09 March 2006

DARK - Rotterdam

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
18 February 2006 – 17 April 2006

Participating artists:
Rita Ackermann (1968, Budapest, H)
Avner Ben-Gal (1966, Askalon, I)
Marc Bijl (1970, Leerdam, NL)
Dirk Braeckman (1958, Eeklo, B)
Angus Fairhurst (1966, Kent, UK)
Georg Gatsas (1978, Grabs SG, CH)
Gregory Crewdson (1962, Brooklyn NY, USA)
Rachel Harrison (1966, New York, USA)
Daniel Hesidence (1975, Ohio NY, USA)
Folkert de Jong (1972, Alkmaar, NL)
Terence Koh (1977, Beijing, China)
Jan Lauwers (1957, Antwerp, B)
Fumie Sasabuchi (1975, Tokyo, J)
Juergen Teller (1964, Erlangen, D)
Luc Tuymans (1958, Mortsel, B)
Banks Violette (1973, Ithaca NY, USA)
Kara Walker (1969, Stockton CA, USA)

The darker side of existence exercises an almost irresistible attraction on society. This fascination is the theme of the international group exhibition DARK, assembled by guest curator Jan Grosfeld and Rein Wolfs.

DARK is a presentation of recent developments within contemporary art; a confrontation of differing contemporary artistic visions. Common to each work in the show is an interest in the ‘darker’ side of life. However, DARK is more than simply ‘dim’ or ‘unlit’. Rather it refers to a particular contemporary state of mind, with a complex of different and sometimes antithetical aspects.

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