03 September 2008

Gaming Symposia online

The Eduverse has scheduled an event which promises to be the most comprehensive look at virtual worlds ever. It will take place on the 23rd of Sept. (noon to 10 pm) in De Balie (www.debalie.nl)

Philip Rosedale (former CEO of Linden Lab) will be present in person to talk about his latest projects. Other speakers will include Julian Lombardi (head of opencroquet at Duke University www.opencroquet.org), Christian Renaud (virtual guru), Chuck Hamilton (IBM Centre for Advanced learning), Karl Kapp (noted virtual worlds author), David Williamson Shaffer (founder of Epistemic Games), Tim Johansson (head of Opera 3D develeopment), Philippe van Nedervelde (Foresight Nanotech Institute), David Burden (Daden Ltd), plus many more.

The highlight will be a panel discussion of the future of all the major virtual platforms, including: Second Life, Opencroquet, Adobe 3D, DEEP, 3Dxplorer, ExitReality and many more.

The Symposium will be divided into 3 main sections:

1. Serious Gaming and the Future of Game Technology.
2. New Virtual Platforms and the 3D Web.
3. The Science of Education - Virtual Learning in the 21st century.

Aside from the Symposium, there will also be a separate space dedicated to the “hands on” experience which will include demonstrations of supportive 3D technologies like: 3D printers, tracking devices, virtual glasses, mobile technology, etc.



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