22 July 2009

Né dans la rue – Graffiti Paris

PARIS – It seems impossible to have an exhibition on graffiti, an art form born in Brooklyn at the beginning of the 70s. Are they going to rebuild the walls of the Bronx, bring in the New York subway cars? It can only be done with photographs, movies (among them the unavoidable Style Wars) and other forms of documentation. To give some substance to the exhibition, explain Action Writing or Freestyle, the Fondation Cartier has invited the most famous graphers to create works purposely for this event. This is proof they are no longer outlaws or hooligans but rather the pets of contemporary art. Will be present the seniors P.H.A.S.E. 2 or Seen and a cosmopolitan delegation including Chilean artist Basko Vazko, Swedish artist Nug or French artist JonOne.
Né dans la rue – Graffiti at the Fondation Cartier from 7 July to 29 November 2009

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