08 November 2012

Sylvie Tillmann - London

(̶n̶̶o̶) love (̶l̶̶o̶̶s̶̶t̶)
The Wayward Gallery, London proudly presents the second solo exhibition of German
artist Sylvie Tillmann.

Photos from the opening night can be found on facebook here

Tillmann’s work can be considered as a series of studies, which inspire various
contemplations. Akin to the processual character of scientific study, the processual
character of art itself is beneficial to the exploration of manifold thematic layers, which at times seem contradictory, but eventually may turn out to be conclusive.

Sylvie Tillmann constructs experimental set-ups in conceptual series of monochrome
photographs, which are provoking in their radical nature and which irritate on all levels.

Every single artwork can simultaneously be a question posed or the result of an
investigation. In the end one is presented with the echo of a process, of an impulse of
creativity, born of the discrepancy between the inside and the outside, an echo of a
moment, which has passed, and which makes the piece a monument to an intense
encounter of artist and model or artist and object. No more and no less is left for the
recipient. The consequence: The recipient assumes the role of the inquiring mind, which
can be considered the animus of Sylvie Tillmann’s work, and may try to reverseengineer
it and get to the bottom of what is presented.

The motifs hint at the inherent struggle between hope and desperation about the values
of our time behind the mere politicisation of sexuality. The deep sense of discord is
signified by the title of the current series. (̶n̶̶o̶) love (̶l̶̶o̶̶s̶̶t̶) is as continuation of the last
series, which thematised lust and unease among other subjects, all the more the
question of love as greater, if not greatest good and how modern society perceives
it or is supposed to perceive it. The search for the Agathon leads through many a
dark vale.

On the technical side Sylvie Tillmann utilises a sort of aesthetical non-conformism,
hammering the pieces to the walls of the exhibition hall with rusty nails only,
deliberately applying dirt and stains during the development process or tearing and
scratching the surface of the artwork. The stage is denied to the tasteful form in
favour of the subject matter. Overexposure and lint on the lens at that moment
aren’t stylistic devices per se, but a statement not to bother with window dressing,
but to create truth.

Sylvie Tillmann lives and works in London and Cologne.

(̶n̶̶o̶) love (̶l̶̶o̶̶s̶̶t̶)

The Wayward Gallery, London präsentiert die zweite Einzelausstellung der deutschen
Künstlerin Sylvie Tillmann.

Tillmanns Arbeit ist als Reihe von Studien zu sehen, die vielfältige Betrachtungen
zutage fördern. Ähnlich der naturwissenschaftlichen Forschung begünstigt hier der
Prozesscharakter der künstlerischen Arbeit, die Durchdringung vielfältiger
thematischer Ebenen, die manchmal widersprüchlich scheinen und doch in letzter
Konsequenz schlüssig sind.

In konzeptuellen Serien monochromer Fotografien erstellt die Künstlerin
Versuchsanordnungen, die in ihrer Radikalität provozieren und auf allen Ebenen
Irritationen bewirken. Jede Arbeit für sich kann gleichzeitig als Frage und auch als
Untersuchungsergebnis verstanden werden. Denn letztlich sieht man hier den
Nachhall eines Prozesses, eines Moments, eines Schaffensimpulses aus der
Diskrepanz zwischen dem Innen und dem Außen, der verstrichen ist und damit das
vorliegende Werk zu einem Denkmal einer intensiven Begegnung zwischen Künstler
und Modell oder Objekt macht. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger bleibt dem Betrachter.
Die Konsequenz daraus ist, dass sich der Betrachter den Forschergeist selbst zu
eigen zu macht, der Sylvie Tillmanns Arbeiten beseelt und sozusagen per Reverse-
Engineering versucht, das Gesehene wieder zu dekonstruieren und ihm auf den
Grund zu gehen.

Die Motive deuten an, dass hinter der bloßen Politisierung von Sexualität der
Widerstreit von Verzweiflung und Hoffnung über die Werte unserer Zeit tobt. Der
tiefe Zwiespalt wird im Titel der aktuellen Werkreihe deutlich. (̶n̶̶o̶) love (̶l̶̶o̶̶s̶̶t̶) ist in
der Fortsetzung des letzten Arbeitszyklus, der u.a. Lust und Unbehagen
thematisierte, doch vielmehr auch die Frage nach der Liebe als hohem, wenn nicht
höchstem Gut und was die Gesellschaft darunter mittlerweile versteht oder
verstehen soll. Die Suche nach dem Agathon führt hierbei durch so manches finstre

Technisch betreibt Sylvie Tillmann dabei eine Art ästhetischen Nonkonformismus,
indem sie ihre Werke z.B. mit rostigen Nägeln direkt an die Wand des
Ausstellungsraumes hämmert, im Entwicklungsprozess absichtlich
Verschmutzungen anbringt oder Oberflächen zerkratzt. Der schöngeistigen Form
wird sozusagen zugunsten des Inhalts die Bühne verwehrt. Überbelichtung und
Fusseln auf der Linse sind in dem Moment kein Stilmittel als solches, sondern ein
Statement, sich nicht mit Schönfärberei abzugeben, sondern Wahrheit zu schaffen.

Sylvie Tillmann lebt und arbeitet in London und Köln.

Contentious: Blakkbyrd

17 - 20 Parr Street, London, N1 7ET
15th - 17th March 2013

Curators: Robert Ford, Blair Zaye, Lyn Blackburn and Tracy Allen
"The first one in the series, CONTENTIOUS ONE will be an eclectic mix of London based painters, printmakers, photographers, performance artists & makers. London has proven itself to be one of the hubs of the art world.
This series of shows aims to build on a reputation by showing the new, the unknown, the emerging, the daring, the collectable artists of tomorrow!" 
Participating Artists with links

Tracey Allen
Amber Anderson
Lyn Blackburn
Mandy Brannan
Simon Burbridge
Jan Crabtree
Robert Ford
Brian D Hodgeson
Ursula Kelly
Tony Lee
Gareth Morgan
Blair Zaye

The first in a series of self curated exhibitions showing a mix of painters, printmakers, photographers and makers. As well as visual artists there will be several bands and performers delivering their special and exciting music and entertainment over the 3 days!

Check our facebook page for more details

Facebook Event Page



Friday 15th 6:30pm-11:00pm
Opening night performances from Uru-Ana and Spiritwo Solo 7:30pm to 10:30

Photos of Opening Night: here


Saturday 16th 2pm-11pm Evening musical performances from Sinah and NoamiKo 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Photos Day2 here


Sunday 17th 2pm-6pm

Physical theatre ‘Natives’ directed by Andrea Ling

Performance ‘Like Foxes’ with Gwen Bajon &
Yasmin Moghaddan

Bjorn Hatleskog performing Romvelope

Dance Circuits

Photos of Day3 plus exhibition hang here


Dia De Los Muertos : Blakkbyrd

Cultivate Gallery in Vyner Street, London 
1st November to 4th November
Curated by Sean Worrell

"We’re not trying to recreate an accurate authentic reconstruction of a Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, we’re just celebrating the celebration in our on cross-pollinating way."

Gallery Exhibition Page: http://www.cultivatevynerstreet.com/ShowDiaDeLosMuertos.html

Facebook Event Page


Participating Artists


Carrie Reichardt
Charlie Mcfarley
Danny Amos Flynn
David Vassie
Emma Harvey
Julieta Hernández Adame
Lisa Mckendrick
Lynne Blackburn
Robert Ford
Sean Worrall
Tony Lee


Exhibition Photos HERE


"on our corner is was DIA DE LOS MUERTOS and our celebration of the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead/ Artists were invited, colour was encourage, flowers tied to our window bars, a shire built, Mexican sweet bread, fruit, the ritual, and our walls full of are that in some way came with a little of the right flavours, I think we can say it worked, people grabbed the spirit and hopefully enjoyed the art, the paintings of LISA McKENDRICK, BLAKKBYRD, CHARLIE McFARLEY, SEAN WORRALL, TONY LEE and EMMA HARVEY, the prints of ROBERT FORD and LYNNE BLACKBURN, the ceramics of CARRIE REICHARDT, the letterpress work of JULIETA HERNANDEZ ADAME, DAVID VASSIE, DANNY AMOS FLYNN – a spontaneous show pulled together because it seemed like a good thing to do, it could have been a disaster, I kind of think it worked… didn’t it?"

Full Blog Post from Cultivate is here

21 March 2012

Black Books

"In the graffiti underground, Piece Books—or sketch books—have been a secret weapon for the mysterious artists who pioneered the culture back in 1970s New York. Reebok explores this history through the eyes of graffiti legends like Cope 2, Erni "Paze" Vales, West, SP.One, Wane COD, Rime MSK, Chino BYI, Ewok 5MH, PEZ, How and Nosm. "

When Rembrandt went bankrupt in the C17th, one of the things he hid from his creditors was his blackbooks.  Interesting to see an artist's sketchbook presented as a new concept or practice.  It speaks volumes about the presenters and their targeted audience.