23 September 2009

ANAT - Filter magazine online

First published as the ANAT Bulletin in July 1988, Filter has been informing and inspiring a global network of artists, designers, curators, researchers, writers, educators and creative and research organisations for over two decades.

Now in its 11th year, Filter is becoming even more interactive, with the launch of the online Filter site. Produced as a partner to our print version, it is designed to allow for more open communication from and with you, our audience.

We hope this space will become an active and sharing online community where the dialogue initiated by the articles will live on….

Each issue is guest edited and thematically investigates an area of emerging practice or an art form of the future, exploring the new creativities which are occurring across community, culture and industry. Filter also keeps you up to date with the latest news from each of ANAT’s Core program areas.


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