29 October 2009

Shepard Fairey - Obama discussion

Interesting discussion from the Intellectual Property Colloquium on the Shepard Fairey v Associated Press Obama Poster case.

Of special interest to any street artist re-mixing media images.

full details/listen online/or download podcast here


18 October 2009

GS38 - Melbourne Old School


The Grand Sorcerer Thirty-Eight (GS38) was the original Hip Hop graffitist in Melbourne, Australia. Painting from 1984 to 1986, with a brief comeback in 1988, he was the author of The Future Four and Wild Boyz crews. WildStyle inspired 'GS38' was the first piece in inner Melbourne.

17 October 2009

Drewfunk - Melbourne

"Melbourne is considered the capital of Australian graffiti art ...  Several alleyways are now declared public art spaces. Melbourne is particularly rich in laneways and the ones off Bourke Street Mall and Collins Street are now popular tourist attractions. These were the subject of a French documentary, Melbourne Ink, which featured the work of several local artists who are now starting to be collected.  One of the most prominent is Drewfunk.
Born in Malaysia, he studied multimedia and design at RMIT University, working as a professional designer before he decided to become a full-time artist. His style reflects his Asian heritage as well as his background as a graffiti artist, although he is now recognised enough to hold exhibitions in serious galleries."

Coming up

16 October 2009

Ladies First - Rotterdam

ladies first
a group show by biC, lil’shy, MaoMa,
and MiniVila. Curated by lil’shy

At 17.00 till 23.00

‘Ladies First!’ is an exhibition by upcoming female artists and designers, with a refreshing look on contemporary graphics, fashion, designer toys, and textile installation. 

friday 16.10.09 from 17.00 till 23.00 

Music by dutchdolls and samira  

The SingerSweatShop is a cultural hotspot in the centre of Rotterdam. A dynamic place where exhibitions,  film nights,workshops and many other activities are programmed monthly. SingerSweatShop offers a podium for talented young artists from all fields. If you are interested in showing your work in the SingerSweatShop you can contact us at: info@singersweatshop.nl
Hoogstraat 170
3011 PV  Rotterdam

ladies first
a group show by biC, lil’shy, MaoMa,
and MiniVila. Curated by lil’shy

Web 2.0 Copyright

User-generated content & Web 2.0
websites:  March 2009
From The Australian Copyright Council

In this information sheet we give an overview of copyright issues that apply when website proprietors invite
people visiting their site to create or post user-generated content (UGC). Popular examples include:
• social networking sites (such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter);
• image/photo/film-sharing sites (for example, YouTube, Shutterfly and Flickr);
• blog sites that invite comments and responses;
• information sources (such as Wikipedia);
• game and virtual reality sites (such as Second Life); and
• entrepreneurial ventures with UGC elements (such as book, CD and travel sites which invite customers to
post reviews).
We particularly focus on the issues a website proprietor needs to be aware of when setting up such a site.

Information sheet:

05 October 2009

Bathurst 1000 - early 1980's

V8 supercar drivers telling us about the bathurst track



1980 Hardie Ferodo 1000 Mt Panorama Bathurst


Part 1 only

TRU BLU XD Falcon & the Rock @ Bathurst 1980


the rock - what really happened


1981 Bathurst 1000 Hardies Heroes Top Ten Shootout.

Bathurst 1000 1981 Opening laps: great duel between
Dick Johnson Peter Brock Kevin Bartlett and Bob Morris



1983 Bathurst 1000 Hardies Heroes Top Ten Shootout

go here to see the complete 1983 race


Bathurst 1984 Hardies Heroes Part 1 of 2

Bathurst 1000 - 1970s

1972 Peter Brock and the XU1 Torana




1977 opening laps


1979 Peter Brock Hardies heroes lap


1979 Peter Brock wins


Bathurst 500 - Early years

October long weekend = Bathurst. But not this year, apparently its next weekend. So I thought we could look at some previous years.
500 miles, 7 hours of endurance racing in Australian conditions.


1967 highlights part 1


1967 part 2


1968 part 1


1968 part 2

1969 part1

1969 part 2 isnt there

04 October 2009

Picnic 09 - Amsterdam

Lots of videos have been produced during PICNIC. We have used the technology of our partner Yubby to aggregate them on different channels. Watch the conference sessions, interviews, promos and everything that happened during PICNIC ‘09


yellowBird used their 3D video technology during PICNIC '09 to give you a walk around the event. While the video is playing you can look around in every direction by clicking and using the cursor.

The video will show you around the Westergasfabriek grounds, the Conference Hall and the PICNIC Club.



01 October 2009

Subject Index - September 2009

The Aviary
400,000 hits
Subject Index - August 2009
Print Australia on Facebook

Urban Art/Graffiti Subject Index 2009

Artists / Exhibitions
Judy Chicago
Fiona Tan

Martin Sastre - London
10th Biennale de Lyon
Beuys - Turkey
CCP - Melbourne
Primavera - MCA - Sydney
Melbourne Fringe 2009

Renew Newcastle
Sketch the Rhyme - Sketch City
What's On 1 - Melbourne

Obey - Canberra
Rita Angus - NZ

CCP - Melbourne
Biennale de Lyon - Photos
Damon Kowarsky - Melbourne

Melbourne's Laneways
Cartrain & Hirst - part 2, pencils

Urban Art Agenda #3 - Melbourne
The London Police - Interview
Space Invader Interview
Dont Ban the Can
Greek Graffiti
Nuart 09
FAME Festival - Italy
Word to Mother Interviews

Dont Ban the Can - Photos
Until Never

Frieze magazine

Mirror of the World - SLV
ANAT - Filter magazine online

Kings Way - Melbourne

New Media
Artefact - New Media Festival
Julius Popp
Urban Hacking - Vienna
CHart - UK

Impact 6 - 2009

PCA - Commissioned Prints 2009

Art Almanac - Melbourne

Alley Oop

Alley Oop party is going down this Friday!
Come and dance to some of our favorite DJ’s. Watch live graff painting in the smoking palour and check out Melbourne’s best street artists go nuts with fresh paste ups in the stairwell.

DJ’s: Kodiac Kid, D-stract, Louis can cut, Mz Butt, Wasabi, DJ Sim, Debiest.
MC’s: MC Squared & Mc Whisper.
Live Street Graffiti Painters: Deams & Adnate.
Feature: Street Art Paste ups by: Ha Ha, Ghostpatrol, ACORN, Braddock, Deams, Adnate, Nielio, Meggs and Tooth.

What: A freaking good time, dancing, jiving, watching live art ,drinking and who know what else.

When: This Friday 2nd October

Where: Roxanne Parlour, 3 Coverlid Pl Melbourne 3000

Blu and David Ellis


a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis
year 2009
produced by studio cromie
music by Roberto Lange
made at Fame festival 2009