31 March 2011

Kamagurka - Live Stream

Kamagurka: March 31, 12 - April 1, 12
24 hrs ipad performance
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Mobile technology has changed the face of contemporary art drastically. Many artists as well as art institutions use smartphones, iPads and other mobile media to innovate their practices and explore new platforms of presentation and display.
Following the Play It! evening at The Temporary Stedelijk, that examined gaming as a new tool and strategy in contemporary art, Move It! @ TS2 takes a more general perspective and aims to discuss how pioneering technology for mobile applications change both contemporary art production and the way we perceive modern and contemporary art.

Follow Kamagurka live from March 31, 12 am - April 1, 12 am:

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Kamagurka: March 31, 12 - April 1, 12

The main event of Move It! is a 24-hour performance (by acclaimed artist Kamagurka, who will produce works on his iPad in situ, which will be printed and directly installed in the gallery space he occupies.

You can walk in all night, see the work already on display, look over Kamagurka’s shoulder and maybe notice that it is you he is drawing! All the works created in the 24-hour performance will be published in the tabloid format of NRC Handelsblad the following day.

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