09 January 2006

Amsterdam Coffeeshops

"Valo from England. Sent 22 Nov 2004.

Definitely my favourite coffee shop in Amsterdam. The food & drink staff are real friendly and make awesome hot chocolates and the guy behind the weed counter (told me his name was Richard) was probably the coolest/friendliest guy I have ever met in my life!

I usually only smoke grass in the Dam, but being a Floyd fan I opted for some Umma-Gumma has which was a real nice, smooth smoke with a pleasant (not a completely monged out) high. The weed which was recommended by the guy behind the desk was the 'Mothers Finest'. My friend and I spent a few hours here the first day and the box of Mothers Finest was continually open - a very popular smoke on that occasion and I can see why. I have tasted better weeds before, but the high was very different - not too headachy, but very much a weed which expands your mind!

Two days later (our final day), my friend and I had our luggage with us and had a 6 hour wait for the train at CS. We headed back to Pink Floyd where Richard was outside talking to a friend of his - immediately recognised us and welcomed us in with open arms. We felt very welcome spending pretty much the whole day there talking to the staff and some cool Canadian guy we bumped into called Andrew. Would definitely recommend the special cake and tea - especially if your not planning much for about 6 hours :-) "

from The Amsterdam Coffeshop Directory

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