31 October 2007


Halloween parrrty!

October 31st


6,66 eur


Gouls and ghosts, Wednesday night, TONIIIIIIIITE at the Winston!!!

a Hellaween Party. Free Shots of Jack and a lot of scary fun. Please join us early for the Presentation of the "Love at First Sight" panel Abner Preis painted for Jack Daniels.

Located in the heart of the Red Light District, The Winston Kingdom is open 7 nights a week, live music, DJ’s, dancing, shows and more is to be expected in this living room – club. We usually open at 21:00; sometimes earlier……check the agenda for the exact times. Sunday till Thursday we close at 03:00 hours, Friday and Saturday we close at 04:00 hours. The almost daily live music at the Winston Kingdom varies from rock to sexy glam, hiphop to jazz, electro to punk. You can expect almost everything. Known and unknown DJ’s play at the club, outrageous dancenights, fashionshows, film- & book presentations take place and several band competitions happen during the year.

Check www.winston.nl to see what’s on!

dj krush



13 okt. t/m 11 nov. 2007 Opening 12 okt 21;00U.

KULTIVATOR is a collective of artists and farmers. On the island Öland just off the south coast of Sweden, the three Lindmark sisters and their spouses and children cultivate organic food, and host a residency programme and an international artists practice. In their first major retrospective in W139, potatoes and linseed oil, paintings and sculptures, sheepskins and films will be on show and on sale. The children of KULTIVATOR will live in a village of polyester igloos in the rear space of W139 and offer to trade their toys, comics and computer games.

El Parche was invited to build an installation for the exhibition. The artists collective El Parche creates meeting places were they address political and cultural issues. Graphic designer Floor Wesseling, who designed the wonderful KULTIVATOR logo, will make a paste-up about the agrarian history of the Bijlmer.



Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell's "Rose Hobart" (1936) is a short, 19 minute experimental film created by the artist Joseph Cornell, who cut and re-edited the Hollywood film "East of Borneo" into one of America's most famous surrealist short films. Cornell was fascinated by the star of East of Borneo, an actress named Rose Hobart, and named his short film after her. The piece consists of snippets from East of Borneo combined with shots from a documentary of an eclipse. When Cornell screened the film, he projected it through a piece of blue glass and slowed the speed of projection to that of a silent film. The original soundtrack is removed, and the film is accompanied instead by "Forte Allegre" and "Belem Bayonne", two songs from Nestor Amaral's "Holiday in Brazil," a record that Cornell had found at a junk shop.

The film was first shown in 1936 at Julian Levy's New York City gallery in a matinee program featuring short films from Cornell's collection. Levy called the program "Goofy Newsreels." This took place around the same time as the first surrealism exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

Salvador Dalí was in the audience, but halfway through the film, he knocked over the projector in a rage. "My idea for a film is exactly that, and I was going to propose it to someone who would pay to have it made," he said. "I never wrote it down or told anyone, but it is as if he had stolen it." Other versions of Dalí's accusation tend to the more poetic: "He stole it from my subconscious!" or even "He stole my dreams!"

After the Dalí incident, Cornell did not show the film again until the 1960s, when, at the behest of Jonas Mekas, it was screened again for a public audience. When the first print was made from Cornell's original in 1969, Cornell chose a 'rose' tint instead of the normal blue.


DAW07 - Zurich

The DIGITAL ART WEEKS, the Meeting Point between Art and Technology at ETH Zurich, is concerned with the application of digital technology in the arts. Consisting of symposium, workshops and performances, the Digital Art Weeks program offers insight into current research and innovations in art and technology as well as illustrating resulting synergies in a series of performances during the Digital Art Weeks Festival each year, making artists aware of impulses in technology and scientists aware of the possibilities of application of technology in the arts. DAW is organised by ETH the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.


photos and videos for the documentation of



Articles and Reviews on DAW07



Open Systems: A Perspective on the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival 07

by laurie halsey brown

Intra-disciplinary hybrid practioner laurie halsey brown reports from 'Interact or Die!' the eighth edition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival by v2, the Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Interview with Art Clay, Artistic Director of Zurich's DAW07

by Rachael Watts

Art Clay, artistic director of the Digital Art Weeks organised by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, in conversation with Rachael Watts explains his view on the intersection between art and new technologies.

The Valorization of the Author

by Michael Betancourt

Curator/avant-garde theorist/multi-disciplinary artist Michael Betancourt re-examines Authorship in relation to recombinant/database work and hyperlinking practice in blogs and social networking.

Modifying Art

by Andrew Y Ames

New Media artist Andrew Y Ames revisits the history of computer game as modifying art, a continuation of the Fluxus tradition in which art was conceived "'in the action rather than the object.'"

Place, Space and Sound

by Christian Hörgren

With Stockhholm New Music Festival's '06 theme "Place and Space" as a starting point, architect/critic/musician Christian Hörgren examines the relationship between the notion of space and music by tracing examples in music history.

Art and Sound in Stockholm New Music ('06) and LARM-Nordic Sound Art Festival ('07)

by Sachiko Hayashi

The following works at 2 Stockholm festivals are discussed: Christina Kubisch's "A History of Archives", Janet Cardiff's "Forty-Part Motet", Steina Vasulka's "Violin Power" and Maia Urstad's "Radio Concert."

30 October 2007

Damrak Tardis

The center of Amsterdam was closed to traffic this morning as police used water cannon to evict squatters from a house in Damrak.

A crane was used to lift a police box onto the roof of the building and up to the windows where sledgehammers and chain saws were used to gain access.

26 October 2007

Video Vortex International Conference, January 2008

Institute of Network Cultures
Video Vortex International Conference, January 18-19 2008
Location: PostCS11, Amsterdam

Quick registration: http://www.networkcultures.org/videovortex/?page_id=12
Full conference program:

Confirmed speakers: Nora Barry, Tilman Baumgartel, Geoffrey Bowker,
Dominick Chen, Sarah Cook, Stefaan Decostere, Thomas Elsaesser, Pavlos
Hatzopoulos, Marscha Kinder, Patrick Lichty, Matthew Mitchem, Dan Oki, Ana
Peraica, Emma Quinn, Florian Schneider, Tom Sherman, Jan Simons, Valentin
Spirik, Tal Sterngast, Thomas Thiel and Andreas Treske.

Themes: Online Video Aesthetics, Cinema and Narrativity, Participatory
Culture, Alternative Platforms and Software, Curating Online Video and
Video Slamming (evening program).


In response to the increasing potential for video to become a significant
form of personal media on the Internet, this conference examines the key
issues that are emerging around the independent production and
distribution of online video content. What are artists and activists
responses to the popularity of ‘user-generated content’ websites? Is
corporate backlash imminent?

After years of talk about digital conversions and crossmedia platforms we
are now witnessing the merger of the Internet and television at a pace
that no one predicted. For the baby boom generation, that currently forms
the film and television establishment, the media organisations and
conglomerates, this unfolds as a complete nightmare. Not only because of
copyright issues but increasingly due to the shift of audience to vlogging
and video-sharing websites as part of the development of a broader
participatory culture.

The Video Vortex conference aims to contextualize these latest
developments through presenting continuities and discontinuities in the
artistic, activist and mainstream perspective of the last few decades.
Unlike the way online video presents itself as the latest and greatest,
there are long threads to be woven into the history of visual art, cinema
and documentary production. The rise of the database as the dominant form
of storing and accessing cultural artifacts has a rich tradition that
still needs to be explored. The conference aims to raise the following

- How are people utilising the potential to independently produce and
distribute independent video content on the Internet?
- What are the alternatives to the proprietary standards currently being
- What are the commercial objectives that mass media is imposing on
user-generated content and video-sharing databases?
- What is the underlying economics of online video in the age of unlimited
- How autonomous are vloggers within the broader domain of mass media? How
are cinema, television and video art being affected by the development of
a ubiquitous online video practice?
- What type of aesthetic and narrative issues does the database pose for
online video practice?

The closing night will feature live acts, performances and lectures under
the banner of video slamming. We will trace the history from short film to
one-minute videos to the first experiments with streaming media and online
video, along with exploring the way VJs and media artists are accessing
and using online archives.

Video Vortex is a collaboration of the Institute of Network Cultures with
Argos Brussels and the Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam,
featuring a series of international events.

See http://www.networkcultures.org/videovortex for more information, or
contact conference producer Shirley Niemans,

Institute of Network Cultures

22 October 2007

Call for Articles and Net Art

On-line journal Hz (www.hz-journal.org) is looking for articles on New Media, Net Art, Sound Art and Electro-Acoustic Music. We accept earlier published and unpublished articles in English. Please send your submissions to hz-journal@telia.com

Hz is also looking for Net Art works to be included in its virtual gallery (www.hz-journal.org/netg). Please send your URLs to hz-journal@telia.com

Dead-line: 20 November, 2007

Hz is published by the non-profit organization Fylkingen in Stockholm. Established in 1933, Fylkingen has been known for introducing yet-to-be-established art forms throughout its history. Nam June Paik, Stockhausen, Cage, etc. have all been introduced to the Swedish audience through Fylkingen. Its members consist of leading composers, musicians, dancers, performance artists and video artists in Sweden. For more information on Fylkingen, please visit http://www.fylkingen.se/fylkeng.html or


20 October 2007

Curator for One Day - montevideo

24th october 2007
"Career Suicide"
curated by Josephine Severn

Video Vortex : Curator for One Day

Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam

19 October 2007


MIA (Switserland) and ROBE (NL)

OEI (NL) and ZET (Switserland)

CERN YMI (New York)

SPICE (Australia)




Robin Rhode & Severn

Robin Rhode
The Storyteller, 2006
16 mm transferred to video

The work comprises three main elements, the drawn tree, the leaf litter and the interaction of the human form.

Its currently on exhibition in Munich


Josephine Severn
"Mother - Self" 1997
an installation comprising seven works exhibited as part of the 1997 Gosford Fringe Festival. http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/install/mother/mother.htm

The work comprises several elements, the drawn tree, the leaf litter, the human interaction and the hand made components.

ome of the components had been previously installed in the forest.

In the Severn work the human interaction is active and dymanic, the viewer personally explores the installation space.

In the Rhode work the performer's interaction with the installation is dynamic, but the viewer is removed to a passive, static role. The action in the work has been transferred from the viewer to the recording medium, the video.

Concrete Canvas

Voom's Gallery HD, is taking it to the streets for an in-depth look at the visually stunning and often controversial world of street art in the new half-hour weekly series, Concrete Canvas, premiering Monday, October 22 at 8 pm ET and PT/7C.

This series follows pavement artist Julian Beever to ten cities in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

The series also explores the works of each city's most famous -- and in some cases, infamous -- street artists, including London's D*Face, Amsterdam's Laser 3.14 and Faith71, New York's Swoon, and Paris' Blek le Rat, the "Godfather of Stencil Art."

Following are descriptions of the 10 episodes that will air on Gallery HD beginning October 22. One of the 15 VOOM HD Networks, Gallery HD is available nationally on the DISH Network satellite service (Channel 9472) and Cablevision's iO digital cable service (Channel 714).

click link for more info: http://www.artdaily.com/section/news/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=22031

Episode 6: Amsterdam
Premieres November 26 at 8 pm ET and PT/7C
Beever’s 3D work in Holland’s most picturesque port-of-call brings to life the city’s most famous icons – tulips, canals, bridges and of course, its Dutch master painters.

This episode also presents noted street artist Laser 3.14 and his “Aerosol Symphonies” exhibition, where the works of 14 street artists are married with music, as well as Faith 71, whose spray can pieces graduated from the streets to the galleries.


There's a preview video clip here.


18 October 2007


In 2003 I made an original limited edition print containing a signature character of a girl holding balloons. It is entitled 'ladybird'.
Its an autobiographical piece relating to a childhood event.
The balloons represent hope and are a reference to overcoming adversity.

The image is covered by my artist's copyright.

Here is a well known BANKSY image containing a girl holding balloons.
It is dated 2005. I dont know the date that the stencil was first cut.

When I put Ladybird up
at KATTENBAK in 2007, it was a reference to my earlier character, not a tribute to BANKSY.

The concept of a character flying suspended from a balloon is a long established tradition. See for example the original Winnie the Pooh.

17 October 2007

Jean-Michel Basquiat


Braille Graff


Geisha Graff


montevideo VIDEO VORTEX

October 20 - December 2
Opening: Friday, October 19, 5:00 p.m.

Artists: Beatrice Valentine Amrhein, Giselle Beiguelman, Susan Collins, Jonathan Harris & Sepandar Kamvar, Graham Harwood, Mediashed / Mongrel, MW2MW (Marek Walczak & Martin Wattenberg), Sonic()bject

The exhibition VIDEO VORTEX is the Netherlands Media Art Institute's response to the Web2.0 phenomenon. Web2.0 stands for power to the user and democracy for everyone. It has led to innovative forms of media use in which an open and playful collaboration can lead to critical positions and new ideas. More info: http://www.montevideo.nl/en/index_agenda.php?cat=e&id=224

During the opening, Friday October 19, Adam Hyde will present his FLOSS Manuals. http://nl.flossmanuals.net/

Saturday 20 October
Presentations by artists that show work in the exhibition VIDEO VORTEX will tell about the background and ideas of their work.
Artist Grahame Weinbren will give an introduction: http://www.grahameweinbren.net

Participating artists: Susan Collin: http://www.susan-collins.net
Giselle Beiguelman: http://www.desvirtual.com
Rory Solomon: http://rorysolomon.com & http://noplace.mw2mw.com
Start: 13.30 h.
Entrance: 4,- (students 2,50)
Reservations: 020 6237101 info@montevideo.nl

Exhibition open: Tuesday through Saturday and the first Sunday of the month from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. Admission: 3,00 euro (with discount 2,00 euro) Video Vortex is a collaboration of the Institute of Network Cultures with Argos Brussels and the Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam.

october 2007 subject index


Curator for One Day - montevideo

october 2007 subject index



Damrak Tardis

Big Kisses
Symposium of Feminist Contemporary Art Practice
David Noonan - De Hallen Haarlem
De Veemvloer - TENT. Academy Awards 2007
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Robin Rhode & Severn

street art munich
Graffiti & Hip Hop Film Festival ROTL
belly button
Concrete Canvas
Braille Graff
Geisha Graff

new media

Waag Society nieuwsbrief
DAW07 - Zurich
montevideo VIDEO VORTEX
montevideo - Tuesday October 16

Joseph Cornell

dj krush
Raportaz - How to do a Graffiti

Call for Articles and Net Art
Video Vortex International Conference, January 2008

surfing munich

tattoo copyright

15 October 2007

Graffiti & Hip Hop Film Festival ROTL

The international Graffiti & Hip Hop Film Festival ROTL took place again for the third time from the 12th - 14th of october at the Eiszeit Cinema in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Shorts, feature films & documentaries …


Filme 2007

Diese Liste wird weiter aktualisiert. Bald gibt es hier einen Zeitplan, wann welcher Film läuft. Filme kommen, Filme gehen...

Big Kisses

Dear Friends,

Big Kisses invite you to a first residency evening upcoming Wednesday at
Volkskrant Gebouw in Wibautstraat, 150 .

Starting from 21:00 to 1:00 am.

Food, Cocktails & Music to celebrate new project dedicated to female

Music by:
Jolita Pabludo ( Hepcat/DUR) - Belgium
Lil'Shy (Big Kisses)
1.1 ( Faces records/Samurai.fm/Big Kisses)

We hope 2 See U there !!!




Lil'Shy and 1.1 are joining forces to create "BIG KISSES".

About the project:
- - - - - - - - - -

The idea behind this project is to develop a platform & connect the dots between female artists worldwide. Search, find & bring out new, undiscovered talents, as well as already established ones. Being active and inspired day by day 'Big Kisses' want to embrace and inspire young ladies to express themselves independently, do their own thing and do it right. They aim to create a space where female aritists can net/work together and create various collaborations in different form of art;You name it: music, visual, graffiti, design... anything goes as long as its quality.

About the Artists:
- - - - - - - - - -

++++//////Clelia Zida (Lil' Shy):

Lil'Shy spent her teenage years around Paris exploring the music scene and independent subcultures. In 2001 she moved to Amsterdam to enter the "Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy", Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She graduated in 2005 "CUM LAUDE" (honorary degree) of Audio-Visuals department (VAV).Her playground consist of drawing, graffiti, photography, film,various web/flyer designs for record labels & clothing design. Lil'Shy has been working on various projects and collaborated with artists like MAOMA (www.maomaland.com), Two Things, London Police to name a few.She is currently focused on the "Still Dreaming" exhibition concept that will combine her recent work and will be exposed in January 2008 at Carhartt store, Amsterdam.

Lil'Shy website
Lil'Shy myspace

++++//////mamikO'motto (1.1)

1.1 informs the ears of tastemakers around the world. Having build a reputation as the producer of Hepcat radio show, with one of the most essential play lists for underground DJs to check, 1.1's love for Hip Hop, Jazz, Techno, House and cosmic beats has won her devoted listeners all over the globe - from Tokyo to Vilnius, Detroit to Paris, Brussels to Amsterdam. Recently decamping to London, 1.1 has already run several club nights as part of Other Worlds Records family, and her new radio show 'didureally' on samurai fm has attracted more fans than ever before. As well as DJing and organized events 1.1 also devises promotions and press releases for Faces records from France, for artists such as Simbad, Inverse Cinematics, and L'Aroye. " I think it's the duty of a DJ to discover new artists from many different countries, and present them to music lovers," she says. Her travels have taken her far and wide, always in search of the new music that will blow the minds of everyone in the spot. (Max Cole, Straight No Chaser)

Links :
F A C E S records
Other Worlds Records
didureally radio show
1.1 myspace

Symposium of Feminist Legacies And Potentials In Contemporary Art Practice

Edition II episode 4: Feminist Legacies and Potentials in Contemporary Art Practice
28.10.07 - 06.01.08

The 4th and final episode of Edition II
has been developed in collaboration
with MuHKA, Antwerp, Huis en Festival
a/d Werf, Utrecht and De Appel,
Amsterdam. It will take place between
October 27, 2007 and January 6,


SUN 28.10.07
11.30am - 6pm SYMPOSIUM
Location: de Balie [Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10 Amsterdam, NL]

In the symposium we want to join with a
series of thinkers and cultural
practitioners in exploring the current
political potential of feminism in the
age of globalization.

Can its methods
of enquiry, critique, and activism aid
in thinking about contemporary
identity? We are interested in thinking
about what would the issues be for a
global feminism today.

In the morning
the keynote speaker Rosi Braidotti
will outline the intellectual terrain
from her perspective.

In the afternoon
we open out the debate in relation to
the practice of artists such as Hito
Steyerl. Ruth Noack, who developed an
interesting feminist narrative in
Documenta 12, has been invited to speak
from a curatorial perspective.

ZO 28.10 12.00

Het slotsymposium van Feminist Legacies And Potentials In Contemporary Art Practice borduurt voort op de twee eerdere symposia die If I Can’t Dance... organiseerde. Het zal verder ingaan op noties van ‘global feminism’ met als sprekers o.a. Rosi Braidotti, hoogleraar Vrouwenstudies aan de Universiteit Utrecht, en Connie Butler, samensteller van WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution en beeldend kunstenaar Hito Steyerl. Het symposium wordt geproduceerd door het MuHKA, Huis en Festival a/d Werf en de Appel.
> De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10 Amsterdam Nederland
> T +31[0]20 553 51 51
> www.debalie.nl

12 October 2007


Pine St Creative Arts Centre, Chippendale, opens on Tuesday, 16 October, from 6 pm

For the second year now, Stencil Festival presents its exhibition in Sydney from 16 - 28 October, featuring stencil art from five continents.
The main festival activities occur on Sat/Sun, 27/28 October. Free entry. All ages welcome.
For program details please visit the website at www.stencilfestival.com
Pine St Creative Arts Centre, 64 Pine St, Chippendale

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS - new works by Joshua Smith and Store
China Heights Gallery, opens Friday, 26 October, from 6 pm

PinXit presents Adelaide artists Joshua Smith and Simon Burt aka Store at China Heights Gallery in Sydney. The exhibition features an amazing collection of Joshua's burlesque 1960s pin-up-like aerosol stencil artworks and Simon's intriguing Venus-meets-Femme Fatale mixed media paintings utilising oils, charcoal and pastels. Sexy. Not to be missed.
China Heights, lvl 3, 12 - 28 Foster St, Surry Hills

PinXit will present Girls Girls Girls also in Melbourne in November. Opens at Per Square Metre Gallery on Thursday, 26 November, 6 pm.

Until then, all the best

PinXit JD
email: info@pinxit.com.au
preview: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pinxit
web: http://www.pinXit.com.au

11 October 2007

David Noonan - De Hallen Haarlem

The present order is the disorder of the future

De Hallen Haarlem

1 September – 25 November 2007

Slater Bradley (US)

Pablo Bronstein (UK)

Milena Dragicevic (CS/CA)

Manuel Graf (DE)

Marijn van Kreij (NL)

Alexandra Leykauf (DE)

Jen Liu (US)

Nathaniel Mellors (UK)

Tris Vonna-Michell (UK)

David Noonan (AU)

Stefan Rinck (DE)

Torsten Slama (AT)

Guido van der Werve (NL)

From 1 September through 25 November 2007 De Hallen Haarlem will present an international group exhibition entitled The present order is the disorder of the future. The exhibition combines new and recent works by 13 artists from Europe and the United States, in a variety of media: films, videos, installations, drawings, collages, sculptures and paintings. De Hallen Haarlem has a mission to identify urgent developments in international contemporary art, and with this exhibition it presents its credentials. The present order is the disorder of the future is curated by Xander Karskens.

Can art – through the production of imagery and the stimulation of the imagination – still provide a deeper insight into the world around us? The artists whose work is represented in The present order is the disorder of the future believe it can. In poetical, melancholy or humorous images, analytical or critical by turns, they produce work that captivates by reflecting on the past and anticipating the future.

The present order is the disorder of the future showcases a variety of noteworthy artistic stances, presented in loose connection. The title of the exhibition (which derives from a work by the Scottish artist Ian Hamilton Finlay and refers to the French revolutionary Louis de Saint-Just) alludes to the ever-changing social landscape within which art functions, and to the architecture of the museum, in which a wide range of historic styles merge.

From the many different manifestations of contemporary art, De Hallen Haarlem brings together a number of parallel artistic approaches in order to show how the visual arts continue to develop in relation to a surrounding culture of images – the design of the ‘low’ culture of films, science fiction or pop music, for instance, but also the conventions applying to contemporary visual art, which is still very much influenced by the legacy of Modernist ideas and aesthetics. Reflection on (art) history is central to many artistic strategies presented in The present order is the disorder of the future: by means of appropriation and transformation of existing images, stories or historical sources they try to establish order in the complexities of the present – or try to intensify the chaos.




Australian Blogging Conference



A new gallery project has been set up that works only with artists/groups
working under pseudonyms. We are looking for artists if you are interested
please view our website and contact us using it
All arts, any medium

Thank you

Waag Society nieuwsbrief

Design-create-share: from next week until December 1st every Tuesday and
Thursday, everyone can check out the FabLab and make things at the
cultural warehouse Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. A FabLab offers the
opportunity to create and fabricate your own goods, whether it be a simple
object (made from different materials) or electronics.
Entrance to the FabLab is free.

See further:


Saturday 3 November, Museum Night (n8) will again be organized in
Amsterdam. The Waag will join the many museums that open up at night for
once a year to bring a special programme.
What can you expect to happen at the Theatrum Anatomicum of the Waag this
Come and play as a DJ/VJ with our fantastic Scratchconsole, especially
build by Waag Society and mix, together with other visitors, video, images
and sound with thrilling effects.
Do you want to create something?
Bring home your own n8-souvenir made with the DIY technology in the famous
FabLab-concept of MIT.
Thirsty? The Coolingshow is once again present to serve you a drink made
in a very surprising way.

See further:

De Veemvloer - TENT. Academy Awards 2007

---scroll down for english---------------------------------------------------

TENT. Academy Awards 2007
i.h.k.v. PARAAT#3

De Veemvloer (i.s.m. Horse Move project Space) presenteert de achtste editie van de TENT. Academy Awards, een competitie tussen de beste eindexamen video’s, films, shorts en animaties van alle Nederlandse kunstacademies in 2oo7.

Donderdag 11 oktober
De deur gaat open om 19.30 waarna we starten met de performance van Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio, de projectie van de TENT. Academy Awards 2007 begint om 20 uur.
Duur: ca 90 min
Toegang: gratis
Bar: open

Locatie: DE VEEMVLOER, Van Diemenstraat 410, Amsterdam

De selectie toont werken van o.a. Mark Vankan, Miriam Kuijpers of de winnaar van de Publieksprijs Mostafa Heravi [Iran] met zijn ‘Dageraad’ (Dawn), en de winnende film van de TENT. Academy Awards 2oo7 ‘The limits of our universe’ van Dorien de Wit.

Deskundigen hebben alle eindexamententoonstellingen in Nederland bezocht om de selectie voor de TENT. Academy Awards 'o7 te maken. De scouts zijn:
Jelle Bouwhuis, conservator Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam
Ingrid Commandeur, eindredacteur Metropolis M.
Mique Eggermont, adviseur beeldende kunst Rijksbouwmeester
Kees de Groot, artistiek leider Gogbot Festival Enschede
Toine Horvers, Sub-Urban Video Lounge Rotterdam, kunstenaar
Machteld Leij, journalist
Patricia Pulles, curator Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam
Arjan Reinders, publicist
Arno van Roosmalen, directeur Stroom Den Haag
Bart Rutten, Curator Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch
Sue-an van der Zijpp, curator Groninger Museum

PARAAT#3 toont de keuze van twee kunstenaarsinitiatieven uit de oogst van eindexamenwerk in 2007 op twee bijzondere locaties aan Het IJ.

5 – 28 oktober

René Adema, Laurence Aëgerter, Karin van Doorn, Viola Groenhart, Jeroen Hoenselaar, Kankerzooi.nl, Renier Kranendonk, Lena Khurtova, Lilian Kreutzberger, Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio, Tom Rasmussen, Iva Supic, Peter Winkel en Erik Klein Wolterink

PARAAT#3 is ook op zondag open.


TENT. Academy Awards 2007
in the framework of PARAAT#3

De Veemvloer (in collaboration with the Horse Move Project Space) presents the eighth edition of the TENT. Academy Awards, a competition between the best final exam videos, films, shorts and animations from all the Dutch art academies in 2oo7.

Thursday 11 October.
The door opens at 7.30 PM with a performance of Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio, the screening of the TENT. Academy Awards 2007 starts at 8 PM.
Duration: ca 90 min
Entrance: free
Bar: open

Location: DE VEEMVLOER, Van Diemenstraat 410, Amsterdam

The selection includes works of, among others, Mark Vankan, Miriam Kuijpers or the winner of The Public Award Mostafa Heravi [Iran] with his film ‘Dageraad’ (Dawn), and the winning film of the TENT. Academy Awards 2oo7 ‘The limits of our universe’ by Dorien de Wit.

Experts have visited all the final exam exhibitions at the Dutch art academies to make this years selection. The scouts who made the selection for the TENT. Academy Awards 'o7 are:
Jelle Bouwhuis, curator Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam
Ingrid Commandeur, editor-in-chief of Metropolis M.
Mique Eggermont, adviser visual arts Rijksbouwmeester
Kees de Groot, artistic director Gogbot Festival Enschede
Toine Horvers, Sub-Urban Video Lounge Rotterdam, artist
Machteld Leij, journalist
Patricia Pulles, curator Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam
Arjan Reinders, publicist
Arno van Roosmalen, director Stroom The Hague
Bart Rutten, curator Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch
Sue-an van der Zijpp, curator Groninger Museum


PARAAT#3 shows a selection of two artists’ spaces from the harvest of the graduation exhibitions of the Dutch art academies in 2007. The work is exhibited at two locations on the banks of the river IJ in Amsterdam.

5 – 28 oktober

René Adema, Laurence Aëgerter, Karin van Doorn, Viola Groenhart, Jeroen Hoenselaar, Kankerzooi.nl, Renier Kranendonk, Lena Khurtova, Lilian Kreutzberger, Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio, Tom Rasmussen, Iva Supic, Peter Winkel en Erik Klein Wolterink

PARAAT#3 is open also on Sundays.


montevideo - Tuesday October 16

Het Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst presenteert:

Dinsdag 16 oktober 2007

Volgende week dinsdag geen enkele reden voor een herfstdepressie - kom naar de Keizersgracht en laat je opvrolijken door productiviteit van Hollandse bodem. Te gast zijn Arno Coenen, Jan van Nuenen, eddie d, Igor Sevcuc, Martijn van Boven en Guido van de Werve (o.v.). Allen laten nieuw werk zien of zelfs een preview van work in progress.

Bovendien is er speciale aandacht voor de uitreiking van de René Coelhoprijs. Genomineerd zijn: Viola Groenhart, Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam; Maike Lond, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag; Wouter Venema, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arnhem; Polo Vreedenburgh, AKI, Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Enschede en Dorien de Wit, AKV/ St. Joost, 's-Hertogenbosch. De jury bestaat dit jaar uit Giny Vos (mediakunstenaar), Ellen de Bruijne (Ellen de Bruijne Project) en Nanda Janssen (onafhankelijk curator). Voorzitter Heiner Holtappels (directeur Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst)

Aanvang: 20.30 uur
Deur open: 20.00 uur
Entree: 3,50 (2,50 voor studenten)
Presentatie: Theus Zwakhals
Reserveren: info@montevideo.nl 020-6237101
Meer informatie: http://www.montevideo.nl

The Netherlands Media Art Institute presents:

Tuesday October 16, 2007

New Dutch work from Arno Coenen, Jan van Nuenen, eddie d, Igor Sevcuc, Martijn van Boven and Guido van de Werve (probably all artists present).

And special attention for the René Coelho Award.

Nominees are: Viola Groenhart, Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam; Maike Lond, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag; Wouter Venema, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arnhem; Polo Vreedenburgh, AKI, Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Enschede and Dorien de Wit, AKV/ St. Joost, 's-Hertogenbosch.

The jury this year are: Giny Vos (media artist), Ellen de Bruijne (Ellen de Bruijne Projects) and Nanda Janssen (independent curator). Chairman Heiner Holtappels (Director Netherlands Media Art Institute).

Start: 20.30 h.
Door open: 20.00 h.
Entrance: 3,50 (2,50 students)
Presentation: Theus Zwakhals
Reservations: info@montevideo.nl 020-6237101
More information: http://www.montevideo.nl

Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV
Tel: 020 6237101
Email: info@montevideo.nl

05 October 2007


PRESS1 at Mikosa


Reminder: Saturday 6th 0ctober
Location: Nieuwmarkt at 2pm {14.00}

End: Westerpark around 5.30



02 October 2007

tattoo copyright

“First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

There d
oes not appear to be any online discussion on tattoos and copyright law in relation to Australia and Australian copyright law. The discussion below relates to the USA legislature and is not relevant outside the USA.


Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of body art. The impetus to decorate and adorn is essentially a human characteristic and is something that people have always done. For many people the designs and symbols of adornment can hold great meaning. Similar designs can be found across cultures but their meaning can be significantly different. Within cultures the meaning of certain designs can change across time.

Click on an image below to find out more about tattooing.

Earliest forms of Tattooing Ta Moko, Maori tattooing Ta Tau, Samoan tattooing

"My slides from my presentation last week exploring this question, up on the Gikii 2 website, got boing boinged. So here is a post about some of the issues that come up, including those that came up in the BoingBoing forum."



discussion wrt US copyright law


Pat Fish also raised the originality issue for the tattoo community:

“Tattooing as an artistic culture is highly derivative and once an image is out in the community it is fair game for reproduction. We take art from all cultures and all styles and transform them into skin art. It is impossible to make two absolutely identical tattoos, and even if the client asks for a copy they will get their artist’s version of it, based on subtle changes to fit their body and the artist’s competence.”

That’s an important point. Human beings are not two dimensional canvases.


It’s about copyright. Those who read my Needled blog regularly are now letting out a universal groan and group eye rolling. It’s because I talk about it a lot. It’s my thang, as we say in the legal world.

For those not in the know, I first brought up the issue of copyright and tattoos in 2003 in an article for BMEzine. It made people really uncomfortable and made me really unpopular.