23 December 2009

(R)Evolution of Urban Art


(R)Evolution of Urban Art
21 November 2009 - 13 March 2010
Large Art Gallery

Urban Art has its origins in street graffiti, spray-paint and stencils, but now it can also be seen on canvas and limited edition prints, making it a mainstream movement. This exhibition explores how Urban Art references the history of art. Through observation, research and discussion with some of the artists, similarities in styles and ideals are highlighted.

(R)Evolution of Urban Art brings together work from 15 internationally acclaimed artists: Banksy, Blek le Rat, Gavin Turk, Adam Neate, David Choe, Faile, Lorraine Robbins, Antony Micallef, Ron English, José Parlá, Elbow-toe, Sam Taylor-Wood, Candice Tripp, Swoon and Takashi Murakami.

Image: 'Beggar' © 2006 Blek le Rat.

Click here to read the essays and interviews with the artists.


13 December 2009

Galo & TLP

Fresh Geezers
Featuring The London Police and Galo
Show Opens Thursday, December 10, 7-10pm
Show Runs till January 10, 2010.

This December, Factory Fresh pulls out all the stops as we welcome The London Police and Galo as they return to
New York to celebrate more than a decade in the game.
Known for their iconic characters collectively these artist work have respectively graced streets and galleries in 35 countries and have been feature in numerous publications throughout
the globe. The artists will be showcasing new canvas, featured films of the artist and installation works created site specifically
for Factory Fresh.

more info

full feature

12 December 2009


This week we bring you a brand-new video directly from Armsrock's studio in Bremen Germany, as he prepares for his upcoming shows this month at the Black Rat Press Gallery in London and Ad Hoc Art Gallery in Brooklyn. This is part 1 of 2. Stay tuned for Part 2!

from jetset graffiti


Interview Walrus TV


These were done with a series of 18 x 18 cm photo-slides, which had been developed black and then etched with an etching needle. The slides were then projected with Pani projectors through out the city of Eindhoven.

The project was conducted with the assistance of Kai- Uwe Schwenck of Panirama, as part of GLOW 09 – International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture.

from Unurth

If you are observing a similarity with Swoon's work ..

Book from Wooster Collective
"All My Friends Are Made Of Paper" - A Survey of The Work of Armsrock"

Exhibition at Ad Hoc Art Gallery


Chris Stain, Armsrock (in the front gallery) and Ezra Li Eismont


(in the project room) at Ad Hoc Art Gallery! The show will be open during regular gallery hours from August 7th – Sep 6th 2009.

25 November 2009

metagraffiti - film


Metagraffiti is a book/dvd that collects more than 20 short films from all over the world. With two long essays about graffitifilm and a running time of over 120 minutes Meta Graffiti is a vibrant testimony of the development of todays graffiti art. These short films are about and featuring graffiti. Humour and playfulness are in focus. These are films by people close to graffiti culture. Many of the film ease up the difference between graffiti and street art. Where street art has successfully used graffitis main communication space — the public place — the directors borrow from the constant ability to change that street art enjoys. The films of Metagraffiti certainly test the framework of graffiti, but maintain the important elements of style and mischief. As a medium, film is closer to other art forms rather than the wild, unkempt lettering jazz that the institutional art world discards.


Play all 15 videos

06 November 2009

May's - Jumbo & Zap

MAY’S is excited to present ‘Panic Attack – Monster City’ – the collaborative work of Jumbo and Zap; two artists who endeavor to transform Sydney’s monotonous, drab billboards and hoardings into bright screens of menacing comic-style characters.

'The journey that Zap has undertaken is one of time and space, seeing way into the future to the megatropolis here monsters are flying in spaceships. Jumbo, in contrast, has taken the path of the people who inhabit the mega city, with paranoia and panic overtaking the airwaves. The alias JUMBO was created in 2003 as a result of a head collision-on with the art establishment. After the shock of seeing what was possible in the public domain I quickly made a beeline for some big scale poster paper and paint. The characters were comic and pop art, but the subject was and always will be freestyle and experimental. I have put up posters in the UK, Europe and Sydney.'
- Jumbo

ZAP is one of Sydney's more prolific and unique street artists. His work contains influences from 1970's graffiti, sci-fi imagery, abstraction and a distinctive colour palette. ZAP has shown at various galleries and institutions around Australia.

‘I was in various street gangs from the age of 10. I had to steal sometimes to eat - it was tough. That's where my passion for graffiti and skateboarding grew - I never fitted the sporty stereotype. Always into creative pursuits, I have developed a style which is unique. Psychedelic abstract forms, shapes and spaceships are symbols of my journeys through time and space.’
- Zap

Panic Attack - Monster City
An Exhibition of Poster Art, by JUMBO and ZAP


Please keep the date free to join us for this special event!!


May's artists

29 October 2009

Shepard Fairey - Obama discussion

Interesting discussion from the Intellectual Property Colloquium on the Shepard Fairey v Associated Press Obama Poster case.

Of special interest to any street artist re-mixing media images.

full details/listen online/or download podcast here


18 October 2009

GS38 - Melbourne Old School


The Grand Sorcerer Thirty-Eight (GS38) was the original Hip Hop graffitist in Melbourne, Australia. Painting from 1984 to 1986, with a brief comeback in 1988, he was the author of The Future Four and Wild Boyz crews. WildStyle inspired 'GS38' was the first piece in inner Melbourne.

17 October 2009

Drewfunk - Melbourne

"Melbourne is considered the capital of Australian graffiti art ...  Several alleyways are now declared public art spaces. Melbourne is particularly rich in laneways and the ones off Bourke Street Mall and Collins Street are now popular tourist attractions. These were the subject of a French documentary, Melbourne Ink, which featured the work of several local artists who are now starting to be collected.  One of the most prominent is Drewfunk.
Born in Malaysia, he studied multimedia and design at RMIT University, working as a professional designer before he decided to become a full-time artist. His style reflects his Asian heritage as well as his background as a graffiti artist, although he is now recognised enough to hold exhibitions in serious galleries."

Coming up

16 October 2009

Ladies First - Rotterdam

ladies first
a group show by biC, lil’shy, MaoMa,
and MiniVila. Curated by lil’shy

At 17.00 till 23.00

‘Ladies First!’ is an exhibition by upcoming female artists and designers, with a refreshing look on contemporary graphics, fashion, designer toys, and textile installation. 

friday 16.10.09 from 17.00 till 23.00 

Music by dutchdolls and samira  

The SingerSweatShop is a cultural hotspot in the centre of Rotterdam. A dynamic place where exhibitions,  film nights,workshops and many other activities are programmed monthly. SingerSweatShop offers a podium for talented young artists from all fields. If you are interested in showing your work in the SingerSweatShop you can contact us at: info@singersweatshop.nl
Hoogstraat 170
3011 PV  Rotterdam

ladies first
a group show by biC, lil’shy, MaoMa,
and MiniVila. Curated by lil’shy

Web 2.0 Copyright

User-generated content & Web 2.0
websites:  March 2009
From The Australian Copyright Council

In this information sheet we give an overview of copyright issues that apply when website proprietors invite
people visiting their site to create or post user-generated content (UGC). Popular examples include:
• social networking sites (such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter);
• image/photo/film-sharing sites (for example, YouTube, Shutterfly and Flickr);
• blog sites that invite comments and responses;
• information sources (such as Wikipedia);
• game and virtual reality sites (such as Second Life); and
• entrepreneurial ventures with UGC elements (such as book, CD and travel sites which invite customers to
post reviews).
We particularly focus on the issues a website proprietor needs to be aware of when setting up such a site.

Information sheet:

05 October 2009

Bathurst 1000 - early 1980's

V8 supercar drivers telling us about the bathurst track



1980 Hardie Ferodo 1000 Mt Panorama Bathurst


Part 1 only

TRU BLU XD Falcon & the Rock @ Bathurst 1980


the rock - what really happened


1981 Bathurst 1000 Hardies Heroes Top Ten Shootout.

Bathurst 1000 1981 Opening laps: great duel between
Dick Johnson Peter Brock Kevin Bartlett and Bob Morris



1983 Bathurst 1000 Hardies Heroes Top Ten Shootout

go here to see the complete 1983 race


Bathurst 1984 Hardies Heroes Part 1 of 2

Bathurst 1000 - 1970s

1972 Peter Brock and the XU1 Torana




1977 opening laps


1979 Peter Brock Hardies heroes lap


1979 Peter Brock wins


Bathurst 500 - Early years

October long weekend = Bathurst. But not this year, apparently its next weekend. So I thought we could look at some previous years.
500 miles, 7 hours of endurance racing in Australian conditions.


1967 highlights part 1


1967 part 2


1968 part 1


1968 part 2

1969 part1

1969 part 2 isnt there

04 October 2009

Picnic 09 - Amsterdam

Lots of videos have been produced during PICNIC. We have used the technology of our partner Yubby to aggregate them on different channels. Watch the conference sessions, interviews, promos and everything that happened during PICNIC ‘09


yellowBird used their 3D video technology during PICNIC '09 to give you a walk around the event. While the video is playing you can look around in every direction by clicking and using the cursor.

The video will show you around the Westergasfabriek grounds, the Conference Hall and the PICNIC Club.



01 October 2009

Subject Index - September 2009

The Aviary
400,000 hits
Subject Index - August 2009
Print Australia on Facebook

Urban Art/Graffiti Subject Index 2009

Artists / Exhibitions
Judy Chicago
Fiona Tan

Martin Sastre - London
10th Biennale de Lyon
Beuys - Turkey
CCP - Melbourne
Primavera - MCA - Sydney
Melbourne Fringe 2009

Renew Newcastle
Sketch the Rhyme - Sketch City
What's On 1 - Melbourne

Obey - Canberra
Rita Angus - NZ

CCP - Melbourne
Biennale de Lyon - Photos
Damon Kowarsky - Melbourne

Melbourne's Laneways
Cartrain & Hirst - part 2, pencils

Urban Art Agenda #3 - Melbourne
The London Police - Interview
Space Invader Interview
Dont Ban the Can
Greek Graffiti
Nuart 09
FAME Festival - Italy
Word to Mother Interviews

Dont Ban the Can - Photos
Until Never

Frieze magazine

Mirror of the World - SLV
ANAT - Filter magazine online

Kings Way - Melbourne

New Media
Artefact - New Media Festival
Julius Popp
Urban Hacking - Vienna
CHart - UK

Impact 6 - 2009

PCA - Commissioned Prints 2009

Art Almanac - Melbourne

Alley Oop

Alley Oop party is going down this Friday!
Come and dance to some of our favorite DJ’s. Watch live graff painting in the smoking palour and check out Melbourne’s best street artists go nuts with fresh paste ups in the stairwell.

DJ’s: Kodiac Kid, D-stract, Louis can cut, Mz Butt, Wasabi, DJ Sim, Debiest.
MC’s: MC Squared & Mc Whisper.
Live Street Graffiti Painters: Deams & Adnate.
Feature: Street Art Paste ups by: Ha Ha, Ghostpatrol, ACORN, Braddock, Deams, Adnate, Nielio, Meggs and Tooth.

What: A freaking good time, dancing, jiving, watching live art ,drinking and who know what else.

When: This Friday 2nd October

Where: Roxanne Parlour, 3 Coverlid Pl Melbourne 3000

Blu and David Ellis


a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis
year 2009
produced by studio cromie
music by Roberto Lange
made at Fame festival 2009

29 September 2009

Urban Hacking - Vienna

paraflows 09 – Festival for Digital Art and Cultures
10. - 20. September 2009

Festival Opening / 10.09.2009, 7 pm
Container Installation, Karlsplatz/Resselpark,
Close-by Otto Wagner Pavillon, Straßenbahnhaltestelle Karlsplatz

The city of Vienna has a long tradition of interventions and actions in the public space. With this year’s topic URBAN HACKING, the fourth paraflows festival continues this artistic investigation of the public and urban space of living. What is more, paraflows 09 will shed light on the role played by digital media when it comes to exploring, questioning, and shaping the urban infrastructure.


A container village designed especially for paraflows at Karlsplatz will provide the space for the exhibition URBAN HACKING, which will connect the Künstlerhaus, the Karlskirche, and the project space, and thereby unite the historic with the contemporary. More than 30 national and international positions of digital art and cultures as well as the artistic strategies connected therewith shed light on current and older tendencies of interacting with the public space.What will be put on display are projects on use and intervention, on hacking and setting up the urban public. A focus will thereby be laid on the possibilities “urban hacking” offers for the redesign of public space.

The net, as public infrastructure with its individual elements, possibilities, and mechanisms, has become integral to social communication and extended the public space via hyperspace. How these two parallel layers of reality are organized and impact the individual’s freedom of movement is one of the questions to be answered by paraflows 09 URBAN HACKING.

Cultural Jamming Strategies in the Risky Spaces of Modernity.

The three-day program of the symposium corresponds to the thematic priorities Urban, Hacking, and Risk. The panel Urban discusses the city as cultural venue, whereas the second the panel, Hacking, investigates the origin, structures, and evolutionary elements of the multi-faceted notion “hacking.” The third and final day will be dedicated to questions of risk, for instance when one – for artistic or philosophical reasons – transgresses boundaries, as well as question pertaining to gender in the given context. The symposium also will serve as a copula between the exhibition and the workshops and will be accompanied by movie screenings and theatre plays.


symposium livestream (german)
Livestream: http://www.ustream.com/channel/raumd


27 September 2009

Dont Ban the Can - Photos


The Croft Alley Project - on facebook

The Photos on Flickr

see earlier post

Yes guys, in Australia the chicks paint topless...

I can see you all scrabbling for plane tickets.. grin

Until Never

On September 30 Until Never will host a special live performance by Ikko Taniuchi, from 6 to 9pm.
Featuring live accompanying performance by PIG & MACHINE (Osaka/Melbourne).


(Enter from Rutledge Lane)
+61 3 9663 0442

more info


on facebook

24 September 2009

Urban Art Agenda #3 - Melbourne

Urban Art Agenda #3
This unique showcase brings together artists from around the globe including:

A1one (Tehran), David Soukup (Chicago), ELK (Canberra), El Moocho (Melbourne), HaHa (Melbourne), Izolag (Salvador), Jana and JS (Salzburg), Jef Aerosol (Lille), Kenji Nakayama (Boston), Mandarina Brausewetter (Vienna), M-City (Gdynia), Orticanoodles (Milan), Ozi (São Paulo), Penny (London), Skran (Lisboa), XOOOOX (Berlin)


FamousWhenDead Gallery
24 September - 11 October, 2009
207 Victoria St, West Melbourne, VIC


Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 6:00pm

Sketch the Rhyme - Sketch City


Sketch the Rhyme : Freestyle rap meets Speed Drawing. This video is from a performance at Underbelly Festival, Carriage Works, Sydney, 2008. All freestyles and drawing is improvised.

MC's - Rapaport, P Smurf, Peach, Jeswon, Gabi, Bravo. Artists - Creon, Edgarr, Tony G, Clare N, Pauly G, Jason H, Band - The phonies.



Who: Rumpunch presesent Sketch the Rhyme, The Phonies, MonkFly & Super Info

What: Sketchy, Hip Hop live show

When: Saturday 26 September 2009

Where: Dazzeland (Home of Sketch City) 25 Eastment St, Northcote 3070

more info

23 September 2009

ANAT - Filter magazine online

First published as the ANAT Bulletin in July 1988, Filter has been informing and inspiring a global network of artists, designers, curators, researchers, writers, educators and creative and research organisations for over two decades.

Now in its 11th year, Filter is becoming even more interactive, with the launch of the online Filter site. Produced as a partner to our print version, it is designed to allow for more open communication from and with you, our audience.

We hope this space will become an active and sharing online community where the dialogue initiated by the articles will live on….

Each issue is guest edited and thematically investigates an area of emerging practice or an art form of the future, exploring the new creativities which are occurring across community, culture and industry. Filter also keeps you up to date with the latest news from each of ANAT’s Core program areas.


Artefact - New Media Festival

on covering and uncovering media

An exhibition, performances and concerts by artists with different backgrounds meet at the Artefact festival for media art.

Behind the Image | The Image behind (on covering and uncovering media) presents work that investigates what’s hidden or invisible behind images. . The technological and ideological/political dimensions are often strongly connected. A medium or technology can both cover and reveal by using the very same mechanisms, but images inevitably show and hide at the same time.

ARTEFACT is initiated by provincie Vlaams-Brabant
and STUK arts centre


Artists 2009

Artists 2008

Artists 2007

Julius Popp

The brilliant bit.fall by Julius Popp at the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2008--bit.fall artistically reveals internet-based information generated by a statistics algorithm via controlled drips of water that create a waterfall of words and images.

bit.fall features a horizontal module with computer-controlled valves hung from the ceiling. Water droplets are released at precise times to form predetermined shapes. The result is a word or message that seems to magically rain down from the ceiling and then disappear upon impact with the floor.


Julius Popp’s work has received numerous international distinctions. His interdisciplinary projects are not only recognized in the art world but also in the field of scientific research. Presently, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory as well as the Fraunhofer Institut in Bonn are studying Julius Popp’s realizations in the laboratory: he developed, as a part of his artistic work, robots that introduced new forms of artificial intelligence.




A short documentary about German artist Julius Popp while setting up his work Bit.Fall in St Louis.




Julius Popp's news ticker device in action at the Dogenhaus Galerie booth at the Volta art fair in Basel. 2008

more on bit flow

Melbourne's Laneways

A controversy has been brewing in Melbourne over the City Council's plans to override heritage overlays and hand over sections of some of the city's laneways to developers. Opponents are particularly concerned that this sets a precedent and that the City Council is at risk of damaging Melbourne's unique laneway culture.

Over the past 25 years, Melbourne has transformed its urban image by privileging an entirely separate world of cafes, restaurants and boutique shops, away from the wide, noisy chaos of the wider boulevards. But another aspect of these laneways has taken these lanes to the world stage. Melbourne is now considered one of the finest venues for street art - the sort of grafitti and stencil art that tests the tolerance of a city's establishment.

Michael Shirrefs has been speaking to two laneway specialists - Andy Mac, who runs Melbourne's City Lights street art project; and Historian Weston Bate, former president of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and author of a history of the lanes, called Essential, But Unplanned.

listen now | download audio


18 September 2009

Obey - Canberra

Obey: Shepard Fairey Posters will be on show at the National Portrait Gallery until January 17.

American artist Shepard Fairey may not be a household name but his work is well-known around the world.

Twenty-five posters of subjects Fairey believes have had a major impact on popular culture are on show at the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) in Canberra.

Obey: Shepard Fairey Posters features images of Barack Obama, Prince, Andy Warhol, Aung San Suu Kyi, Billy Idol, Debbie Harry and Guns and Roses.



13 September 2009

Cartrain & Hirst - part 2, pencils

The story...
16 year old graffiti artist Cartrain walked into the Tate Britain (London) and removed a packet of pencils from one of Damien Hirst exhibits. Damien Hirst and Cartrain have a long-standing rocky history. Earlier this year Hirst targeted the young graffiti artist Cartrain using Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) for breach of copyright infringement on his latest series of artworks being sold via 100artworks.com.

The box of very rare "FABER CASTELL dated 1990 Mongol 482 series" pencils were removed from Damien Hirst's "PHARMACY installation" by Cartrain on Thursday the 2nd of July around 4pm. Not long after the pencils were removed from the installation a fake police 'appeal for assistance' posters appeared all around London.

Cartrain's Demands...
For the safe return of Damien Hirst's pencils I would like my artworks back that DACS and Hirst took off me in November. It’s not a large demand. He can have his pencils back when I get my artworks back. DACS are now not taking any notice of my emails and I have asked nicely more than five times to try and resolve this matter. Hirst has until the end of this month to resolve this or on 31st of July the pencils will be sharpened. He has been warned.

Image of police poster...

Cartrain was arrested on Friday the 17th July 2009. The same day the story was printed in the Independent newspaper. He was arrested and put on on bail until September the 11th 2009.

-10,000,000 pounds worth of damages (yes that's 10 million).
-500,000 pounds worth of theft.

Bail conditions...
-Cartrain is not allowed to post anything on the Internet.
-Cartrain is not allowed in any public building that displays art.
-Cartrain is not allowed in any public or private building displaying Damien Hirst's artworks.

If Cartrain is convicted we think this will be the highest value modern art theft on UK soil. The pencils have to be placed back in to the installation by Hirst in person.

Image of the police bail form...

Sources of information...

Pencil Images...
http://www.flickr.com/photos/100artworks/3707603610/ (Print pulled form sale)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/100artworks/3707602796/ (the pencils)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/100artworks/3696754195/ (fake Cartrain police poster)

Cartrain Images about Hirst...
100artworks online urban art gallery

Its interesting how Hirst gets his pencil valuation of 500,000 pounds. According to Australian accounting, you value assets at the LOWER of cost price or market price. So the question is, how much did Hirst pay for the pencils? He can make up any large figure he likes for market price, but the accounting valuation will still be the cost price if it was lower. Perhaps the UK rules are different, but I doubt it.

10 September 2009

Urban Art/Graffiti Subject Index 2009

Urban Art/Graffiti Subject Index 2009
From January to September


On being a Byrd
Laser's book - Vice review

Stencil Art Exhibition
On at China Heights
On at Urban Uprising
Ghostpatrol And Miso
Reface Street Art - Perth
Nice - melbourne
Everfresh Studio
Street Art - Adelaide
st.peters 2.0 - Sydney
St Peters Sydney
Sydney Graffiti article
lcbeats & Mays
SmARTarts 2009
Ruban Rat - Sydney
match box projects - sydney
MAY’S Lane Street Art Project
Australian Stencil Art Prize
ABC on Graffiti
567 King
dmote - stupid krap
Melbourne Ink - Launch

Swifty - Melbourne
Urban Art Agenda #3
Urban Art Agenda #3
- more
Dont Ban the Can

Lil' Shy - WolfandPack Amsterdam
Bron (source) - Amsterdam
Studio Apart - Amsterdam
Mikosa - Amsterdam

Laser 3.14 - Book Launch

Free Art Frenzy - Amsterdam
The London Police - Interview


Space Invader Video
Strange Street Signs
Graffiti Auction France
GRAFFITI - Auction Paris
Né dans la rue – Graffiti Paris

Space Invader Interview
Greek Graffiti
Nuart 09
FAME Festival - Italy

Urban Art Auction - UK
Galleries - London

The Cans Festival 2008 - UK

Recoat - Glasgow
D*Face - Interview
Lego Festo
Word to Mother Interviews

Cartrain and Hirst
Lekay, Hirst and Cartrain - copyright dispute
Cartrain & Hirst - part 2, pencils
Myspace Street Art Arrest
40 streetartists

Powderbomb Articles
Graffiti, Art & Fear - ABC
Remix - talk at the NYPL
Graffiti History @149st
Graffiti Tools and Techniques

Royce Bannon on GETV
UBUWEB - Street Posters
Joshua Allen Harris
Open Air - Graffiti Documentary

Street Photo Copyright - NZ
thisisrabbit - NZ

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU
StreetArt In The Studio
Sheep Dog Art
Warhol & Basquiet
Real Street Life of Graffiti
Graffiti Films - part 1
Shepard Fairey - Animation


Urban Prankster

The London Police - Interview


The London Police talk about their upcoming exhibit at Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles and life as international men of mystery.

09 September 2009

Space Invader Interview

Video Description:

Incognito French artist, Invader traces the birth of his signature pixelated mosaic style, his invasion of 40 cities worldwide and the concept behind his TOP 10 Rubikscubism exhibit at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

About Invader:

Invader’s work illustrates the overwhelming effect technology has had on contemporary culture while also critiquing it, using the ancient and traditional technique of mosaics to simulate digital pixels. Referencing the 1978 Atari video game, the artist began placing mosaics featuring Space Invaders on the streets of Paris in the late 1990s. Joined by Pac Man ghosts and other popular 8-bit characters, the works soon became a familiar sight to encounter in any urban environment. Invader’s usage of tile to create street art, rather than paint or stencil, is not only a unique choice of medium—it also emphasizes his commentary of how digital information networks have affected and transformed our society. Sightings of the work have spread over the last ten years on a global scale as the artist continues invading public spaces across five continents. Currently, Invader’s work can be found on the streets of over forty cities, worldwide. – Via Jonathan LeVine Gallery

About Top 10 Exhibit at Jonathan LeVine Gallery:

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Top 10, a solo exhibition of new works by the Parisian street artist known as Invader. Returning to the gallery for his first solo show in New York, Top 10 marks a highly anticipated event for this internationally celebrated artist. Known for using mosaic tiles to re-create popular characters from vintage 8-bit video games (such as Space InvadersPac-Man) on the streets of cities around the world, the artist’s individual mosaics are carefully cataloged after placement in context to their surrounding environment. Yet, since the project has grown on a global-scale, each piece also carries considerable significance from a larger perspective—populating what is now a worldwide installation that stretches across the planet. Invader’s mosaics can be found on the streets of over 40 cities, on all five (inhabitable) continents. Like the game, his mission is literally an invasion of (public) space. and

Top 10 introduces a new series of original two and three-dimensional works featuring the artist’s signature pixel-based aesthetic, created in mediums such as mosaic tile and rubik’s cubes, which clearly translate the concept of pixilation (the division of visual information in digital format). Invader is the first artist to bring pixels to life, both in the physical world and in the art world. Echoing the neo-Impressionist painting technique of pointillism, with a contemporary voice, his evolved methods bring the composite image concept into the digital age. The show title Top 10 references popular music, as the artist has selected what he believes are the top ten album covers of his generation as subjects for re-interpretation using his own innovative technique of Rubikcubism. The term Rubikcubism is used to describe an art movement of which Invader is believed to be the originator, using Rubik’s Cubes (a 3-D mechanical puzzle game popular in the 1980’s). This exhibition also includes large-scale mixed-media sculptures in bright primary colors and a video installation of projected time-lapse footage, which reveals the geometric complexity of the artist’s incredible process in creating pieces in this show. – Via Jonathan LeVine Gallery



Jonathan LeVine Gallery


The Invasion News Letter 33 is out:


More on Invader from Blakkbyrd






08 September 2009

Dont Ban the Can


Don’t Ban the Can (DBTC) is a non-profit arts and culture movement with an underground urban philosophy, formed as a result of harsh, unjust anti graffiti laws within Victoria, Australia. Jeremy Gaschk together with the We Make Stuff Good collective felt the need for a voice from the streets. Created and run by artists for artists, the movement began with a stand against the new anti graffiti laws introduced into Victoria in June 2008. With a successful initial event in September 2008, the project received support from tens of thousand’s of people from around the globe. DBTC has felt the need to expand into a world wide pro graffiti and street art movement. This has involved tackling issues that inhibit the art form’s culture, ethos and creativity to successfully prosper, evolve and expand.

The Croft Alley Project will bring together an all-star line up of artists from around Australia to create a world-class, large-scale, urban masterpiece. Using graffiti, street, stencil, sticker and paste up artists the project will transform the Croft laneway from a dirty back alley into a creative, colourful and socially innovative thoroughfare visited by tens of thousands of tourists each year.

Here’s a link straight to the event on Facebook :