01 April 2006

death of Stanislaw Lem

+++ Culture/ Poland: The death of Stanislaw Lem

Poland - Polityka Online. Polish author Stanislaw Lem died of heart failure at a hospital in Cracow on March 27. He was 84 years old.

In his obituary Aleksander Kaczorowski writes: "Between 1982 and 1988 he lived in Vienna. Back then, the famous science fiction writer Philip K. Dick caused an international scandal by claiming that there was no author by the name of Lem. According to Dick, it was impossible that such an extensive and diverse collection of works could be the fruit of the labour of a single person.

To put it as Mark Twain would: the death of Stanislaw Lem is conclusive proof that the rumours that he did not exist were grossly exaggerated."

+++ Culture/ Poland: The death of Stanislaw Lem

Germany - Die Welt. Hannes Stein also pays tribute to Stanislaw Lem, the Polish author of science fiction classics like "Solaris" and "The Star Diaries".

"He was a satirist and a philosopher; a fiercely cheerful pessimist who was always at least one step ahead of his readers. He was the most famous and probably the most intelligent Polish author of the twentieth century.

'What can physics tell us about happiness? he once asked, and answering his own question he said: 'About as much as it does about one hand clapping.'"

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