25 September 2010

iPad light painting


iPad light painting

This film explores playful uses for the increasingly ubiquitous ‘glowing rectangles’ that inhabit the world.

We use photographic and animation techniques that were developed to draw moving 3-dimensional typography and objects with an iPad. In dark environments, we play movies on the surface of the iPad that extrude 3-d light forms as they move through the exposure. Multiple exposures with slightly different movies make up the stop-frame animation.

We've collected some of the best images from the project and made a book of them you can buy: bit.ly/​mfmbook

Read more at the Dentsu London blog:
and at the BERG blog:


17 September 2010

Gunpowder Stencil

Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who works primarily in gunpowder, works on an "Explosion Work" on Long Island, New York, in 2006.


11 August 2010

Alter Ego - Amsterdam

Op 26 augustus opent vanaf 17:00 uur in Trouw Amsterdam de expositie ‘Alter Ego’. Persoonlijke portretten door Melissa Scholten van ruim 100 ‘befaamde’ graffitischrijvers die in de periode jaren 70 tot begin jaren 90 actief waren in de graffitiscène van Amsterdam.

(Its an exhibition of portraits by Melissa Scholten of 100 famous Amsterdam Graffiti Writers covering the period from the 70's to the 90's.)

‘Alter Ego’ Opening
Datum: 26.08.2010
Locatie: Trouw // De Verdieping
Start private view/persmoment: 16:00 - 17:00
Muziek door: Dj Bite
Start opening: 17:00 – 20:00
Muziek door: Cat22, Zender, Serch & Suez

‘Alter Ego’ Expositie
Datum: 26.08.2010 – 05-09-2010
Locatie: Trouw // De Verdieping
Openingstijden: di t/m za van 18:30 - 01:00 en tijdens activiteiten overdag.
Adres: Wibautstraat 127
Postcode: 1091 GL
Stad: Amsterdam
Entree: gratis
Websites: www.trouwamsterdam.nl // www.melissascholten.com/alterego

Graffiti Magazines Online


Subject Index - June/July 2010

This subject index combines June and July 2010. Behind the scenes commitments and the ongoing development of a new project have impacted on the number of posts.
Thankyou for your patience. Ed.

The Aviary
Subject Index - May 2010


Impact 7 - Melbourne
7th Australian Print Symposium

Museums & Galleries - Manchester

Pixels - Animation

Melbourne Art Fair 2010
Städel Museum Collection - NGV

30 May 2010

Irene Underground Arts Festival

The Irene Underground Arts Festival is a celebration of art and diversity, with a focus on non-conventional art forms and the cross pollination of ideas through collaboration between different artists and mediums.The festival will invite over 60 street artists from across Australia and around the world to create artworks within the Irene space, or to be exhibited at the space during the festival events. Spread over the festival weekend will be an exhibition opening, live painting/graffiti, stencil and paste up jams, an art market, workshops, talks as well as live music and video projections.

confirmed artists so far - Ha Ha (melb) , Junky projects (nsw) , Ben Howe (melb) , Presto (nsw) , KA'a (france) , Zombie arms (usa) , Moutard Zlodeykin (russia) , Drab Art (nz) , Will Coles (nsw) , Paul Kalemba (melb) , Radical Cross Stitch (melb) , Aeon (melb) , Urban Cake Lady (melb) , Seekayem (nz) , Georg (melb) , Dieter/Zakatak (melb)

IRENE community arts warehouse
5 pitt st brunswick 3086
Melbourne, Australia

11 - 13th June

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21 May 2010

Carnival of Souls


Here's the preview of JAZAN WILD'S CARNIVAL OF SOULS Motion Comic Book! This Groundbreaking Series led the way in this new frontier.
See all 4 chapters of the story at:


The story begins with a boy and his mother on a simple trip to a carnival. It quickly turns and takes you spinning on a wild ride into the heart of the jungle! Fasten your seat belt and pull the safety bar down. It's a roller coaster ride from Hell! No matter how much you scream you can't get off! Once you hand in your ticket, you hand over the deed to your very soul. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen ... to Chapter 1 of Jazan Wild's Carnival Of Souls!

The creator of a graphic novel is suing NBC Universal for $50m (£40m) claiming the final series of Heroes ripped off his storyline.

Jazan Wild, real name Jason Barnes, says NBC used a carnival "virtually identical" to the ones depicted in his digital book series Carnival of Souls.

By doing so the network "knowingly, wilfully, recklessly and maliciously infringed" on his copyright, he claims.



Heroes & Carnival compared

20 May 2010

Poster Boy

Poster Boy is an anonymous New York City based street artist whose only utensil is a razor. He is known for satiric collage-like works created by cutting out sections of the self-adhesive advertisement posters in the platforms of New York City subway stations, and pasting them back in different positions. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Poster Boy also refers to a 'Poster Boy movement' where other people produce similar unsigned work in the New York City subways imitating this original artist.

Sometime around January 2009 Poster Boy's underground fame became such that there seemed to be several imitators, and his idea of having others "take up the Poster Boy model" seemed to be catching on. There even seems to be some confusion over whether the Poster Boy arrested on January 30, 2009, was the same Poster Boy who initiated the subway collages, or a "legal" above ground stand in. The New York Times reports a call from Poster Boy saying the man who was arrested "is one of the many individuals who believe in the Poster Boy 'movement'"[10] The AdBusters website notes that “Sources close to the artist maintain that there are, in fact, multiple 'Poster Boys' presently engaged in the project."[11]

source wiki

Images on Flickr

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17 May 2010

Spray Can Fingerprinted

"police also found Marino's fingerprint on a can of spray paint in a vandalised train"

full story

"The court also heard images of Osne tags were found on Marino's computer, and texts sent to him contained the name."

On preserving graffiti

Discovered last weekend, the stenciled work shows a forlorn boy holding a can of red paint next to the words “I remember when all this was trees.” But by Tuesday, artists from the 555 Nonprofit Gallery and Studios, a feisty grassroots group, had excavated the 7-by-8-foot, 1,500-pound cinder block wall with a masonry saw and forklift and moved the piece to their grounds near the foot of the Ambassador Bridge in southwest Detroit.

The move -- a guerilla act on top of Banksy’s initial guerilla act -- has sparked an intense debate about the nature of graffiti art, including complicated questions of meaning, legality, value and ownership. Some say the work should be protected and preserved at all costs. Others say that no one had a right to move it — and that the power and meaning of graffiti art is so intrinsic to its location that to relocate it is to kill it.

full article here

“It makes me cringe that so many are applauding this,” wrote another commentator. “The point of ‘street art’ is for it to exist in its natural environment. It is by nature temporary. Disappointing when a good piece fades away? Yes. But that’s life.”

15 May 2010

Australian Stencil Art Prize

The Australian Stencil Art Prize began as just an idea in early 2008. It grew out of discussions about the calibre of stencil art in Sydney’s Innerwest and a desire to see more of it. Late in 2008 we received a small start up grant from Marrickville Council and an Art Prize was born.

• Recognise and reward stencil artists
• Provide recognition for stencil art as an artform in its own right
• Archive stencil art


Okay folks, we’re excited to announce that the cash prize for the Australian Stencil Art Prize is $2000.

We’re excited. Spread the word. You can enter here.

Entries close 1 August 2010.


14 May 2010

3d Graffiti Technica

: 3d Graffiti Technica :::

Graffiti Technica is dedicated to the progression of hardcore electronic art and 3d graffiti. The graffiti designs and lettering on this site are completely digital as I want to explore new ways of creating pieces.


on youtube

05 May 2010

SafARI - Sydney

SafARI exhibits the work of emerging artists across multiple Artist Run Initiative venues during the opening weeks of the Biennale of Sydney, celebrating vibrant and dynamic grassroots cultural practice and where contemporary art begins.

This year the work of fourteen artists will be exhibited at MOP Projects, Firstdraft Gallery, Locksmith Project Space, Serial Space and the façade of FBi Radio.

SafARi is curated by Lisa Corsi and Danielle Hairs, with Alex Maciver.



116/118 Chalmers Street
Surry Hills NSW

Locksmith Project Space
6 Botany Road
Alexandria NSW

MOP Projects
2/39 Abercrombie Street
Chippendale NSW

Serial Space
33 Wellington Street
Chippendale NSW

FBi Radio
44-54 Botany Road
Alexandria NSW

03 May 2010

LTRHDS - Sydney

the LTRHDS show comes to Sydney. At Red Bull Gallery, 41 Bourke Rd Alexandria.

full story and pics on the blog

The exhibition of the English alphabet

Letterheads 2010 brings together twenty-six contemporary artists to each re-envisioned a single letter of the English alphabet, creating a collection that explores the influence of the ubiquitous letterform in all aspects of contemporary art. The lineup of high profile and emerging artist, represent the fields of illustration, cartooning, fine art, graffiti, street art and graphic design from around the globe.

list of artists

Minuscule - Animation

Ladybyrd takes on the dragonfly crew.


more minuscule

29 April 2010

Darknets and the deep web

An article on the internet underground,


"The deep web and its “darknets” are a new battleground for those who want to uphold the right to privacy online, and those who feel that rights need to be sacrificed for the safety of society. The deep web is also the new frontier for those who want to rival Google in the field of search."

28 April 2010

Vinyl - Paris

vinyl, records and covers by artists
la collection Guy Schraenen
19 February - 16 May 2010

From February 19th to May 16th 2010, la maison rouge presents Vinyl, an exhibition of records and covers compiled by the British collector, publisher and curator Guy Schraenen.

For more than 30 years, Guy Schraenen’s fascination with artists’ multiples (objects, catalogues, books, magazines) has led him to amass a unique and highly specialised collection on the theme of sound.

Vinyl shows LPs from an acoustic and visual angle to illustrate how artists from the 1920s and throughout the twentieth century have experimented with language and sound. The exhibition presents close to 800 albums alongside tapes, CDs, specialist magazines, reference books, catalogues and artworks.

full info


27 April 2010

HTML Colour Codes

The HTML Colour Codes exhibition features a selection of internet based artwork that address the topic of digital colour. The central question that the exhibition poses is whether or not artists working with the internet are in fact limited to a “ready-made” colour palette, a premise that many artists working with film, photography, and mass produced, standardized paint sets have assumed. The rationale for this question stems from theories of perception that argue that colour is a not ready-made object found in a paint set or machine, but rather it is an experience that results from a complex process of light interacting with the retina and human nervous system.



Chris Ashley
Michael Demers
Brian Piana
Owen Plotkin
Michael Atavar
Jacob Broms Engblom
Elna Frederick
Andrew Venell
Noah Venezia
Morgan Rush Jones
Rafaël Rozendaal




Elbow Toe - USA

ELBOW-TOE is a Brooklyn, NY based artist that has been creating introspective urban art for several years. His artwork for the streets is grounded in myth, symbolism and poetry and is primarily executed in woodcut, stencil or large-scale charcoal drawings. His oeuvre is a study of human gesture as communication and he utilizes public spaces as stages for private moments. He is particularly interested in the ability of environmental forces outside his control to create a timeless quality to the work thereby allowing it to feel as if it has been memory and is part of the collective unconscious.

on facebook

videos & podcasts

22 April 2010

Sk8 Like Canvas - Rome


An exhibition of art on skateboards - Rome

Il Circolo Arci RISING LOVE ed ATTACKIT il 15 APRILE 2010 hanno presentato l'iniziativa Expò SK8 LIKE CANVAS Vol. 1,da un'idea di Mr.Klevra, a cura di Mr. Klevra ed in collaborazione con Silvia Bagnacani

Expò dal 15 al 25 Aprile 2010
Sede dell'evento: Riising Love, Via delle Conce 14, Roma

full article with pics


more photos

London Street Art Magazine - #4

"Spring has sprung, the paint is drying, the ideas are flying and LSD is back with vengeance. Issue 4 brings together a wild and colourful array of some of the world’s most spectacularly creative artists with giants of ideas like Noam Chomsky, old school reprobates like Bill Drummond, bassline activists, computer geniuses and our rampant regulars. Jaw dropping realism jostles for space with legends like Ron English as we take a sizzling trip into the sublime, the subversive, the glowing, the heaving, the philosophical, the political, the ethereal and the deepest recesses of radiant imagination. Bulging at the seams with the absolute cutting edge of the creative underground – art, music, fiction, poetry and epic photography all flash by in an issue dedicated to the Unauthorised Heroes that throw the light of perception onto the walls of our reality. From the Wu Tang to Elite Force, from Spanish realists to Argentinean surrealists, from the radical spiritual apocalypse of Mear One to the wild style wizardry of Can Two and Ezra – Issue 4 is heaving."


Mike Clark - Amsterdam


exhibition photos

Wolf And Pack
232 Spui Straat
1012VV Amsterdam

02 April 2010

Laneways - Sydney

The Council of the City of Sydney invites curators, artist collectives and other groups to submit a curatorial proposal for the carrying out of up to eight temporary art installations for the Laneways Art Program 2010.

Applications close: 20 April 2010

Further information: http://www.lanewaysbygeorge.com.au/

Subject Index = March 2010

The Aviary
Subject Index - February 2010

Symposium - Art Curatorship

Smart History

Robert Motherwell
Rookwood Sculpture Walk - Sydney

Painters Painting

Free Books Online

New Media
Big Screen Graffiti - Bristol

Urban Art/Graffiti
Graffiti Tagger 8 Years in Prison
Sweet Dreams - Adelaide

28 March 2010

Big Screen Graffiti - Bristol



A collection of artists used Lumacoustics YrWall digital graffiti wall to create individual and detailed collaborative works which in turn were beamed onto an entire building using two state of the art projectors. YrWall allows users to create graffiti digitally using a modified spray can on a three metre wide screen.

The installation was part of the Bristol Festival 2009 that took place in the centre of Bristol on the 18th, 19th and 20th September. Artists were able to scroll around the buildings surface using the digital wall, zoom in on any part of the wall and paint their designs. Visitors to the festival saw everything created thanks to the enormous 290 square metre projections with projectors provided by Central Presentations Ltd. The projected images were mapped to the buildings surface using Lumacoustics custom software. Tom Hogan of Lumacoustics Limited said:

"It was breathtaking stuff as people were able to see these massive artworks take shape in front of their eyes."

"There have been laser pens used to digitally ‘tag’ the side of buildings but with this you can do full colour and detailed graffiti artwork. This is definitely a world first.”

Visitors not only had opportunity to paint on the building using the digital graffiti wall but also play with an added extra digital element. A Wiimote controlled virtual helicopter, modelled on a Avon and Somerset Police helicopter, could be flown around on the side of the building, highlighting the live painting with its simualted search light mounted on its nose. The system used cutting edge mapping techniques to make the helicopter appear undistored as it flew over parts of the buildings. It even correctly casted shadows where you’d expect, adding to the belief that this was a real helicoper.

A Lumacoustics' Product > lumacoustics.com

Thanks to The Bristol Festival (thebristolfestival.org) for all their support, Central Presentations (cplav.com) for the projectors and rigging, Weapon of Choice (weaponofchoicegallery.co.uk) for bringing the artists down to paint, and PANTyRAID (pantyraidmusic.com) for the music.

02 March 2010

Sweet Dreams - Adelaide

Building on the success of 2009’s ST5K festival, the Adelaide urban art community returns with Street Dreams. This four-day festival, running concurrently with the Format Festival during the Adelaide Fringe, is a celebration of all forms of street art and graffiti.

For the community at large, it is a chance to investigate and appreciate the work done by these artists. For the artists themselves, it’s a chance to feature their work, and to discover new legitimate spaces and unique methods in the art of getting over.




19 February 2010

Beastman - Sydney

6pm Mays Lane, St Peters
Friday 19th February



Kimberley Baker - Canada

Artist statement

"In this body of artwork I am investigating the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and growth machine politics. My goal is to address the key issues and debates of homelessness, freedom of expression, the environment and the representation of place as a consumable commodity. The intention of this work is create a visual narrative that encourages and engages public dialouge.

The images I have designed incorporate appropriation art as a way of to protest Canadian Bill C-47, the Olympic and Paralympic Marks Act, legislation that provides the Vancouver Olympic organizers with extreme power and domination over the symbols and language linked with the Olympics.

In opposition to the latest civil liberties violation, the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games: Vancouver Bylaw Ammendments (2009). I am distributing my posters throughout the streets of Vancouver's downtown core. As a way of asserting my right to freedom of expression under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms."


VANOC 2010 bullies outspoken artist Vancouver's 2010 Olympic organizing committee has already attempted to put restrictions on Canadian artist Kimberly Baker, according to an article Baker wrote for Common Ground in the magazine's most recent issue.

Baker reports that her art, a series of five images of a man in a sleeping bag beside a grocery cart, with each image in a colour of the Olympic rings, resulted in a warning from Colin Jarvis, manager of "Commercial Rights Management" for VANOC. Baker says that Jarvis told her if she displayed her poster on bill boards across the Downtown Eastside, there would be a problem because that action would be considered creating a “campaign,” as opposed to displaying a work of art.

..... visit her website (KimberlyBaker.ca) for more details on the ongoing dispute.

From Kimberly's website:
"Throughout history artists have played an important role, turning their art into a political weapon that questions and confronts the power structures that are in place. My artwork the Transit Shelter Project focuses on the current debates around the Vancouver 2010 Olympics."

From the Common Ground article:
". . .I don’t see VANOC as the villain in this scenario; rather, it is the larger problem of our legal system prioritizing corporatism over creativity. I have learned from this experience that copyright legislation being put in place today has not kept up with the changes that have occurred in the modern art world."



Baker said she was particularly incensed by amendments that would allow the city to remove graffiti and “illegal signs” from private property without notice, and fine repeat offenders up to $10,000 a day. “I’m definitely going to challenge that, because that just made me mad,” she said. “I think it’s a direct infringement of our freedom of speech.”


Roadsworth - Canada


we present an excerpt from the National Film Board of Canada feature "Roadsworth: Crossing the Line" a documentary which follows the work of Canadian street artist Peter Gibson, aka Roadsworth.

Gibson integrates provocative art with government traffic signage, questioning the ownership of public space.

film website


more videos

article 2006


October 2009

"The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) and the Diggs Gallery have worked with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the City of Winston-Salem to present the work of street artist Roadsworth. He is the sixth artist in Inside Out: Artists in the Community II, and has drawn inspiration for his paintings from streets and crosswalks on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and the WSSU campus. This project is the latest in Roadsworth's international series of street paintings. In these projects the artist critiques car culture and reinvigorates the pedestrian experience by altering existing street markings to create a humorous array of signs, images and symbols."

more (lots of pics)

download a time-lapse video of Roadsworth's project at The Enrichment Center during his in-residence workshop.


Click here to download an essay by SECCA Curator Steven Matijcio.

on flickr

On Blakkbyrd

Roadsworth was first featured on Blakkbyrd in August 2006


14 February 2010

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop tutorials

site links

A huge tutorial index. Photoshop, Maya, Flash, 3DS Max, Illustrator etc

This site has a HUGE list of tutorials including: photoshop, after effects and maya...a great site no matter what your level.

Another great big photoshop tutorial index site. If you can't find the photoshop tutorial you're after here, then it probably doesn't exist.

Tons of human photo references for artists (especially good for 3D).

DRAWN! It's a multi-authored blog on amazing sites to check out. Updated daily it is devoted to illustration, art, cartooning and drawing.

13 February 2010

ROA in Paris

Thursday February 4th Roa will be opening his first solo show in Paris at Galerie Itinerrance. He's been feeding on a lot of paint and travel these days, we can't wait to see how he builds his nest in Paris. WHAT: Roa solo show
WHEN: February 4-28th 2010.
Opening on February 4th from 6PM.
WHERE: Galerie Itinerrance - 7bis, rue René Goscinny 75013 Paris
for more information check out:

Roa lives and works in Ghent, Belgium.


Exhibition Photos



Welcome to the urban jungle where Roa's graffiti (I call it art) animals find some shelter on beautifull textured walls of buildings in decay...

photo's : http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=roa%2...


12 February 2010

Graffiti TV on Youtube

"PURE EVIL has a dream to create a full time GRAFFITITV Television channel with art films and documentaries and feature films about graffiti.
I am also really interested in looking at painting really closely, following the marks the artist creates as they build up a full piece from start to finish.. I love watching other artists paint and so i want to make that a big part of GRAFFITITV."



this replaces an earlier post from February 2006

06 February 2010

LSD London Street Art Design magazine


LSD ISSUE 3 - WEAPONS OF MASS CREATION - is spiraling its way through cyberspace to a liquid crystal near you... Absolutely heaving with spectacularly subversive and explosively colourful creativity, delving into its pages is like being smacked round the head with a particularly soulful combine harvester and kissing su...nshine on the trip. Dripping with transcendental art and rolling on the bassline of possibility we’re starting to hit our stride with the magazine and would like to thank every one of you for being part of the mission. Featured artists and writers in this issue are far too numerous to mention right here right now – so just get downloading. The LSD Team Would Like To Wish You All A Happy New Year to You and Yours!!


The Voice of the Underground





03 February 2010


Subject: Reminder - The ST ALI LANEWAY FESTIVAL

Hey Guys,

Just a little reminder, the laneway party at St.Ali is Happening this coming Saturday.

Pop by on the 5th (Friday) if you would like to see the artist start their murals.

The ST ALI LANEWAY FESTIVAL is about celebrating Melbourne's street art and culture and bringing it to unique settings and surrounds to be appreciated by the community. Come join in the party with street artists at work transforming the alley into works of art - DJs - alleycat racing - beers - snags.

Location: ST. ALi
12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne 3205
P 9686.2990

For more info, Check out:



Exhibition - London

Under the title of ‘HAZARDOUS WASTE’ the artists will transform the gallery space into a toxic waste dump incorporating artwork from all artists in the crew including original canvas pieces, limited edition prints, black book sketches as well as boundary pushing mediums and installations typically associated with this unique crew. Graffik London is delighted to be hosting this exhibition for such a promising collective of graffiti artists. The show will
run from February 26th until February 28th with the buyers’ night on the February 25th (invite only)


Friday, 26 February 2010 at 11:00
Sunday, 28 February 2010 at 17:00
Graffik London
284a Portobello Road
London, United Kingdom



mostra di street art con lavori originali:




Saturday, 06 February 2010 at 14:00
Sunday, 07 February 2010 at 18:00

100,000 hits

Today the 3rd February 2010 the Blakkbyrd.blogspot site reached 100,000 hits.

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Swoon @ Space Gallery


In October 2009, NYC artist Swoon and five friends travelled to Portland, Maine, and transformed SPACE Gallery into a playful, dreamlike, earth-hued environment. This video shows the installation process... fabulous and insightful film. Artists were Swoon, Ben Wolf, Greg Henderson, Conrad Carlson, Monica Canilao and Ryan Doyle.

(from Nuart)


23 January 2010

Lecture - Street Photography

Photography expert Lisa Kurzner leads a discussion on Through the Spyglass: Politics and Play in Street Photography, 1960 to the Present. The conversation covers the history of street photography and its place in the political landscape of the Vietnam era. Kurzner discusses Garry Winogrand, Susan Meiselas and Danny Lyon, as well as ideas of surveillance and voyeurism in photography. 47 mins 29 secs


Lecture - Second Life

Note that Second Life has changed considerably since this 2007 lecture.

Eric Gordon moderates a panel discussion about art practice in Second Life, an 3-D online world where real business is conducted using virtual dollars that can then be traded in the real world.

Called "the biggest digital art installation in the world" by Warren Ellis, Second Life is a highly imaginative, online, 3-D rendered environment populated with avatars (graphic representations of people). In Second Life you can teleport, fly, do not age, live in a house, go to clubs, take classes, make and view art, or just "hang out." Spanning more than 42,000 acres in real-world scale, Second Life is second home to over 2 million "residents," many of whom collaboratively create its content.

This lecture is a part of the 2007 Boston Cyberarts Festival and produced in partnership with Emerson College and Turbulence.org's "OurFloatingPoints 4: Participatory Media" series.1 hour 53mins


A Second Life update

"It's desolate, dirty, and sex is outcast to a separate island. Barry Collins returns to Second Life to find out what went wrong, and why it’s raking in more cash than ever before"

full article: Jan 2010

more discussion of second life on iDC January 2010

22 January 2010

Hip Hop - Lectures

Selwyn Seyfu-Hinds discusses his book, Gunshots in My Cook-Up: Bits and Bites from a Hip-Hop Caribbean Life,. In it, Hinds shares an insider's view on the world of hip-hop music and the dramatic lives of its celebrities. Part memoir, part cultural critique, he traces the heights and depths of his hip-hop love affair and hip-hop's indelible impact on American culture. 29mins 02 secs


Professors and artists discuss how hip-hop is now being used to encourage political engagement.

Rap music continues to draw an economically and racially diverse constituency of young people who grow more and more serious about such hot-button issues as police brutality, healthcare, and joblessness. Turning away from the misogyny, materialism, and violence that are sometimes associated with their music, members of the hip-hop generation are making serious inroads toward harnessing the power of a unique movement to foster social responsibility. 1hour 13 mins



Moderated by Isaiah Jackson, various panelists come together to discuss the politics, identities and cultures that have been emerging from the hip-hop movement.

In its varied aspects, hip-hop embraces music, art, and dance. Emerging in the early 1970s from the African American and Latino communities of the Bronx, hip-hop culture has evolved into a creative force drawing an economically and culturally diverse international audience. Defying controversies and negative labels associated with hip-hop, artists and activists are increasingly collaborating to move hip-hop in the direction of greater political engagement and social responsibility. Today, hip-hop has the potential to serve as a positive agent for change at the community and national levels. 1 hour 24mins


20 January 2010

Zevs in Hong Kong


In the aftermath of street artist Zevs' "liquidation" of Giorgio Armani's store in Central this week, the Frenchman has had to deal with his arrest and subsequent court case in which he pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage.

Representatives of Giorgio Armani demanded nearly HK$6.7 million in damages. They say because they could not remove the paint from the store's facade because of its sandstone nature. Zevs said he deliberately used a water-based paint that ought to have been easily removable. But professional cleaners hired by Armani claim otherwise.

The case has been adjourned till 14th August pending both sides' assessment of the damage. Without prior knowledge to his planned stunt, the Post interviewed Zevs days before the incident and introduced us to some of his previous art work.


the exhibition was at

Art Statements Gallery
G/F, 5 Mee Lun Street
Central, Hong Kong

Zevs' artist page at the gallery

"ZEVS was arrested by the police in Hong Kong during the night of July 13th after having affixed a giant Chanel sticker on the Armani building wall and liquidated it with black water paint. Armani claimed first that the cost of damage was HK$6.8mio. The artist was forced to hand over his passport and stay in Hong Kong until August 14th, judgement day. In the meantime ZEVS is trying to clean the wall with the expertise of a company in Denmark with a Karcher and some special chemicals. "

Zevs' website