FlashCard


the other ramstein

The host unit at Ramstein Air Base, Germany is the 86th Alirlift Wing (AW). The 86th AW’s Mission is the operation and maintenance of airlift assets composed of C-130s, C-9s, C-20s and C-21s throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East .

Ramstein is also a North Atlantic Treaty Organization installation. Beside Americans, the installation's population is comprised of Canadian, German, British, French, Belgian, Polish, Czech, Norwegian, Danish, and Dutch forces.

07 December 2005

see art get hacked

someone got hacked



We are a community dedicated to the art of stop motion animation. Our main focus is the animation of plastic building toys, or bricks (LEGO, Mega Bloks, Best-Lock etc), which we call "brickfilms" (these films are also commonly called "LEGO Movies"). We also encourage other forms of animation, including 3D and Flash. On this site you will find a searchable directory of hundreds of films, contests, a busy forum, and great resources to help animators of any level in the creation of their movies.

call for entry - sound art

International Call for submissions
Curators: New Adventures in Sound Art & AGM
SOUNDplay festival & AGM06 (October 2006)

Deadline: Received by December 16, 2005 at 5pm EST.

New Adventures in Sound Art (http://www.soundplay.ca)
<http://www.soundplay.ca%29> and AGM
(http:// www.annualgeneralmeeting.net
<http://www.annualgeneralmeeting.net>/) is currently accepting submissions for inclusion in both the 2006 SOUNDplay festival and AGM 06 that will feature video/sound art works that place equal artistic importance on image and sound and emphasizes non-narrative elements and abstraction. Both emerging and established artists will be featured in the festivals. We encourage artists to submit works that are less than 20 minutes in length.

SOUNDplay, produced by New Adventures in Sound Art, is a meeting point for experimentation in new media and sound art, encouraging new fusions of image, sound & text. New Adventures in Sound Art is a non- profit organization that produces performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. Included in its Toronto productions are: Dmimieep Wireless, Sound Travels, Sign Waves and SOUNDplay.

AGM, based in Copenhagen, builds annual artistic collaborations and develops new connections among participating artists and audiences around Europe and other parts of the world. AGM 06 will feature Canadian new media works and screenings among a selection of international works for the 2006 event in Berlin and Copenhagen.

Please submit the following for consideration:

- VHS or DVD copy of the work
- a description or program note of the work
- biographies of the principle creators of the work.

Note: we will request permission from the artist before any works are screened and at that time will request a screening master of the work. Unless otherwise requested, NAISA would like to retain copies sent for consideration in future festivals.

Please send submissions to:

New Adventures in Sound Art
401 Richmond Street West #358
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3A8
e-mail: naisa@soundtravels.ca naisa@soundtravels.ca>

05 December 2005

verdonk graffiti

laten we die 11 doden niet verdonk ere manen

as translated by babelfish
to let we those 11 deads verdonk ere remind

apparently in dutch there is a play on words between the minister's name and the idea of a cover up or sweeping things under the carpet, so I'm told this is very clever. I responded to the image, the text had to be explained to me. Its fresh, its big and its in spuistraat.

fire speech

"AMSTERDAM. The police kept survivors at gunpoint during the fire in the detention centre at Schiphol-East, during which eleven foreigners lost their lives last week. Those who were freed from their cells were handcuffed and locked up in metal air cages. Thanks to the dedication of one Securicor security guard who risked her life, by opening up holding cells, and who herself was injured in doing so, more victims were prevented. This is according to eyewitness reports from K and F wing in telephone conversations with the Volkskrant and with Ahmed Pourie of the refugee organisation Prime.

"We wanted to save others, but we were not permitted to do so."
from noracism

the story on bbc

The complex is used for people arriving by plane who are refused entry to the Netherlands.

Hundreds of cocaine smugglers, mostly from the Netherlands Antilles and other parts of the Caribbean, are detained at the airport every year, along with illegal immigrants awaiting deportation.

The Netherlands has one of the toughest immigration policies in Europe, and is in the process of deporting 26,000 asylum seekers who have been refused the right to stay.

Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk, visiting the site on Thursday, said: "It's awful. I offer my condolences to the families."

04 December 2005

mac parody

reblogged from wooster

pin-up george

or what to do when not working on the penski file

more art parody

bert & ernie's day off


garden gnome liberation front

Red Light District, Amsterdam, Holland

The Garden Gnome Liberation Fronts (GGLF) are organizations that stand for the liberation of garden gnomes. The most famous is the Front de Libération des Nains de Jardin (based in France), the creator of the world movement. Another famous and important group is the Movimento Autonomo per la Liberazione delle Anime da Giardino (based in Italy) the most organized and impressive organization. There are several differences between the many groups in the world. Usually, though, the members of these groups (called Liberators) enter the gardens and take away the little statues. The FLNJ leave them in the woods with claim tickets, the MALAG smash the plastic body permitting the spirit of the gnome to fly away. They are sure that these little plastic statues have a spirit and rights. They claim a better place than a small garden for the garden gnomes, hoping a coming back to the Nature and the magic world of the wood.

Jim Morrison's Grave, Paris, France

It has been rumored that some of their members have "kidnapped" garden gnomes and sent them on trips around the world, being passed from person to person and photographed at different famous landmarks, with the photos being returned to the owner.

GGLF became popular in the United States and on the Internet after the hit movie Amélie and the Where is my Gnome? ads — a viral marketing technique used by Travelocity in 2004.

The Garden Gnome Liberation Front is largely an underground movement as their primary methods of liberation often subvert local trespass and property laws. A separate but related group, Free The Gnomes, is the legitimate political wing of the subversive Garden Gnome Liberation Front. As a political advocacy group, they seek to further the rights of gnomes around the world through legal, non-violent means. The fundamental premise of this and most Garden Gnome Liberation groups is that Gnomes, like humans, have an inalienable right to freedom. Forcing Gnomes to stand in gardens without just compensation and against their free will, for the sake of ornamentation is, to these groups, immoral. The largest of these groups is the French MENJ (Mouvement d´Émancipation des Nains de Jardin).

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Gnomes Without Homes A data base of missing gnomes & travel photos.
The French wing of the GGLF (FLNJ)- official site.
MALAG - official site.
Free The Gnomes - Garden Gnome Liberation - official site.
GLFNC- Gnome Liberation Front

amsterdam's whores

Tearing out the heart of the red light district.

This is the main drag of the RDL, note red lights on some windows.

There's a myth that you can't take photos here, I checked with the police, its legal, just ill advised. But somehow I can't see me being chased down the street by some whore in her knickers in winter, can you?

You can see more flesh and infinitely better looking women on Bondi Beach any day.

03 December 2005

serious graffiti

carpe diem

interviewed at write4gold

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stencil art

stencil government

at duncan cumming

de Brakke Grond

Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond

A Show About a Show that Already Happened

Video films by Andrew & Douglas Fisher (UK), Kris Gevers (BE), Takako Hamano (JP), Peter Lemmens (BE), Lucie Renneboog (BE), Mai Ueda (JP), Kris Vleeschouwer (BE), Jethro Volders (BE), Luming Zhu (PRC)

Friday, 9th December, 2005 until Sunday, 22nd January, 2006

Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond
Nes 45
1012 KD Amsterdam

Scenery 2 (a Reconstruction) is the 2nd exhibition in a series of art projects presented under the title Scenery and curated by Jan Van Woensel.

The Expo Hall of ‘de Brakke Grond’ houses a copy of a squatted house in Antwerp. In June, 2004, Jan Van Woensel organized the exhibition Scenery 1 (Proposing a Space Between) in that property. The central theme of that project was the interaction between space, the works of art and the audience. Not only the works of art, but also the entire exhibition space was measured and represented in drawings, maps and a scale model.

These replica’s and the in situ made video films of the works of art form the starting point of the of the exhibition Scenery 2 (a Reconstruction).

The result is a large panel consisting of semi-transparent screens upon which video films of the works of art are being projected. This construction resembles a décor, a film set or a large scale model of the squatted property.

Lecture: 9th December, 2005, 2pm-5pm followed by the exhibition opening.

The opening of the exhibition will begin with a lecture, which was organized in collaboration with W139. Guy Bovyn (arts critic, Ghent) will talk about the exhibition being a repeat of the same with a small difference. Papo Colo (artist/curator and founder of Exit Art in New York) will explain his own perspective as a cultural producer and talk about his first Exit Biennial: The Reconstruction (2003). Jan Van Woensel, curator of the Scenery Trilogy, will present and explain the scope of the exhibition by means of an extensive reconstruction of his work process.

02 December 2005

more barbie

Initiatief Beeldende Kunsten (IBK)

Initiatief Beeldende Kunsten (IBK) is an independent non-governmental organization operating as a support centre for anyone professionally involved with visual arts in Flanders. IBK promotes Flemish contemporary visual arts in Belgium and abroad and provides information about the visual arts in Flanders.

Initiatief Beeldende Kunsten (IBK) is the prime source of information for Flemish artists as well as for foreign curators, critics, journalists, galleries or anyone interested in contemporary art from Flanders (Belgium). We intend to keep curators and critics informed of what is going on in contemporary Flemish art, both in and outside Flanders, by means of a bimonthly on-line magazine, the IBK newsletter.