26 March 2006

art brussels

artbrussels 2006
Friday 21 – Monday 24 April 2006
Preview & Vernissage: 20 April (by invitation only)
Finissage: 24 April, until 10 pm

The countdown to artbrussels has officially started! Less than 5 weeks to go before the opening of the 24th edition of one of the oldest contemporary art fairs in Europe!

Save the dates!: http://www.artexis.com/artbrussels_2006.ics

artbrussels 2006 – Exhibitors
The artbrussels 2006 catalogue is on-line since 8 March. Check out http://www.artbrussels.be/exhibitors.html for a complete overview of this year’s exhibiting galleries.

22 March 2006

street art exhibition slovenia

Stencils, Posters and Stickers / a Low-Tech Re-action!
15 March – 14 May 2006

This internationally conceived exhibition presents stencils, posters, stickers, and other strategies for presenting such forms of visual intervention in the public space. Space Invader from France, Flying Fortress from Germany, M-city from Poland, and The London Police from the Netherlands are among the most admired and influential creators of this kind of work abroad; they are joined in the exhibition by the Croatian artists Filjio & Kenova and the Slovene artists Lele, Rone84, Ioke42, Sektion 1.3, Tacek, Zek Advance, Skrana, Ratt One and Ash
Ljubljana, 2005

full info and pics




21 March 2006

20 March 2006

WJ's performence

17-24 march 2006/ MNAC/ Museum of Contemporary Art/ Bucharest

Lucille Calmel, Sylvie Astié, Jean- Baptiste Bayle, Olga Kisseleva, Vali Chincisan, Dorel Naste, Suzana Dan, Mihaela Kavdanska.
curator : Anne Roquigny
programmer : Stéphane Kyles
coordinator : Cosmin Tapu

The very first WJ’s international performence in Bucharest represents a collaboration between French and Romanian artists. WJ-s is a flexible, high speed connexion public device for web performances, which allows actors of the Internet - WJs, webjockeys, sound and image artists, netartists, bloggers, graphic designers, flashers, programmers, curators, hacktivists, newmedia theorists, pioneers and web mutants... - to play live with the full scope of contents available in the wideness of the web.


with the support of: the Romanian ministry of culture; parteners: HP, BRD; sponsor: Peroni; media partners: 24 Fun, Re:PUBLIK, Igloo, Arhitectura, Aqua, Rfi Bucharest

18 March 2006

call: Thailand New Media Arts Festival

Thailand New Media Arts Festival 2006
Annual International Summit on Creativity in Multimedia & Communication
Bangkok 02-04 May,2006

more information please visit: http://culturebase.org/home/thailand/MAF06/
and Application form maf06 :

17 March 2006

Copyright Comic

following on from yesterday

Three law profs from the Center for the Public Domain release a new comic book about copyright, fair use, and implications for documentary filmmakers. If you've been following this stuff none of what it covers will be new information to you, but it's an entertaining format. The illustrations are a great mix of collaged elements and drawings.

It's really nice work, but the curious thing about the comic is that it contains a wealth of visual allusions and in-jokes that are not explained (like the sudden appearance of the Linux penguin), so that only those already "in the know" about these issues will "get" them. And yet the humor style is mostly pretty corny and "un-hip", as if the authors were aiming for a soccer-mom, Joe 6-Pack, kind of audience, despite the fact that the message is obviously directed toward filmmakers and other artists. The content pretty much follows the report by the Center for Social Media issued last year about copyright culture implications for documentary filmmakers.

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16 March 2006


one of many videos on gaaagle


USA law texts

A documentary is being filmed. A cell phone rings, playing the “Rocky” theme song. The filmmaker is told she must pay $10,000 to clear the rights to the song. Can this be true? “Eyes on the Prize,” the great civil rights documentary, was pulled from circulation because the filmmakers’ rights to music and footage had expired. What’s going on here? It’s the collision of documentary filmmaking and intellectual property law, and it’s the inspiration for this new comic book. Follow its heroine Akiko as she films her documentary, and navigates the twists and turns of intellectual property. Why do we have copyrights? What’s “fair use”? Bound By Law reaches beyond documentary film to provide a commentary on the most pressing issues facing law, art, property and an increasingly digital world of remixed culture.

This book is available under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

This comic book was made possible by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. It is a project of Duke's Center for the Study of the Public Domain, which focuses on the delicate balance between intellectual property and the public domain - the realm of material that is free to use without permission or payment. To read about some of the Center's projects in areas ranging from neglected diseases to music sampling, click here.

Plain old html - Read the book!
Flash animation with page flipping and a magnifier tool. Requires flash player ( download flash player ) and high-speed connection, loading make take a few minutes
PDF- the entire comic in one downloadable file (8MB) (16MB)

animated knitting

March 15, 2006
Turbulence Commission: "Knitoscope Testimonies" by Cat Mazza http://turbulence.org/works/microRevolt [Requires Flash Player. To view testimonies at 180x120 ratio, pop-ups must be enabled]

"Knitoscope Testimonies" is the first web based video using "Knitoscope" software, a program that translates digital video into a knitted animation.

"Knitoscope Testimonies" is a 2006 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation.

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.: http://new-radio.org
New York: • Boston
Turbulence: http://turbulence.org
New American Radio: http://somewhere.org
Networked_Performance Blog: http://turbulence.org/blog
Upgrade! Boston: http://turbulence.org/upgrade

montevideo residency

*+ + DEADLINE: FRIDAY 14 APRIL 2006 + + *

in brief: residency period 3 months dates from July 2006 location Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo is pleased to annouce an open call for the Spring 2006 round of its Artist in Residence (AiR) program.

The AiR programme at the Netherlands Media Art Institute aims to support the exploration and development of new work in digital/interactive/network media and technology based arts practice. The residency provides time and resources to artists in a supportive environment to facilitate the creation of new work that is produced from an open source perspective. We encourage a cross disciplinary and experimental approach. This is a practice based residency designed to enable the development and completion of a new work.

Our focus for this open call is on open source interactive installation art, in which the following occurs: interaction between tools and/or software nteraction between tools and artworkinteraction between audience and artwork

The Netherlands Media Art Institute offers an open environment with technical assistance and an active advisory board which will give feedback and support in technical, conceptual and presentation issues. There is access to studio and exhibition equipment,
technical support from the Institute’s staff and production help from interns. The technical staff is specialized and has good contacts with programmers of the following software, a.o.: PD/PDP, Blender, Dynebolic,

Linux. We expect the artist to have knowledge and insight in the technical realization of the concept.

It is integral to the mission of the AiR program that artists participate in presenting their work in a public form appropriate to their project. This can include gallery installations, demonstrations of research in progress, panel discussions, on-line projects, or multimedia
performances, in addition to open studio events and workshops. For this reason we ask that artists include in their proposal possible examples of how they might like to present their work publicly.

At this moment the Netherlands Media Art Institute provides in travel costs. It doesn’t provide accommodation for artists living outside of Amsterdam. However, we are willing to help the search but cannot guarantee a place for living.

Application using the application form can be send to:
Netherlands Media Art Institute: Montevideo
Artist in Residence
c/o Annet Dekker
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
the Netherlands

For more information about past residents and their projects, select
from the column to the right.

15 March 2006

Robots at EAF

22 February — 8 APRIL 2006
Experimental Art Foundation.
Adelaide Festival

Robotic Arts, Inflatable Aestheticism is a project comprising exhibition, workshop, and presentations by Chico MacMurtrie, one of the world's leading artists using robotic technologies.
EAF Newsletters

program archive

14 March 2006

dutch news radio

Press review
Listen in English to a daily review of the Dutch newspapers on Radio Netherlands.

11 March 2006

star wars does idol

Why did Grand Moff Tarkin order the original Death Star to destroy Alderaan? Find out the true origins of his hatred, and how a televised singing contest pushed him over the edge. from atom films

see also
star wars fan film awards

DVD Ripware

summarised from listmail: various authors

Q1. > (do you have a) recommendation for a Windows-based DVD ripper program? I'm running a fairly current XP platform.

Q2 On a similar note, is there a quick and easy way to rip audio off of a DVD on a Mac OS X system? I have a bunch of concert DVDs and I'd like to rip the audio to individual mp3 files. The PC seems to have several dedicated applications that'll do this, but on Mac it looks like a messy, multi-stage endeavour ...

A1. I haven't come to a definite favorite OSX aud/vid ripper/converter yet (there are so many file formats that a process you've gotten to work with one dvd won't work the same on another...) but ffmpegx does certain tasks well. http://homepage.mac.com/major4/
I've read threads suggesting Handbrake
and when all that fails; and you just want the audio anyway:
Basically this program just intercepts the audio of any program and saves it. as long as you can find something to play the original, your good to go. (free version allows for 10 minutes before it adds static)

For general video/audio questions these two sites are great resources.

A2. Fair Use Wizard. fairusewizard.com

A3. another on OSX is "mac the ripper" and Osex (slow but deals with the copy protection)

A4 The best DVD ripper, bar none, is DVD Decrypter. Does away with copy protection, region encoding, etc. It's freeware, and really simple to use.

A5. DVD Shrink: Excellent and free. http://www.dvdshrink.org/ "DVD Shrink is software to backup DVD discs. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disc." Coolest thing is that it automagically shrinks your DVD files to fit on the capacity you can burn (i.e., 8 gigs of DVD video will be shrunk to fit your 4.5 gig blank DVD if that's all you can burn).

light paper sound - 911 media arts


911 Media Arts Center is pleased to present the exhibition Light_Paper_Sound, February 15th through March 22nd. This exhibition is an installation using randomly selected video projected on three dimensional paper surfaces synced with audio tracks played on speakers hidden in the sculptures.

10 March 2006

Le Mépris - mediamatic

Le Mépris
(or) Contempt

An exhibition modelled after Jean-Luc Godards film from 1963. With work by Yoko Ono, Marlene Dumas, Mai Ueda, Lars Eijssen and many others.

Location: Mediamatic, POST CS Gebouw, ground floor, Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam
18th of March - 30th of April 2006 Thursday through Sunday 12.00 - 18.00.
OPENING Saturday the 18th of March 2006, 17.00 - 20.00 uur
For more information please contact Arne Hendriks: arne@mediamatic.net or 020 638 9901.

Le Mépris calls the anonymous atmosphere that in general belongs to the crossing of a border. To achieve this atmosphere, Voulon modelled the Mediamatic exhibition space after an airport terminal. See website for details

09 March 2006

video lives

The finalists and winners of video lives are now online at the ABC

see video vault

artbrussels 2006

Friday 21 – Monday 24 April 2006
Preview & Vernissage: 20 April
(by invitation only)
Finissage: 24 April, until 10pm


artbrussels 2006 – the European platform for contemporary art

Brussels, the capital of Europe is increasingly profiling itself as a cosmopolitan and multicultural city with an intuitive feel for contemporary art.

artbrussels has identified itself as the international contemporary art fair of the moment, attracting participants from 20 countries. And through a rigorous selection process that limits the number of galleries taking part, the event has a genuine brilliance that gives it an edge.

The very young - though excellent - emerging galleries from the First Call and Young zones highlight the dynamic character of artbrussels, together with the “one man shows” they exemplify the truly innovative spirit of the fair.

DARK - Rotterdam

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
18 February 2006 – 17 April 2006

Participating artists:
Rita Ackermann (1968, Budapest, H)
Avner Ben-Gal (1966, Askalon, I)
Marc Bijl (1970, Leerdam, NL)
Dirk Braeckman (1958, Eeklo, B)
Angus Fairhurst (1966, Kent, UK)
Georg Gatsas (1978, Grabs SG, CH)
Gregory Crewdson (1962, Brooklyn NY, USA)
Rachel Harrison (1966, New York, USA)
Daniel Hesidence (1975, Ohio NY, USA)
Folkert de Jong (1972, Alkmaar, NL)
Terence Koh (1977, Beijing, China)
Jan Lauwers (1957, Antwerp, B)
Fumie Sasabuchi (1975, Tokyo, J)
Juergen Teller (1964, Erlangen, D)
Luc Tuymans (1958, Mortsel, B)
Banks Violette (1973, Ithaca NY, USA)
Kara Walker (1969, Stockton CA, USA)

The darker side of existence exercises an almost irresistible attraction on society. This fascination is the theme of the international group exhibition DARK, assembled by guest curator Jan Grosfeld and Rein Wolfs.

DARK is a presentation of recent developments within contemporary art; a confrontation of differing contemporary artistic visions. Common to each work in the show is an interest in the ‘darker’ side of life. However, DARK is more than simply ‘dim’ or ‘unlit’. Rather it refers to a particular contemporary state of mind, with a complex of different and sometimes antithetical aspects.

DiVA—Digital & Video Art Fair

DiVA—Digital & Video Art Fair — New York 2006

Event Date: March 9 to 12, 2006
Where: Embassy Suites Hotel, New York
102 North End Avenue, New York, NY 10281

exhibitors link

DiVA is the first and only art fair in the United States dedicated exclusively to digital and video art.

Serving as an international destination for collectors, art dealers, museums, curators, and artists, DiVA will feature the diverse and innovative work of new media artists exploring and pushing the digital boundaries.

Digitally created work is a dynamic platform of expression in contemporary art that includes film, video, animation & photography and has strongly influenced printmaking, sculpture, painting, architecture, and performance.

DiVA is brought to you by FRèRE iNDEPENDENT, a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing widespread visibility to important artists who fall outside the established art market and promoting camaraderie within the art world. DiVA is dedicated to representing works by emerging talent who have no significant gallery representation

the shining - remix


a new trailer for the shining

art - parody

05 March 2006

OZ TV online

Special Broadcasting Service SBS
The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is Australia's multicultural and multilingual public broadcaster. SBS is unique. Its radio and television services broadcast in more languages than any other network in the world. Programs in more than 60 languages are broadcast on SBS Television, and Online, SBS New Media provides text and audio-on-demand services in more than 50 languages.

Every hour, SBS Radio broadcasts in a different language, and from one program to the next, SBS Television provides extraordinary insights into the world's cultures and Australia's ethnic diversity. Together, they contribute to the cross-cultural understanding of all Australians - linguistically, sociologically and culturally.

SBS Television is watched by more than seven million Australians each week. What they see is a unique mix of Australian-produced and international programs drawn from over 400 national and international sources. Programs in languages other than English - which comprise more than half the SBS Television schedule - are accessible to all viewers through SBS-produced English language subtitles.

SBS Online provides text and video services as well as audio-on-demand in 68 languages, making it the most linguistically diverse website in the world. The online service extends and enhances SBS Television and Radio programming and generates original content, including comprehensive Australian and international news reports, innovative youth programming and one of Australia’s most comprehensive soccer web sites. SBS celebrates difference and promotes understanding. It gives Australians access to other cultures and languages, and targets prejudice, racism and discrimination through creative and quality programming that is inclusive and diverse. SBS is the voice and the vision of multicultural Australia.

SBS Radio (68 languages)

Sixty-eight languages are spoken on SBS Radio.
Every hour, SBS Radio broadcasts in a different language. SBS Radio, the world's most linguistically diverse broadcaster, reaches across the major languages spoken in Australia. It produces more than 13,500 hours of language-specific programs each year, in English and more than 60 other languages. Since 1975, SBS Radio has expanded its service from a single AM station in Sydney and Melbourne, to a five signal network that's available in all capital cities and key regional centres.

SBS Podcasting

SBS - World News


ABC - Podcasting

ABC program websites - listing
ABC broadband home

ABC broadband entertainmant listing
ABC - Chaser (news satire)
ABC Comedy Kitchen


ABC Kids -

ABC Media Watch - (media criticism)

ABC News -
ABC Business Bulletin -
ABC Sport Sport Report -
JJJ - this sporting life - sport satire with Roy & HG

ABC rage.. music TV on demand - updated weekly
playlists (published friday afternoons oz time)
TripleJ Radio

ABC Arts online
NineMSN (AUS) -

yahoo7 - channel7 + Yahoo
Roo TV - video clips by category

online tv & kiwi tv

This is a listing of online TV as posted on whirlpool.

NZ radio & TV
flipside - weekdays at 1700 (NZ time?) link list

KIWI radio
Aaron's list of NZ radio stations on the www
the edge
radio active

digicult & digimag

DIGICULT is a project of promotion and spreading of digital culture and electronic arts in Italy. It's based on a web portal, daily updated on themes like: Net Art Hack Art Software Art Video Art Elettronica Audio Video Performing Art Intelligenza Artificiale Interaction Design Tech Media

DIGICULT is the publisher of the monthly e-magazine DIGIMAG about electronic culture and digital arts

DIGICULT is a professional reality made by different people, artists and freelancers that have experience in digital culture and electronic arts, and also in this border land that is communication through new media.

Directors Lounge

...Directors Lounge started as an experiment, a relaxed space for filmmakers, videoartists and everybody interested in experimental forms of cinema and videoart, during The Berlin International Film Festival.

Directors Lounge functioned as a hideaway, a meeting point and also as a starting point for new creative collaborations. At a time when Berlin is addicted to cinema Directors Lounge presented rare, experimental or simply unknown works which often don't fit into any category.

Video installations and Live-events that go beyond the boundries of the screen expanded the program literally. The overwhelming response by both, the public and the artists encourages us to continue Directors Lounge not only as an annual event but to seek for new collaborations as well.

Since our start in february we had been invited by several institutions, art-events and cinematic venues to show special screenings and exhibitions. The new launched Directors Lounge television is a first step to explore new ways to distribute video-art over the net. The fact that these opportunities are widely reduced by some Hollywood-majors to a debate about piracy underlines the necessity for an active engagement in these developments.