24 October 2008

Coming to the Cheillerie

Friday 24 October - Wednesday 29 October 2008
Urban Abstract in Amsterdam
Opening: Friday 24 October vanaf 17.00 uur
raamgracht 58
1011kk amsterdam

Urban Abstract in Amsterdam -
The work of Evan Hecox Brought to you by Mather Kunst and Reload Magazine
Urban Abstract in Amsterdam, Evan Hecox’s debut solo show in Amsterdam, is a continued exploration of ur- ban landscapes in locales as disparate as Berlin; Mexico City; Manatuk, Long Island; Tokyo; and of course, San Francisco. Though largely known for his work in the Skateboard industry, his fine art is independently brilliant and moves beyond the iconography of the industry. His extremely flattened landscapes amplify elements of pedestrian and sometimes mundane landscapes, elevating the ordinary to the sublime through form, color, and composition. Some will only recognize his work from the hundreds of skateboard decks he has designed. Those who have followed his work will have the chance to witness this mid-career work as it continually evolves. More information on Evan Hecox and his past exhibits can be found at the following locations:

From SATURDAY 8 - 13 November 2008 The Chiellerie presents:
"The Gospel According to Brian O'Blivion"
Laser 3.14
(soundscapes by Pieter Nooten)
(curating anthropologists in art: Blaton & Rypson)
"Kneel down before the omnipotent screen!"
The enigmatic guerrilla-poet and visual artist Laser 3.14 will unleash his vision on the interrelatedness between humanity and omnipotence of technology. In a reality where mankind is driven to self-consuming meta-consumption by the very technologies he has created, how far can and will our symbiotic relationship with the digital and the cathode-ray tube go? Already, our cosmology of truths has been supplanted by an amorphous and infinite number of hyper-realities and truisms. What of our organic autonomy? Will we transmorph, as Laser suggests, into neo-anthropomorphic techno-beings…?
Next to the works of Laser 3.14, the exhibition will be completed with soundscapes by Pieter Nooten which he specially composed for this exhibition.
Opening Saturday 8 November: 17:00 – 20:00 o'clock
8 - 13 November, 2008 in The Chiellerie
Contact: Anthropologists in Art: Blaton & Rypson: e-mail: blatonrypson@gmail.com


Cadence - A new film by Laser 3.14

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