29 January 2007

Rocco, Boghe, Neverending

Greetings and salutations to the Pack,

The Wolf and Pack collective is up to its tricks once again. Presenting
The 4th in a continuing series of international artistic talent made up
fresh for the XXX.

*This Sunday, The 28Th of January* we bring you, Rocco, Boghe,
Neverending (http://www.boghe.net). A show of new paintings and
sculptures on display in the Wolf and Pack gallery space.

The jump off is 6pm (18:00 for Those That count to 24) on Sunday the
28th of Jan, and will continue in to the night with drinks and music.
Additionally we have a after hours set up for those inclined to keep
the party going in to the night, you know you need it.

So come on down, see whats up, add yourself to the mix, make moves, meet
a new friend, check out some killer art. Its called a party people, you
know how XXX rolls! Were really amped to get to work with such a great
local multimedia talent, and know your going to dig what he's been
cookin up for ya.

Best regards to all,

See you on the night,

If you have any questions please contact us using the following info~

232 Spui Straat 1012VV
Amsterdam NL
Store- 020-427-0786

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