30 November 2006

the Carhartt & Fantomass project

Hello everybody!

Here a short message about the Carhartt & Fantomass project.

5 different artists made a limited edition T-shirt which will come in a box. There will be just an amount of 200, each designed by well known graffitiartists. These shirts will only be
sold in the carhartt stores in europe.
These are the artists: MIST , TILT , 123KLAN , DIRT and COPE2
In three boxes will be an extra item from the artist. The package of the 123 klan includes a cap with a nice design, from TILT the book ´Fetish Bubble Girls' and the box of Mist has also a book with graffpics.

Please have a look at www.nalden.net for some pictures and........ you can win a shirt overthere!


Carhartt crew A'dam

Carhartt Store Amsterdam
Hartenstraat 18
1016 CB
tel. (0031) 020 33 05 666
fax. (0031) 020 33 02 900


Los Angeles

Los Angeles Shoe Launch - November 30th - 8pm-11pm
om Logan Hicks}

first up is the K-Swiss shoe launch party tomorrow. This one is going to be a fun one. first time i have really had a proper show in Los Angeles. There will be a party inside the shoe store, Sportie LA, and outside will be live painting with Galo, The London Police, myself, and my fellow stencil partner in crime - Sixten. Sixten and I will be spraying out a huge stencil mural. 8 ft tall by 12 ft wide.

Gift bags with limited Logan Hicks and Sixten t-shirts, k-spray booklets, and other goodies will be given out to 150 attendees

Time: 8pm until 11pm
Date: November 30th (tomorrow!)
Place: 7753 Melrose Avenue (next to American Apparel store, across from Melrose High School)

To view flyer: http://www.workhorsevisuals.com/imagehosting/emailblast/KSWISS_flier_web.jpg

Special thanks on this event goes to:
Evil Monito / Mr Kim Says (www.mrkimsays.com)
The Marketing Division (www.themarketingdivision.net)
Guerilla One (www.guerillaone.com)
Sabotaz USA (www.sabotazusa.com)

Mediamatic Any Media Documentary workshop

Presentation of final results of the Mediamatic Any Media Documentary workshop.

The past 5 days a bunch of international documentary makers developed prototypes of new media documentaries.

With advice from new media thinker and maker and Adrian Miles and documentary filmer Viktor Kossakovksy, the participants did not start with making stories. Instead, they developed personal ways to process media content relating to their chosen themes.
Thereby they generated story spaces that are truly at home on the internet.
If you're worried about the future of documentary filmmaking, do come by and be pleasantly surprised.

Where and when?
30 November 2006 at De Balie, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10 in Amsterdam, from 11.00 hr till 12.30 hr.

| www.idfa.nl | www.balie.nl
Mediamatic Foundation - Postbus 17490 - 1001 JL Amsterdam - The Netherlands
t +31 (0)20 6389901 - f +31 (0)206387969 - http://www.mediamatic.net

MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific 2006

MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific 2006

'out of the internet' is the theme for this year's MAAP festival based
in Brisbane. With a core exhibition in the State Library of Queensland,
events will take place in a range of locations from elite museums,
galleries, libraries, karaoke clubs, noodle shops, bubble tea cafés and
a cascade of other places.

For a complete program of events and online exhibition, please see
http://www.maap.org.au/2006. Selected highlights include:

'out of the internet' International Symposium
1pm - 6pm, Sunday 3 December
Auditorium 2, State Library of Queensland
The Symposium is a free event, but please register via
email: info@maap.org.au

Don't miss this rare opportunity to plug into the latest research
examining the position of online artwork and the implications of the
internet in fine art culture and community crossovers in Australia,
Asia and internationally. ANAT is proud to be assisting the attendance
of Beryl Graham from CRUMB new media art curatorial organisation, UK.
The compelling panel also includes Melinda Rackham, Executive Officer,
ANAT; Fatima Lasay, artist, academic and new media curator from the
Philippines; Julianne Pierce, new media specialist and Visual Arts
Co-ordinator and Curator Artists' Week Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts
2008; and Kim Machan, MAAP Festival Director and a number of
international artists.

Opening Night
6pm, Thursday 30 November
State Library of Queensland
Hosted by media personality Richard Fidler from ABC Radio

Manhua Wonderlands networked event: 'Karaoke Bedlam'
9pm till late, Saturday 2 December
Don't Tell Mama, Karaoke Club, Brunswick Street
(adjacent to Brunswick Street Railway Station)
Aone night public event, transforming a Brisbane Karaoke Club into a
hard-core art cross over venue.

29 November 2006

Geef mij maar Amsterdam

the song
Geef mij maar Amsterdam! 3:26

The album

The lyrics

Geef mij maar Amsterdam
Dat is mooier dan Parijs
Geef mij maar Amsterdam
Mijn Mokums paradijs
Geef mij maar Amsterdam
Met zijn Amstel en het IJ
Want in Mokum ben ik rijk
En gelukkig tegelijk
Geef mij maar Amsterdam

Klaverlasclub Schoppen Negen
Was een weekje in Parijs
Om de contributie te verteren
Ome Piet de secretaris
Had al maanden voor die tijd
In zijn eentje Frans zitten leren
Maar toen niemand hem verstond, deed hij mal
Want hij zong op de Place Pigalle

Op de hoge Eiffeltoren
Ging de bakker haast om zeep
Van de hoogte kreeg hij het te pakken
Als de slager niet toevallig
Net zijn lange stelten greep
Had hij nooit geen brood meer gebakken
Van de schrik gingen ze gauw naar benee
En toen klonk op de Champs Elysees

Liever in Mokum zonder poen
Dan in Parijs met een miljoen
Geef mij maar Amsterdam

1955 Johnny Jordaan

The Exhibition

The pub is the place where people drown their sorrows. Enjoying a beer and a dram at the bar, they sing at the tops of their voices. In times of sadness too. Artistes like Willy Alberti and Ren� Froger took their first musical steps in the pub. The caf� in Singing in Amsterdam is full of photos, music sounds from the speakers and a highlight is the dress of the famous singer Tante Leen. Raps and hip hop can be heard in the coffee shop where the stimulants of today are smoked. Love has always been a favourite theme. In a romantic setting the highly popular crooner Andr� Hazes is a little bit in love, Eduard Jacobs sings about prostitution and Willeke Alberti is radiant when she sings about getting married tomorrow. But over the years Amsterdam has also seen turbulent times. The Jordaan riots, hippies sleeping on Dam Square, the murder of the young Antillean Kerwin Duijnmeijer and of the film-maker and columnist Theo van Gogh have all been the inspiration for songs and video clips.

13-10-2006 till 18-03-2007

Geef mij maar Amsterdam is een tentoonstelling voor echte Amsterdammers, ex-Amsterdammers, nieuwe Amsterdammers en iedereen die zijn hart aan Amsterdam heeft verloren. ...Want in Mokum ben ik rijk en gelukkig tegelijk. Geef mij maar Amsterdam!

Dagje (levens)lied in Amsterdam?
Niet alleen op de tentoonstelling Geef mij maar Amsterdam kunt u genieten van het Amsterdamse lied.
U kunt wandelen door de Jordaan of leren smartlappen zingen bij Top Tours (www.toptours.nl).
Met een audiotour van Walk de walk kunt u zelf op pad in de Jordaan (www.walkthewalk.nl). In het hartje van de Jordaan ligt ook het Theo Thijssen museum waar een tentoonstelling is over Piet de Ruijter en het socialistische lied aan het einde van de 19de eeuw (www.theothijssenmuseum.nl).
U kunt naar voorstellingen als Pikketanussie in de Roode Bioscoop (www.roodebioscoop.nl), een optreden van het Zwanenkoor (www.zwanenkoor.com) of naar de voorstelling Goud van Willeke (www.willekealberti.nl).
De kleine ambachtelijke brouwerij De Prael (www.deprael.nl) maakt speciale bieren met klinkende namen als 'Andr�', 'Johnny', 'Willeke', 'Nelis' en 'Willy'.
Wie het dagje Amsterdamse lied zingend wil afsluiten kan terecht in Caf� Nol op de Westerstraat (www.cafenolamsterdam.nl) of de 2 Zwaantjes aan de Prinsengracht (www.detweezwaantjes.nl) of caf� Bolle Jan (www.cafebollejan.nl)


28 November 2006

november 2006 subject index

October Subject Index

New Media art
ARTBOTS local - Gent
Audiovisual Media Services (AVMS) Directive
Night Garden
Netherlands Media Art Institute
Trent Parke - amsterdam
Mediamatic Salon
EXTRA (sic) - Antwerp
Mediamatic Any Media Documentary workshop
MAAP - Multimedia Art Asia Pacific 2006

Call for papers Fibreculture
call - virtual art residency

Art Par
sydney v melb
The Late Show
South Park Warcraft
Red v Blue
Machinima in Second Life
Kirk v Picard v Borg
star trek
Burning Man Festival
special fx
Ernest the Search Engine

Frenzal Rhomb - Sydney Punk

Videoblogging - Amsterdam
Van Gogh Museum
Atelier Sanne
what's on - Amsterdam
dutch museums
Hockey fight
Geef mij maar Amsterdam
Art Parody

Street art/urban painting
Rembrandt gets up
straatpasta - utrecht
BIRD MAN - Amsterdam
Graffiti - Miami, FL
Logan Hicks Interview
Sweden's guerilla dog sculptures - Rondellhund
World Wide Writers' Graffiti
the Carhartt & Fantomass project
Los Angeles

If I Can’t Dance
Jan van Eyck Academie
Gender Bender
man laws
"The Work of Art in the Age of"

iTunes tutorial

ARTBOTS local - Gent

+++ copy, paste & send it out (plz) +++

Saturday December 2nd [exhibition from 14.00h - talks from 20.30h],
Sunday December 3th [exhibition from 14.00h - 20.00h m&m performance at

Location :
KASK Academie Gent
Academiestraat 2

Come grab those frequent flyer miles, 'coz time flies and this is the
grand and glorious EXIT edition (well.. we've said that before.. huh )
with :

Amanda Windle - Chatterbots [exhibition + talk] [UK]

Amanda currently leads the graphic design and new media pathway of the
Foundation Diploma in Further Education at Epsom. Her research in
design, writing and critical theory are also used to teach a broad range
of critical and theoretical concerns currently as a sessional BA tutor
in Fashion Journalism and MA tutor for the Fashion, Graphic Design and
New Media courses at Epsom.
Subsequently, her artwork has been exhibited in Maine, Tokyo, Seoul as
well as the UK.



Marco Kruyt - Big [exhibition] [NL]
Big (pig) is an electric pet, a huge and extremely pink coloured friend
that likes to dance and go for small walks.
Big is controlled by a very simple control unit, which controls al the
vital functions.
Big is a better dancer then she is a walker.
In a sense of robotics, Big is not a world-shaking work of art.
But what she lacks in advanced robotics, she makes up for with her
amazing interactive capabilities, and bucket loads of charm and smiles
all over.
Big works by simple, and there for reliable 12 Volt electrics.
Her two front legs provide propulsion, and steering.
She can be very happy, showing it by opening her mouth, while her eyes
shine bright.
When mistreated she will scream for help.


Sebastian Noth - Breathers [exhibition] [GER]
Sebastian Noth is interested in autonomous robots and a member of the
platform derstrudel [www.derstrudel.org]. normally he's concentrated on
crawling analog robots, trying to make them perceive their environment
and to interact with it or other specimen.

breathers' most important aspect is the discrepancy between familiarity
and strangeness: breathing is an action performed permanently by most
animals - including ourselves - to stay alive. Breathing hence strongly
suggests an association to life. But breathers' body, a coat of white
plastic foil without any distinct limbs, lacks all other commonness with
animals that would support this association.
simply breathing, they cause no emotions like pity or fear, neither do
they pretend to be intelligent. (what other robots do sometimes) They
look (and sound) less technical than walking or driving robots.
breathers are inspired by lungs. being as minimalist as possible, nine
basic electronic parts, two fan motors and white plastic foil form an
artificial lung. The technical parts are almost invisible from outside,
only from below the breather the fan exhaust is seen. Although
breathers' behavior is easily predictable, it is not obvious how they
technically function.



Ian Gyselinck and James Vervenne - Lady Rollercoaster [exhibition] [B]

A giant rollercoaster in a female shape. In addition there is a
camerafeed for the public to enjoy the ride in action-perspective.



Johannes Taelman - Push-Pull [exhibition] [B]
Push-Pull is a minimalist low-fi robotic project. 2 computers (Apple
Powermac preferred since they are userfriendly) with a tray-loading
cdrom-drive (no slot-in) the computers facing each other, with the cdrom
drives head-to-head. About 4 inches between the frontpanels of the
computers. And a rope attached between the two cdrom trays.

When one cdrom-drive 'ejects', it pushes the other cdrom tray, so that
one starts closing. When one cdrom-drive attempts to close, the rope
blocks it from fully closing. Its self-preservation instinct make the
cdrom-drive to "eject" its tray again. The cycle is complete and

The self-preservation instinct of both computers turns them into
slavery. Only one will survive on the long term: the fittest.

The only thing missing to enable darwinistic natural selection is
reproduction. Some part of the audience associates the repetitive in-out
movement with sex, but I leave those dirty associations to the audience.
So this installation reveals several nature-like behavioural aspects of
common hardware: self-preservation, slavery, suicide.


Johannes Taelman - I robot? [exhibition] [B]

A wireless remote controlled vehicle/robot equipped with a video camera
is connected to a VR-helmet. People see what the robot sees and control
what the robot does. Artificial intelligence or is substituted by the
actions of the


Lara Green - 'K-I-S-S-I-N-G' [exhibition] [UK]

K-I-S-S-I-N-G is made of steel and bicycle cables. It will also have
sensors, small lights and leaves (either real or hand made). The piece
is an interactive sculpture. When two people lift certain brances each
one activates a head to move forward, tilt back and twist to the side so
that if operated precisely they can exactly meet in the middle and a
kiss is possible.

I made the piece because I wanted to challenge people to get involved in
something together which is intuively intimate and requires coordinated
control with another. I wanted to create opportunities for a unique
experince which breaks through our normal behaviour with others. The
piece joins two people, perhaps strangers in a romantic exchange, as the
sculptural heads become an extension of their own action. Children and
adults alike can, giggle and be delighted. Some people can't get in the
mood and operate it roughly, this is interesting too. Some get a little
embarrassed, perhaps they would like to really kiss the person opposite?



Suzanna Hertrich - Robbits : [exhibition] [GER - UK]
Robbits is an artistic roboting project featuring a number of autonomous
mobile robots in the shape rabbits. The robots are grouped together and
interact as »social« community. They react to environmental such as
surrounding people, obstacles and movement. They only function with
people around them. The robbits small noses can sense the presence of
warm bodies. When they sense people approaching, their state of
hibernation and start exploring the world. At first they reactivate
their heartbeats and While carefully sniffing their way around, robbits
secretly chatter about their experiences. The closer a person comes to a
robbit, the more excited the robbits gets. Their little heart are
beating ears start moving rapidly.

Robbits are very curious by nature and they might come very close to you
to see who is there. But also very jumpy and easily get scared. If you
get too close, you might scare them to "death" ...



Christian Faubel + Ralf Schreiber : Overhead bots + Overheadbot workshop
: [exhibition + workshop] [GER]

Overhead bots live on overheads, a bit like parasites they sit on top of
the overhead and convert its light into their proper motion. The
overhead bots are completely autonomous; all their energy is delivered
by the overhead. The whole system is like a little ecosystem and works
once the overhead is turned on without any further
intervention. The projected screen is like a 2 dimensional window to
this world on the overhead projector, a world with real collisions, and
unforeseeable events. On the other side the screen can also be seen as a
an animated display, where consolidations of dots, lines and colours
move around and form an ever-changing image..

In addition a workshop on overheadbots will take place at artbots :

Anyone (children with parental help) can build and design his own unique
small overheadrobot. We use small printed circuits boards, so the
circuit can be soldered very quickly! We provide smallest motors, solar
panels and various electronic components. For individual design and look
we also provide lots of different materials like: shiny paper, coloured
foils, wire, springs, plastic capsules etc. Electronic know-how is not
required. Every robot can be tested on an extra overhead projector and
thus take part in the presentation/exhibition. All robots can be taken
home. The participants pay only the material costs (around 4, - Euro).

Christian Faubel works as a research fellow in the robotics group at the
Institut fuer Neuroinformatik in Bochum, Germany. In 2001 foundation of
derstrudel together with sebastian noth, to give a frameork to their
shared interest in the development of autonomous robots, sensor
integration, motor control and the mediation of a fearless approach to
Since 2001 participation in several media-art festivals with
robotic-installations and workshops (selection): piksel 2006 festival
Bergen //strp art loves technology festival eindhoven 2006 // the art of
overhead 2005 bergen // transmediale 2005 berlin // garage fetsival
stralsund 2002

Ralf Schreiber lives in Cologne and works with audio installations,
robotics, chaotic processes, auto active systems and silence. He
finished MA studies at the Münster College of Art and Postgraduate
studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Exhibited in several
galleries and international festival of media arts (selection):
Interferenze 4, San Martino Valle Caudina, Italy 2006 //Wake up, Rauma
Biennale Balticum, Rauma, Finland 2006 // strp festival eindhoven ,
Netherlands 2006 // Artbots/ The Robot Talent Show, Dublin 2005 //
Transmediale 05 Basics, Berlin 2005 // Soundart, Art Cologne, Köln 2004
// Artbots/The Robot Talent Show, New York 2004 // Living particles,
Picture Gallery Klaipeda, Lithuania 2004 // RAM 4, Survival Kit - NIFCA
, Helsinki 2003 // Streams of Encounter, Taipei Fine Arts Museum Taipei
2003 // Sensible Module, V2-Organisatie / Goethe Institute, Rotterdam
2001 // Living particles, EMAF Osnabrück, Osnabrück 2001 //Gallery gnd
to earth coop to Transmediale 01 // Berlin 2001, Flexibilitätsversuche /
Fridericianum Kassel, Kassel 2000/2001



Boutiquevizique - Dustbunnies : [exhibition] [B]
Dustbunnies is a small colony of digital dust balls that scan the space
in search of crumbs of lost thoughts, emotions and dreams.

The artists' goal was to create an interface with a small number of
defined rules, linked directly to each other and to actions from the
past. The visitors' experience depends upon their approach toward the
installation both as a group and as an individual. It was really
important to them to get away from the 'one-to-one nteraction' used in
their previous work. They created a group of separate, but similar,
interfaces that would behave more as a group and generate an output
based on both instantaneous and past inputs. Dustbunnies has been
developed in cooperation with the arts centre Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium.



Willy Van de Velde - Joe, Martha and r3 : [exhibition] [B]

joe, Martha and r3 are lightobjects, designobjects, without running


Benjamin van Oost - Kaiserrobotics [exhibition] [B]
Benjamin van Oost is a grafic designer : no mechanics - no electricity
but inspired by japanese series like goldorak and transformers/


Leonel Moura - ISU [The Lettrist Robot] [exhibition + talk] [POR]

A robot that can paint and write

Leonel Moura has developed in the last years a series of robots able to
create their own original paintings and drawings. In 2004 he presented
in New York the project Artsbot, a group of small robots that painted
collectively, which lead to the production of RAP, a very talented
artbot that signs his own work and will be displayed at the American
Museum of Natural History soon.
ISU is the most recent evolution of this venture. Named after Isidore
Isou the creator, back in the 50's, of the French movement known as the
"Letrisme", ISU is able to draw letters and words and from there
generate pictorial compositions. Like in lettrism, which campaign for
the use of the letter as the basis of a new art form, ISU generates by
itself a series of letters and words that may or may not trigger on the
viewer meaning.
The process by which ISU decides the use of a letter or builds a word
lays on a complex dynamics between a positive feedback mechanism and a
random mode.
The robotic art of Leonel Moura seeks to broaden the machine autonomy,
stating that robotic pictorial expression, in this sense, can be
consider by itself a work of art independent from the human artist that
in fact originate it.



Blotter [exhibition] [B]
A huge positron brain lies at the very core of each killdroid!
Actually... no. The BLOTTER robots operate in a way similar to
agent-based Artificial Intelligence (thanks to Walter Daelemans for
pointing out the term). The software is a derivate of work we have been
doing at the St. Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, dealing with
natural composition and emergence in graphic design. Each robot has a
tiny brain (roughly comparable to an ant or a cricket) with a few very
specific tasks:

* 1) wander around aimlessly
* 2) if there is less sound than a while ago, go back where you came from
* 3) if another agent's trail is encountered, follow the trail



Logos Foundation - ensemble [exhibition + talk] [B]
zondag 20u : (Man and Machine) ensemble performance at Logos
Foundation, Bomastraat 26, Gent

Since 1969 the Logos Foundation has been performing research focused on
robot building and human interfaces. The connection with and
contribution to the latest developments in science and technology have
always been of primary importance to us. Interfaces we developed include
wireless gesture control (through sonar as well as radar systems), real
time polyphonic sound analysis, acceleration sensors, lightsensors,
myoelectric signals,...
Next to these interfaces we created more then 30 computer controlled
musical automats, including percussion instruments, organs, piano, a
sousaphone... but also completely new, more exotic, 'bruitistic'
instruments. The sound production of all this instruments is purely
acoustical, but under very precise electronic control.

Both the interfaces and the robots are controlled by , a
multitasking development system for experimental real time interactive
and algorithmic musical composition, also developed at Logos.

Next to this technological research, we have also been developing new
forms of musical composition and a new musical practice. The classical
instrument, in the hands of those who feel compelled to give expression
to thoughts and feeling of our time, is experienced as some sort of
prosthesis: it is something a musician is intimate with, yet at the
other hand it is often unwilling and obstinate. Our aim is to create new
instruments that are more 'open'. Instruments that do no longer feel
like an external object, but whereby a performer can use motoric body
gestures in a direct way to control and to improvise with sound
generating devices. This does not mean traditional instruments are
completely obsoleted. Thanks to our polyphonic pitch detection devices,
one or more traditional instrumentalists can use their instruments now
as a controlling device for a complete robot orchestra!
Currently, the result of this technical and artistic culminates in
, a professional ensemble with international profile, consisting of
more then 30 robotic musical instruments in interaction with several
human performers, dancers and instrumentalists.


Another fine nMn release, in conjunction with it can be done, what
if..., Nieuwpoorttheater, KASK, Stad Gent, Ministerie van de Vlaamse
Gemeenschap and the people @ visual creations.
thx goes out to all participants. sans doute ! sans doute !

27 November 2006

Call for papers Fibreculture

Fibreculture Journal

Call for papers

After convergence, what connects?

:: fibreculture :: has established itself as Australasia's leading forum for discussion of internet theory, culture, and research. The Fibreculture Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that explores the issues and ideas of concern and interest to both the Fibreculture network and wider social formations.

Papers are invited for the 'After convergence' issue of the Fibreculture Journal, to be published early in 2008. Guest editors are Caroline Bassett (Sussex, UK), Maren Hartmann (Bremen, Germany) and Kate O'Riordan (Lancaster/Sussex, UK).

There are guidelines for the format and submission of contributions at http://journal.fibreculture.org

These guidelines need to be followed in all cases. Contributions should be sent electronically, as word attachments, to:

Guest editors:
Caroline Bassett (c.bassett@sussex.ac.uk)
Maren Hartmann (maren.hartmann@uni-bremen.de)
Kate O'Riordan (k.oriordan@lancaster.ac.uk)

Everything that arises does not converge. A more variegated landscape emerges as processes of digitalization, crystallizations of an intrinsically technological-social, continue re-shaping cultures and re-working societies, not in their image, but into something new. It is increasingly obvious that there is no digital behemoth, no single form, no single function, no New World Order. Rather a series of reconfigurations, reformulations, new functions, new contents, new spaces, new grounds, new uses, have emerged and are emerging within global media networks.

In response to the (not unexpected) non-arrival of the unifying beast, which is to say in response to the perceived exhaustion of convergence (or the re-definition of its limits), new disciplinary islands are being declared with 'keep out' and 'invented here' signs all over their beaches. In other words there has been a balkanization of techno-cultural investigation. Thus gaming scholars define themselves against internet scholars, or film scholars, locatives stand distinct from screeners. Particular groups of sub-specialists claim particular modes of inquiry: ethnographers for everyday life, speculative theory for digital art, for instance. Indeed, entire vocabularies, originally invoked in a spirit of general experimentation, are now corralled, restricted and defended by particular groups. If these vocabularies often seize up in the process, refusing to say more than they were meant to say, and in particular refusing the unorthodox connections between the empirical and the speculative, the possible and the desirable, that gave them their energy in the first place, nobody seems to notice.

So, there is no behemoth. At the same time we insist that connections are produced and so a question we consider worth addressing is not what unites digital forms as one, but what connects them together as many. Further we want to explore how these connections are made. We are less interested in doing that through mainstreaming a particular critical approach (which is to say drawing different areas back under one critical umbrella, making that the connection), than we are in trying to think about exploring/defining/critiquing some of the shared characteristics of different digital media formations. We believe that despite the exhaustion of convergence metaphors, and the rise of disciplinary sub-divisions, these connections remain crucial.

Papers addressing but not limited to the following topics are welcome:

• Media/Medium Theory

• Difference between and specificity of New Media forms

• Issues, Limits, Problems of Convergence.

• Re-thinking the vocabulary of Affect/Emotion/Perception

• Histories of New Media Theory

• 'Technology and Cultural Form' revisited?

• Methodologies


• 250 word abstracts: due February 28th 2007

• Completed Paper: due September 30th 2007

• Expected Publication: February 28th 2008.

"I thought I had reached port; but I seemed to be cast
back again into the open sea" (Deleuze and Guattari, after Leibniz)

Dr Andrew Murphie - Senior Lecturer
School of Media, Film and Theatre, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 2052
fax:612 93856812 tlf:612 93855548 email: a.murphie@unsw.edu.au
room 311H, Webster Building

25 November 2006

sydney v melb

Haha the mighty late show!

XL Capris' promo-video for the single 'My City Of Sydney' - a cover of the Tommy Leonetti standard, this single was released in 1979 and was used for the closing time of Sydney's channel 7 for a few years during the 1980s. Legendary British DJ John Peel stated that he will never visit Sydney on the basis of hearing this song. Well, he's dead and Sydney has progressed to becoming one of the most beautiful and coolest cities in the world.

24 November 2006

Frenzal Rhomb - Sydney Punk

Russell Crowe's Band


These are the Triple J morning show presenters, Jay and Lindsey from the band Frenzal Rhomb.

Never Had So Much Fun


Frenzal Rhomb on the late night TV program "Ground Zero" performing "You Can't Move Into My House" and a brief interview. This aired sometime in 1997 around the release of 'Meet The Family'

OMG mum changed the locks

All They Need is a Punch in the Face!


God's Ugly Children Episode 1

Dynamic New Material. In the debut episode we are introduced to our squalid heroes and the repulsive mess that is their day to day existence. An unexpected visit from their record label means important artistic decisions need to be made. Based 100% on actual characters and events involving aussie punk rock supergroup Frenzal Rhomb

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness.
In this episode our intrepid heroes get into strife at a benefit gig only to be rescued by their own filth. Based 100% on actual characters and events involving aussie punk rock supergroup Frenzal Rhomb.


Videoblogging - Amsterdam

Mediamatic LECTURE
Videoblogging and Soft Video by ADRIAN MILES

Saturday, November 25 at 18.00 hrs

Adrian Miles will explain why VLOGGING is not just reinvention of television, or an upgraded blog.

From his vlogging manifesto (2000):
"A vlog uses PERFORMATIVE video and/or audio. A vlog is personal. A vlog uses AVAILABLE technology. A vlog experiments with writerly video and audio. A vlog lies between writing and the televisual."

Adrian's own blog about vlogs is: http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/vlog/

Adrian Miles teaches the theory and practice of hypermedia and interactive video at RMIT University, Australia. He has also been a senior new media researcher in the InterMedia Lab at the University of Bergen, Norway.

After the lecture you can have dinner in the Micro Green Restaurant, a concept by Culiblogger Debra Solomon. For restaurant reservations call 020-6389901.

Location: Mediamatic's Night Garden, Post CS Gebouw, ground floor, Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam

The Late Show

Australia's The Late Show is a popular cult comedy show produced by the D Generation during 1992 and 1993.

The Late Show infor:

The D Generation info:

The Late Show's 'Robert De Niro's Early Work' .

The Late Show's famous sketch 'Shirty, The Slightly Aggressive Bear'

The Psychopaths

The Late Show's 'Pissweak World' sketch first broadcast on Australian television (ABC TV) in 1993.

The Late Show's sketch 'Australian Dinner Party 1'

The Late Show's sketch 'Hunt For Hecklers'

Barge Arse
This is a piss take of some lame cop show. Voice over done by Tony Martin. Brings back good memories of the Late Show

Piffy (a.k.a. Remi Broadway) in his famous toilet break on the Late Show

Piffy (a.k.a. Remi Broadway) makes a live appearance on The Late Show the week after his famous toilet break.

The Late Show's sketch 'Bill Clinton In Da House'

The Late Show's famous sketch 'House & Home with Geoff and Terry'

Citing the enormous effort involved in producing each week's show, and the want to explore other formats, the cast decided that the second season of The Late Show would be the last. Most of the performers have remained prominent in the Australian comedy scene.

Jane Kennedy, Tom Gleisner, Santo Cilauro and Rob Sitch formed Working Dog Productions, and made the successful TV programmes Frontline (1994-1997), Funky Squad (1995), A River Somewhere (1997-1998), The Panel (1998-2004), All Aussie Adventures (2001-), and Thank God You're Here (2006-), and the hugely successful movies The Castle (1997) and The Dish (2000).

Tony Martin and Mick Molloy had a top-rating radio show Martin/Molloy (1995-1998), before moving into film with Tackle Happy (2000), Crackerjack (2002), Bad Eggs (2003) and BoyTown (2006). Both currently host radio shows on the national Triple M network: Molloy's Tough Love (2004-) and Martin's Get This (2006-).

Judith Lucy appeared in both Crackerjack and Bad Eggs, and continues to tour with a series of successful one-woman shows.

Champagne Comedy: The Late Show fan page
The Complete Unofficial Reference Site of The Late Show: Episode & Sketch Guide
The Unofficial Homepage of The Late Show and The D-Generation
The Late Show at the Internet Movie Database

Rembrandt gets up

Van Gogh Museum

Every first Friday of the month the Van Gogh Museum presents a film inspired by classic German expressionist cinema.

On 1 December the museum presents The Elephant Man (1980, David Lynch) starring An­thony Hopkins and John Hurt.

Nosferatu, Phantom der Nacht (1979, Werner Herzog) follows on 5 January.

Visitors to the exhibition receive a reduction on Sunday 7 January when the silent version of Nosferatu (1921, Murnau) is shown in the Film Museum accompanied by live mu sic.

The feature film in February is Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton,

followed in March by Shadows and Fog by Woody Allen.



fri 24th N

Vincent van Gogh and Expressionism
Conversation between guest curator Jill Lloyd and Edwin Becker, head of exhibitions (Van Gogh Museum) about the newly opened exhibition which presents Vincent van Gogh’s influence on German and Austrian expressionists. In English.

DJ x-0-x
DJ x-0-x (Arjan van Sorge) is driven by creating exiting music mixes in relation to a theme or a specific location. Experienced as Club-DJ, radio maker, musician and performer x-0-x knows very well how to create a relaxing atmosphere. Instant soundtracks for special moments. From 6.30 pm on in the central hall.

For more information see: www.x-0-x.org

Friday Night

The Van Gogh Museum is open until 10 pm on Friday evenings - and there is always something special to experience. For the duration of the exhibition Vincent van Gogh and Expressionism, November 24th until March 4th, the Friday evening programme will be dominated by film, items connected with the exhibition theme and above all music. The focus will be on music as perhaps the ultimate form of expression, with performances inspired by the exhibition.

Every Friday evening during the dark winter months armchairs, video projections, djs and a bar will transform the central hall into a relaxed venue for socialising.

All items on the programme start at 8 pm, unless otherwise stated.


18 November 2006

If I Can’t Dance

Opening & Afterparty

NOVEMBER 16, 2006 - JANUARY 14, 2007
Archive de Appel

Symposium I

DECEMBER 01, 2006 - MARCH 11, 2007

Symposium II

Film Programme

JANUARY 13, 2006 - JANUARY 14, 2006
Performance Programme

16 November 2006

BIRD MAN - Amsterdam


By Abner Preis, Dennis van Doorn, the Burkman & Nick Marzano

Open vanaf 18.00 u.


Borat In The Hood

Video results for 'borat'

South Park Warcraft

"Make Love, Not Warcraft"

Frank Agnone, J.J. Franzen, and Eric Stough talk about integrating World of Warcraft machinima into South Park.


what's on - Amsterdam

Galleries, Musea, Art Institutes &
Site Specific exhibitions in Amsterdam

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Night Garden

GROW Yer Own DANG Food!

Eat + Drink at the Micro Green Restaurant
Every thu-fri-sat from 6 to 11 pm
Open untill January 7, 2007

Wat do you get?

Nice rich servings of
Truffle Potato Mash
Pumpkin Mash
White Potato Mash
Onion Marmelade
Ginger Crackling
And plenty of sprout and cress.
All for only 10 euro.

And for those who like meat:
Organically grown & local side orders of
Pork sausage or Lamb sausage in the Gelderse style,
and perfectly baked spekjes. For just 3 euro extra.

Micro green Cuisine is a concept by Debra Solomon and is part of Mediamatic's Night Garden. An indoor garden teeming with technology, art and food. Visitors can build robots at a garden robot production studio, wander through a digital alter-garden, learn about mating call science, and experience psycho-chemical garden furniture.

For reservations call 020 6389901 or send us an e-mail at mail@mediamatic.net


15 November 2006

Jan van Eyck Academie

The Jan van Eyck Academie is an institute for research and production in the fields of fine art, design and theory, based in Maastricht in the south of The Netherlands. The academy offers individuals and institutes the opportunity to submit research or production proposals. Besides, the Jan van Eyck itself also initiates projects for which artists, designers and theoreticians can apply.

Graffiti - Miami, FL

Graffiti artists in Miami, FL