29 June 2006

influenza - amsterdam




the london police - amsterdam

The London Police started when big English geezers headed to Amsterdam in 1998 and started rejuvenating the visually disappointing streets of the drug capital of the world.
The characters known simply as “LADS” soon held an iconic presence in the city.
Electricity boxes became their home and between 1998 and 2003, over 1000 LADS were drawn in the city.
From 2002 onward, The London police started sending missionairies into other cities around the world and soon there were LADS on the streets and in shows in London, Manchester, Brussels, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Milano, Torino, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai and beyond.
London Policeman have come and gone, but founding members are still known to walk the streets of every city in the world spreading love through pens and stickers. Never be scared. Don’t be a hero.

see works at go gallery

For the past year, Abner has been living and working in Amsterdam. "Most of my work has been public based, I try to impress as many people as possible, so, my venue has been much more about the public than my own studio. BUT! I am psyched to show a bit of that “studio stuff” as much as possible.”
Performing in the Paradiso, Sugar Factory and any other dive which will let him and "the no champions concept” perform this year has been a big part in the creation of Abner Style (z).
"My work is a combination of History, color, colorful history, today, tomorrow, today tomorrow and process/instinct and material."
Live every day as if it’s your last,
There is no I in team,
And to be healthy:
Eat, shit, and smile.

Kristina Vila (1975, Osijek, Croatie)
After finishing Art school, Kristina studied and worked in Zagreb, where she completed a textile – technology University of clothes and design and worked as a stylist for numerous fashion events, catwalk shows and magazines.
After exploring the fashion industry in both Zagreb and London, she moved to Amsterdam in 2001. With her continued love for fashion and her new found interest in street art, music and character design, she developed new ideas to showcase her work using music shows, the streets and canvas as her medium.
Through her paintings, Vila puts the fashion illustrations in an atmospheric background. Through the fashion born characters she styles the streets and canvasses.
In her latest work she combines all these elements to produce her self-styled female characters

GO Gallery | Prinsengracht 64 | 1015 DX Amsterdam
Phone 020-4229580 | E-mail: office@gogallery.nl | Fax 020-4229581
GO Gallery = GO Galerie = GOGallery = GOGalerie

28 June 2006

ben frost at gaffa - sydney

Self-Regenerating Bambi version 02
will be on exhibition at
Gaffa, 330 Crown St, Surry Hills
opening reception
this Thursday 29th JUNE 6 - 8pm.
exhibition continues until JULY 5th

check out these current interviews:
nothing magazine www.nothingmag.com
we are the image makers www.watim.com


De Veemvloer - amsterdam

De Veemvloer invites you cordially to the opening of


On Monday 03 - 07, 6:30 PM
Opening performance: Kunstverein W.A.S.

There is no World Cup match that day!

Several European artists share their vision of the Danube, the biggest river of Central-East Europe: the means of transport / physical and philosophical element / border / eye witness of the historical events

Andreas Müller-Pohle (D), Kunstverein W.A.S. [Veronika Dreier, Doris Jauk-Hinz, Eva Ursprung] (AT), Vera Stevanovic (Servië), Kadir van Lohuizen en Ulric Roldanus (NL)

Curated by Ulric Roldanus

In the framework of the exhibition two special evenings will be organized:
Documentary film about a project ‘Reise ins Meer’ (1978) of Hannsjoerg Voth (D)
and a presentation of Monique Besten (NL) about her residency and project
‘Guarding the bridge’ in Sturovo (SK) on the bank of the Danube (2005)
Stories along the mighty rivers told by Erik Bout – an evening with films in which
the rivers play the main role (in collaboration with Pluk de nacht)

(starting at 8.00 PM)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Open: 04/07 - 21/07/06, Tuesday to Saturday, 1 – 6 PM

DE VEEMVLOER, Van Diemenstraat 410, Amsterdam

27 June 2006

Festival of media action - barcelona

Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG and Bani present:

Festival of media action and radical entertainment

*July 6 7 8 - 2006*
Center of Contemporary Culture Barcelona
program: http://d-i-n-a.net/influencers/06/en

Welcome to episode three of The Influencers series, the live talk show you won't see on TV! With us tonight, we have media pranksters, star remixers of ideas, saboteurs of academic categories and reality agitators of every stripe.

Over the next three days, our 7 guests will present their work and discuss it with us. They will take us into stories of collective hallucinations that turn into reality and vice versa, like the time a Nazi icon was used to celebrate the patron-hero of a socialist state, or that fun time we spent bribing scientists and crushing workers so that our junk food company would come out on top (at least in a videogame).

And more: porn movies transformed into sequences of letters and numbers, fake newspapers announcing the end of the Polish communist regime and a new king Wojtyla, stolen web pages, an apologia for copying, DIY artists who have cracked the top ten, masked insects hanging from the billboards of corrupt presidents...

Our 7 guests will talk about the origins of their projects, their challenges and objectives, giving us all the dirt on the strategies that work while suggesting clues we can use to explore subterranean affinities through different periods, disciplines and cultural contexts. Acquisition of other identities on a mass scale and a trip through the turbulences of information flows are our recommended remedies to July sunburn and other nuisances.

press office: Monica Muñoz, premsa AT cccb.org / +34 933064100

mediamatic pyjama party - amsterdam

White Nights INSOMNIA Party
Friday, June 30 from 21.00 hrs
organised by Irina Birger and Katja Sokolova

Event inspired by the phenomenon of White Nights, when it NEVER becomes dark.

With a special insomnia video program from St. Petersburg and Finland.

An Insomnia Room where you can have your picture taken, dressed in SLEEPING clothes.

And to keep you AWAKE:
a speedpunk concert by Rene SG (at 23.00 hrs)
DJ Disco Machina en VJ Brian McKenna (until late).

Dress-code: PYJAMAISH.


Location: Mediamatic, Post CS Gebouw, ground floor, Amsterdam
www.inhalexhale.org / www.mediamatic.net

graffiti - how to

an introduction

keep your eyes open, and if you see the police, or some off duty fireman who wants to be a hero run. run and don't stop, run to a place cars cant get to like train tracks and run until your veins pump battery acid, then run some more. i've had had 6 cops chasing after me for half a night. hop some fences, stash anything that could used against you and keep running.

we rarely get caught, thats why police hate us so much.

on stelarc

_The Death of the Interview: a Meta:X.amination of Stelarc as EgoFried_N.tity_

About 20-odd years ago I visited a prominent contemporary Sydney Art Gallery in which was exhibited an installation of the techno_performance artists Stelarc. One of the x.hibits was a video looping of a "medical" n.tervention progressively showing the inside of Stelarc's digestive
sys.t[ract]em. The screen had been turned off with only the audio partially working. In a defiantly sacrosanct gesture i braved the haloed-artwork-as-exhibited barrier, reached 2 turn the screen back on + attempted 2 adjust the volume. Suddenly the gallery director n.tervened + frostily conveyed her displeasure @ my attempt 2 make the installation functional, as well as suggesting i leave the gallery. Since then, my sense of Stelarc, techne_dysfunction + ego has been somewot
[Cronenbergianly] unfortunately fused 2gether.


on ctheory

call - pocket film festival - france

Competition 2006
Propose your film made with mobile telephone for the competition 2006 of the Festival Pocket Films. Deadline of inscription: July 31, 2006.

The Forum of the images, cultural institution subsidized by the town of Paris, positions like precursor in the exploration of the images turned with mobile telephone. In 2005, creation of the first edition of Pocket Films, festival entirely devoted to films carried out with telephones mobile and diffused on large screen.

The films selected to take part in the competition contribute for the following prices:
Price of the jury
A jury made up of professionals of the cinema, art and culture will meet to decree 3 prices
First price: 2.000 euros + 1 mobile telephone 3G
Second price: 1.000 euros + 1 mobile telephone 3G
Third price: 1 mobile telephone 3G
Price of the public
The public present during the festival at the Pompidou Center will be able to vote for a film selected for the competition. The film collecting the greatest number of voices will be seen decreeing a price
1 mobile telephone 3G

for more info see

sony graffiti


Seeking to market its handheld game device to hip city dwellers, Sony has hired graffiti artists in major urban areas to spray-paint buildings with simple, totemic images of kids playing with the gadget. But the guerrilla marketing gambit appears to be drawing scorn from some of the street-savvy hipsters it's striving to win over.

Coming on the heels of widely publicized news that Sony music CDs infected customers' computers with security-hole-inducing spyware, the campaign for the PlayStation Portable is being derided on the internet as an attempt to buy the credibility of street art.

In San Francisco, critics have expressed their disapproval by adding some spray paint of their own to the Sony ads. On a wall outside a beer garden in San Francisco's bohemian Mission District that caters to motorcyclists and bike messengers, someone spray-painted over every character, adding the commentary, "Advertising directed at your counter-culture."

Outside Casa Maria, a small Mission bodega, someone wrote, "Get out of my city," added the word "Fony" to the graffiti and penned a four-line ditty slamming Sony.

Other cities targeted in the campaign include New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Miami, according to Sony spokeswoman Molly Smith.

The advertising, based on original artwork commissioned by Sony's ad agency, features a collection of dizzy-eyed urban kids playing with the PSP as if it were a skateboard, a paddle or a rocking horse, but doesn't include the word Sony or PSP anywhere.

When asked about the criticism, Smith countered that art is subjective and that both the content and the medium dovetailed with Sony's belief that the PSP is a "disrupter product" that lets people play games, surf the internet and watch movies wherever they want.

"With PSP being a portable product, our target is what we consider to be urban nomads, people who are on the go constantly," Smith said.

Floyd Hayes, the head creative director at Cunning Work, which specializes in nontraditional marketing campaigns such as promoting a Sci-Fi Channel TV show about the Bermuda triangle through reward signs for a missing sock, doesn't disapprove of the campaign, though he thinks the seemingly hypnotized kids in the artwork might send the wrong message about the PSP's thrill factor.

But Hayes doesn't think Sony has crossed any lines with the faux street art. "Sony and PSP have every right to use this type of media," Hayes said. "They have done it for (a) very long time very successfully and spoke the language of the streets without being patronizing."

Piers Fawkes, who runs the IF blog that focuses on new currents in marketing, also liked the campaign.

"It's a cheeky wink toward a savvy audience who are already familiar with the product," Fawkes said. "It's reflective of modern approach to marketing. The creative classes are sick of marketing when done badly or blandly, but when it's done in (an) intelligent manner, we appreciate it."

Fawkes questioned whether the backlash was very widespread.

"I wonder if that's a San Francisco phenomenon," Fawkes said. "I know there's certain mindset there."

Sony isn't the first corporation to use graffiti and stencils to market its products. In 2001, IBM paid Chicago and San Francisco more than $120,000 in fines and clean-up costs after its advertising agency spray-painted Linux advertisements on the cities' sidewalks.

Unlike IBM, however, Sony says it's paying businesses and building owners for the right to graffiti their walls.

Casa Maria was paid $100 for two weeks' use of its wall, according to co-owner Mario Arana.

24 June 2006

australian media art in UK

Experimenta’s new touring exhibition,
Experimenta Under the Radar,
invites UK audiences to experience and interact with the best of Australian media art at FACT, Liverpool and the ICA, London.

Opening at FACT on 16 June, Experimenta Under the Radar is an exhibition of innovative interactive media and video artworks by some of Australia’s leading contemporary artists. The unprecedented scale and caliber of the works makes this tour to two of the UK’s most prestigious media arts venues a world first.

The artists featured are: Stephen Barrass, Linda Davy, Kerry Richens:: Daniel Crooks:: Alex Davies:: Shaun Gladwell:: David Haines, Joyce Hinterding:: ENESS:: Narinda Readers, David Macleod:: Van Sowerwine,
Isobel Knowles, Liam Fennessy:: Craig Walsh:: Tan Teck Weng.

Experimenta Under the Radar is part of Undergrowth – Australian Arts UK 2006, an initiative of the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and the Australia International Cultural Council, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This project is a two-year Australian contemporary arts promotion program in the United Kingdom in 2005 and 2006.

Please visit www.experimenta.org for images and descriptions of each of the media artworks, the video program and to download the exhibition catalogue.


Online zombie shooting game inspired by H. P. Lovecraft.
Read more.

from bumlee

22 June 2006

graffiti links



"Stencilboard” aims at building an online-community by collecting and discussing Stencils from all around the world.

“Stencils” are sprayed pictures in public areas, which are produced by using stencils. The site is exclusively dedicated to Stencil-Graffities, which are in general referred to as Stencils or Pochoirs.

Besides presenting these graphics, the site supports the setting up of a Community, which discusses the works on display and features new examples of stencils by uploading photographs.

21 June 2006

dutch plagiarism

art school student steals sensitive personal information and publishes it on the internet


People not allways use the right settings for p2p programs like Limewire and Acquisition.
Which leads to sharing more data then intended, like personal and privat information.

Pierre Derks has been collecting these accidently shared files for a year.
This huge collection of idcard scans, passwords, pictures and videos are archived
in the ‘Dirk Pereres archive.’
Pierre Derks used the found footage material to design posters, videos etc.
see: [removed]

“It's an interesting collection that should be accessible to everyone...
I handle these files discreetly with respect to the privacy and anonymity of the people concerned.”

The Dirk Pereres project going to be exhibited from
2 July till 9 July 2006 as part of the Graphic Design graduationshow
from the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague.
Ministry of Finance
Korte Voorhout 7
The Hague

see [removed]


whether this qualifies as art is up for conjecture - whether it is ethical is another issue
I handle these files discreetly with respect to the privacy and anonymity of the people concerned.
yeah right

20 June 2006

Hardcore Till Death -french radio

Welcome on the website of Hardcore Till Death, a French Hardcore radio show which brodcatsts from Compiègne, in the north of Paris. It is every 2 weeks, on Tuesday from 7 pm to 8 pm.

next live streaming 20th June
La radio en streaming, c'est sur : http://ghstreaming.utc.fr/direct.ogg

On this website, you can find all the playlists of the radio show, the last releases which are played on air... But, you can also find information about gigs in the area, links...
If you want to make some comments, just send an email or sign the guestbook.

graffiti europe

graffiti europe

run the site through babelfish

other possibilities 2005 - NY

September 10 through October 8, 2005

Track 16 Gallery presents OTHER POSSIBILITIES, an exhibition of new paintings, collages, sculptures, installations, and wall paintings by Andrew Schoultz, Greg Lamarche, Craig Costello, and Alicia McCarthy.

These artists’ early experiences in graffiti and street art continue to inform their work–– each artist in strikingly different ways, redefines and moves beyond typical graffiti forms and iconography by reinventing and breathing new life into the familiar, ordinary, cast-off, or marginal, to create alternate meanings, other possibilities.

Andrew Schoultz (San Francisco) makes large, elaborate wall paintings and installations which in scale and scope, derive from his background in graffiti and public mural projects. Using his own repertoire of iconic images which include elephants, smokestacks, ships, and tornados, he addresses social and political issues. His installations incorporate recyclable materials such as discarded wood panels and scraps, reinforcing his ongoing political critique of society by using the remnants of consumer culture as media for his work. Recently, he executed a site-specific mural for Oracles and Ruminations at the Sara Nightingale Gallery (Watermill, NY) and was included in Lifecycle Analysis at the Intersection for the Arts (San Francisco).

Embracing his graffiti origins, Greg Lamarche (New York) creates small, intricate paper collages focusing on text and fonts. His work combines commercially printed and custom cut letters and words in a profusion of font styles, word fragments, and multiple layers, which combine to form new meanings and associations. For example, his collage Not Free, is comprised of hundreds of pieces of paper printed with the word “free” assembled in such a way to spell out the word “not.” By using objects that are considered disposable, Lamarche’s media, taken from such sources as restaurant delivery menus and magazine subscription cards, comments on societal and monetary values related to art, labor, and commodity. His work is currently featured in the Dreamland Artist Club, a public art project in Coney Island, NY and will be on view in Process and Progress at the McCaig-Welles Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), in November.

Craig Costello (New York) is known for creating and mixing his own ink, “KRINK” a longtime practice which he initially used in graffiti. He currently uses his custom ink to cover a variety of surfaces and spaces both indoor and outdoor with long, sloppy drips of pigment. In outdoor spaces, he takes familiar objects such as a mailbox or a doorway, which he identifies as a minimal pieces of sculpture, and redefines them by using long flowing drips of ink or paint which outline, and rearticulate the space in a way that lends itself both to sculpture and painting. In an indoor, gallery context, his sculptures and paintings are comprised of minimal shapes or sculptures with drips on the surface. Because he creates the surface or sculpture, as opposed to painting on existing outdoor objects, he brings some of his root street sensibility to a more formal arena. Currently his works are the subject of a twelve-page spread in the upcoming September issue of Arkitip magazine.

Alicia McCarthy (San Francisco) uses found materials in her installations and assemblages (stemming from her background in street art), while her paintings are reminiscent of abstract landscapes, composed of many lines forming grids, or arcs of color weaving on top of, and under each other, in an almost textile-like fashion. Her work consists of intentional mishappenings, yet they are uncontrolled, paralleling day to day life, relationships between the living world and its connections or disconnections, and perceiving as opposed to perception. Alicia McCarthy lives and works in Oakland, California and has exhibited her work both locally and internationally and will be part of the University of California, Berkeley, MFA program this fall.


graffiti art exhibition - hamburg


to see images you must go to the deutsch site, they dont work on the english site

save the sheep

PETA protesters say they are happy to bare their skin to save the skins of sheep.. ABC News Online

save the sheep

19 June 2006

dutch racism cont.

All major newspapers are reporting on a new study released today:


A quarter of the Dutch population have a strong dislike for allochtonen. Ten percent of the population are openly racist and consider allochtonen inferior to autochtonen. There is a general belief in NL that allochtonen are less intelligent and capable.

"allochtonen" = "immigrants
"autochthons" = "aboriginals"}

From today's paper edition of Het Parool:

- 28% of Dutch people want to have white neighbours only
- 33% of the Dutch would only like to have a white son in law
- 42% of the Dutch want to have only white teachers
- 57% of the Dutch would only accept a white Premier.

People from which countries make the Dutch feel more awkward?

49% Moroccan
34% Antillians (Ed: but they are fucking Dutch!!)
32% Turkish
32% African
24% Polish
18% Surinamers
17% French (Ed: ha, racism does not know any EU boundaries it seems)
13% Americans
12% Chinese
8% Germans
7% any allochtoon

What worries the Dutch the most about immigrants?

34% manners
12% immigration and integration
12% poverty
10% criminality
7% Islamic extremism

Other findings from the study:

27% is very negative about foreigners. 10% is openly racist.

43% believe that Islam is not compatible with peace

42% want the teacher for their children to be autochtoon

14% believe that the Dutch are much more intelligent than allochtonen

64% believe that racism occurs a lot in NL

47% believe that allochtonen abuse the social welfare state

36% believe that allochtonen are not honest people

27% believe that allochtonen are criminals

36% believe that allochtonen are not clean

41% believe that allochtonen are not tolerant

24% believe that allochtonen are lazy

58% believe that a city area turns for the worst when allochtonen live there

31% believe that they turned more racist in the last couple of years

36% believe that allochtonen should only be allowed to stay in NL for a couple of years

10% believe that allochtonen should be fired first from jobs in case of lay offs

16% believe that the Dutch should not mix with other nationalities.

text cut and pasted from expatica,
see the discussion forum for ex pat commentary

"The breakdown as you have listed seems much more informative than the online articles I have seen that do seem to be saying 'hey aint this great, only 10% of dutch are racists!'.. "
Other links discussing the study:



dutch racism

One in 10 Dutch people are racist: poll

6 June 2006

AMSTERDAM — One in 10 Dutch people are racist. They feel superior to immigrants and believe Dutch people should not mix with other nationalities, according to a new survey.

A quarter of the Dutch public is very negative about immigrants in general, consultancy Motivaction said at the weekend. It questioned 1020 people for the survey.

Ten percent of the respondents openly supported racist ideals, including the idea that Dutch people are more intelligent than immigrants.

Half of the people questioned expressed an aversion to Muslims and expressed fear about this group's influence on Dutch society. Some 43 percent said Islam is not for peace and almost two thirds said the religion is incompatible with modern society in Europe.

The majority of the respondents favoured a multicultural society, but 80 percent agreed cultural tension and racism have increased in recent years.

Director Ilhan Akel of the Dutch centre for foreigners (NCB) said the findings of the report were "very shocking" but he said he was not surprised by them.

"The hardening in society has been going on for five years. The current cabinet, particularly the policy of Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk, is also responsible for this," he said.

Verdonk declined to comment on the survey findings. A spokesperson said she is awaiting the publication of the more official report on racism in the Netherlands by the National Bureau against Racial Discrimination (LBR).

from expatica

08 June 2006

call - Atelier Nord

CALL FOR ARTWORKS - please forward

a project by Atelier Nord http://anart.no

exhibition Nov.10th - Nov.19th 2006
at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter Oslo Norway.

Atelier Nord is looking for artworks/installations
concerning the transformation of our everyday live
through electronic interfaces (see details below).


Please apply via email to sense@anart.no
subject: INTERFACE and SOCIETY exhibition
with the following information:

1) Project name / year of production
2) Artist name(s) + email / contact information
3) Short project description
4) Project URL + URL for online documentation (pdf, pictures, video)
5) Short CV

Alternatively you can send the requested information via snailmail to:

Atelier Nord
Lakkegata 55 D
N-0187 Oslo Norway
ad: INTERFACE and SOCIETY exhibition



In our everyday life we constantly have to cope more or less successfully
with interfaces. We use the mobile phone, the mp3 player, and our laptop,
in order to gain access to the digital part of our life. In recent years
this situation has lead to the creation of new interdisciplinary subjects
like "Interaction Design" or "Physical Computing".

We live between two worlds, our physical environment and the digital
space. Technology and its digital space are our second nature and the
interfaces are our points of access to this technosphere.

Since artists started working with technology they have been developing
interfaces and modes of interaction. The interface itself became an
artistic thematic.

The project INTERFACE and SOCIETY investigates how artists deal with
the transformation of our everyday life through technical interfaces.
With the rapid technological development a thoroughly critique of the
interface towards society is necessary.

The role of the artist is thereby crucial. S/he has the freedom to
deal with technologies and interfaces beyond functionality and usability.
The project INTERFACE and SOCIETY is looking at this development
with a special focus on the artistic contribution.


INTERFACE and SOCIETY is an umbrella for a range of activities
throughout 2006 at Atelier Nord in Oslo. Read more at:


call - tank TV

tank.tv DVD - OPEN CALL for submissions

To: Artists working with Moving Images, based in the U.K.
For: Moving Images of max 3 mins long & made after 2000.

tank.tv is an inspirational showcase of contemporary moving images acting as an online gallery / dedicated to exhibiting and promoting moving images by emerging, established or previously unknown artists. www.tank.tv acts as a platform for the new, innovative work in film and video

Tank.tv is planning to release a unique DVD featuring an exceptional selection of 25 short moving images from UK based artists.
The selection will be made in collaboration with major UK and international curators. The DVD will also be widely distributed for sale by a major publisher.

Deadline for submissions: 30th June 2006

Please complete a Submission Form,
to be downloaded from: http://www.tank.tv/submissions.asp

tank.tv / TANK magazine
5th floor
49-50 Great Marlborough Street
London W1F 7JR