29 March 2009

st.peters 2.0 - Sydney

st.peters 2.0 (OST B-Real 1 Life feat. Sen Dog And Mal Verde - Smoke N Mirrors) graffiti


St Peters Sydney


Sydney Graffiti article

This documentary attempts to show that not all graffiti and street art should be deemed negative or a criminal act but shows and promotes the legal avenues graffiti and street artists can take to get their work up. It was shot in Sydney, Australia.

This was first blogged in June 2007

lcbeats & Mays

This is a claymation of three young urban hip hop artists showcasing their art in the well known Sydney legal graffiti thoroughfare May Lane in St Peters, Sydney, Australia. They challenge the tradition of contemporary art by bringing their own pieces of graffiti and installing it in an elegant art gallery.
Some interesting encounters: a police chase, and a museum curator critical review ending in a mad frenzy of beatboxing.

Available at FIVE SIX SEVEN for $12 ( AUS), 567 King Street Newtown, NSW, 2042, Sydney Australia.
Phone: (02) 9517 3324




27 March 2009

SmARTarts 2009

smARTarts Exhibition: Showcasing the best of local emerging artists from 25 March - 18 April.

WHEN: 12.30pm until 6.30pm, Saturday 4 April

WHERE: Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, 64 Pine St, Chippendale

COST: Free

WEB: www.pinestreet.com.au/smartarts

Celebrate the creativity of the 'youth of today' at the City of Sydney's annual smARTarts Festival on Saturday 4 April.

smARTarts is Sydney's funkiest one-day arts and cultural festival event produced by young people through the City's Pine Street Creative Arts Centre. It is the City's flagship community youth event.

"smARTarts gives creative young people the opportunity to share their talents with the wider community," Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said. In its fourth year, smARTarts is part of National Youth Week which runs from 28 March - 5 April 2009.

This year's event will feature two stages of live music and dance, open mic sessions, free workshops, design art markets, stencil art and food stalls.

Live bands: CUTHBERT & THE NIGHT WALKERS, SuperFLORENCEjam, ALICE, THE FONTAYNES, MAD POLLY, The Bennisons, Mudd Club, TRUE VIBENATION and Junk Funk and more.

YOUTH ART EXHIBITION 25 March - 18 April 2009
Opening night: Wednesday 25 March 6pm – 9pm
First Floor Gallery, 64 Pine Street Chippendale
Pine Street Gallery will be closed for the Easter long weekend
Friday 10 - Monday 13 April 2009.
Usual gallery hours are:
Monday – Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm,
Saturday 11:00am – 4:00pm, Sunday Closed.

Ruban Rat - Sydney

Art shows, designer toy releases, live painting, and other special events at our Stanmore gallery and Newtown store.

Designer vinyl, mini-figures, plush, customs, prints, art decks, original art, books, magazines, and apparel.

Ruban Rat

Our store sits on south end of King St. Ruban Rat plays host to monthly art shows, toy releases, and other special events. Look out for the next opening in the Gallery section and come grab a drink.

423 King St
Newtown, NSW 2042



26 March 2009

Amsterdam Links

Galleries - London

Black Rat Press


Elms Lesters
Painting Rooms

1-3-5 Flitcroft St

T: +44 (0)20 7836 6747
F: +44 (0)20 7379 0789




Ground Floor,
125 Charing Cross Rd,
London WC2H 0EW
Phone: +44 (0)207 287 5151
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 11AM - 7PM (closed bank holidays and Sundays).

8 Greek Street,
London W1D 4DG
Phone: +44 (0)203 214 0055
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 11AM - 7PM (closed bank holidays and Sundays).

Pictures on Walls

Picturesonwalls Ltd,
16 willow street, London,
Lo EC2A 4bh,
United Kingdom.




The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL

match box projects - sydney


Bron (source) - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 5 March 2009 The American Book Center (ABC) presents with the exhibition BRON (SOURCE), which poses the question of what is and isn’t art. Four artists will present their work: Repromasters®, Harald Seiwert, Tia Ryan and Laser 3.14.

The opening vindt plaats op 5 April van 4PM – 6PM in the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam.

Exhibition Background The question of what is and isn’t art has been argued in universities and cafes for hundreds of years. As far back as the classical age of Greece, one playwright would judge another’s work mere propaganda, while offering his own up as a fine example of artistic expression. Today, the boundaries are even less clear, with advances in technology creating new areas for expression and argument. Can the copy of an original be considered art in its own right? Is the person using technology in the creation of that copy an artist or an artisan? How much inspiration may an artist take from an original, and still call his/her own work an original? Is graffiti an art-form or only vandalism?

Participating Artists

Repromasters® It took Repromasters years of research into photography, software training, color corrections, and the testing of different types of painter’s linen to make official (Van Gogh Museum) approved replicas of Van Gogh's paintings. Museums all over the world trust Repromasters’ professional skills. Repromasters brings the work of the master’s hand into the replica. His melancholy, his passion, even his fury. The replica becomes the art itself and is very affordable for collection. Become friends with Van Gogh and become the owner of a life size replica of a Van Gogh painting by Repromasters. Some of the works featured in Bron will be Sunflowers, Irises, Almond Blossom and the The Bedroom. www.repromasters.com

Harald Seiwert The "Inspired" series from Harald Seiwert confronts the visitor with new interpretations of classic and iconic images. Often using male models to recreate female icons, his work is confrontational, and asks us to rethink our traditional way of looking at these works. www.seiwert.nl

Tia Ryan Ryan's photographic portraiture seeks to bridge the gap between familiar iconography and the social reality of living in a multi-ethnic culture. By appropriating obvious poses/pictures, Ryan has seeks not only to make such ambiguity essential and relevant to herself, but also essential to the conversation of sexuality and power in contemporary art.

Laser 3.14 Nowhere is the argument about what is and isn’t art hotter than on the streets of our cities. Indeed the old-school and new-school graffiti artists are themselves working to redefine their art, not waiting for society’s judgement. On the leading edge of this debate, the reclusive Laser 3.14 juxtaposes his poetic musings against the backdrop of the least beautiful aspects of our cities: building sites, rubbish bins and temporary offices. His work demands that we rethink our preconceived notions about graffiti – or ‘Street Art’, as work such as Laser’s has come to be called – and reconsider its place on our buildings and in our galleries. www.laser314.com

The ABC Treehouse is the cultural center of The American Book Center, one of the largest sources of American and English books in Europe. The ABC Treehouse presents artistic, literary, and political projects which nurture dialogue and cooperation within the Dutch and multicultural community. www.treehouse.abc.nl

Agenda BRON (SOURCE) Opening: 5 5pril, 4PM The exhibition continues through 31 May 2009 Opening times: 1PM-6PM, Thursday - Sunday

Recoat - Glasgow

Recoat Gallery exhibits graphic art, illustration, graffiti, street art and photography and sells jewellery, clothing, books and magazines. We showcase work from emerging and established Scottish artists and designers aswell as trying to bring inspirational artists and designers to Scotland from elsewhere.



25 March 2009

MAY’S Lane Street Art Project

MAY's Lane Street Art Project and CarriageWorks are proud to present a retrospective exhibition of works spanning 2005-2009. The MAY’S Lane Street Art Project emerges from their renowned St Peters laneway to take over CarriageWorks’ vast foyer in a huge retrospective exhibition.

Curated by MAY’S director Tugi Balog, the exhibition will include a diverse selection of enormous artworks created at May’s Lane between 2005 – 2008 by legendary graff artists of Sydney as well as celebrated international street artists. Vibrant and immense, the retrospective will span a range of styles; New York graffiti, spray paint, paste ups, stencils and sculpture are featured.

The MAY’S Lane Art Project is an outdoor gallery space located in St Peters in Sydney's inner west. Each month, several artists are invited to use the entire space as their canvas. The artwork is archived by Tugi and his team, creating a unique historical treasure trove of original Sydney street art.

OPENING The event opens 6.30pm Wednesday, 25 March. We'd love to see you there!



15 March 2009

Nick the Stripper

One of the good things about being back in Oz, RAGE


Early Nick Cave

Australian Stencil Art Prize

and the winner is ....


The Australian Stencil Art Prize began as just an idea in early 2008. It grew out of discussions about the calibre of stencil art in Sydney’s Innerwest and a desire to see more of it. Late in 2008 we received a small start up grant from Marrickville Council and an Art Prize was born.

13 March 2009

ABC on Graffiti

"Graffiti writer John Michaels has written an opinion piece for ABC News Online, detailing what he sees as a massive lack of understanding about what motivates people to paint murals and draw tags on other people's property.

What do you think? Read the article then have your say by leaving a comment below."

There appears to be a complete lack of understanding of the issues here.
see the comments ....

Comments for this story are closed. (on the ABC site) you may however comment here if you have something intelligent to add.

10 March 2009

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09 March 2009

Studio Apart - Amsterdam


Studio Apart has become one of Amsterdam’s leading urban contemporary art galleries and is currently a platform for both emerging and established Dutch and International urban contemporary artists whose work covers a wide spectrum regarding photography, painting, design and sculptures.

Studio Apart
Prinsengracht 715
1017 JW Amsterdam
Tel 020-4222748
Fax 020-4232429



let's play until we break something
Invited by Studio Apart, Plusminus Produkties selected a few leading Pop-art artists from the Netherlands as well as from abroad for a unique, combined show.

‘Let’s play until we break something’ is the title of the group-exhibition hosted by Studio Apart, Prinsengracht 715, Amsterdam, from 13 October till 9 December 2007. Invited by Studio Apart, Plusminus Produkties selected a few leading Pop-art artists from the Netherlands as well as from abroad for a unique, combined show. Work by Ben Frost, Ron English, Mats!?, Luuk Bode, Pieter van Schelt and Plusminus Produkties themselves make this exhibition into a fresh and exciting experience of imagery.



08 March 2009

Powderbomb Articles

· How to Minimise the Risk of getting caught (A short, one page article that gives advice to graffiti artists on how to minimise the risk of getting caught.)

· Graffiti - Art or Crime? (This article explores the history of graffiti and brings forward the question of what graffiti really is. Words by Mistery)

· It's time to rub out ugly urban scrawl (Article by Leo Schofield)

· INTERVIEW with Unique (As a breaker, beat maker, emcee and a graffiti writer he has scaled the peaks. The former Def Wish Cast member, is now part of the Celsius duo pushing Australian hip hop to new heights.)

INTERVIEW with Mistery (Mystery is one of the most well known writers in Sydney. He has been involved in the scene for well over a decade and some of his amazing works can be seen all over the city.)

INTERVIEW with Seth KOA (exclusive interview with the old school legend)





Welcome to 'ohreallymagazine'! .....an art magazine aimed at all different types creations, providing an insight into the minds of innovative artists. The idea is to inspire people and push the arts forward. To motivate individuals to take action. Get busy creatively, and catalogue the exciting things we see. Be it on a wall, digital, a canvas, in the darkroom and coffee stained pages in a writers notepad. If you're thinking of sending something in please do! We aim to gather artworks in different styles and mediums.


Each print run of Oh Really is a limited edition. It has personalised touches with a hand made feel, oh, meaning no re-prints, yes really. If you would like to submit, please send your details (artist name, website) a5 images portrait and a4 landscape, cmyk, 300dpi resolution for print. It'll be great to also use them for the website too... Submission should be emailed to:


All featured artists get free copies of the zine posted to them, so make sure you send your postal address too..


The guys at the Australian Stencil Art Prize have closed their entires and the judges have chosen their finalists. The exhibition of the finalists will be at:

Oh Really Gallery opening on March 12th.

Judges for the Art Prize include contemporary artist James Powditch, internationally renowned stencil artist Vexta, Andrew Mac (Citylights project and Until Never Gallery, Nicholas Fintan (Australian Stencil Art Prize Curator), Fenella Kernebone (Triple J) and Kath Melbourne (Marrickville Council) and Satta van Daal (Melbourne Stencil Festival) The winner will receive a $500 cash prize and will be announced on the 12th March.

Fabchannel Closing


After nine passionate and beautiful years of sharing the most amazing concert recordings with you, Fabchannel is stopping. A great number of record labels still won't allow us to record their artists. This prevents us from offering what we need to keep Fabchannel alive.

We want to sincerely thank you for all support through the years! It has been an amazing time, but unfortunately this is where it ends.

With a bleeding heart we're pulling the plug of our online archive Friday 13th of March. Until that time, enjoy your favorite concerts and who knows… we'll meet again.

Justin Kniest, CEO


full story


567 King


Shop 567 King Street
Newtown, NSW, 2042
Phone: (02) 9517 3324

Mikosa - Amsterdam

Mikosa Foundation coming out with a its latest Mikosa Magazine Issue #06. Again, limited artworks by 10 international artists with a special gadget from each one. This time with sketches, designs, unfinished artworks and dirty ideas by Andrea Staiano, GG Tarantola, Gogoplata, Joe, Maoma, Nico Whystyle, Stereodactilus, Tatiana, Tom 14 and Will Barras. This time's gadget is supported by button legend Buzzworks to set up the Mikosa Button Series.

Join us for some great music by DJs Shablo and Ubee ( Fakefriends ), drinks and live painting. For more info and further projects of Mikosa: www.mikosa.net

Opening from 18:30 untill 21:30 at the Carhartt Store!


The "Carhartt presents" Stones Throw Europe Tour is coming up soon.
15 dates - 10 countries are involved.

Here is all info you need to know:

03/06/09 Stones Throw x Ed Banger night – Bataclan – Paris – FR
03/07/09 Cargo – London – UK
03/08/09 Detonate Weekender – Prestatyn – UK
03/09/09 Manchester – UK (DJ sets only)
03/10/09 Paradiso – Amsterdam – NL
03/11/09 Trix – Antwerp – BE
03/12/09 Rote Fabrik – Zurich – CH
03/13/09 La Plateforme – Lyon – FR
03/14/09 Le Romandie – Lausanne – CH
03/15/09 B72 – Vienna – AT
03/17/09 Luxor – Cologne – DE
03/18/09 Rust – Copenhagen – DK
03/19/09 Conne Island – Leipzig – DE
03/20/09 Hornstall Strand – Stockholm – SE
03/21/09 Sala Caracol – Madrid – ES

Next tuesday they will hit the Paradiso! Make sure to check it out!

02 March 2009

Swifty - Melbourne

Project Midas presents The Swifty Show 2009
5-15 March 2009
No Vacancy Gallery,
Red Cape Lane, Melbourne

Through his ID as Swifty Typografix, he has long maintained a global following for his innovative escapades in design.

His small, exclusive runs of silkscreen prints, etchings and aquatints have already attracted fans and buyers both locally and through the Art Car Boot Sale in Brick Lane where he shared a stall
with Scrawl Collective, alongside Sir Peter Blake.

As this is first time he will be exhibiting his work outside the UK, Swifty has done original art specially for this show as well as doing a ‘live’ art piece at the gallery’s opening night. Futhermore, there will limited editions of his iconic prints and other exlusives available at the opening night of the show, so don’t miss it!