30 June 2005

FreeNRG ebook

FreeNRG ebook download (free).

FreeNRG: Notes from the Edge of the Dance Floor. The book I edited=
(2001 Common Ground Press), now available as freely a downloadable=
ebook (PDF - only 3.7 megs). Includes 80 colour images.

Download available thanks to Rak Razam and Undergrowth (and Creative

FreeNRG Contents

Foreword by Ken Gelder

Part I Post Rave Australia
-Doof! Australian Post Rave Culture, Graham St John.
-Propagating Abominable Knowledge: Tekno Zine Culture, Kathleen

Part II Sound Systems and Systems Sound
-Sound Systems and Australian DiY Culture: Folk Music for the Dot
Com Generation, Enda Murray. Doofstory: Sydney Park to the Desert,
Peter Strong
-Tuning Technology to Ecology: Labrats Sola Powered Sound System,
Monkey Marc and Izzy Brown.
-Techno Terra-ism: Feral Systems and Sound Futures, Graham St John.

Part III Techno-Ascension
-Mutoid Waste Recycledelia and Earthdream, Robin Cooke.
-Psychic Sonics: Tribadelic Dance Trance-formation, Eugene ENRG (DJ
Krusty) interviews Ray Castle.
-Chaos Engines: Doofs, Psychedelics and Religious Experience, Des
-Directions to the Game: Barrelfull of Monkeys, Rak Razam.

Part IV Reclaiming Space
-Practice Random Acts: Reclaiming the Streets of Australia, Susan
-Carnival at Crown Casino: S11as Party and Protest, Kurt Iveson and
Sean Scalmer.
-Appropriating the Means of Production: Dance Music Industries and
Contested Digital Space, Chris Gibson.

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Dr Graham St John=
Postdoctoral Research Fellow=
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
Level 4, Forgan Smith Tower=
University of Queensland=
St Lucia 4072=
Queensland, Australia=

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