24 September 2009

Sketch the Rhyme - Sketch City


Sketch the Rhyme : Freestyle rap meets Speed Drawing. This video is from a performance at Underbelly Festival, Carriage Works, Sydney, 2008. All freestyles and drawing is improvised.

MC's - Rapaport, P Smurf, Peach, Jeswon, Gabi, Bravo. Artists - Creon, Edgarr, Tony G, Clare N, Pauly G, Jason H, Band - The phonies.



Who: Rumpunch presesent Sketch the Rhyme, The Phonies, MonkFly & Super Info

What: Sketchy, Hip Hop live show

When: Saturday 26 September 2009

Where: Dazzeland (Home of Sketch City) 25 Eastment St, Northcote 3070

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