09 June 2009

Glow 2008 - Eindhoven

For the third successive time the center of Eindhoven will be the stage and podium for GLOW ... From 7 to 16 November 2008 tens of works can be seen and experienced along the route, which are developed by artists and designers from home and abroad. This open air exhibition provides a fascinating spectacle of applied light art and design on landmarks and other unique locations in, what else, Holland’s City of Light!

The works show different and experimental applications of light art and design which were developed by using new media technologies such as computers, sensors, animation, but also with better known projecting techniques. Interaction with the visitors plays an important role. Because the public space is the stage, the city’s center of Eindhoven will transform into a open air museum for 10 ten days with surprising and radiant results!

map - list of works



more youtube on glow eindhoven

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