30 June 2005

iPod + iTunes = er, ... iPodcast!

"Well, the much anticipated mainstreaming of podcasting has begun in earnest with iTunes 4.9the iPodLounge has a detailed guide to accessing podcasts from within iTunes, but if you're just looking to grab a few podcasts, you won't need it: the process is very easy (or, as Richard Giles suggests, "From a user perspective it?s just magic."). Having downloaded and tried out a few subscriptions, the process of downloading podcasts is greatly streamlined and I can't imagine I'll need to use iPodder or any other podcast-specific downloading software again in the near future."

more from ponderence

Basquiat Podcast

Culture TV

Target Foundation has set up an internet television station. CULTURETV will be officially launched
on the 15th of June and can be seen daily on the CULTURETV website. This makes it the first daily
station which has been produced especially for culture and art.

CULTURETV will be an independent channel and is the only global 24/7 TV network dedicated to
Culture, Art and New media.

The content is available via internet 24/7. At the same time we are creating a platform with
interesting possibilities for artists, gallery-owners, art lovers a.o. Not only they will be
informed of the latest art news but also they can collaborate by submitting short videos with
content for the channel.

mail to info@culturetv.tv

site www.culturetv.tv

Extra City 2 - Antwerp

Extra City 2 is a temporary project space in the former register offices
at Lange Nieuwstraat in Antwerp. Extra City 2 is conceived as a platform
for individual, specific exhibitions and as a nomadic project cell, offers a
complement to the exhibition program of Extra City in its main spaces at
Kaai 44.

Extra City 2
Lange Nieuwstraat 24, B-2000 Antwerpen
+32 484 42 10 70=20

6 June =AD 7 September 2005
Opening hours Tuesday =AD Sunday 11.00 =AD 18.00
Free admission / toegang gratis

FreeNRG ebook

FreeNRG ebook download (free).

FreeNRG: Notes from the Edge of the Dance Floor. The book I edited=
(2001 Common Ground Press), now available as freely a downloadable=
ebook (PDF - only 3.7 megs). Includes 80 colour images.

Download available thanks to Rak Razam and Undergrowth (and Creative

FreeNRG Contents

Foreword by Ken Gelder

Part I Post Rave Australia
-Doof! Australian Post Rave Culture, Graham St John.
-Propagating Abominable Knowledge: Tekno Zine Culture, Kathleen

Part II Sound Systems and Systems Sound
-Sound Systems and Australian DiY Culture: Folk Music for the Dot
Com Generation, Enda Murray. Doofstory: Sydney Park to the Desert,
Peter Strong
-Tuning Technology to Ecology: Labrats Sola Powered Sound System,
Monkey Marc and Izzy Brown.
-Techno Terra-ism: Feral Systems and Sound Futures, Graham St John.

Part III Techno-Ascension
-Mutoid Waste Recycledelia and Earthdream, Robin Cooke.
-Psychic Sonics: Tribadelic Dance Trance-formation, Eugene ENRG (DJ
Krusty) interviews Ray Castle.
-Chaos Engines: Doofs, Psychedelics and Religious Experience, Des
-Directions to the Game: Barrelfull of Monkeys, Rak Razam.

Part IV Reclaiming Space
-Practice Random Acts: Reclaiming the Streets of Australia, Susan
-Carnival at Crown Casino: S11as Party and Protest, Kurt Iveson and
Sean Scalmer.
-Appropriating the Means of Production: Dance Music Industries and
Contested Digital Space, Chris Gibson.

Are you old school? Like, do you like want to buy the print book? Go

Dr Graham St John=
Postdoctoral Research Fellow=
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
Level 4, Forgan Smith Tower=
University of Queensland=
St Lucia 4072=
Queensland, Australia=

Treehouse Gallery Amsterdam


June 30th to July 31st

You are welcome to the opening of the exhibition on Sunday, 3rd July at 4 pm.
Curators: Ana Salvador and Isabel Cordeiro

.PT is a group exhibition of seven Portuguese artists living and working in The Netherlands
.PT brings together the warmth from the south together with the northern pragmatism
.PT is a diversified group of artists that tries to challenge each others individual approach to
contemporary culture and art
.PT will show you very different approaches: from painting, to installation, to photography
.PT is proud and hopes you enjoy!

The artists represented are: David Almeida, André Avelãs, Nuno Carrusca, Isabel Cordeiro, Beatriz
Felgueiras, Ana Salvador, Paula Santos.

Vincent van Gogh Gallery

Welcome to The Vincent van Gogh Gallery. For nearly nine years now I've worked hard to ensure that this website remains the most thorough and comprehensive Van Gogh resource on the World Wide Web. To the right is a table detailing the contents of the entire site. I'm proud to say that I have the privilege of displaying 100% of Vincent van Gogh's works and letters--a complete, online catalogue raisonné of Van Gogh's oeuvre.

Friday nights at the Van Gogh museum

Every Friday evening the Van Gogh Museum remains open until 22.00 hours. This extension of the opening hours has been made possible by the museum's promoting partner Rabobank and the City of Amsterdam Department of Economic Affairs. On Friday evenings the museum organises a special programme to supplement its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. So every Friday evening there is always something new and interesting to experience in the museum.

Rembrandt & Van Gogh Drawings by the masters
To accompany the exhibition Van Gogh draughtsman. The masterpieces (2 July to 18 September in the Van Gogh Museum), and in anticipation of Rembrandt Year 2006, Peter Schatborn (former head of the Rijksprentenkabinet) and Sjraar van Heugten (head of Collections at the Van Gogh Museum) talk about the drawing skills of both Dutch artists.
15th July

Starts: 20.00 hours
Location: auditorium
Language: Dutch
Duration: ± 60 minutes

Ante kaas

Press Release MILKproject

A Dutch/Latvian locative-media art project wins the Golden Nica award
for interactive art of the Ars Electronica Festival.

Photograph: these days, the MILKproject installation is showing at the
Making Things Public exhibition in ZKM, Zentrum für Kunst und
Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany. www.zkm.de <#www.zkm.de>

On Monday, 24 May 2005, it was announced that the new media
project MILK has won the Golden Nica award in the category
Œinteractive artš. The award will be granted during the Ars Electronica
festival in Linz, Austria, from 1 to 6 September 2005, where the work
will also be part of the Cyberarts exposition (1-18 September 2005).
The Ars Electronica festival is internationally seen as a reference to the
developments in the field of electronic arts.

The project of the artist Esther Polak and researcher Ieva Auzina
followed a European dairy transportation from the udder of the
(Latvian) cow, to the mouth of the (Dutch) consumer. All people who
played a role in this chain received, for a day, a GPS-device (Global
Positioning System) that registered their movements.

The artists developed a lucid visualization-software for these traces,
and let the participants react upon them in their own kitchens or living
rooms. In the final installation- a homey space with footstools, twilight
lamps, an oversized radio and a projection screen, the onlooker can
join the enjoyment of these visually attractive images and the at times
hilarious comments of the participants. By this the personal life-stories
of these very different Europeans are shown, from the Latvian farmer
to the Dutch open-air market salesman with his clients, who are all
connected by one thing: the milk from a truck of one Latvian milk

MILKproject demonstrates that contemporary technology can also
realize a special intimacy: one can follow the steps of the farmer who
produces our food on the other side of Europe. Nevertheless,
MILKproject is also a completely new imagery of the globalized
landscape: connected by and cut through usually invisible lines. The
MILKproject shows these lines and opens therewith the possibility to
realize that there hides a landscape behind every product we buy, and
every bite we take, a landscape with its own spatial principals, that is
populated, cultivated and set foot on by its own, special people.

MILKproject, Esther Polak, Ieva Auzina and Rixc, Riga centre for new
media culture.


Contact: milkproject milkproject.net

more information about Ars Electronica: www.aec.at


l'actualite du monde de l'art / daily Art news

infos from june 17, 2005 to june 23, 2005 (included)
(mostly in french)
01 Call : major public art competition, Belfast,
02 Call : transmediale.06 festival for art and digital
culture, Berlin, Germany.
03 Call : Armenian Center for Contemporary
Experimental Art, Yerevan , Armenia.
04 Call : Staple Crops : Collaboration : Moneytheism,
Brooklyn, USA.
05 Call : International Video-Performance Art
Festival, INPORT, Tallinn, Estonia.
06 Call : No Forms/No Deadlines, Microcinema
International, San Francisco, USA.
07 Appel à particiaption : The 2nd International Festival of
Audio-Visual Arts VIDEOLOGIA,Volgograd, Russia.
08 Job : Visual Art teacher, MJC de la Vallee,
09 Publication : Truthfulness: Objectivity/Subjectivity, Issue 3 ,
Framework: The Finnish Art Review, Helsinki, Finland.
10 Publication : ch-arts, une nouvelle plateforme Internet pour les
arts contemporains, Switzerland.
11 Exhibition : Art=life=game, Marcel Marien, Rock'n'roll Charity
association, University of Littoral Cote d'Opale et le Frac
Nord - Pas de Calais, City of Dunkerque, France.
12 Exhibition : Olivier Leroi, 2nd Episode, la box _bourges , ecole
nationale superieure d'art de Bourges, France.
13 Exhibition : Open studios, Cite Internationale des Arts Montmatre,
Paris, France.
14 Exhibition : cneai editions, marche de la poesie, Paris, France.
15 Exhibition : Contree , Cordeliers museum, Saint-Jean d'Angely et
Hotel Saint-Simon, FRAC Poitou-Charente, Angouleme, France.
16 Exhibition : Javier Perez, La Criee contemporary art center,
Rennes, France.
17 Exhibition : Caroline Boucher / Ingrid Luche, Le Dojo, Nice, France.
18 Performance : Oeil-Ocean, Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Atelier Schoffer,
Villa des Arts, Paris, France.

Kiwi Kaas - New Zealand Blog



The Cam-Era Project
Each hour, a series of cameras spread throughout New Zealand contacts a central computer at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research to archive images for subsequent research and make them available on the World Wide Web.


call for entries - Kloone 4000 Amsterdam

Kloone 4000

Call for artists and scientists with an interest in the subject of
cloning, genetic manipulation and transformation of the body.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: September 1st – October 15th 2005

Deadline for submission of proposals: July 5th 2005 (but earlier is

Kloone 4000 is a research project for artists and scientists, a series
of lectures/discussions and a ongoing changing exhibition. Artists and
scientists are encouraged to respond to each others work.
Artists and scientist can submit proposals for cooperative research
projects (the 100 m2 project space is available for working on the
All information on the project is on http://kloone.anjeroosjen.com

International artists are invited to participate, but travel expenses
are not compensated because of limited budget.

Submission by email: kloone@showgirls-international.com

New Geographies Project

//////\\\\\\\ New Geographies Project
//////\\\\\\\ http://www.laberintos.org/newgeographies

//////\\\\\\\ Participants List / Online Projects
//////\\\\\\\ [ 24-06-05 ]

///////////// Sarawut Chutiwongpeti > A view thought the red window
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.chutiwongpeti.info
///////////// Thailand

///////////// Christian Nold > Bio Mapping
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.biomapping.net
///////////// UK

///////////// Eugenio Tisselli > buildspace
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.motorhueso.net
///////////// México

///////////// subRosa > Can You See Us Now? ¿Ya Nos Pueden Ver?
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.cyberfeminism.net/
///////////// USA

///////////// Socialfiction > Cracking The Urban Cheat Code
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.socialfiction.org
///////////// Netherlands

///////////// Hugo Kiehnle > Desplazamientos mínimos
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.hugokiehnle.com
///////////// México

///////////// Natalia & Ivan Monroy > dfm
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.textzi.net
///////////// México

///////////// Marina Zerbarini > Eveline, fragmentos de una respuesta
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.marina-zerbarini.com.ar/
///////////// Argentina

///////////// Raquel Rennó & Rafael Marchetti > From Marble to Pixel
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.influenza.etc.br
///////////// Brazil

///////////// Marcello Mercado > Global Economy
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.khm.de/~marcello/
///////////// Germany

///////////// J. R. Carpenter > How I Loved the Broken Things or Rome
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.luckysoap.com/
///////////// Canada

///////////// Isabel da Silva > Jacaranda City
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://uregina.ca/~dasilvai/
///////////// Canada

///////////// Irene Marx > Life island
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.artetic.com
///////////// Germany

///////////// LOGO: > Lovetour
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.montevideo.com.uy/lovetour/
///////////// Uruguay

///////////// Arcángel Constantini > multiver s.o.s.
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.unosunosyunosceros.com
///////////// México

///////////// Baldomero Hernández > Muro
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ México

///////////// Sinasi Gunes > Pirate
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Turkey

///////////// Sebastian Meissner aka Klimek > Pixel travel
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.autokontrast.de/
///////////// Germany

///////////// Stanza > Sensity
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.stanza.co.uk
///////////// UK

///////////// Tracey Benson > Swipe
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.swipe.name
///////////// Australia

///////////// Socialfiction > Taxonomy of my Room
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.socialfiction.org
///////////// Netherlands

///////////// Transnational Temps > Terranode
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.terranode.org
///////////// USA/España/ Grece/ France

///////////// Antônio Lima > Uma mesma oração
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Brazil

///////////// Blake Shell > Untitled (sites series)
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.patterntology.com/blakeshell/
///////////// USA

///////////// Franck Ancel > 42.195
\\\\\\\\\\\\\ France

New Geographies Project


call for entries -news & the net

Call for Contributions
News and the Net: Convergences and Divergences
A special issue of 'Scan', edited by Chris Atton & Graham Meikle

The study of news has always been central to the study of the media. But
while the rise of the Net has attracted enormous scholarly interest and
has reinvigorated the field, there has not as yet been as much research
on news and the Net as there might be. Some recent research has
emphasised online journalism as a set of professional practices
developed from existing journalistic philosophies and routines, though
often privileging the dialogical nature of the medium to generate news
agendas with media audiences (Deuze and Dimoudi, 2002). Other work
emphasises journalism as a set of deprofessionalised practices that
privilege grassroots 'native reporting' as a distinctive feature of an
'alternative journalism' (Atton, 2003). Such research highlights the
potential of Net use to enable new configurations of news production,
distribution and reception; new modes of authorship and audiencehood;
new kinds of producer and consumer. This special issue of 'Scan' invites
contributions that are able to push forward our thinking about the
modalities of Internet news production and reception. We are
particularly interested in papers that combine theory and practice to
critically explore the claims made for the various manifestations of
these practices.

Who uses online news? What do they use it for? How is credibility
judged? To what extent are relationships changing between reporters and
readers, between news outlets and consumers, in a media environment that
can be customised? How significant are participatory news and discussion
projects such as Indymedia (http://www.indymedia.org/en/index.shtml),
Wikinews (http://en.wikinews.org), OhmyNews
(http://english.ohmynews.com/) or Slashdot (http://slashdot.org/)? What
of news values and news content? What contributions are made to the
discussion of news by online art and satire projects such as Tenbyten
(http://www.tenbyten.org), News Reader
(http://turbulence.org/works/twotxt/nr-index.htm) or The Onion
(http://www.theonion.com)? And what of blogging? The blog may be just
as much the province of the professional journalist as the amateur and,
indeed, the much-vaunted 'independence' of blogs is often curtailed by a
reliance on dominant news agendas and framing mechanisms (Haas, 2005).
Which types or uses of blogging can be usefully approached under the
rubric of 'news'?

Answers on a postcard to...

Chris Atton
Napier University, Edinburgh

Graham Meikle
Macquarie University, Sydney

Submission dates and guidelines
Completed papers should be sent to the issue editors by 30 September
2005. Refereeing and revisions to be completed by 31 October 2005, for a
November launch.
Submission details and style guidelines are at
Maximum length is 6,000 words.

'Scan' (http://www.scan.net.au) is a refereed quarterly online journal
of media arts and culture, hosted by the Media Department at Macquarie
University, Sydney.

call for entries - Electronic art


Deadline: August 15th 2005
"Astas Romas" is organising the second "International Festival of
Electronic Art 404", to be held at "Centro Cultural Parque de España" and
"Centro Cultural Bernardino Rivadavia", in Rosario, Argentina from
November 29th to December 2nd, 2005.
"Astas Romas" is making a world-wide call to artists and theorists to take
part in this Festival 404'05 in order to estimulate and divulge new
productions around electronic art.
Authors may participate in the following areas: net-art, still image,
animation, video, electronic music, audiovisual set, theory, performance
and any other proposals made by the authors.
The program includes: screening of videos and animations, conferences,
performances and concerts.
Participation in this festival is free, open, and has no age-limit.
The Festival´s deadline to present works is on August 15th 2005. The date
will be taken from the post office cancelling stamp.
The only requirements to submit your work are to follow the instructions
published on www.404festival.com

Festival 404 >>>> created by "Astas Romas", Gina Valenti & Mariano Guzmán
/ www.astasromas.com
International Festival of Electronic Art 404
Gina Valenti & Mariano Guzmán
TE: +54 (0341) 155-213233 / 4122824 /// 155-329359
404 festival | www.404festival.com.ar
astas romas | www.astasromas.com




// New works / nouveaux travaux /// 2005 / /
// chanel 14 / canal 14
// on left menu / menu de gauche
// 2005
// http://www.arpla.univ-paris8.fr/index.html

STRP festival in 2007

An STRP festival in 2007 as well

The first edition of the art & technology festival STRP was a huge success on all accounts. During 3 days about 10,000 visitors let themselves be awed by an international program of over 100 acts in the areas of Robotics, Interactive Art, Music and Visuals. The (inter)national press also found their way to the monumental Klokgebouw(building) at Strijp-S in large numbers.

The mix of diverse disciplines turned out to be a hit. In the daytime the diverse crowd was amazed by the extensive exhibition and there was a lot of interest in the lectures, movies and Live Cinema performances. The music program created 2 parties that went on deep into the night.

The plans for the 2007 edition are taking shape more and more and we are determined to present an even more exciting program with the best acts from the world of art & technology from Friday May 11 till Sunday May 13.

Subscribe to the STRP mailinglist to stay up to date on the latest developments.



for festival photos: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

download festival film:
small (28.6 / 36.6 kbps)
medium (56.6 kbps)
large (112 kbps)

STRP art & technology festival :
CALL FOR PROJECTS - extended Deadline 10 JULY

The first edition of the STRP festival will take place in Eindhoven(Netherlands) between the 18th and 20th of November 2005.

Its focus is on the commonalities between art, popular culture and technology. As part of the festival there will be performances, exhibits and presentations in a historical space. STRP will take place on the 'holy' ground of the forbidden city of Philips, where in the 20th century numerous technological innovations were made.

A place where Einstein worked at one point and where one of the most ambitious
amalgamations of the arts and technology took place: "Poeme Electronique," a collaboration between the architect LeCorbusier with architect/composer Iannis Xenakis, artist Jean Petit, composer Edgard Varese and filmmaker Phillipe Agostini. Coincidence or not, Dick Raaijmakers also was closely involved in this project. STRP gets its
inspiration from this amalgamation of technology and art.


STRP is looking for projects/installations/proposals that fit under
one of the following themes:

1) Press "Start" : gaming, interactive installations and playful art
works, in which the public can take an active role in the experience
and realization of the work.

2) WE ARE THE ROBOTS : robots, robort art, installations.

To find out more about the festival : http://www.strp.nl
STRP Entry form html version: http://www.strp.nl/strp-entry-form.html
STRP Entry form pdf version: http://www.strp.nl/strp-entry-form.pdf
Photographs and video of the space are available here :
Photographs and video of the space zipped (8.5MB): http://www.strp.nl/space.zip

extended Deadline 10 JULY 2005
If you have further questions please contact us at projects@strp.nl


NetBehaviour is an open email list community for sharing ideas, posting events & opportunities in the area of networked distributed creativity. Also facilitating collaborations between artists, academics, soft groups, writers, code geeks, curators, independent thinkers, relationalists, activists, networkers, net mutualists, new media types, new media performers, net sufis, non nationalists. It has run in a number of formats since 2003.

10 June 2005

David Nash - Wooden Boulder

David Nash
19 May - 16 July 2005

David Nash is one of Britain’s leading sculptors and is renowned for his skilful and dynamic transformation of fallen or uprooted trees. Annely Juda Fine Art is delighted to present a new exhibition of his sculptures and drawings based on the theme of the Pyramid, Sphere and Cube.

David Nash Wooden Boulder 1978 – present

For the past 25 years Nash has been working on an extraordinary project motivated by his interest in ecology and the environment. In 1978 he rolled a large wooden sphere into a river near his studio in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales. Since then he has documented the boulder’s journey and changing environment until it reached the sea in 2004. Included in this exhibition is Nash’s compelling video and documentation of this living project ‘Wooden Boulder’.

09 June 2005

Street Art

Wooster Collective : A Celebration of Street Art

COLLECTIVE \Col*lect"ive\: done by or characteristic of individuals acting together; "a joint identity"; "the collective mind"; members of a cooperative enterprise
WOOSTER: a street in Soho, New York

07 June 2005


A troll is basically one who posts messages intended to insult and provoke per fas et nefas

For each person who responds, the poster (the troll as a person) will consider that person "caught". The troll (the troll as an action) is considered to have been a complete success if it disrupts beyond repair the normal traffic on a newsgroup or on a messageboard.

In extreme cases, trolls are posted by groups of trollers and crossposted to unrelated newsgroups in an attempt to destroy those groups by flooding them with flames and off-topic ranting.


Thirty - Eight Ways to Win an Argument
from Schopenhauer's "The Art of Controversy"

Living Internet


The Living Internet site provides a free, in-depth reference about the Internet, World Wide Web (WWW), Email, Usenet Newsgroups, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Multi-User Dungeons (MUD's), and Mailing Lists. Each chapter describes the technology's history, design, basic uses, advanced uses, key important features, security issues, help and troubleshooting, and references to more information.

Art Portals


Art in Flux: A directory of resources for research in contemporary art.

06 June 2005

Blogs of Interest

Art News Blog is a selection of visual art news, art reviews and art related stories online.
We search the web for some of the more interesting art news stories published each day.

http://new-art.blogspot.com/ New Art Blog notes on installation art, performance art, interactive art, digital art, web art, theater, cinema, painting, sculpture, and more, and more, and more

NEWSgrist was started in March 2000 as an e-zine devoted to the politics of art and culture in
the digital age. For four years it was distributed entirely by email subscription. In April 2004 it
morphed into a blog. Newsgrist remains dedicated to bridging gaps between the digital and the
non-technical, art and activism, the diverse blog and non-blog worlds of readers and subscribers.



weblogging tools


about weblogs

weblog history

Weblogs are a new media life-form that is native of our post-web world.
As was defined by a blog pioneer, Jorn Barger, "a weblog (sometimes called a blog or a newspage or a filter) is a webpage where a weblogger (sometimes called a blogger, or a pre-surfer) 'logs' all the other webpages she finds interesting." So in weblogs, experts in every conceivable subject, that express or no opinion, compile news and links on some specific subject.

"These daily diaries of links and reflections on links are the new medium of communication for the technical elite. Replacing the high-cost, high-octane, venture-funded Web site with one that is intensely personal and built around the connectivity between people and ideas, they are creating a new set of synapses for the global brain. It's no accident that weblogs are increasingly turning up as the top hits on search engines, since they trade in the same currency as the best search engines --human intelligence, as reflected in who's already paying attention to what. Weblogs aren't just the next generation of personal home pages, representing a return to text over design and, lightweight content management systems. They are also a platform for experimentation with the way the Web works: collective bookmarking, virtual communities, tools for syndication, referral, and Web services..." >from 'Inventing the Future' by Tim O'Reilly. April 9, 2002

history of weblogs

"The original weblogs were link-driven sites. Each was a mixture in unique proportions of links, commentary, and personal thoughts and essays. Weblogs could only be created by people who already knew how to make a website. A weblog editor had either taught herself to code HTML for fun, or, after working all day creating commercial websites, spent several off-work hours every day surfing the web and posting to her site. These were web enthusiasts.Many current weblogs follow this original style. Their editors present links both to little-known corners of the web and to current news articles they feel are worthy of note."Weblogs a history and perspective go there

the page of only weblogs



-empyre- facilitates critical perspectives on contemporary cross-disciplinary issues, practices and events in networked media by inviting guests key new media artists, curators, theorists, producers and others to participate in thematic discussions.

-empyre- is an Australian based global community which preserves its autonomy as a non-hierarchical collaborative entity by engaging with new content on a monthly basis.