14 July 2008


"Criteria for the judging of quality in a 'Graffiti Art' piece, is very similar to a lot of criteria used in other forms of formal art criticism. Other types of critical readings can also be used and a combination of these methodologies is always preferable. For Graffiti Art is not just an art form, it is also a culture. To properly review the work one must consider each piece in its full context. If the residue of the painting process, the painting itself is to be critiqued, it can be done on formal qualities alone though. These qualities always include can control (the painter's hand), colour and other forms of stylistic innovation, flow, funk, the nature of the site and is the work of an illegal or legal nature. These qualities must be appropriate for the form that it is within 'Graffiti Art' and for the type of artist involved."

HOW TO READ GRAFFITI was the title of the Masters paper written by Jason Dax Woodward in 1997. The work was a starting point for understanding some of the unwritten rules of graffiti. The text can be found at
It was eventually published as part of the Chromopolis book published in Greece. 1998.

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