29 January 2011

ZEDZ - Amsterdam

New work from Zedz

"My website is updated with some of my 2010 work
2011 is still in the make.... in the mean time I am
working on in the 2012's..


Please check out the projects 2010 >Manchester
and Tunis.."


The making of 'ZEDZ the EXPO' at het Aardappel Imperium, Netherlands. 2009

Paste-Modernism Charity Auction

Australian and International Street Artists
Help Raise Funds for Queensland Flood Victims
More details on this auction can be found HERE

all proceeds from the online auction of panels from the exhibition 'Pastemodernism 2' will be donated to the Qld Premier's Flood Relief Appeal.

Eine - UK

The doc was filmed over a weekend (plus a Friday night before and some neatening up on the Monday). Ben was painting 2 walls - one being PRO PRO PRO on Ebor Street in East London - the other being CALCULATE on Hollywell Lane, also in East London.

PRO PRO PRO was on the side of ad agency Mother London. A week or so earlier Ben had painted ANTI ANTI ANTI on the opposite wall at the request of graphic design guru Neville Brody ... in conjunction with the Anti Design Festival.

The CALCULATE wall is one that Ben has previously and famously painted with 'VANDALISM' (http://www.artofthestate.co.uk/graffiti­/eine_vandalism_graffiti.htm). This time he had been invited to paint the wall my Moniker Art Fair (http://www.monikerartfair.com/) as he was exhibiting at their exhibition the following week.

Ben has a show coming up in San Francisco at White Walls Gallery (http://www.whitewallssf.com/) where this film amongst other street art docs will be playing."



Flix - Venezuala