06 January 2009

Myspace Street Art Arrest

A suspected graffiti artist who vandalised a town for 18 months was identified and arrested after signing some of her “artworks” with her MySpace profile name.

Melanie Brockway’s page on the social networking website details her age, location and what school she attended, allowing officers to piece together her identity.

She also used the profile to advertise her planned amateur production company specialising in “airbrishing painting” (sic), convincing police that they had found their woman.

Miss Brockway is suspected of spray painting around 100 walls, homes, businesses and public facilities in her home town of Norristown, Philadelphia, causing £6,500 ($10,000) of damage.

She has reportedly admitted her crimes to police, and has been charged with institutional vandalism and criminal mischief, along with a 17-year-old boy who is thought to be responsible for even more acts of graffiti in the town.


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kieron wilson said...

damn str8 if youre dumb enough to leave your name on myspace with flicks or your tag you deserve to get jacked..