03 September 2008

How to DownLoad from Youtube

Here is an easy way to download videos
go the video in youtube and copy paste the url into the space provided by the following sites-


http://www.keepvid.com - Another link to a site that allows you to download videos from YouTube, Google Video and more than 20 other such sites:

http://www.youtubex.com - allows you to download youtube videos to your pc by simply submiting the URL of the youtube video you are saving. Can even save the over 18 restricted videos

With it, you are capable of downloading video clips from YouTube, and the downloaded files will automatically be in .flv format. Then renaming or extension changing is unnecessary,



When you download YouTube videos , they are saved in the new.FLV (flash video) format. You will need to download a FLV player to watch these YouTube files on your PC. You can also convert YouTube videos to other formats like .MPEG with a FLV converter.

Exact Steps to save videos-
- Browse for the videos at YouTube.com
- Copy and Paste the URL of the YouTube video into the form given on any of the above mentioned websites Click "DOWNLOAD" (save target as) to save the YouTube file to your PC.
- Rename the YouTube file with a .flv extension if necessary.

For free flv player-

For free flv converter and player-


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