19 June 2006

dutch racism cont.

All major newspapers are reporting on a new study released today:


A quarter of the Dutch population have a strong dislike for allochtonen. Ten percent of the population are openly racist and consider allochtonen inferior to autochtonen. There is a general belief in NL that allochtonen are less intelligent and capable.

"allochtonen" = "immigrants
"autochthons" = "aboriginals"}

From today's paper edition of Het Parool:

- 28% of Dutch people want to have white neighbours only
- 33% of the Dutch would only like to have a white son in law
- 42% of the Dutch want to have only white teachers
- 57% of the Dutch would only accept a white Premier.

People from which countries make the Dutch feel more awkward?

49% Moroccan
34% Antillians (Ed: but they are fucking Dutch!!)
32% Turkish
32% African
24% Polish
18% Surinamers
17% French (Ed: ha, racism does not know any EU boundaries it seems)
13% Americans
12% Chinese
8% Germans
7% any allochtoon

What worries the Dutch the most about immigrants?

34% manners
12% immigration and integration
12% poverty
10% criminality
7% Islamic extremism

Other findings from the study:

27% is very negative about foreigners. 10% is openly racist.

43% believe that Islam is not compatible with peace

42% want the teacher for their children to be autochtoon

14% believe that the Dutch are much more intelligent than allochtonen

64% believe that racism occurs a lot in NL

47% believe that allochtonen abuse the social welfare state

36% believe that allochtonen are not honest people

27% believe that allochtonen are criminals

36% believe that allochtonen are not clean

41% believe that allochtonen are not tolerant

24% believe that allochtonen are lazy

58% believe that a city area turns for the worst when allochtonen live there

31% believe that they turned more racist in the last couple of years

36% believe that allochtonen should only be allowed to stay in NL for a couple of years

10% believe that allochtonen should be fired first from jobs in case of lay offs

16% believe that the Dutch should not mix with other nationalities.

text cut and pasted from expatica,
see the discussion forum for ex pat commentary

"The breakdown as you have listed seems much more informative than the online articles I have seen that do seem to be saying 'hey aint this great, only 10% of dutch are racists!'.. "
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