25 September 2006

Two Dutch ministers resign

Netherlands - Trouw
Two Dutch ministers are obliged to resign

The Dutch ministers of Justice and Housing, Piet Donner and Sybilla Dekker, resigned on Thursday, September 21st, having been held responsible for the deaths of eleven illegal immigrants in October 2005 during the fire in the retention centre of the Amsterdam-Shiphol airport.

"The results of the commission's independent enquiry were so harsh that the two ministers could only draw one conclusion: resignation", explains the daily.

"The report notably judges that there would have been fewer victims, if any at all, were security to have retained the attention of the authorities concerned.

The report evokes the image of a government that makes a big fuss about the expulsion of undesirable foreigners, though taking fewer and fewer precautions in conducting these expulsions.

This sad affair also shows how policy regarding foreigners has been carried out over these past years". (22/09/2006)

» full article (external link, Dutch)
» further articles on the theme (Domestic policy/Netherlands)

The Netherlands' negative migratory balance

"The Central Statistics Office last week revealed that the Netherlands have Europe's largest immigration deficit," deplores a leading article in the daily paper.

"In the first half of the year the country lost 63,000 people ... It is worrying news.

The Netherlands plainly have no appeal.


This week:
+ ROY & HG's FESTIVAL OF THE BOOT (Sat 2pm AEST, Sun 6:30pm AEST)

It's Grand Final time and in their 20th year on triple j, Roy & HG set up to commentate the AFL and NRL Grand Finals, live around Australia. It will be not one, but two emotional rollercoasters, so turn down the TV and turn up triple j!

FESTIVAL OF THE BOOT - AFL & NRL GRAND FINALS - Saturday, 30 September at 2:00pm

For 20 years, Roy & HG have been calling the Grand Finals on triple j, making the ridiculous ball sports we love even more ridiculous!

This year for the AFL Grand Final, it's WEST COAST vs SYDNEY and it's going to be a smashing game of Aussie Rules.
from: 2:00PM AEST (1:30PM in SA & NT, 12:00PM in WA).

Then on Sunday, it's the NRL Grand Final of BRISBANE vs MELBOURNE.
from: 6:30PM AEST (6:00PM in SA & NT, 4:30PM in WA).

Turn down the TV and turn up triple j!

A selection of Roy & HG pictures.

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24 September 2006


The Hop
Wednesday, September 27
Location: Escape Nightclub, Rembrandtplein 11, Amsterdam
20:00 - 02:00
Be part of hip hop recording history. Organised by Heineken, 'the Hop' will feature a producer chopping a beat, hip hop legend Ghost Face Killah (of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan) writing a new rhyme, and a graphic designer creating the sleeve, right there on the spot. Party with DJ afterwards.

Yep - the little kikker is a heineken ad.

Peter Greenaway VJ Performance
Thursday, September 28th
Location: TREEHOUSE (Zuiveringshal Oost), Westergasfabriek
Peter Greenaway, the alternative movie director behind movies such as "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover", will deliver a multimedia performance at the PICNIC '06 venue. Known as a "real-time image conductor", Greenaway will combine avantgarde cinematographic imagery with audio remixes.

Entrance for PICNIC '06 delegates only.

The PICNIC '06 conference is sold out! We regret to inform you that registration is now closed.

Sucked in, its full.


Graffiti in Munich




whats vn in munich

22 September 2006

urban art - uk


Lazarides, 8 Greek St, Soho W1D 4DG

Those of you lazy, feckless, blonde beer drinking idlers who haven’t made it down to The Stench show have got until September 30th to do so. The show is amazing and features original art by many of the artists from the POW site: Ben “Big Daddy of Street Art” Eine; Jamie “Gorillaz” Hewlett; New York collective and oversized canvas makers, FAILE; supreme chubby chaser Mode2; and some new kid called Banksy who, frankly, none of us have heard of, although apparently he just did a show in L.A. or something.

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, NE8 3BA 27th September - 7 January 2007

But anyway, the show should be incredible with work from artists including: Chiho Aoshima, Banksy, Dzine, Dr. Lakra, FAILE, Freaks Gallery, Shepard Fairey, Groovisions, Invader, Kozyndan, Barry Mcgee, Ryan Mcginness, Takashi Murakami, Miss Van, Neasden Control Centre, Os Gemeos, David Shrigley, Natasha Struchkova, Swoon, Aya Takano, Ed Templeton,Yasumasa Yonehara. And rumour has it that a number of pieces will go up around the walls of Newcastle - and then be whitewashed or stolen.

D*FACE SOLO SHOW “DEATH & GLORY”, 12th - 24th October Stolen Space Gallery, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, E1

D*”I’ll design a hat for any high street brand” Face is finally putting on his own eagerly anticipated show.

NB. D*FACE and POW will be producing a show poster for the event.

BLEK LE RAT’S FIRST SOLO UK EXHIBITION, 12TH Oct - 13th Nov Leonard Street Gallery, 73 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4QS

'Everytime I think I've painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well. Only twenty years earlier...'

Grandfather of the stencil, all-round street art legend and cheese-eating surrender monkey, Blek Le Rat (Xavier Prou), is also getting his first UK solo show -- on the same night as D*Face.

The exhibition, we are reliably informed, will be a complete overview of Blek’s work from the last three decades and should give the current interest in street art what the boffins are already calling ‘a historical context’.

cut and pasted from POW newsletter

Imtek - amsterdam



I was in the area so I dropped in to henx to see what was up. It was Imtek.

The guy behind the counter was completely dis-interested in talking to me.

Perhaps I wasnt wearing the right brand of t-shirt.

Maybe my shopping trolley was the wrong colour.

The art was a series of printouts of photos of tags.

nothing new there

Upgrade! - Amsterdam

Upgrade! Amsterdam 2.0: [The Graduates]

When: Wednesday 27th September 2006 || 20.30h
Where: De Melkweg, Theaterzaal, Lijnbaansgracht 234 A, Amsterdam

| entrance free | | cocktails | |paraphernalia |


LIVE webcast: www.fabchannel.com

Upgrade! Amsterdam [The Graduates]

Each summer many promising young artists and designers bid their art academies farewell, and graduate. The third Upgrade! Amsterdam, scheduled September 27th, offers a stage to these new young "hotties" to pitch their work to a larger audience, under the scrutinising gaze of a panel of experts and art academy tutors.
Most of the installations will be on display during the program.

With customary cocktails, new Upgrade! Amsterdam paraphernalia, and pedagogically sound sounds from the good old academy DJ Beatnologic.

Presentations and Installations by:
| Dragana Antic (Piet Zwart, Rotterdam) I Sounds of Qualia |

| Jonas Vorwerk (Willem de Kooning, Rotterdam) I Lightbox Sequencer |

| Ralph Baecker (KHM, Keulen) I Nowhere/Datenfraesmaschine |

| Daan Brinkmann (KABK, Den Haag) I 16 Pillars |

| Kristina Andersen (interaction and wearables designer, associated with STEIM and Piet Zwart Institute) | www.tinything.com I www.ifonly.org

| Arie Altena (media theorist, writer, lecturer and researcher at Jan van Eyck Academy) | www.ariealt.net

| Aadjan van der Helm (software engineer, lecturer and researcher at TU Delft, Industraila Design and Engineering) | http://studiolab.io.tudelft.nl


Upgrade! Amsterdam is a series of gatherings for and by new media aficionados, artists, geeks, media makers and breakers, and the generally curious. Point of departure is the premise: “No upgrade without a downgrade.”
Upgrade! Amsterdam is organised by Nat Muller & Lucas Evers, is actively hosted by De Melkweg, and kindly supported by VSB Fonds and Mondriaan Foundation.

Upgrade! is an international, emerging network of autonomous nodes united by art, technology, and a commitment to bridging cultural divides. Since April 1999, a group of new media artists and curators have gathered in New York City. The first meeting took place at a bar in the east village with Tim Whidden & Mark River [MTAA], Mark Napier and Upgrade! founder Yael Kanarek.
URL: http://www.theupgrade.

The White House on drugs

YouTube, a San Mateo, California-based startup, has become one of the Internet's hottest properties since two 20-something friends started the company 19 months ago. The free service allows users to share and view videos, most of which are amateurishly produced and include clips of young people singing and dancing -- usually badly.

The White House is distributing government-produced, anti-drug videos on YouTube.

President Bush's top drug-policy adviser, John Walters, said the agency was using emerging technologies to try to reach its audience. "Public institutions must adapt to meet the realities of these promising technologies," he said.

This suggests that the government is analyzing who is watching what on YouTube . Big brother is writing up your demographics.

The government's short public service announcements -- all of which were produced previously for television -- are highly polished. They will compete for viewership against hundreds of existing, drug-related videos that include shaky footage of college-age kids smoking marijuana and girls dancing wildly after purportedly using cocaine. Other YouTube videos describe how to grow marijuana and how to cook with it.

Now you know where to find it folks.

The government linked its videos with the terms "war on drugs," "peer-pressure," "marijuana," "weed," "ONDCP" and "420," so anyone searching for those words on YouTube could find its anti-drug messages.

All the videos were associated with a YouTube account named "ONDCPstaff" and identified as an 18-year-old living in Washington. The figure 420 is a popular reference for marijuana, and officials said the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy was created 18 years ago.

And there are the search terms, how thoughtful of cnn.


Michael Bugeja, who studies how different groups use the Internet, said the White House plan is misdirected because online video services don't afford serious consideration to weighty topics.

"It's the wrong forum and the wrong target," said Bugeja, an author and director of the journalism school at Iowa State University.


Bugeja has missed the point.

21 September 2006

Say Something - australia

The Say Something photo gallery is dedicated to signs, street art and graffiti spotted by subscribers.The message doesn’t have to be overtly political, it just has to be insightful or funny

18 September 2006

obey - arts marketing

Shepard Fairey - a case study in arts marketing


Icons with Shepard Fairey part 1

Icons with Shepard Fairey part 2

Icons with Shepard Fairey part 3


Lolla Lives-Shepard Fairey-Webisode 1-Andre's Posse

Lolla Lives-Shepard Fairey-Webisode 2-Banksy

Lolla Lives-Shepard Fairey-Webisode 3-Toys

Lolla Lives-Shepard Fairey-Webisode 4-Politics of Aesthetics

Lolla Lives-Shepard Fairey-Webisode 5-Street Galleries


Galo's G-Spot! - Amsterdam

The Wolf & Pack collective is proud to announce Galo's G-Spot!

A collection of new paintings and ideas from none other, than the infamous Italian madman mastermind, Galo!

It sounds a lot more XXX than it really is, but let your imagination run
wild if you want. Cause in the end, it's strictly XXX, cause that's how
New Amsterdam rolls!

A night of music, art, booze, blunts, friends new and old. Come on by
and add yourself to the mix, it won't be the same without ya'.

*The opening jumps off this Thursday September 21st. Starting at 6 PM
(or 18:00 for those of you who can count to 24)*

We hope to see you there, wide eyed and bushy tailed from the insane new
styles that are sure to shock and awe!

Come by, find the G-spot, feel the heat, enjoy your self Wolf & Pack &
Galo style!

232 Spui Straat 1012VV
Amsterdam NL
Store- 02-427-0786

15 September 2006

Jordaanfestival - Amsterdam

I envy kids that live in the Jordaan. They probably have hippie parents that ride them around on a bakfiets all day. They play hide and seek in the small, cobbled streets and on the squeezed-in playgrounds. Totally cute don’t you think? I actually envy the parents too. I want to be a Jordaan parent and have a bike to put my future kids in.

For some face-to-face envying, I must insist we all go to the Jordaanfestival this weekend. Happy thoughts will be transmitted to you by different artists.

Singers like Peter Beense, Marianne Weber and a lot of others will bring you the traditional Jordaan songs.

Two days of joy and happiness and the memory of good old times. So get ready for the ultimate Woodstock-meets-Mokum-vibe and bring your camper if necessary, because as the organisation says: “This is the one and only real festival of Amsterdam.”

Op 16 en 17 september 2006 zal het festival weer losbarten op de Westermarkt.

Vele artiesten zullen hun opwachting doen bij het jaarlijks terugkerend feest.

Dit jaar zal het festival starten op zaterdag 16 september om 13.00 uur en sluiten om 24.00 uur.

Op zondag starten we om 13.00 uur en dan stoppen om 23.00 uur.

On September 16th and 17th there will be a festival on the Westermarkt.

On Saturday it will begin on 13.00 till 24.00 hr.

On Sunday from 13.00 till 23.00 hr

We welcome you on this free festival and we give you the time of your live.

Where we find the festival? Clik here.

13 September 2006



call - Digital Fringe - Melbourne

Digital Fringe seeking submissions for 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival

Digital Fringe is a web-based digital arts festival that connects to Melbourne via numerous screens throughout the city. From the grand screen at Federation Square to hidden screens in venues and retail outlets, from screens in public spaces, in taxis, on mobile 3G handsets to bedrooms at home and projections on buildings.

Digital Fringe artworks will be streamed live to all participating screens.

All content will also be available for live streaming from the Digital Fringe website at www.digitalfringe.com.au

Digital Fringe is calling for: Digital art works to display on all screens and proposals for interactive art pieces.

Registration of artworks online at www.digitalfringe.com.au - all entries must be registered online!

More info - 03 9670 2329 or justin@horsebazaar.com.au
Closes 27 September 2006

Art of the Digital Age

This is the first full-size illustrated survey of digital art, presenting the work of over one hundred artists from around the world.

See a clickable list of artists' websites included in the book.

Also of interest:
Digital Art
Internet Art
New Media in Art
At the Edge of Art

11 September 2006


In both Standard English and Standard Australian the correct nomenclature for time is to place the units in ascending order of size.

eg. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years.

To reverse the date and month is an American regional variation.

Not only is it incorrect f
or non-americans to refer to today's date as 9/11; doing so facilitates the marketing campaign.

07 September 2006

Stencil Festivals news - australia

Currently we are working on an interior art commission for Mag Nation in Melbourne's CBD -- keep your eyes peeled for images or visit Mag Nation on 88 Elizabeth St.


On 21 September we will be opening a group exhibition of Australian and International stencil artists at the Burrinja Jarmbi Gallery, Upwey.

The exhibition will run until 8 October and a stencil workshop will be conducted on the weekends during the exhibition.

For details please click on the thumbnail flyer
for the full size version.


In November we will be on our way to Sydney again to do a live stencil spraying demonstration and exhibit some of our fine art in Mosman ... more details will follow soon.


D Mittmann and Satta. the founders and directors of the Stencil Festivals have taken their enterprise a step further and have launched pinXit -- Arst & Events Management Agency.
pinXit professionally represents and promotes street artists through exhibitions, live events, workshops etc and serves as a link between artists and potential clients and corporate commissioners.

The latest addition to the agency's website www.pinxit.com.au is a shop gallery section where a selection of artworks by some of our best australian and international stencil and street artists is available.

The selection of artworks will change from time to time, so keep checking back for new works.


mike, mir and dolk - Amsterdam

mike said

When mir and dolk were over in Amsterdam, we hooked up and painted some stuff together.


you have to be quick








it was the first piece i saw

i th
ought, "what a great text, and it has a woman's voice"



06 September 2006

guide to the London Underground


Life and Times of the London Underground Map

Patterson is fascinated by the information which orders our lives. He humorously dislocates and subverts sources of information such as maps, diagrams and constellation charts; one of his best known works is The Great Bear, in which he replaced the names of stations on the London Underground map with names of philosophers, film stars, explorers, saints and other celebrities. By transforming authoritative data with his own associations he challenges existing rationales.

Pick asked the calligrapher, Edward Johnston, to design the font in 1915. In 1916 after collaboration with Eric Gill (he of Gill Sans font fame), the Johnston Sans Serif font was produced. A few minor modifications later and we have the Johnston Underground Font which is still used on all London Underground maps, stations, posters and materials today. The New Johnston Underground font can be downloaded, too. Great for London Underground-themed parties and the like!

Favourite tube links
ultimate visitors guide to London


04 September 2006

MIR - stencils

Stencil Artist MIR's photos


Stencil Artist MIR from here & there. I am currently painting europe for a 2 months period. Feel free to check out my work at the picture section. More pics to come...


the screen-printing process - with faile

The art of screen printing

For our new feature, UARM are taking us behind the scenes into the production facility where their latest range of T-shirts have been produced. You will get to see the various stages of the screen-printing process - from the exposure of the screens all the way until the T-shirts are boxed and shipped to the UARM warehouse.

In between, UARM caught up with this season's artists Faile, East River Drive, HuskMitNavn, Le Fix, and Mark Gonzales to comment on their work, their T-shirts, and any oher subject they had on their mind.

Enjoy this piece and make sure to drop by UARM's site..

The images we choose to use for the limited edition set were images that we have put up all around the world over the past few years as a art experiment between friends. It was a life style based on freedom of expression through public art. The art form allowed us to travel and to make a living enjoying what we do. We are cool with the whole limited edition thing as long as we get a few shirts for ourselves and our friends. Not
every one can afford a print or a piece of art so its all good. faile

film editing


ogged from

Kirk & Sp
ock get "closer"

NIN/Star Trek mashup.
This is maybe the best fan made music video on Earth.

warning - language may



PAINT !!! : A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Graffiti and Effective Streetwriting

03 September 2006

call - Wearable Computing

ANAT Media Lab on Wearable Computing

January 15 - February 4, 2007
Australian National University, Canberra

About reSkin
The Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) is pleased to announce its Summer Media Lab. reSkin will be facilitated by renowned media artists including ELISE CO (USA), JOANNA BERZOWSKA (Canada) and ALISTAIR RIDDELL (Australia). reSkin will be an intensive three-week workshop focussing on wearable technology, embracing the skill-based practices of object, jewellery, fashion design and media art.

reSkin facilitators will be working with artists including jewellers, object designers, textile artists, fashion designers and media practitioners. Together they will research, develop and rapid prototype sensor, time based and reactive clothing, jewellery, shoes, bags, personal environmental and device designs - anything wearable and technologically integrated. The Lab will focus on research and development, experimentation, collaboration and project development.

reSkin will end with WearNow a one-day forum of critical dialogue looking at our wearable futures, and a special publication examining emerging practices in depth. An exhibition of wearables that will include outcomes from the lab is scheduled for 2008.

Who Can Apply
reSkin is open to Australian and International artists and designers with at least 3 years of practice in the fields of jewellery and object design, textile design, fashion design, media arts, hybrid art and other related disciplines.

How to Apply
ANAT is currently calling for applications for reSkin. Application guidelines including further details on the Lab, facilitators, and public outcomes can be downloaded from the reSkin website at: www.anat.org.au/reskin

01 September 2006

Digital Bodies - amsterdam




you are cordially invited for the opening
Saturday 2 09 / 16 h / 18 h

reutengalerie amsterdam
fokke simonszstraat 49
wo/za 13 h/18 h

2 09 / 7 10 06

Most digital art works are to be experienced through the well-known output/input devices. Interaction consists of user input through mouse and keyboard, output through the computer screen. The visual properties of the output/input devices present the universe of industrial design, yet in the art gallery, they are presented within the same contextual space as a classical art object. A feeling of incompatibility arises in the juxtaposition of these two universes. Our experience of digital art in the exhibition space is inhibited by this conflict. This is the starting point for the project “Digital Bodies”.

The works in “Digital Bodies” are chosen to show the transition from the digital to the physical, from the idea to the realization. They are the physical manifestation of the digital. The sculptural presence of these works is such that they are able to be contextualized by the art gallery. The “and back again” in the subtitle is added because the passage we’re talking about is not one-way. The digital feeds the physical, the physical feeds the digital. “Digital Bodies” is to be seen as a metaphor for the the passage from “the idea” to “the implementation”. In presenting “Digital Bodies” we hope to add to the metaphor of the spirit/body dualism.

Foofwa d’Imbolité uses the avatar metaphor in his choreography, at times quite literally derived from computer programs like Maya. In “Body Toy”, he plays the (computer) avatar, whose body movements are at times very unlike human movements.

Alan Sondheim connects to the avatar theme in very many ways, in his writing, but also in his visual and auditory experiments wherein he prepares his collaboration with Foofwa.

Mogens Jacobsens “I Hear Denmark Singing” uses the well-known potato battery to power the computer in the installation.

Jan Robert Leegte takes visual elements of the computer user interface to build engaging sculptures in the gallery space.

And in Geert Dekkers’ work, the stream of ideas that the thoroughly fictional “nznl.com exhibition hall” consists of has taken on physical guise