06 January 2009

Dr Sketchy's Anti Art

Every second Tuesday at the Arthouse Hotel, a group of Burlesque, Vaudeville, Punk & Rockabilly performers and models will make themselves available for anyone who wants to sketch them. There are also drinks, competitions and great music. www.drsketchy.com.au

The ArtHouse Hotel – Attic Bar
2nd Floor
275 Pitt Street

Dr Sketchy’s Sydney was started in April 2007 by Jac Bowie & Jon Wright (Jac Bowie PR & Events). They are Australia’s leading Burlesque, Vaudeville & Vintage Agency.

Dr Sketchy’s takes place every 2nd Tuesday at The ArtHouse Hotel, at 275 Pitt Street Sydney and turns a mere drawing class into a cabaret extravaganza. Artists are treated to burlesque dancers, carnies, and fetish models posing in elaborate costumes. Artists compete for prizes, along with great tunes, sweet treats, a shimmy here and there between poses and a tell all photo and sketch blog updated after each session.

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