23 December 2009

(R)Evolution of Urban Art


(R)Evolution of Urban Art
21 November 2009 - 13 March 2010
Large Art Gallery

Urban Art has its origins in street graffiti, spray-paint and stencils, but now it can also be seen on canvas and limited edition prints, making it a mainstream movement. This exhibition explores how Urban Art references the history of art. Through observation, research and discussion with some of the artists, similarities in styles and ideals are highlighted.

(R)Evolution of Urban Art brings together work from 15 internationally acclaimed artists: Banksy, Blek le Rat, Gavin Turk, Adam Neate, David Choe, Faile, Lorraine Robbins, Antony Micallef, Ron English, José Parlá, Elbow-toe, Sam Taylor-Wood, Candice Tripp, Swoon and Takashi Murakami.

Image: 'Beggar' © 2006 Blek le Rat.

Click here to read the essays and interviews with the artists.


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