04 June 2009

Graffiti Auction France

Thursday 14 May 2009

Urbain - Graffitis Art

Marseille - Damien Leclere

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A “Urban Art - Graffiti” auction was held last May 14th in Marseille in the auction house Damien Leclere. This is the second of its kind. This time 236 lots were submitted, 73 were awarded and the remaining 163 have been losing. Crash and Jone One shall surpassed the 10 000 euros but the majority of the proposed artwortks have been purchased less than 3000 or even 2000 euros. Banksy’s piece, Paparazzi Rats, has gone for 10 500 euros, however, just at the beginning of its estimated range. As for stencil therefore, the artists Epsylon Point, YZ Open Your Eyes and Poch were represented but the YZ was the only to be left unscathed. Her work with marker pen on canvas, Open Your Eyes Letters, was auctioned for 1,500 euros. The graffiti pieces eighties like Jon One’s remain a blue chip for buyers as Banksy obviously. Regarding the remaining 98% of the street artists, the reserve price have been decreased after the ranges estimation have climbed really high for artists without any quoted value. Anyway we look forward to the upcoming dates in Paris: June 20th, the very first sale of Street Art by Million and Associates, and June 29th the biannual Street Art auction by Artcurial.

Damien Leclere
LECLERE - Maison de ventes
5, rue Vincent Courdouan
13006 Marseille

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