28 March 2010

Big Screen Graffiti - Bristol



A collection of artists used Lumacoustics YrWall digital graffiti wall to create individual and detailed collaborative works which in turn were beamed onto an entire building using two state of the art projectors. YrWall allows users to create graffiti digitally using a modified spray can on a three metre wide screen.

The installation was part of the Bristol Festival 2009 that took place in the centre of Bristol on the 18th, 19th and 20th September. Artists were able to scroll around the buildings surface using the digital wall, zoom in on any part of the wall and paint their designs. Visitors to the festival saw everything created thanks to the enormous 290 square metre projections with projectors provided by Central Presentations Ltd. The projected images were mapped to the buildings surface using Lumacoustics custom software. Tom Hogan of Lumacoustics Limited said:

"It was breathtaking stuff as people were able to see these massive artworks take shape in front of their eyes."

"There have been laser pens used to digitally ‘tag’ the side of buildings but with this you can do full colour and detailed graffiti artwork. This is definitely a world first.”

Visitors not only had opportunity to paint on the building using the digital graffiti wall but also play with an added extra digital element. A Wiimote controlled virtual helicopter, modelled on a Avon and Somerset Police helicopter, could be flown around on the side of the building, highlighting the live painting with its simualted search light mounted on its nose. The system used cutting edge mapping techniques to make the helicopter appear undistored as it flew over parts of the buildings. It even correctly casted shadows where you’d expect, adding to the belief that this was a real helicoper.

A Lumacoustics' Product > lumacoustics.com

Thanks to The Bristol Festival (thebristolfestival.org) for all their support, Central Presentations (cplav.com) for the projectors and rigging, Weapon of Choice (weaponofchoicegallery.co.uk) for bringing the artists down to paint, and PANTyRAID (pantyraidmusic.com) for the music.

02 March 2010

Sweet Dreams - Adelaide

Building on the success of 2009’s ST5K festival, the Adelaide urban art community returns with Street Dreams. This four-day festival, running concurrently with the Format Festival during the Adelaide Fringe, is a celebration of all forms of street art and graffiti.

For the community at large, it is a chance to investigate and appreciate the work done by these artists. For the artists themselves, it’s a chance to feature their work, and to discover new legitimate spaces and unique methods in the art of getting over.