31 July 2006

graffiti europa






Translations for: Stencil

Dansk (Danish)
n. - stencil, skabelon
v. tr. - stencilere


  • stencil paper stencilpapir, skabelonpapir, kladdepapir

Nederlands (Dutch)
stencilen, stencil, sjabloon

Français (French)
n. - pochoir, dessin au pochoir, stencil
v. tr. - peindre/décorer (qch) au pochoir, ronéotyper

Deutsch (German)
n. - Schablone, Matrize
v. - schablonieren

Ελληνική (Greek)
n. - αχνάρι, ιχνάριο, μεμβράνη πολυγράφου
v. - πολυγραφώ, αναγράφω με στάμπο/στένσιλ


  • stencil paper μεμβράνη πολυγράφου

Italiano (Italian)
ciclostilare, sagoma, stampino


  • stencil paper carta da ciclostile

Português (Portuguese)
n. - estêncil (m)


  • stencil paper papel para estêncil

Русский (Russian)
трафарет, узор или надпись по трафарету, восковка, ротаторная копия, наносить узор/надпись по трафарету, делать ротаторные копии


  • stencil paper восковка

Español (Spanish)
n. - plantilla, patrón, mimeografía, multicopia
v. tr. - mimeografiar, estarcir, sacar con multicopista

Svenska (Swedish)
n. - stencil, schablon
v. - stencilera, schablonera

中文(简体) (Chinese (Simplified))
模版, 蜡纸, 用模板印刷, 用蜡纸印


  • stencil paper 蜡纸

中文(繁體) (Chinese (Traditional))
n. - 模版, 蠟紙
v. tr. - 用模板印刷, 用蠟紙印


  • stencil paper 蠟紙

한국어 (Korean)
n. - 틀판, 등사판 원지, 스텐실 인쇄
v. tr. - 스텐실을 대고 찍다, 등사하다

日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 型板, ステンシル, 型板で付けた図柄, 謄写板原紙, ステンシル印刷
v. - 型板で刷り出す, 謄写する


  • stencil paper 謄写版原紙

العربيه (Arabic)
‏(الاسم) صفيحه مخرمه للطبع أو الرسم (فعل) يستنسخ‏

עברית (Hebrew)‬
n. - ‮שעווית, סטנסיל‬
v. tr. - ‮שכפל בסטנסיל, קישט בד/עץ בדוגמה חוזרת בעזרת סטנסיל‬



Translations for: Graffiti

Dansk (Danish)
n. pl., -
n. - graffiti, vægpåskrift
v. tr. - lave graffiti

Nederlands (Dutch)

Français (French)
n. pl. - graffiti
v. tr. - faire/dessiner des graffitis

Deutsch (German)
n. pl. - auf Wände gesprayte oder eingeritzte Bilder/Sprüche
v. - Graffiti malen oder schreiben

Ελληνική (Greek)
n. - τοιχογράφημα

Italiano (Italian)

Português (Portuguese)
n. - graffiti (m)

Русский (Russian)
надписи на стенах или заборах

Español (Spanish)
n. pl. - dibujo esgrafiado, pintadas, grafiti
v. tr. - hacer pintadas o grafiti

Svenska (Swedish)
n. - graffiti

中文(简体) (Chinese (Simplified))

中文(繁體) (Chinese (Traditional))
n. pl. - 亂塗亂寫
v. tr. - 亂塗亂寫

한국어 (Korean)
n. pl. - 낙서, (바위 등에 긁어 그린) 서화
v. tr. - ~에 낙서를 하다

日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 落書き

العربيه (Arabic)
‏(الاسم) كتابه او رسم على الجدران فيه سخريه او نقد او فحش او له بعد سياسي‏

עברית (Hebrew)‬
n. pl. - ‮גרפיטי (כתובות על קירות בחוצות)‬
v. tr. -

30 July 2006

Documenta of East Germany

7th Werkleitz Biennale HAPPY BELIEVERS
6th-10th September 2006 in the Volkspark Halle (Saale)

Press Release No. 4, 25th July 2006

The biggest media arts festival in East Germany, also known as the 'Documenta of East Germany', will once again take place in premises of the Volkspark Halle (Saale). From 6th to 10th September the Werkleitz Biennale will present approximately 100 international contributions of contemporary art and culture. The biennial features an exhibition with 30 art works, 13 film programmes with a total of 56 films, performances, lectures, roundtables and DJ-events.

Throughout the last decade the general interest in religiosity and religious phenomena has increased. The 7th Werkleitz Biennale entitled "Happy Believers" takes a close look at the role of belief and religion in present day society."What do we believe in?" and "Why do we believe?" are the central questions guiding the production of the art works. These investigations go beyond an understanding of belief in a strictly religious sense.Visitors of the Church Congress, Zen-Buddhists, football fans, brand fetichists and hobby astrologists - they all have their own belief.

It seems that a new longing for meaning and wholeness develops alongside the ongoing process of individualisation and globalisation. Characteristic for 'patchwork religion' is that people create their own belief systems from different sources: happy believers.Whereas, the media often stages events using religion for political and economic purpuses. The art works presented at the 7th Werkleitz Biennale approach this complex field from different artistic view points: some art work investigate the fascination with belief and highlight the moments of happiness it gives people, while other art works critically examine the ways religion is instrumentalised. Art works specifically produced for the biennial deal with specific local forms of belief in a Federal State known for its a-religiosity, Saxony-Anhalt.

Many of the participating artists will be present during the festival. Thus, the biennial once again provides a space for intensive exchange between artists, culture producers and the general public.

The 7th Werkleitz Biennale is curated by Anke Hoffmann, Solvej Helweg Ovesen, Angelika Richter and Jan Schuijren.

For the programme and a list of the participating artists, please visit our webseite: www.werkleitz.de/happy_believers

29 July 2006


The objective of the two blogs, *bellebyrd* and *blakkbyrd*, is to introduce Australian art to an international audience, and international art to an Australian audience. The level of engagement is postgraduate. All media are covered, with particular emphasis on current trends. The lyrebyrd mailing list will act in support of the blogs and their forthcoming activities.




27 July 2006

call = New Media

Call for Response from New Media Artists

The Australia Council for the Arts has released a discussion paper for consideration and comment by interested new media artists, arts organisations and arts stakeholders.

The paper may be downloaded at:
www.ozco.gov.au/news_and_hot_topics/hot_topics/new_media_scoping_study_discussion_paper_released/ Written Submissions to - nmascopingstudy@ozco.gov.au
Closes 3 August 2006

update: there does not appear to be any update on this




Young Artists. New Work. Media Exposure.

is a youth arts initiative that develops and profiles young artists and their work across radio, television, in print and online.

NOISE is unique because it hangs creative works across the media, rather than on gallery walls.

Submit Your Works.

NOISE invites all young artists, 25 and under, to submit art in all forms, all year round, for the opportunity to be exhibited across the media.

Pictures, Words, Music, Film, Animation, Photography, Fashion, Object and Industrial Design, E-works, Blogs, Zines… in short, anything creative.

NOISE is a not-for-profit initiative. Copyright in all works submitted to NOISE remains with the Artist. To read our complete ‘Terms and Conditions’ please click here.


Originating in Australia, there are now NOISE projects also happening in both Singapore and north west England. If you’re interested in becoming an international partner of NOISE then please click here to find out more.

26 July 2006

ME BIKE - amsterdam



JULI 28th / AUGUST 3rd
A group show by Abner Preis


Me bike is een kunstproject over de ideale fiets. Meer dan vijftig fotografen, designers, taoeage en graffiti artiesten en andere kunstenaars laten hun hoogstpersoonlijke gedroomde superfiets zien op papier of als schaalmodel. U wordt uitgenodigd om te komen kijken, en om deel te nemen door uw eigen ontwerp mee te nemen. De mooiste ontwerpen worden beloond met prijzen.
De opening vindt plaats op vrijdag 28 juli van 17.00 tot 22.00 uur. Van 29 juli tot en met 2 augustus is de expositie van 14.00 tot 18.00 geopend (Maandag & Dinsdag gesloten) Zaterdag 29 en zondag 30 juli, wordt, als het weer het toelaat, een Bike City cruise georganiseerd.
Voor meer info ga naar http://www.abnerpreis.com /index.html

of bel met Abner Preis @ 06 14 55 56 64


Me Bike is an art project about the ideal bike. From the 28th of July till the 2nd of august, More then fifty designers, photographers, tattoo, graffiti and other artists will show the designs or models of their very own special dream bicycle. Contributions are welcome, so bring your own dream bike design! Prizes wille be awarded to the best designs.
Opening at Friday the 28th july, from 17.00 till 22.00. From 29th till 2nd of august Chiellerie is open from 14.00 till 18.00 (Monday & Tuersday closed) Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July , weather permitting, a bike city cruise will be held.
For info go to http://www.abnerpreis.com /index.html

or call Abner Preis @ 06 14 55 56 64

25 July 2006

Mini Graff - sydney

A What of Butterflies - Flutter
December 2004 -January 2005
Site Specific Installation

According to the North American Butterfly Association, NABA, science has not given a name to a 'collective' of butterflies. I prefer 'flutter'.

Inspired by the migration of the North American Monarch, 300 butterflies made from post-consumer plastic were created. They rested on the front of 391 Liverpool Street, central Sydney, for two months. Each butterfly has been hand cut and coloured. Small lights were placed behind a sampling of butterflies.

Over several months, the butterflies went though a vigorous trial period, and were tested surfaces with combinations of glues, sealants and lighting options. In the end the butterflies for this installation were made from used plastic milk containers. The corner of the container provided the perfect curve for the butterflies abdominal/wing attachment.

The installation was well-received by the local community, although seventy butterflies we lost to souvenir hunters.

Mini Graff (Darlingius Graffitius Minimus), Sydney, Australia, 2006

Operating mainly in the Darlinghurst / Kings Cross area, Mini Graff's stencil-based street works have challenged usual perceptions of graffiti and street art.

Over the past 4 years, her interventions have included the transformation of city gutters into romantic ocean landscapes and the refashioning of café waste into 'flutters' of butterflies.

Mini Graff often works with collaborators and has carried out street art tours and workshops to promote street art in the wider community.

Mini Graff and her works have been featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, Triple J, Dazed and Confused (UK), Pages Online, Curvy 1 & 2.

how to stencil


Violence Online - New Media art

Violence Online
is a New Media art project in form of an online festival.

More 350 artists from 42 countries
(see also http://violence.newmediafest.org/parti.htm)
reflect the phenomenon of violence in all its facets.
The project is constructed in form of a virtual media componany
named Violence Media Inc.
consisting of numerous departments like
Violence TV, Violence For Happyness, Violence Playstation,
Violence Picknick Basket etc.

The project started in 2002 as a collaborative project
initiated, created and organised by Agricola de Cologne,
In 2004, it became a part of the global networking project
and was until these day presented on numerous festivals and art events
around the globe.

The media celebrate violence as that what is
the best form of relaxing and enjoying life,
while speechlessness and the inability to communicate are spreading around!

Violence Online Festival is still and again and again
the best way for celebrating violence,
just enter and enjoy!
Released by
NetEX - networked experience
powered by
www.nmartproject.net -
the experimental platform for art and New Media
operating from Cologne/Germany.
info& contact
info (at) nmartproject.net

21 July 2006

graffiti from berlin


Street Art - the hague

Dutch Masters
Street Art & Urban Painting
08/07/2006 t/m 08/10/2006

The GEM has invited fifteen artists currently working in the Netherlands to take part in Dutch Masters – Street Art & Urban Painting, the first ever museum exhibition on this subject to be held in this country.

Street Art uses the street as both its canvas and its exhibition space. The work can range from stickers, posters, stencils and spray-painted texts or images right through to objects placed in the street – or any combination of these. Street Art is officially illegal. Believing that public spaces belong to us all, its creators appropriate them to bring their work and ideas to the attention of casual passers-by. The art form traces its roots to the punk movement and graffiti culture and these days exists underground, below the smooth surface of the mainstream art world.
Street Art is a typically urban phenomenon and has come since the 1970s to be an everyday part of life in major cities like New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Although this form of underground art rarely makes it into the museums, it has attracted huge interest in recent years and can now be found in magazines, on the internet and in advertisements.
As well as Street Art (which, as the name suggests, is made only outdoors), the exhibition will also include Urban Painting: the collective term for the painted work of artists who work sometimes, but not always, in the open-air urban environment. The artists featured in this exhibition in and around the GEM have two things in common: they make and exhibit their work both in the street and in art galleries and they help to shape the visual and youth culture of our day. Each of them will be given a dedicated space within the GEM. Painted work will be the main focus, but the show is also likely to include video animations and 3-D objects.

Designers Toys
Together with Street Art & Urban Painting, the GEM is presenting a wide selection of Designer Toys, another phenomenon generated by the urban arts world. The fashion for these collectors’ items originated in Japan and Hong Kong but has now hit the US and Europe in a big way. Major artists in the world of graphic design, graffiti, music, fashion and video are involved in the creation of the toys, most of which are produced in limited editions. The craze for them has given rise to a whole subculture, with online communities, exhibitions, a magazine and heavily- attended specialist fairs.
Dutch Masters has been co-initiated by magazine RELOAD and the Urban Arts Foundation. The exhibition makers are Peter van Rhoon, Hugo Mulder and Anneloes van Gaalen. The event will be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue and a temporary shop at the GEM stocking a range of relevant material, including various limited editions. Dutch Masters shows work by:

The London Police (Chaz, 1974, Amsterdam) Three English geezers started out in 1998, rejuvenating the streets of Amsterdam with their lads: happy, iconic black and white characters. After that the lads popped up in London, Brussels, Barcelona, Milan, Berlin, New York, L.A. and even Tokio, both kingsize and smallscale. www.thelondonpolice.com.

Bob Gibson (1977, Amsterdam) One of the founders of The London Police. Fascinated by big cities and architecture Gibson creates ‘urban panoramas’: fictional landscapes filled with urban icons that express a myriad of emotions. For Dutch Masters Bob and Chaz will once again join forces and make a multimedia installation. www.thelondonpolice.com.

Antistrot (2001, Rotterdam) Artist collective that hit the art world in 2001 with presentations in all kinds of spaces. The six members regard the collective as being of greater importance than the individual – their painting is a process of action and reaction. Antistrots work is exciting, raw, aesthetic, pornographic and at times extremely skillfull. www.antistrot.com

Wayne Horse (Wayne Lacrosse, 1981, Amsterdam) German Wayne Lacrosse produces such an outpour that he is virtually a one-man collective, using painting, video, calligraphy, animation and internet in a style based on comic books, graffiti and the pop culture. Dutch Masters will feature a massive painting and several video’s. www.waynehorse.com

Zedz (1971, Amsterdam) Even after art academy Zedz remained active as a graffiti writer. He developed his own 3D-style based on very legible typography and was one of the first to combine graffiti with architectural objects. In Dutch Masters he willl show 'combat lettering styles': painted and sculpted letters. www.zedz.org

Bfree (Merijn Hos, 1978, Utrecht) Known for happy, colourful characters inspired by children’s illustrations from the seventies and eighties. For Dutch Masters Bfree will create a big collage in which his world literally becomes tangible. www.bfreeone.com

Via Via (Lennard Schuurmans, 1979, Rotterdam) Freelance artist, illustrator and designer for books, cloting and record labels. Known for his perfomances as a ‘live painter’ at (music) festivals. For Dutch Masters he will treat the visitors to some live painting. www.v-i-a-v-i-a.nl

DHM (Hugo Mulder, 1972, Amsterdam) Started with graffiti in the eighties, which lead him to typographical experiments. DHM’s characteristic tattoo-styled animals can be found all over the streets of Amsterdam, adding life to the city. DHM is co-curator of Dutch Masters and will create an urban jungle in a huge sticker collage. www.dhmdesign.nl

Super A (Stefan, 1981, Goes) Storyteller that loves to add things to the public space. Mixes photography with design, creating a world with a superhero, Super A – his alter ego. For Dutch Masters he will show paintings, clay dolls and, of course, his favourite superhero.

Faith71 (Donovan Spaanstra, 1971, Amsterdam) Spraycan master who also uses sticker art, showing talent for both hyperrealism and the abstract. In Dutch Masters he will show his series ‘Red Life Painting’, made in Amsterdams Red Light district. www.faith71.com

Two Things (Morcky/The Boghe, Amsterdam) TwoThings creates anything between music videos, graphics, animations to work on the streets, playing with perspective, interacting with the surroundings, using calligraphy and robots. www.twothings.net

outoforder (David Louf/Yves van Asten, 1971, Amsterdam) Duo that produces awardwinning design since 2000: art, video and interactieve productions. Their concept for Dutch Masters focusses on the temporary nature of art, using murals and videos. www.outoforder.nl

Laser 3.14 (1972, Amsterdam) The poet amongst the street artists, leaves poetic and philosophical statements in the streets of Amsterdam. Shouts out his heartfelt mission, using the city both as his canvas and megaphone. www.laser314.com

on photos

Nuskool - Leiden

Nuskool.nl is de site voor graffiti uit Leiden en omstreken.

20 July 2006

ioshva - sydney



watch the videos



Catalyst - brakkegrond - amsterdam

Catalyst is a working system.

8 graduating artists from Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst (BEL) and Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL) are connected to experts from other fields of knowledge. Catalyst is a series of conversations, an exhibition and a catalogue, as well as a residency, artist-run space forum and other events stimulated along the way.

Curated by Tessa Giblin (NZ) and Angela Serino (IT), the exhibition will open July 21, 2006 at the Brakke Grond with a publication launch and residency announcements in the following month.

In collaboration with the selected artists, experts from diverse research backgrounds have been invited to discuss and contextualise these art works and practices through conversations and debate during the exhibition period. By creating a platform for multiple readings of the artists’ works, a deeper analysis of the artworks and practices will ensue for each newly graduated student. A publication launched at the finissage, will reflect the developments and readings made during this process.

As a more general curatorial statement, we consider the artists today as researchers who may work within a specific perspective and use specifics tools, but are not isolated from other systems of knowledge production. As an evolving process the project is developing to provide what may be found to be necessary or lacking. We are planning a forum around artist-run spaces in the city of Ghent and an artists’ residency opportunity at Hotel Maria Kapel in Hoorn following the project. Catalyst resists the singularly exhibitionist impulse around celebrating the graduating artist, hoping to become instead a literal activation of curating as an enabling structure.

Discipline: expositie
Datum: 22.07.06 t/m
zo 27.08.06

opening op vr 21.07.06, 20h00
i.s.m. Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam en Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst Gent

Curatoren: Tessa Giblin (NZ) en Angela Serina (IT)

Kunstenaars: Marlies Leplae, Thomas Desmet, Filip De Roeck, Ronald Detige, Mounira Al Solh, Sandor Klijn, Johan Arens, Reiko Kanazawa

Experten die meewerken aan dit project: Igor Dobricic, Hans Beerekamp, Dirk van Weelden, Patrick van der Duin, Elke Van Campenhout, JaapJan Zeeberg, Gertrudis Van de Vijver, Marco Pasi, Ledjaar van Houten, Jan St Werner, Sara van Hee

interview - Inkunstruction

from subaquatica

During this month of July we had the chance to meet, during his short stay in Madrid, Samuel François aka Same, one third of the art colective Inkunstruction (www.inkunstruction.com). It´s been a while since we follow the work of these french artists and we consider ourselves true fans of their instalations. We couldn’t scape the chance of doing this little interview to try to take a peek at the person behind this color nebulosas full of icons, slogans and trees with trainers!

17 July 2006

call - work for mobile phones

Portable Worlds Call for Works
Deadline August 7 2006

Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) is seeking expressions of interest from Australian artists creating work for mobile phones for inclusion in ‘Portable Worlds’; a touring exhibition proposed to travel for 12 months to 8 regional and major centres nationally.

Artists will receive and artist fee of $500 for the right to non–exclusive showing of their work and may be offered further fees and travel to some venues to be involved in artist talks or workshops.

Expressions of interest are being sought for existing works, or works to be completed before Jan 07. Works under development will need to show substantial prior development at the time of application in order to be successful.
All works need to be appropriate for general viewing and will be assessed on artistic merit and suitability for tour.

Applications will be assessed by:
Claudia Sagripanti is Chair of the AIMIA Mobile Content Industry Development Group (MCIDA), ANAT board member and runs VentureOne.
Christy Dena is a cross-media entertainment consultant, creator and researcher and on the board of dLux Media Arts.
Leslie Nassar is on the board of dLux Media Arts and runs mojourno.com.
Sasha Grbich is the ANAT project manager for ‘Portable Worlds’.
Hue Davies is international digital media artist, educator and ANAT board member.

Expressions of interest due 7 August 2006
For further information and criteria, email Project Manager Sasha Grbich at Australian Network for Art and Technology sasha@anat.org.au

Artists will be notified by September 06
‘Portable Worlds’ is subject to funding and the program will be confirmed Jan 2007

09 July 2006

hype - LONDON

Tuesday 4th - Saturday 15th July 2006
opening hours Monday - Saturday 12.00 - 6.00pm
late night opening 'til 9.00pm on Thursdays

A mixed show of international artists including:
"Elms Lester's strongest show yet.." Graphotism

"Urban Art has burgeoned from the underground of teenage skate and grunge, to the tops of buyer’s hit lists, and none more so than this collective of international artists. With the distinct mosaics of the elusive French Space Invader to Adam Neate’s warped self portraits..." Urban Junkies

frm Space Invader

07 July 2006

COLLECT4 - sydney

Exhibition by
Wooden Toy Magazine,
T-world Journal,
Stencil Graffitti Capital MELBOURNE
+ Sneaker Freaker Magazine

Friday 7th July - Wednesday 12th July 06


374 Crown St
Surry Hills 2010

This is America - Utrecht

This is America
Visions of the American Dream
June 23 - October 8, 2006

Centraal Museum
Nicolaaskerkhof 10, Utrecht, bus route 2
T+31(0)30 2362362 F +31 (0) 30 2332006


In This is America seventeen contemporary artists from Western Europe and North America outline their personal vision of the United States as the dominant force in mass culture and the media. They are reacting to the image of the ‘American Dream’ increasingly perfected during the twentieth century via the American mass media. Since 9/11 and the war in Iraq that dream has been shattered. In this exhibition, the participating artists show what America means to them now. The exhibition runs from June 24 through October 8 in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

Post-1945 relations between North America and Western Europe have become increasingly complex. Following the example of the United States, also in Europe economic forces exerted an ever greater influence, particularly in popular culture, the sciences and politics. The influence of capitalism is recognized worldwide as one of the determining factors in the globalization process. But, particularly in recent years, the US presence on the world stage has prompted a storm of criticism. The country’s dominant role in the international political and cultural arena has occasioned fierce debate.

Cultural critique
This is also evident in the visual arts, where contemporary artists comment on the typically American media culture that we know from commercials, soaps, music clips, television shows and films. These artists formulate a personal and often highly critical view of the clichés and banalities of today’s consumer culture shaped along American lines. In doing so they refer to the stereotypical image of ‘America’ nestled deep within our collective consciousness. Their ambivalent attitudes to popular culture and the media are expressed in the tempting aesthetics of lifestyle and branding, which they take over themselves or refer to in their work. They analyze the visual culture of late capitalism and make use of its conventions, by isolating and reflecting on such conventions critically and incorporating them into new montages or absurdist parodies. These artists do not believe in originality; rather they copy with verve. They make eager use of the artistic principles of détournement (freely adapted from Guy Debord). Their image archive is to be found on the internet. They are a thoroughly post-modern generation of media-oriented artists, all born around 1970 and trained in the Nineties. Their work does not add up to a coherent cultural critique, rather each opts in his or her own way for a position that enables critical consideration.

American photo-realism
Around 1970 the American photo-realists opted to render typically American subjects: showrooms, neon advertising, pinball machines, cars, cruise liners and all kinds of artifacts of modern life. In doing so they entice us with beautifully polished images of a material reality that is perfectly designed. This is America will show a selection of works by the American photo-realists taken from Dutch museum collections. In this way a comparison can be made between the materialist triumphalism of these paintings from the Sixties and Seventies and the sometimes vicious cultural criticism expressed by contemporary artists in their work.

Contemporary artists in This is America
The exhibition This is America contains installations, video works and photography of the following artists:

Paul Chan (1973, lives and works in New York)
Martin Le Chevallier (1968, lives and works in Paris)
Donna Conlon (1966, lives and works in Panama)
Candice Breitz (1972, lives and works in Berlin)
Guerrilla Girls (New York, since 1985)
Jens Haaning (1965, lives and works in Copenhagen)
Aernout Mik (1962, lives and works in Amsterdam)
Sarah Morris (1967, lives and works in New York/London)
Olaf Nicolai (1962, lives and works in Berlin)
Jan van Nuenen (1978, lives and works in Rotterdam)
Lucy Orta (1966, lives and works in Paris/London)
Guillaume Paris (1966, lives and works in Paris)
Daniel Pflumm (1968, lives and works in Berlin)
Heather and Patrick Burnett-Rose (live/work in Uzes)
Tom Sachs (1966, lives and works in New York)
Peter Sloterdijk (1947, lives and works in Karlsruhe)
Zoe Strauss (1970, lives and works in Philadelphia)

Paintings and sculptures are presented from:

Robert Cottingham (1935)
Don Eddy (1944)
Richard Estes (1932)
John Kacere (1920-1999)
Richard McLean (1934)
Malcolm Morley (1931)
John Salt (1937)
Ben Schonzeit (1942)
Duane Hanson (1925-1996)

For more information about the exhibition and more images: Centraal Museum, Catrien Schreuder: cschreuder@centraalmuseum.nl / T +31 (0)30 2362311