22 July 2009

GRAFFITI - Auction Paris

PARIS – The Street Art scene is so overabundant, active and changing that it encounters the same problem as the ancient masters: certain authors are so poorly documented that one is constrained to be vague, sometimes comical such as for «Marie Rouffet, active in the XXth century». Fortunately, in the sale on 20 June at the Cigale, next to lady Rouffet, other authors are very well known such as WK Interact whose great composition 6 metres by 7 is estimated at nearly 100 000 euros. Other classics such as Futura 2000, Speedy Graphito , Miss-Tic, John Matos Crash or Blek le Rat will also be present. If one does not want to run any risks, there will always be a Keith Haring, Warhol or Basquiat to choose. If one wishes to remain in the logic of discovering, the nit would be better to aim for Cope 2, Indie 184 or Wayne, cousins of the anonymous subway graffers.
Street Art et graffiti on 20 June 2009 at la Cigale (SVV Millon Cornette de Saint-Cyr)

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