04 September 2006

the screen-printing process - with faile

The art of screen printing

For our new feature, UARM are taking us behind the scenes into the production facility where their latest range of T-shirts have been produced. You will get to see the various stages of the screen-printing process - from the exposure of the screens all the way until the T-shirts are boxed and shipped to the UARM warehouse.

In between, UARM caught up with this season's artists Faile, East River Drive, HuskMitNavn, Le Fix, and Mark Gonzales to comment on their work, their T-shirts, and any oher subject they had on their mind.

Enjoy this piece and make sure to drop by UARM's site..

The images we choose to use for the limited edition set were images that we have put up all around the world over the past few years as a art experiment between friends. It was a life style based on freedom of expression through public art. The art form allowed us to travel and to make a living enjoying what we do. We are cool with the whole limited edition thing as long as we get a few shirts for ourselves and our friends. Not
every one can afford a print or a piece of art so its all good. faile

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