08 November 2012

Dia De Los Muertos : Blakkbyrd

Cultivate Gallery in Vyner Street, London 
1st November to 4th November
Curated by Sean Worrell

"We’re not trying to recreate an accurate authentic reconstruction of a Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, we’re just celebrating the celebration in our on cross-pollinating way."

Gallery Exhibition Page: http://www.cultivatevynerstreet.com/ShowDiaDeLosMuertos.html

Facebook Event Page


Participating Artists


Carrie Reichardt
Charlie Mcfarley
Danny Amos Flynn
David Vassie
Emma Harvey
Julieta Hernández Adame
Lisa Mckendrick
Lynne Blackburn
Robert Ford
Sean Worrall
Tony Lee


Exhibition Photos HERE


"on our corner is was DIA DE LOS MUERTOS and our celebration of the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead/ Artists were invited, colour was encourage, flowers tied to our window bars, a shire built, Mexican sweet bread, fruit, the ritual, and our walls full of are that in some way came with a little of the right flavours, I think we can say it worked, people grabbed the spirit and hopefully enjoyed the art, the paintings of LISA McKENDRICK, BLAKKBYRD, CHARLIE McFARLEY, SEAN WORRALL, TONY LEE and EMMA HARVEY, the prints of ROBERT FORD and LYNNE BLACKBURN, the ceramics of CARRIE REICHARDT, the letterpress work of JULIETA HERNANDEZ ADAME, DAVID VASSIE, DANNY AMOS FLYNN – a spontaneous show pulled together because it seemed like a good thing to do, it could have been a disaster, I kind of think it worked… didn’t it?"

Full Blog Post from Cultivate is here

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