23 July 2009

Open Air - Graffiti Documentary

Open Air, Street Art / Graffiti Documentary ESPO FAILE KNOX

In 2006, we created this short for the University of Southern California's Public Arts Studies Program.

This documentary explored the studios and methods of six of the top street artists in America: Faile, Skewville, Mike De Feo, Dan Witz, Espo and Tiki Jay One.

Official selection of the Coney Island Film Festival and the Freewaves International Film Festival.

A Triad Film by KNOX


22 July 2009

GRAFFITI - Auction Paris

PARIS – The Street Art scene is so overabundant, active and changing that it encounters the same problem as the ancient masters: certain authors are so poorly documented that one is constrained to be vague, sometimes comical such as for «Marie Rouffet, active in the XXth century». Fortunately, in the sale on 20 June at the Cigale, next to lady Rouffet, other authors are very well known such as WK Interact whose great composition 6 metres by 7 is estimated at nearly 100 000 euros. Other classics such as Futura 2000, Speedy Graphito , Miss-Tic, John Matos Crash or Blek le Rat will also be present. If one does not want to run any risks, there will always be a Keith Haring, Warhol or Basquiat to choose. If one wishes to remain in the logic of discovering, the nit would be better to aim for Cope 2, Indie 184 or Wayne, cousins of the anonymous subway graffers.
Street Art et graffiti on 20 June 2009 at la Cigale (SVV Millon Cornette de Saint-Cyr)

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Museum of Football - Berlin


Né dans la rue – Graffiti Paris

PARIS – It seems impossible to have an exhibition on graffiti, an art form born in Brooklyn at the beginning of the 70s. Are they going to rebuild the walls of the Bronx, bring in the New York subway cars? It can only be done with photographs, movies (among them the unavoidable Style Wars) and other forms of documentation. To give some substance to the exhibition, explain Action Writing or Freestyle, the Fondation Cartier has invited the most famous graphers to create works purposely for this event. This is proof they are no longer outlaws or hooligans but rather the pets of contemporary art. Will be present the seniors P.H.A.S.E. 2 or Seen and a cosmopolitan delegation including Chilean artist Basko Vazko, Swedish artist Nug or French artist JonOne.
Né dans la rue – Graffiti at the Fondation Cartier from 7 July to 29 November 2009

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09 July 2009

Cartrain and Hirst

Cartrain has stolen Damien Hirst's pencils - Theft Or Ransom?

16 year old graffiti artist Cartrain walked in to the Tate Briton (London) early last week and removed a packet of pencils from one of Damien Hirsts exhibits. Damien Hirst and Cartrain have a long standing rocky history. Earlier this year Hirst targeted the young graffiti artist Cartrain using Design and Artists Copyright Society (DAC's) for breach of copyright infringement on his latest series of artworks being sold vir 100artworks.com.

Cartrain is a 16 year artist whose work can be found mostly in backstreets of East London's Brick Lane and Old Street. Cartrain's left wing stencils and collages often contain recognisable figures such as George Bush and the Queen.

The box of very rare "FABER CASTELL dated 1990 Mongol 482 series" pencils were removed from Damien Hirst's "PHARMACY installation" by Cartrain on Thursday the 2nd July around 4pm. Not long after the pencils were removed from the installation a fake police 'appeal for assistance' posters appeared all around London.

This is the latest in a string of events surrounding the feud between the two artists. It began when Damien Hirst contracted the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DAC's) to send a string of legal letters to Cartrain's artdealer Tom Cuthbert at 100artworks.com in regards to Cartrain's series of artworks 'For the Love of God'. The online gallery surrendered the artworks to Damien Hirst with a verbal apology. The legal grounds in which Hirst requested the artworks are very questionable and the story spread across the internet like wild fire. It was reported by The Independent, The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Pop Bitch, Popbitch and many online blogs.

The urban art community are currently heavily debating the actions of Cartrain and what his next steps will be. Is this a random act of vandalism or a calculated guerilla art stunt? Only time will tell.

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