22 April 2010

London Street Art Magazine - #4

"Spring has sprung, the paint is drying, the ideas are flying and LSD is back with vengeance. Issue 4 brings together a wild and colourful array of some of the world’s most spectacularly creative artists with giants of ideas like Noam Chomsky, old school reprobates like Bill Drummond, bassline activists, computer geniuses and our rampant regulars. Jaw dropping realism jostles for space with legends like Ron English as we take a sizzling trip into the sublime, the subversive, the glowing, the heaving, the philosophical, the political, the ethereal and the deepest recesses of radiant imagination. Bulging at the seams with the absolute cutting edge of the creative underground – art, music, fiction, poetry and epic photography all flash by in an issue dedicated to the Unauthorised Heroes that throw the light of perception onto the walls of our reality. From the Wu Tang to Elite Force, from Spanish realists to Argentinean surrealists, from the radical spiritual apocalypse of Mear One to the wild style wizardry of Can Two and Ezra – Issue 4 is heaving."


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