29 January 2009


Dear Readers

I am back in Australia but without internet access. Will resume bloggong as soon as possible.


11 January 2009

Google warns of Privacy Issues

Could your social networks spill your secrets?

In an article at the end of last year we looked at some of the ways data-mining techniques are being used by marketeers and security services to extract sometimes private information by assembling huge amounts of data from web visits, emails, purchases, and more.

Now researchers at Google caution in a paper (pdf) that by becoming entangled in ever more social networks online, people are building up their own piles of revealing data. And as more websites gain social features, even the things users strive to keep private won't necessarily stay that way, they suggest.

As a hypothetical example, combining public information on, say, the business social network LinkedIn with that on another like MySpace could reveal that one of your key business contacts spends their free time in full Kiss makeup, even their two profiles are kept relatively anonymous and are not linked directly in any way.

That approach is dubbed "merging social graphs" by the researchers. In fact, it has already been used to identify some users of the DVD rental site Netflix, from a supposedly anonymised dataset released by the company. The identities were revealed by combining the Netflix data with user activity on movie database site IMDb.

The Google team's proposed solution is a kind of privacy warning system. When you sign up for a new online service, it would take a look on the internet and let you know if there's a risk that the new information you are uploading could be used to make connections about you.


The Google team's paper
(Under)mining privacy in social networks (pdf)
will be presented at the
Web 2.0 Security and Privacy 2009 meeting in May.

07 January 2009

Lekay, Hirst and Cartrain - copyright dispute

But Cartain, the moniker for the teenage artist, has earned the ire of Damien Hirst for incorporating photographic images of his platinum cast of a human skull, For the Love of God, into his graffiti prints. The two artists have become locked in an unlikely art clash that has led Hirst to demand recompense from the teenager for selling £200 worth of images of his skull without permission, says Private Eye magazine.

In spite of his tender years, Cartrain's graffiti can be seen on the backstreets of east London's Brick Lane and Old Street, and his stencils and collages containing recognisable figures such as George Bush and the Queen are sold alongside other emerging artists. He made a series of collages using photographs of Hirst's skull, some of which imposed the bejewelled sculpture over the faces of figures taken from other photographs. One showed the skull in a shopping basket alongside some carrots. The images were displayed in the online gallery, 100artworks.com, where Cartrain's collages sell for £65, on average.

He was surprised to learn Hirst had not only seen the work but also contacted the Design and Artists Copyright Society (Dacs), who apparently informed the young artist he had infringed Hirst's copyright. The older man has reportedly demanded that Cartrain not only remove the works from sale but "deliver up" originals, along with any profit made on those sold, or face legal action.

Cartrain said: "I made a few collages and my gallery put them up for sale online. After two weeks, the gallery received an email from Dacs stating I had infringed Damien Hirst's copyright on the title of the work (For the Love of God) and that I was to forfeit £200 in fees and the artworks. I handed over the artworks to Dacs on the advice of my gallery. I met Christian Zimmermann [from Dacs] who told me Hirst personally ordered action on the matter."On his internet forum, Cartrain commended those buyers who managed to secure one of his collages featuring the skull. "Well done to everyone that purchased one before Hirst got involved," he wrote.Dacs refused to comment.

But Hirst's complaint was seen as ironic by some in the art world, given the controversy surrounding the provenance of his skull. Three weeks after the artist unveiled the £50m sculpture, another artist, John LeKay, claimed he had been producing similar jewel-encrusted skulls since 1993. LeKay, who said he had been a friend of Hirst's between 1992 and 1994, said: "When I heard he was doing it, I felt like I was being punched in the gut. When I saw the image online, I felt that a part of me was in the piece. I was a bit shocked."The 46-year-old London-born artist used crystal to make his skulls glisten. He was quoted as saying: "When the light hits it, it looks as if it is covered in diamonds."




100artworks.com representing...
A1one - Aniel - Bitches In Control - Boortorrie - Cartrain - Ces53 - Chiba Love - EeLus - FAKE - GVD - Krah - Kryot - Lastplak - Lord Kronington - Luke Insect - Lunartik - Otick - Reno - Sickboy - Static - Sztuka Fabryka - TOAD - Un-Plugged - ViGO -


Damien Hirst has been accused of copying yet another artist’s ideas. Three weeks after the artist unveiled his diamond-encrusted skull with a price of £50 million, another artist, John LeKay, has told The Times that he has been producing similar jewel-encrusted skulls since 1993 (see image 2, left). He also believes that it is not the only one of his ideas that Hirst has used in some way. LeKay, a 46-year-old Londoner who lives in New York, created 25 of the skulls in 1993. Inspired by Mayan skulls, he used crystal to make his skull glisten. “When the light hits it, it looks as if it is covered in diamonds,” he said. Over the years, he has explored the idea repeatedly, covering skulls made of soap and wax with artificial diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

full story

06 January 2009

Myspace Street Art Arrest

A suspected graffiti artist who vandalised a town for 18 months was identified and arrested after signing some of her “artworks” with her MySpace profile name.

Melanie Brockway’s page on the social networking website details her age, location and what school she attended, allowing officers to piece together her identity.

She also used the profile to advertise her planned amateur production company specialising in “airbrishing painting” (sic), convincing police that they had found their woman.

Miss Brockway is suspected of spray painting around 100 walls, homes, businesses and public facilities in her home town of Norristown, Philadelphia, causing £6,500 ($10,000) of damage.

She has reportedly admitted her crimes to police, and has been charged with institutional vandalism and criminal mischief, along with a 17-year-old boy who is thought to be responsible for even more acts of graffiti in the town.


Nice - melbourne


Our Artists: 20's N 10's, BBot Defence System, Bonsai, Bucket o Thought, Com Raid, DPM / Recruit,
Drew, Ghost Patrol, Grand Scheme, Jagi, Kill Pixie, Meggs,
Mephisto Jones, Mint Condition, Nate Trapnell, NAWLZ, Nice Clothing, Nice Library,
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WonderLust, Wooden Toy

Dr Sketchy's Anti Art

Every second Tuesday at the Arthouse Hotel, a group of Burlesque, Vaudeville, Punk & Rockabilly performers and models will make themselves available for anyone who wants to sketch them. There are also drinks, competitions and great music. www.drsketchy.com.au

The ArtHouse Hotel – Attic Bar
2nd Floor
275 Pitt Street

Dr Sketchy’s Sydney was started in April 2007 by Jac Bowie & Jon Wright (Jac Bowie PR & Events). They are Australia’s leading Burlesque, Vaudeville & Vintage Agency.

Dr Sketchy’s takes place every 2nd Tuesday at The ArtHouse Hotel, at 275 Pitt Street Sydney and turns a mere drawing class into a cabaret extravaganza. Artists are treated to burlesque dancers, carnies, and fetish models posing in elaborate costumes. Artists compete for prizes, along with great tunes, sweet treats, a shimmy here and there between poses and a tell all photo and sketch blog updated after each session.

Everfresh Studio

The Everfresh Crew was born in Melbourne, Australia during the summer of 2004. A collection of artists that all share very similar veiws about art in the streets and just art in general. Each member of the organization brings different styles to the table, and over the years Everfresh has become a driving force in Australia when it comes to street art (of all forms) and have made a easy transition to the galleries with a number of very successfull group shows. The Everfresh crews work has also appeared around the globe on streets and in galleries in such cities as Tokyo, New York, LA, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona.


Street Art - Adelaide

Street Art in Adelaide
_ Got stencil?

What's this all about then?

* A group for all things street art in Adelaide
* Find out how to make stencils.
* Meet people to print stencils / make street art with.
* A place to post your photographs of Adelaide street art.

Church on Fire is a group for the kids and big kids of Adelaide (The City of Churches) to post photos of stencils around their beloved town. We will also post tutorials on stencil making, cutting and printing for those newbies amongst us..

..and eventually culminate in a group of us forming and getting together in the real world (gasp) to have a paint session of our own.

So tell your friends, tell your neighbours, Church on Fire is burning bright.



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04 January 2009

Royce Bannon on GETV

While Irina was in NYC doing fancy schmancy things for Columbia Journalism School, she called her long-time Flickr friend and graffiti artist Royce Bannon to catch up. Irina met Royce when he was the photo editor of The Source hip hop magazine — he sent her a hand-painted tshirt that she wore an early episode of GETV. Irina and Royce discuss how he got into what he’s into. Royce Bannon aka R. Bizzle is a member of New York’s infamous Endless Love Crew and his work will be on display on the west coast at LA’s ThinkSpace Gallery from Jan. 9 - Feb 6, 2009 in a show called “From the Streets of Brooklyn.” (GETV would like to thank Matt Matossian of For Your Imagination Studios in NY who shot this episode for us. He is also the world-famous Shirtless Apprentice)

Episode links: Royce Bannon (myspace), (photos), Endless Love Crew, Diamond Headz, ThinkSpace Gallery, GETV: Charlie’s Real Life Chocolate Factory


UBUWEB - Street Posters

"This collection of street posters, mad scribblings, political screeds, religious rants, and paranoid raves was collected on the streets of New York City from 1985 to the present. Some time ago, it occurred to me that the streets are as full of art as, say, thrift shops are full of great paintings. ..."