14 May 2009



New York City programmer/designer David Kraftsow’s YooouuuTuuube project re-imagines video as a procession of postage-stamp-size clips. They pulse across the screen in a mesmerizing swarm that seems to underscore the internet’s function as a universal copy machine.

YooouuuTuuube lets you convert specific YouTube videos by entering a URL, searching by subject or picking the “random video” option. Then, sit back and watch the computer screen get taken over by microvideos arrayed in a grid (36 rows by 36 columns is the standard layout). The size of the images in the grid, set at 80 pixels by 80 pixels as a default, can be changed to further manipulate the mosaic. Users can zoom in or out, track, pan and show the source material in a picture-in-picture display.

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it seems to work well with animations try

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