31 May 2006

call - new interactive media art - australia

Experimenta New Visions Commissions 2006
Call for applications

For the 2007 exhibition Experimenta Play, Experimenta is commissioning new interactive works that allow the audience to play, and be played upon.

Up to $6,000 per project is available for emerging and mid-career Australian artists to create new interactive media art works for an exhibition of Australian and international media artworks to be launched in Melbourne in September 2007.

Extending ‘play’ beyond the realm of games, Experimenta is looking to commission works that have humorous and unexpected outcomes, involve an element of chance, toy with preconceptions and assumptions, provide a journey or an opportunity for discovery. Within this playfulness lies the potential for deviousness, trickery, teasing, surprise, humour, inversion/subversion and delight. What are the possibilities for playful new media artworks? How can we play with technology to create new experiences?

Sources of inspiration might come from traditional narratives, labyrinths, puzzles, everyday environments, re-imagined objects or activities, re-purposed toys. The commissions are for interactive media artworks that can be: audio/visual, installations that play with scale and perspective, immersive environments or small, intimate and object based.

Please visit www.experimenta.org to download the Guidelines and Application Form. Contact Emma McRae, Experimenta’s Curatorial and Project Coordinator to discuss your projects. emma@experimenta.org

There is no cost to apply and applicants need not be members of Experimenta Media Arts.

The closing date for applications is Friday 21 July 2006


Experimenta is supported by the Australia Council, Australian Film Commission, Film Victoria, Arts Victoria, The City of Melbourne and the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory governments.


Maria Rizzo | Administration & Communications Coordinator | EXPERIMENTA

PO Box 1102
St Kilda South Vic 3182
P + 61 3 9525 5025
F + 61 3 9525 5105
E maria@experimenta.org
W www.experimenta.org

Melbourne Fringe Festival


Melbourne Fringe is actively encouraging artists from outside Melbourne’s metropolitan area to participate in the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival - Victoria’s largest annual celebration of independent arts.

Through its new initiative, Fringe Without Boundaries, the festival is challenging artists, venues and councils throughout Victoria to consider the essence of Melbourne Fringe – new ideas celebrating creativity and artistic expression – and to present works as part of this major event in their local community.

Melbourne Fringe Festival is completely Open Access - any artists can participate either in their local area, or in the city of Melbourne. Artists should contact Melbourne Fringe and the cultural services division of their local Council to flag interest, learn more about registering an event and find out about other Fringe Without Boundaries activities in their city.

Registrations for the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival open on 29 May and close on 16 June. To find out more about registering your event visit
www.melbournefringe.com.au for free access to resources and helpful information.

biennale of electronic arts - perth


dear colleagues, please kindly distribute to relevant forums
and groups of interest. apologies for any accidental cross-postings.


perthDAC 2007 The Future of Digital Media Culture
7th International Digital Arts and Culture Conference
15 -18th September 2007, Perth, Australia


computer games, hypertext theory and literature, new media
narrative, streaming media, interactive and networked performance, digital
aesthetics, interactive cinema, theory, art, bio-art, nano-art, augmented
reality, cyberculture, electronic fiction, electronic music, electronic art,
games culture, games system design, games theory, interactive architecture,
cinema and video, MOOs, MUDs, RPG, virtual reality, virtual worlds.

perthDAC is the seventh iteration of Digital Arts and Culture. DAC was the
first conference to attract and present the work of researchers,
practitioners and artists working across the field of digital arts,
cultures, aesthetics and design.

In September 2007, DAC will be hosted as the key international conference in
the Public Program of the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP) in
Perth, Australia. BEAP celebrates and critiques new and novel technologies
(digital, bio, nano, other) by showcasing artworks made with, or that are
about, new technologies. perthDAC's conference program will be closely
inter-woven with BEAP's exhibitions.

perthDAC's academic program is being developed with the close co-operation
and support of the fibreculture forum, who will also be active on the
perthDAC conference steering committee.

Papers are sought for PerthDAC 2007 that will illuminate both the near and
long term Future of Digital Media Culture. Papers which present research
outcomes, track trends or developments, describe case studies or works in
progress, are speculative projection, challenge existing paradigms or record
a history, are all welcome. Submissions are encouraged from any
professional, craft or scholarly field that relates to communications
art/design, cultural expression, practice and aesthetics, and the technical
means by which they are enabled.

perthDAC 2007 accepts submissions from fields such as the humanities, social
sciences, human-computer interaction and computer science studies, as well
as those working both practically and theoretically in specific areas such
as: digital/interactive art, digital/electronic literature, game studies,
online communities, new media studies, affective computing, experience
design, virtual environment design, etc.

Topics of interests may include, but are not limited to, computer games,
hypertext theory and literature, new media narrative, streaming media,
interactive and networked performance, digital aesthetics, interactive
cinema, theory, art, bio-art, nano-art, augmented reality, cyberculture,
electronic fiction, electronic music, electronic art, games culture, games
system design, games theory, interactive architecture, cinema and video,
MOOs, MUDs, RPG, virtual reality, virtual worlds.

Artists, early career scholars and PhD students are particularly encouraged
to submit.

All abstracts and then full papers will be double blind peer reviewed by an
international panel, and will be published in the proceedings. Some papers
will be published as a special themed journal edition.

Dates for the submission of 500 word abstracts and then full papers are:

Abstracts: 14th August 2006

Full papers: 4th December 2006

See the perthDAC website ³method² page for more details on the abstracts,
papers and presentations process.

perthDAC website http://www.beap.org/dac

Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth
Innovation Centre
Suite 3, Enterprise Building 3
11 Brodie Hall Drive
Bentley WA 6102
T: +61 8 6424 8203
E: admin@beap.org
W: www.beap.org

27 May 2006

melbourne stencil festival 06

The preparations and planing for this years Stencil Festival are in full swing. This year we will not only celebrate stencil art in Melbourne but for the first time also stage a Stencil Festival in Sydney!

In Melbourne the festival has moved from North Melbourne to the vibrant cultural hub of Fitzroy and will be held at the Rose St. Artist Market (60 Rose St.) for five days from Thursday 18 to Monday 22 May 2006.

The Podcast Network produced two features at the Melbourne Stencil Festival. See a 25 min. flic shot at the Opening Night (with interviews, heaps of paintings etc) and a second part from the live spraying with an interview with Logan Hicks.

In Sydney the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre (64 Pine St.) in the inner city suburb of Chippendale will host the first Sydney Stencil Festival from Thursday 1 to Monday 5 June 2006.

24 May 2006

graffiti - Iran




thanks to iranianbombings for the links

street art - amsterdam

luftahr provides a photo shoot of amsterdam street art as at may 2005

sticker war

"Stick a sticker.... Hey peeps... loads of people want to be a member of StickerWar these days... loads of MySpace kids that is. Please only apply as a member if you do the sticky business, are willing to use the SW-logo and regularly upload some kickass stickerphoto's."

21 May 2006

montana exhibitions - amsterdam

ZWIT exposition
Van 1 t/m 31 mei kun je zwart - wit kijken in The Montana-Gallery in Amsterdam. Hier vind je canvasssen van Recal, Laser 3.14 en Specs gepaint in het thema zwart - wit. Dus kom naar *The Montana Gallery* Jan van Galen straat 56-58 in Amsterdam. De expositie valt dagelijks te bezichtigen van 10:00 tot 18:00 uur (zondags gesloten).

ZWIT Exhibition

From 1st to 31st May you can see a black & white exhibition at the Montana Gallery in Amsterdam. Here you will find canvases from Recal, Laser 3.14 and Specs painted in the theme 'black & white'. Just come to
*The Montana Gallery* Jan van Galen straat 56-58 in Amsterdam. The exhibition can be visited daily from 10 to 6pm (closed sundays).

(nice comeback from imtek)

coming up

10 juni at The Montana-Gallery Amsterdam

De kunstenaar Blade ziet en droomt zijn naam op alle plaatsen in de wereld en in het heelal. Met zijn strakgesneden letters, die abstraherend en tuimelend drie-dimensionaal weergegeven worden, heeft hij bijgedragen aan een nieuwe richting in de graffitibeweging.

Dus graffiti-liefhebbers, kom 10 juni naar grand-opening in *The Montana Gallery* Jan van Galen straat 56-58 in Amsterdam en geniet met eigen ogen van het werk van deze true old skool king. De expositie valt vanaf 10 juni dagelijks te bezichtigen van 10:00 tot 18:00 uur (zondags gesloten) en duurt tot eind juli. Check ook de officiële www.bladekingofgraf.com website, om meer te weten te komen over deze old skool king.

18 May 2006

music month - new zealand


japan graffiti - brisbane

Australian based Japanese graffiti writer Pokemon Devil delivers a survey of some of the most sneakily placed, bizarre and progressive Japanese graffiti writing from Tokyo and Osaka.

Opening Friday 26 May 6-9pm. Continues 11am-6pm every Friday until 16 June. 358 George St, 07 32364488 www.whitehousespace.net

Straight Out of Brisbane is an artist-run festival of independent culture, emerging artorms and new ideas. It emerged from a community of local artists in 2002 ...

12 May 2006



Os Gemeos - brazil

Os Gemeos (pronouced "ose zhe'-mee-ose.") are two artists from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Born in 1974, they are identical twin brothers (Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo) and their name translates to "the twins" in Portuguese. In recent years Os Gemeos have gained international notoriety for their unique works created on the streets of Sao Paulo. They also paint canvases, make sculptures, and are both graphic designers and photographers.

In 1993, Os Gemeos met Barry McGee, who was in Sao Paulo on a painting fellowship. They became fast friends and immediately collaborated on pieces in the city. This experience opened them up to a wealth of information and mutual influence. As a result, their works changed from almost exclusively large murals to smaller, site-specific installations on the streets and in galleries. Since then Os Gemeos have exhibited their work internationally including exhibitions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cuba, and throughout Europe as well as numerous exhibitions in Sao Paulo and Latin America.

from deitch

os gemeos homepage

uk punk

The exploited - punk rock at the 100 Club

The definitive guide to the UK punk scene between 1980 and 1984

from state of the art

11 May 2006

Ana de Matos - barcelona

Ana de Matos
Bodies of Faith

25 April – 10 June 2006
From 11 am to 2 pm and from 5 to 8 pm, Tuesday to Saturday
Free entrance

A DVD catalogue on Ana de Matos will be edited by MetrònomLab

Metrònom - Fundació Rafael Tous d’Art Contemporani
Fusina, 9, E-08003 Barcelona
Phone: +34 932684298
Fax: +34 932684214

Galician artist Ana De Matos presents Bodies of Faith, a series of installations and a video program, at Metrònom. The central theme of this work is the way in which women experience the world through an alienated body. Some cultures impose physical barriers that make it difficult to live in the real world, through a burka, veil or lattice. Others weave more sophisticated webs of power, be it through the use of the sacred Word in religions or through stories in the gossip magazines that create models of archetypal feminine life, real myths that become truths or standards that women must then measure themselves against, over and over, in their daily lives. Then woman, whether goddess, saint or princess, is trapped inside a labyrinth of representations that annuls her existence and turns her into something that is no more than an empty surface, a gaze through cloth, a body of faith. For the first time in her trajectory, the artist includes works on video in an exhibi tion that is part of the International Video Art Fair LOOP’06 and the 12th Barcelona women’s art festival, FEM’ART 2006 organized by Ca la Dona.

The exhibition is made up of a series of audiovisual installations - conceived specially for Metrònom - that try to reverse ways of seeing: to provoke visitors into reflecting on their preconceived ideas about identity, and either convert them to the position offered by a particular piece or simply allow them to come to terms with what it means to believe or expect something. From Barbie dolls as a canon of beauty to the sanctification of Diana of Wales, through catholic mysticism or the situation of Hindu women, Ana De Matos observes the weak contradiction that is embodied in the body of faith, and then confronts the spectator with this ambiguity. To transmit that same uneasiness towards the way we assume the things we have always been told or showed; those things, such as the body, that are taken for granted although they are not there.

The work of Ana De Matos has always been characterized by its sumptuous sensuality, a surface appearance that becomes the starting point for intimate reflections on the condition of the feminine subject throughout history. Her feminism is a process of introspection that unfolds the weight of tradition and imposed tales in all their cruelty to reveal its power over ways of living and desire. After several periods of travel to faraway cultures, her concerns have extended to the sceneries where the metaphors and the formal resources she had been working with melted into the real: this is why video has become an important element of her latest work, to provide the perplexed subjective record of a reality that goes beyond the foreseeable.

Ana De Matos received a PhD in Fine Arts from the Universidad Computense in Madrid. Her engraving works have been internationally acknowledged, and some of her pieces belong to public collections in Spain, the USA and Japan.

more info about the exhibition

10 May 2006

gilbert & george - maastricht

Was Jesus heterosexual?
9 mei 2006 – 30 juli 2006

“Lustrous, ornate, pictorially complex, vividly coloured, yet suffused with tenebrous solemnity, the SONOFAGODPICTURES have all of the dramatic visual impact which one might expect to find in neo-Gothic medievalism – in Victorian reclamations of Celtic of Moorish symbolism, for example, regally bejewelled and portentous with romantic mysticism. At the same time, however, the SONOFAGOD PICTURES possess a darkly graven strangeness, at once archaic and ultra modern, in which their temper no less than their signage appears deeply contemporary, ritualistic and disturbed” Michael Bracewell

A fully illustrated catalogue, with an essay by Micheal Bracewell, has been published by White Cube to accompany the exhibition.
view works

  • Gilbert & George, Sonofagod Pictures, from 9 May to 30 July 2006, at the Bonnefanten museum (250 avenue Céramique, Maastricht).

  • futuresonic - manchester

    Futuresonic 2006
    20-23 July, Manchester
    First Acts Announced!!

    The 2006 festival takes place over three days traversing music and the arts, involving multiple and often unusual spaces. It takes in headline gigs, breaks musical acts, maps the city, premieres ground breaking technologies, ships in some of the world's most innovative artists and musicians, and gives Manchester a weekend-long urban experience not to forget...

    sound art festival - berlin

    sonambiente berlin 2006
    festival for hearing and seeing
    June 1st to July 16th 2006

    Opening: June 1st 2006, 6 p.m. at Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz (opening of the exhibition and bus shuttle for further festival-locations)

    A press conference on June 30th 2006 informs in detail about the festival program.


    sonambiente berlin 2006 – sound art festival in june

    Making the city itself a work of sound art — sonambiente berlin 2006 - the festival for hearing and seeing is accompanying the events round the Football World Cup for six weeks, from June 1st to July 16th. For the second time since 1996, the Berlin sound art festival offers a platform to acoustic art of all colours and stripes — visual art, sound art, performance, video art, media art and music. Also the festival looks into the increasing significance of sound in visual art, staging the interplay between visual artists and sound artists at some dozen different locations.

    Highlights of the sonambiente berlin 2006 opening weekend, June 1st to 5th, include a site-specific sound and light installation at the Potsdamer Platz metro station by the Austrian artists group [dy’na:mo] and the performance by the freq_out orchestra with the Swedish artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff. Plus, the sonambiente_exhibition, which stands at the centre of the six-week festival, opens its doors to works by some 75 internationally known artists such as Candice Breitz, Janet Cardiff/Georg Bures Miller, Terry Fox, Christina Kubisch, Bernhard Leitner, Aernout Mik, Helen Mirra, Carsten Nicolai, Finnbogi Pétursson and Pipilotti Rist with Gudrun Gut.

    Live performances, concerts, conversations with artists, and a film series round out the programme of the exhibition, which can be seen and heard at five central locations, for example both Akademie der Künste buildings, throughout the festival. First-time venues include the Pumpwerk in Holzmarktstraße (Radialsystem V) with its spectacular smokestack and the former Polish Embassy on Unter den Linden. Many works focus on the unusual spatial conditions at the different locations; they relate directly to Berlin and document the city's evolving structure. Alongside established artists, sonambiente berlin 2006 integrates a number of international art colleges and universities by introducing the works of their outstanding students and graduates at the sonambiente_laboratorium.

    An additional focus of sonambiente berlin 2006 is the double pass between art and football. Several artists, Tilman Küntzel, Alfred Behrens and others, are setting up special projects round sound, art and football. Also the festival extends an open invitation to follow the World Cup live, inside the artistic framework of the sonambiente_public viewing sound art lounge designed by sound artist Kalle Laar, from June 9th to July 9th at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

    Projects developed specifically for radio and the Internet are also part of sonambiente berlin 2006. Nicaraguan-born New Yorker Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga intervenes in Berlin's public space. The artist, who received an award at Ars Electronica Linz 2004, is converting a shopping cart into a mobile radio station. Belgian artist and filmmaker Ana Torfs, who also took part in sonambiente 1996, contributes a net art project about Hanns Eisler's "Hollywood-Songbook“, created in collaboration with the Dia Art Foundation in New York, on the sonambiente website www.sonambiente.net, for example.

    sonambiente berlin 2006 is presented by the Berliner Festspiele and the Akademie der Künste. The festival is initiated and curated by Georg Weckwerth (free-lance artist and curator) and Matthias Osterwold (Artistic Director of MaerzMusik – Festival of Contemporary Music in the Berlin Festivals). The festival is sponsored by the Capital Cultural Fund and supported by the Allianz Cultural Foundation.

    More information, images and press accreditations are available through Goldmann PR Berlin and at http://www.sonambiente.net

    08 May 2006

    presence | absence

    These are images of a guerilla marketing component from a campaign designed to gain public support in an effort to reduce the pollution released by particular powerplants in Chicago. The shape and text was created by power-washing filthy sidewalks using a large stencil form.

    from adsoftheworld

    short films - seditious intent

    SEDITIOUS INTENT Short Film Collection

    Online now at http://spinach7.com/si/

    Seventeen short films - some sad, some funny, some gentle, some illuminating – from the slick to the raw and edgy, ranging from fiction, faction, animation, claymation, subverts to adverts - they make up the exciting web-based SEDITIOUS INTENT short film collection site.

    The collection is the result of a call to filmmakers across the country to "create a short film (from 30 secs - 5 mins) that responds in some way to the Australian Government’s draconian new anti-terrorism laws”.

    When we initiated the project, we knew it wouldn't prevent the anti-terror laws from being implemented. However, 'SEDITIOUS INTENT' is aimed at keeping the discussion alive and enabling filmmakers to participate in actions that provoke debate that leads to change.

    We have partnered with EngageMedia (http://engagemedia.org), a group distributing video stories about social justice and environmental issues in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. We are proud to be their first collection.

    It all started back in October 2005. The Australian Government wanted to set tough new Anti-Terror laws, which included laws that would affect the expressions of the creative community.

    So, we decided to spark a response from the Australian filmmaking community. The first message was sent out on the 31st October 2005.

    Back then, sedition was going to be part of the laws and 'seditious intent' was defined as an intention to effect any of the following:
    to bring the Sovereign into hatred or contempt;
    to urge disaffection against the Constitution, the Government of the Commonwealth or either House of the Parliament;
    to urge another person to attempt, otherwise than by lawful means, to procure a change to any matter established by law in the Commonwealth;

    And it seems the lobbying by Australia's creative community has had some impact. The Government has made some amendments to its Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005. Though still highly problematic, sedition must now be linked to the urging of force of violence, in order for it to be a crime. See the web page about terror laws for more details - http://spinach7.com/si/

    04 May 2006

    suicide jumper

    from improveverywhere

    art criticism - belgium

    +++ Culture/ Belgium: Léon Doyen and artistic criticism

    Belgium - La Libre Belgique. "Can art be anything?" asks Léon
    Doyen, the honourary ambassador to Belgium, as ArtBrussels, an
    International Contemporary Art Fair, opens in the Belgian
    capital. "Someone twists a concrete reinforcing bar: that is
    art. A pizza is smashed against a wall - that, too, is art. ...
    What is going on? Philosophers have spent ages thrashing about
    the question of art and everything has undoubtedly been said.
    But in practice, one might well acknowledge that the decline
    of art began in earnest in the last century with the critical
    flogging that greeted the first impressionists such as Monet.
    This error of judgment seems to have subsequently led critics
    to accept - and even extol - everything! ... We have reached
    the point where one no longer dares to voice a negative opinion
    or evince criticism without seeming uncool, indeed cruel
    towards artists whose freedom is thus undermined. This is the
    dictatorship of artistic freedom!" +++


    from eurotopics

    history spat

    Germany - Süddeutsche Zeitung
    The dispute between Dutch historians

    Siggi Weidemann reports on a dispute over the Netherlands' cooperation with the Nazis.

    Historian Ies Vuijsje has accused historian Loes de Jong, who published a 28-volume standard work on the "Kingdom of the Netherlands during the Second World War" in 1988, of having used only sources "which confirm the 'myth of ignorance' so as not to tarnish the image of the Dutch as a nation of resistance fighters."

    He points out that this leaves one of the key questions unanswered, namely why the Netherlands was declared "free of Jews" as early as 1943.

    "The causes for the disastrously high number of deportations, according to Vuijsje, were indifference and blind faith in authority, as well as a police force which cooperated with the Nazis and also the prevailing view that the camps couldn't be that bad.

    Moreover, he adds that the Dutch participated in the hunt for hidden Jews for money. The Netherlands was unique in that it was the only country in Europe where a bounty of 7.50 guilder (approximately 37 euros) was offered for each Jew who was tracked down."

    02 May 2006

    Media Art Friesland

    The Media Art Friesland Festival 2006, which takes place from September the 13th till October the 1st, is the tenth edition of the festival. This anniversary will be celebrated with a special and large programme. Recent work from all over the world will be shown in film and video screenings, presentations, exhibitions, conferences and performances.

    Do you want to participate in the 10th edition of the festival? Media Art Friesland asks all artists and students to send in their work; video, film, cd-rom and internet projects, installations and performances.

    Deadline for the entries is 1st June 2006! For more information, visit our website at www.mediaartfriesland.nl

    shepard fairey

    at white walls gallery

    When Shepard Fairey arrived in New York City this past September, it was at an interesting moment in a curious career. In some circles, the 34-year-old Fairey is known as one of the most prolific and notorious street artists of his generation, creating memorable graphics that have spread through urban centers all over the world. He was in New York to join a panel at a conference called Creativity Now, where he would speak on the subject of "The Commodification of Street Art."

    more from inc.com

    frontwheeldrive interview

    aiga interview

    another article

    more swoon

    swoon at fotolog

    at tiny galaxy more images

    interview at spectraz

    interview at freshness magazine

    more geek graffiti

    NEW YORK -- The group of 12 graffiti artists surrounds its target, a sculpture in Manhattan known as The Cube, and waits for the signal to begin tagging it up. It's a daunting task -- the 15-foot sculpture in Astor Place was recently coated with anti-graffiti paint.

    But within seconds, The Cube is covered in LED Throwies, the latest innovation from the Graffiti Research Lab, or GRL, an open-source think tank dedicated to developing new methods and tools for street artists.

    more from wired


    Zevs art urbain
    interview (french)

    Zevs is unveiled! There is no denying it, the mysterious 28 year old French graffiti artist, who appears again in public with his face disguised by a leapard-print stocking whose art includes urban performances, targeted tags, and public kidnappings is no longer current. Read the following.

    Zevs Perpetual ending (french)

    video interview (french)
    Tout a commencé le 2 avril 2002 à 5h37 à Berlin. Alexander Platz. Un jeune artiste qui passait par là a pris en otage l’image de la femme de l’affiche Lavazza, laissant à la place : « Visual kidnapping pay now ! ».
    Zevs, l’artiste ravisseur, envoie une lettre de demande de rançon anonyme à la marque italienne sous cette forme :
    « Cher propriétaire, votre image se porte bien. Payez la rançon sinon je procèderai à l’exécution. »
    C’est avec horreur que Lavazza reçoit cette demande de 500 000 euros, accompagnée d’un doigt de la victime. Mais le propriétaire ne se laisse pas intimider et porte plainte. La rue a toujours été le théâtre des surprises, aire de jeux urbains, électriques, territoires des poètes et des rêveurs, des activistes et des lutteurs de tous poils. Observation, adrénaline, communication directe avec l’homme de la rue. Ce même homme a ses enfants depuis toujours qui longeant les murs les ont toujours couvert. Pages volantes, pages immenses, ce sont ces pages béton et pierre qui nous donnent la couleur du temps. Issus de la scène graffitis du début des années 90, Zevs, notre homme masqué se démarque vite avec ses kidnapping de pub, ses réappropriations des grands slogans publicitaires, des ombres portées peintes, sur les trottoirs et les murs. Avec ses brilliantes appropriations des elements urbains quelqu’ils soient, il nous donne à re-voir notre environnement quotidien et gris avec humour et poésie.
    Rencontre à la galerie Patricia Dorfmann : http://patriciadorfmann.com/

    at patricia dorfman

    at ecosystem

    ron english

    portfolio at varnish fine art

    and culture jamming

    see also

    a critical analysis of culture jamming

    01 May 2006

    women billboard project

    Press Release

    Christel Sverre (Norge)

    The Billboard project www.women2003

    Copenhagen/ Malmö. 23. March - 4. April 2003

    Tempting smiles and perfect female bodies meet us everywhere in the streets. The public sphere is filled with images of women ? created as a cross between commercial and pornography. Placed at billboards along the highway, in train stations and car parks. But in spite of the huge number of images they are all completely stereotyped.

    www.women 2003 aims at presenting a more diverse and richly faceted picture that will add new vitality to the urban space and encourage reflection.

    From 23. March to 4. April one hundred and two Scandinavian female artists will present their own personal and artistic female image in the public space ? entering a dialogue with the images created by commercials. The broad Nordic presentation is adding dynamic and exciting nuances to the project since each country has it's own visual and artistic traditions and approaches.

    In that way the new female images created by this project will form a solid and diverse contrast to the monotonous representations created by the commercial market.

    The photographic works are shown on one hundred billboards placed in both the city and periphery of Copenhagen and Malmö ? alongside the usual commercials. The billboard has a monumental and strong visibility and is therefore a suitable means for creating new and diverse ways to experience women depicted in public space.

    Each billboard has a reference to the following homepage www.women2003.dk, where all the pictures will be displayed. A key map marks the locations of the 100 billboards. The web address will also be displayed on the Danish newspaper Politiken's electric newspaper.

    graffiti as public art - essay

    Suvan Geer and Sandra Rowe

    Thoughts on Graffiti as Public Art


    Grapher Grapher

    Cartesian and Polar Coordinate Geometry in Graffiti Culture

    Many people know about Graffiti as part of hip-hop culture, but few realize that graffiti is also a part of mathematics. Graffiti artists often make use of geometric concepts when they create their work. The software on this site, Grapher Grapher, will help you create graffiti images on the computer by using these geometric concepts.


    10,000 Days
    new tool cd

    The image “http://toolshed.down.net/video/sober/sober6.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
    tool videos

    official website

    amsterdam hip hop

    Watch the video 4 da Streets Vol II

    nice footage of catching the Amsterdam metro

    from dutchvlog