06 November 2009

May's - Jumbo & Zap

MAY’S is excited to present ‘Panic Attack – Monster City’ – the collaborative work of Jumbo and Zap; two artists who endeavor to transform Sydney’s monotonous, drab billboards and hoardings into bright screens of menacing comic-style characters.

'The journey that Zap has undertaken is one of time and space, seeing way into the future to the megatropolis here monsters are flying in spaceships. Jumbo, in contrast, has taken the path of the people who inhabit the mega city, with paranoia and panic overtaking the airwaves. The alias JUMBO was created in 2003 as a result of a head collision-on with the art establishment. After the shock of seeing what was possible in the public domain I quickly made a beeline for some big scale poster paper and paint. The characters were comic and pop art, but the subject was and always will be freestyle and experimental. I have put up posters in the UK, Europe and Sydney.'
- Jumbo

ZAP is one of Sydney's more prolific and unique street artists. His work contains influences from 1970's graffiti, sci-fi imagery, abstraction and a distinctive colour palette. ZAP has shown at various galleries and institutions around Australia.

‘I was in various street gangs from the age of 10. I had to steal sometimes to eat - it was tough. That's where my passion for graffiti and skateboarding grew - I never fitted the sporty stereotype. Always into creative pursuits, I have developed a style which is unique. Psychedelic abstract forms, shapes and spaceships are symbols of my journeys through time and space.’
- Zap

Panic Attack - Monster City
An Exhibition of Poster Art, by JUMBO and ZAP


Please keep the date free to join us for this special event!!


May's artists

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