31 August 2006

lilshy - amsterdam


chalk the walk - sydney

From Thursday 21 September to Sunday 24 September

artists from around Australia and Overseas will gather on Sydney’s Pyrmont Bridge to take part the 2nd annual

Chalk The Walk Pavement Art Festival.


Earthdance 2006


On the weekend of September 16, 2006 nearly a half a million world citizens in over 50 countries will join together in venues across the world from large-scale festivals, concert halls and clubs, to city parks, community halls, backyards, living rooms and online for the 10th Annual Earthdance Peace Celebration.


Alice Springs


Byron Bay

Darwin (email)

Den Bosch


30 August 2006


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Street art - Slovenia
Guerrilla Postering and Etiquette Guide
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Street art - Slovenia

The International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC)

MGLC, Grad Tivoli
Pod Turnom 3, 1000 Ljubljana

Street art

Street art - medijsko obvestilo
Predstavitve sodelujočih avtorjev
Ulice govorijo
Ljubljana 2005 - fotografija


Stensili, posterji in stikerji / Low-Tech re-akcija!
15. 3.-14. 5. 2006

Na razstavi sodelujejo: M-city, Poljska, Flying Fortress, Nemčija, Space Invader, Francija, The London Police, Nizozemska, Filjio in Kenova, Hrvaška, ter slovenski avtorji Zek advance, Ioke42, Tacek, Rone 84, Sektion 1.3, Lele, Ratt One, Ash in Skrana.


street signs

29 August 2006

posters in the Netherlands

International Institute of Social History

This guide offers a survey of the image and sound collections held by the IISH, including some 250.000 photos and 138.000 negatives.

The institute holds one of the largest collections of posters in the Netherlands (ca. 118.200) and stores several hundred banners.

In addition, the collections include a considerable number of films (ca. 2500) and videos (ca. 4000), as well as several thousand sound tapes and gramophone records.

Most of the image and sound collections are accessible through our online catalogue (OPC) and can be searched by organisation, date, location, or subject. There is a subject index in the thesaurus.



This is a selection of 145 political posters, famous masterpieces as well as equally beautiful but unknown examples drawn from the collection of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam.

This page provides an overview of women's and gender history projects at the International Institute of Social History (IISH)


street art battle - winner

and the winner is


"de spuitbus is machtiger dan het zwaard!"
[the spraycan is mightier than the sword]

"From Mike Clark comes this "How'd They Do That?" animation. The wall was painted by Faith71, Hetzer, and Mke on Faith71's roof terrace. "


brouwersgracht III

21 July 2005

09 November 2005

this week

27 August 2006

Australia - TV

Special Broadcasting Service SBS
The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is Australia's multicultural and multilingual public broadcaster. SBS is unique. Its radio and television services broadcast in more languages than any other network in the world. Programs in more than 60 languages are broadcast on SBS Television, and Online, SBS New Media provides text and audio-on-demand services in more than 50 languages.

Every hour, SBS Radio broadcasts in a different language, and from one program to the next, SBS Television provides extraordinary insights into the world's cultures and Australia's ethnic diversity. Together, they contribute to the cross-cultural understanding of all Australians - linguistically, sociologically and culturally.

SBS Television is watched by more than seven million Australians each week. What they see is a unique mix of Australian-produced and international programs drawn from over 400 national and international sources. Programs in languages other than English - which comprise more than half the SBS Television schedule - are accessible to all viewers through SBS-produced English language subtitles.

SBS Online provides text and video services as well as audio-on-demand in 68 languages, making it the most linguistically diverse website in the world. The online service extends and enhances SBS Television and Radio programming and generates original content, including comprehensive Australian and international news reports, innovative youth programming and one of Australia’s most comprehensive soccer web sites. SBS celebrates difference and promotes understanding. It gives Australians access to other cultures and languages, and targets prejudice, racism and discrimination through creative and quality programming that is inclusive and diverse. SBS is the voice and the vision of multicultural Australia.

SBS Radio (68 languages)

Sixty-eight languages are spoken on SBS Radio.
Every hour, SBS Radio broadcasts in a different language. SBS Radio, the world's most linguistically diverse broadcaster, reaches across the major languages spoken in Australia. It produces more than 13,500 hours of language-specific programs each year, in English and more than 60 other languages. Since 1975, SBS Radio has expanded its service from a single AM station in Sydney and Melbourne, to a five signal network that's available in all capital cities and key regional centres.

SBS Podcasting

SBS - World News


ABC - Podcasting

ABC program websites - listing
ABC broadband home

ABC broadband entertainmant listing
ABC - Chaser (news satire)
ABC Comedy Kitchen


ABC Kids -

ABC Media Watch - (media criticism)

ABC News -
ABC Business Bulletin -
ABC Sport Sport Report -
JJJ - this sporting life - sport satire with Roy & HG

ABC rage.. music TV on demand - updated weekly
playlists (published friday afternoons oz time)
TripleJ Radio

ABC Arts online
NineMSN (AUS) -

yahoo7 - channel7 + Yahoo
Roo TV - video clips by category

Guerrilla Postering and Etiquette Guide

Robbie Conal's Guerrilla Postering and Etiquette Guide


gender ads


Gender Ads.com was begun a number of years ago to provide gender studies educators and students with a resource for analyzing the advertising images that relate to gender.

Its founder, Dr. Scott A. Lukas, had produced a PowerPoint that focused on gender and advertising, and because students had requested copies of the presentation, he decided to produce a website to host the images and interpretations.

Since the PowerPoint was produced with 100 images, the website has grown to over 2,500 advertising images, and it is one of the largest collections of gender-related advertising materials on the Internet.


Background: A popular theme in both advertising and mainstream movies is of the male as a decision-maker and the female as a passive, uninvolved body (cf. Culley and Bennett 1976).

Even in mainstream magazines, advertising rarely depicts women in other roles (Sexton and Haberman 1974).

Advertising is capricious, and in some cases particular depictions of men and women have shifted over the years. An example of this trend occurred in 1970s ads where the stereotypical objectified images of women were supplanted in part by images of women in business and executive settings.

However, as two authors argue, such representations have ultimately faded away to the more traditional depictions of women as sex objects (Benokraitis and Feagin 1995:28).

Background: “In spite of the inferior role which men assign to them, women are the privileged objects of their aggression,” this the telling quote offered by Simone de Beauvoir (in Kaufman 1995:17) that establishes one of the essential problems in patriarchal societies—men commit violence against women.

The connection between masculinity and violence has been considered in a number of significant studies of popular culture (Gibson 1994; Ewing 1995; Kaufman 1995).

Kaufman suggests that the substitution of violence for desire is a predominant aspect of the construction of masculinity (1995:13), Benokraitis and Feagin suggest that advertising often connects sexuality with aggression or violence against women (1995:61), while Wolf (1991:133) discusses “beauty sadomasochism”—the prevalence of violence and sex in many ads.

Shameless - Canada

Shameless is Canada’s independent voice for smart, strong, sassy young women.

It’s a fresh alternative to typical teen magazines, for girls who know there’s more to life than makeup and diet tips.

Packed with articles about arts, culture and current events, Shameless reaches out to readers who are often ignored by mainstream media: freethinkers, queer youth, young women of colour, punk rockers, feminists, intellectuals, artists, activists — people just like you!

We tackle teen life with wit and wisdom.


The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective

The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective was organized in 1970 to create posters for the growing women's liberation movement.

The Women's Graphics Collective used silkscreen to create large brilliantly colored prints in large quantities on a low budget. Later the group used offset printing for the more popular posters.

The founders of the Graphics Collective wanted their new feminist art to be a collective process in order to set it apart from the male-dominated Western art culture.

Each poster was created by a committee of 2 to 4 women led by the artist/designer.

Thousands of posters were sold all over the world until the Graphics Collective dissolved in 1983.

Browse Graphics Collective Posters by Thumbnail

The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective (1972)

The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective (1974)

The Chicago Women's Graphics Collective (sometime after 1975)


Robodock Festival - Amsterdam


The 9th edition of the Robodock Festival will be at the NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam-Noord.

It will take place from 20 till 23th of september 2006.

The theme of this festival edition is alchemy. This will be the leading thread within the program and a source of inspiration for the participating artists.

Robodock is a unique international festival with a main core of technology, spectacle theatre, multi-media and industrial installations.

In cooperation with artists, technology students and theatre makers the festival is styled by re-using scrap and other industrial left-overs. Nowadays Robodock has an important international workshop-function.

The festival shows unpredictable combinations of different disciplines and bizar theatral applications, of which fire and steel are important elements. No disciplines are excluded: theatre, plastic arts, music, dance, film, multimedia, acrobatics, technical experiments, deejays.

With a surprising and renewing program Robodock shows four days 'state of the art' - projects that have no like in Europe and that are specially developed for and by the Robodock Festival. On every day of the festival there will be a different program.

Theme of 2006: Alchemy

Alchemy is the old secret science that, by using the 'philosopher's stone', aimed at brewing a life-elixer out of precious metals. In 2006 Robodock will research the question wheter this science is still actual in our modern times. Do modern technologies contain a life-elixer?

Alchemy not only is a inspiring theme. It is also a theme that touches the search in our present society to spirituality, mysticism, symbolism and religion. Functioning as a experimental platform Robodock will become a alchemist laboratory. These are the corners of our focus this year.


26 August 2006

street art battle - pics

all artists will get their own wall and will proceed to work towards each other, creating one big masterpiece in the process.

Art Gallery and Hangout Chiellerie
Raamgracht 58

Opening: August 25 at 17:00
August 26 & 27 from 12:00 til 21:00


24 August 2006

office humour

call - street women

As I research the street art scene, I am becoming increasing concerned about the lack of feminine presence and the scarcity of positive female role models.

Where are the women?

[these women are from wolf and pack]

this is a list of female graffiti artists from

Dani (klub7)
Lady Fire
Mademoiselle Kat
Me love
Miss Van
Sista Risca

Its not a very long list.


In some ways I was pleased to see the announcement from Wooster that there is a new book about to be released.

"We're pleased to learn that Nicholas Ganz's new book, Graffiti Women, is set to come out in November. Haven't seen it yet, but if it's half as good as his last book, Graffiti World, we're in for a treat. It's good to see that someone has finally put together what looks to be like the definitive book on an amazing group of woman who are central to the graffiti and street are movement. Can't wait to see it."

0n the other hand, this raises the question of why it is necessary to have a seperate publication for women in the first place?

If these women artists are of equal ability/quality/whatever to their male counterparts; then their work will be equally displayed alongside the blokes, wont it?

0r will it?

Is it true that the mainstream publications about street art are filled with male art so that the women have to publish a separate book?

[can someone email me the breakdown from the book graffiti world? number of artists by gender - and any other graffiti books - lets do a survey]

What are the women doing about this? If street art is about rebellion and politics, where are the graffiti feminists?


If y
ou are a woman street artist we want to hear about your work.

Please use the comments at the foot of this post, to add an URL.

0therwise y
ou can email me at
blakkbyrd AT yah